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We are getting reports of Google+ invite links not showing up on Facebook news feeds anymore (they appear to have stopped on Friday). I wonder how widespread this problem is?
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anti-competitive. that's ridiculous
The 2 networks are not playing nice... its not just a Facebook thing G+ has some not cool stuff when trying to share FB content.
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Celebrating The 66th Birthday of Republic Indonesia
why domain not change ??
its ok its what happens when your doing something right
actually nothing i post in facebook via google plus links directly to anyhting on google plus
its been like this since we got the invite link I think.. it has been removed a long time
Matt B
I'm surprised they didn't stop those links sooner. Letting them run the first week G+ was out killed them. If I owned a company, I wouldn't let me competitors use me as a tool to boost their own numbers.
It's happening before than friday. What a shame for Facebook..
Amazing, Zuckie must be worried...
I'm loving the new comments system, BTW ;)
Never showed on the newsfeed. Appears on my wall though.
Alex Shaw
well maybe Google should remove FB from its search results
Wowser... I was actually thinking about if they'd do this the other day
LOL! just paste your code in a blank HTML and host it somewhere :D
+Vic Gundotra let me share a photo from a Facebook page on here... that would be cool there was a really funny one that I wanted to give attribution to so I didnt want to download it.
"How widespread this problem is" has an implicit assumption that this is a problem, but is it really?
Anything I post from Google Plus or Google Reader to Facebook, I am forced to enter the Skwiggle words. EVERY Time now.
facebook is scare.
Watching these updates come in real time is fun :)... oh, and screw FB.
+Vic Gundotra In this day n age, they can't get away with this... i can't believe how stupid they are! What do think is gonna happen ? Do they really think no one will notice and there won't be a backlash ? They seem hell bent on making it very attractive for anyone that values transparency to get off facebook and come here.
Bad Mr Zuckerberg, didn't your parents teach you are supposed to share your toys?
Mr +Vic Gundotra we need indonesian independence day google doodles......
Oh and it never posts pictures anymore, just text. :(
!. New comment system rocks. 2. No wonder no one saw the link I threw up there.
Awesome, I love watching the comments scroll by in realtime here.
17 agustus is
Celebrating The 66th Birthday of Republic Indonesia
why domain not change ??
Worked fine on my feed, tried private and public
Ha. The sincerest form of flattery… Congrats!
Mine is still there seems they have not removed it. It seems to be for new posts.
Wow, some dirty pool being played there. I wonder if a link run through a shortener will still work? Might have to be one other than though.
Quick thought: What do doodles for Indonesia have to do with this? Totally unrelated guys.... Focus!
thank you for the heads up. I posted this video on Facebooks walls. and then I told my friends to send me their email. Google + will still win :-D
"Apps on Facebook may not integrate, link to, promote, distribute, or redirect to any app on any other competing social platform."

from Facebook Platform Policies ( I. 11 )
not really surprised but disappointing nonetheless if they are doing this as the video shows
I'm totally going to have to mute this post.
yep ... real time comments are too cool watching them scroll by! ....
Can't stop progress. You can slow it down but you wont stop it.
Facebook would have been worried if it could reach to its 700 million people in no time..
I'm tired of Facebook, i didn't plan to close my account but by acting in this way I think I'll do.
OT: i love the comment scrolling :D way better than the old system
Oh pity!!! That book begins to find out they are losing faces.
I noticed this too when I tried to post last week. It shows up in my profile, but not in the newsfeed.
FB get a fucking life mate.
its true, taken off. yep.
HAHAH, this real-time scroll is crazy.
17 agustus is
Celebrating The 66th Birthday of Republic Indonesia
why domain not change ??
time to change it to Facepalm, indeed...
I've noticed the same thing...
FB just made me enter a security code when posting the Google+ invite to my wall
Yea this new update system is pretty awesome!
Share the Link within a regular status update and not as a "Link" and it will be shown.
If you aren't making someone mad somewhere, you aren't doing anything important.

That said, I suppose it's reasonable that McDonald's might be pissed if I stood in the doorway passing out Burger King coupons.
Faceboook has banged G+ ads on there portal . But truth is truth , no one can hide it , G+ is awesome . We dont need any links on facebook. FB users are wasting there time
Last night I posted a screenshot of my google circles and it got filtered as well from the main news feed although it was still on my profile wall. At first I thought it was an anomaly then I realized it was fascism.
Just commenting to watch it scroll. flip, flip, flip
+Vic Gundotra It isn't only Google+ links that are getting censored. I never really liked Facebook. I only had it because friends used it. However so many have moved over to Google+ and that combined with Facebook censoring posts led me to eliminate Facebook entirely.
I have a feeling that this is just an attempt as curbing spam, much like gmail would block an e-mail if it was just a single link sent out millions of times across the network.
+Elazar Krausz Wouldnt be the first time. Took me 2 weeks to get my data out from them. They repeatedly denied my requests to download my measly 170 meg zip of my FB stuff. I think thats the bigger issue, +Vic Gundotra . Facebook isn't just activly denying people get invited to G+, but dragging their feet in letting them leave with their content.
Google is owner of youtube. maybe google did something that does not allow sharing on facebook
Jay Kim
what a pity..
lolz .... facebook looking creepy
+Vic Gundotra What is use of giving Google+ invitation to my friends on Facebook, when they join and I can not add them in my circle, because of the limit of 5000 in my circle. :(
its because facebook knows people are going to switch to google+ so they are stopping people from inviting people to google+A
Just tried to post the link, It won't let you.
Need a way to pause comment feed and keep the size of the area the same so the post buttons don't keep jumping around.
+Jan Firsching is correct; Sharing the link in your status and not as a "Link" works - I just posted mine.
In other news: grass green, rain wet, salt salty.
Experienced the same. If the Link header states "Google+" it won't appear on the News Feed, if you separate it out though it will.
*17 agustus is
Celebrating The 66th Birthday of Republic Indonesia
why domain not change* ??
Real time change of comments is superb! But, it change the height and the content under this feed is moving up and down .o)
real time comments update... fascinating
As much as I despise Facebook I just tried it and it works fine for me.
+Patrick Schmiedeke That might apply if it was an APP that was posting those tags. If an individual posted them to their own feed, I do not see how that rule could logically apply.
Expected...just open Google+ for all without invitations.... ;-)
Jason G
I never even thought of posting the link on Facebook since I only use Google+ now!
Looks like Mark Zuckerburg is retaliating against Google by blocking G+ invites.
if i was google i would just block all youtube videos being played on facebook
that would explain why no one is taking me up on my invites =/
Posted a link via SGPlus and it shows up fine on Facebook.
I wonder if they'll be blocked in facebook emails?
i like live updating, and it's cool how the number of comments increases the same way
Awesomenss of real-time comments ! Love it ! Amazing stuff! And yes...Facebook is scared :)
Day 15: no Facebook.... the air is so much cleaner now.
(I just love the animation) Face book is sick
just one more reason not to use FB
I just did a test and the same results are happening for my invite link
use those short url . it works
i tried both the orginal link n the short url link that i created using twitter
Wow.... I shared mine a few weeks ago and got a few takers...Obviously they've blocked it recently...
I just checked and when I posted the link it did not appear in the stream, but if the person clicks through to my profile it appears on my wall (no one does that though). Hope it helps +Vic Gundotra
Just tested it and it worked fine when I pasted the link in FB. UPDATE: Never mind, should have watched the video. Apparently you can't tell unless you are on a friend's acct.
I planted the invite in a Note and tagged all my friends
guys. leave facebook alone! :)
I hope google doesn't block any content to facebook. When content is blocked or tiered, its users lose out.
I discovered everything that has the word url from here is being blocked.
I bet Microsoft would also join in on this EVIL thing
Mr +Vic Gundotra we need indonesian independence day google doodles......
sick of every now n then for their stupid implementation
without asking
man, we are kind of doing the old mIRC now...
I have even heard they sell out our info to governments and organizations
Nice proof... catching some of the dirty work behind the scene.
This live comment updates is great fun to watch.
someones feeling the heat in Z-Land
no their motto is DO EVIL, EARN MONEY, AND DIE.
mIRC in a new form, we needs some OPs and voices to go around please!
wonder if FB will come out with Circles ? LOL!
wow this is like a chat board! Facebook is getting worried...
Yea, it makes me wanna keep typing stuff here
I think the video is a hoax. I have no trouble posting G+ invite links on FB
FaceBook is getting worse and worse.. I like this live timeline, is great!
*17 agustus is
Celebrating The 66th Birthday of Republic Indonesia
why domain not change* ??
Yea, this is great, chatting inside the stream
Facebook is really doing some nasty things. Earlier status messages updated through Android/iPhone used to display "via Facebook for Android (or iPhone)"..but not it says via Facebook for Mobile...and the funny thing is for Windows says "via Facebook for Windows".
Dan Ho
So removing Facebook from Google's search results would be anti-competitive but then having Facebook remove Google from newsfeeds is not? Afterall, doesn't Facebook also have a partnership with Microsoft which makes this anti competitive? 
this live stream is gonna tapout in no time!
just posted the youtube video on FB...lets see if it gets denied as well
Let's just ignore their stupidity and love the live comment stream here :)
Just did a test and indeed it seems they are blocking it.
I havent had any issues with g+ links,
Wow, not only is it not showing up in others' news feeds, it's not showing up in MY news feed. Still shows up in my Profile.
This is turning into a flash mob chat
can you put the URL in an FB message?
I've had the same problem.
Google Thanks for your awesome real-time comment feature. pretty cool.
its not about links, it's about invites
Wow... that explains why I still have all 150 of my invites
Zuck is not an Asshole. He's just trying hard tobe one.
You can't post it as a link (it is excluded from the stream), but you can post it inside a comment.
prettttttyyyyyyy damn coollll
Sneaky sneaky
This is pretty cool... Getting ready to quit Facebook too...
Ye Wang
live stream is so cool
This is the first time I've seen the live comment feature work - and woah, It's awesome.
Kyle O
What's a facebook? Sounds icky.
The scrolling comment view is GENIUS!
It shared my link fine on my page, what's not working?
I just posted on my wall... Seems to be OK.
[Edit] Just had someone confirm, the posts are there.
Now .. people.. dont get carried away ... only 500 comments are there...
Make live strem to show 5 comments .. i can`t read :)
Anybody tried this with a short link?
How about posting the invite link in a G+ post and then sharing the post on Fb? Lets see if they can remove the links then.
ooh i like this live stream!
Be careful, FB will patent the COMMENT, and Google should license it! :D +1 for Google against FB.
well this is super popular... no need of exceptions
Wouldn't it be cool to mouse over the comment area to cause a PAUSE! Then when you remove the mouse ... comments would resume scrolling by? G+ is getting to be fun fun fun .... :)
Is this post a ploy to get people to post links to FB? ;)
Mine from Aug 12th is just fine.
Forget about Facebook. With scrolling comments Twitter is toast...
It shows up fine but then it gets deleted in a couple seconds. FB! ima keeel yeeew!!
I just want to comment to keep the live stream cool!
spamming again :O .... Vic take a note :P
Yes, these live streams are fantastic! I could see this being used for podcasts and such.
Wouldn't it be cool to mouse over the comment area to cause a PAUSE! Then when you remove the mouse ... comments would resume scrolling by? G+ is getting to be fun fun fun .... :)
keep it going and going ....just like .... :D
Yes this is sooo cool, but I wish it would pause while im typing! :)
Oh and needs to convert emotes :)
Real-time commenting is amazing
Scrolling text is making it a live world! :) Thanks Vic!
this live stream is better than any TV programming :)
he should have also tried a random link as well, for proper science
This text is scrolling past your face right now.
People just realize its the stream hes talkin about
just tested it on live facebook, they show as you post but after re-login post is no-longer in the recent news. *EVIL FB*
irish d
cant the real time comments go up instead of down? =( can't keep up.
there is no way then can beat the awesomeness of scrolling comments .. take that on your face ... book :P
Do FB links show in in G+?
Love the way the new comments work, now I can just watch new ones fly by and they don't take up my whole screen :)
Google MUST patent this .. live stream .. WOW
It's not just G+ links. It appears that the have also stopped the sharing of anti-Obama comments as well.
That's true. I'm going to see if I can find someone to check
Oh for Christs sake, grow up people. This non topical discussion is nothing more than worthless spam..

Im gonna start commenting with stock quotes...
There is still a few ways to get around this issue. I just used google's url shorter: and then tried in on facebook and it worked.
that seems to be the case +Vic Gundotra I had posted one 7 days ago and no one picked one. And I know several who asked me about it after the fact.
Facebook's playing dirty ever since G+ Appear. Remember when they blocked the "Import contact from FB go G+" extension someone made?
Wouldn't it be cool to mouse over the comment area to cause a PAUSE! Then when you remove the mouse ... comments would resume scrolling by? G+ is getting to be fun fun fun .... :)
wtf markzuckerberg!!
google guys, now block all facebook urls on google+
Yes, but the stream is where everyone on FB sees everything. If they are blocking it there, it is a pretty low brow move.
Ok my post on FB sharing my invite link works fine...
Don't get arrogant at Google - that's your only enemy.

(Why are you so manic about FB - as you are owning practically the whole web and it's data.)
Ye Wang
need a pause key
are there any setting to live stream to adjust the scroll speed?
I am not having this issue. just tested it out on my FB
comments have always been a live stream, now theyre just hiding everything but the last 2. If you click on the number of comments, it will behave the same way it did before the comment collapsing went live.
Scrolling comments is good but... looks like a chatroom now
Wow we are almost done with this conversation huh?
Just a note, new live feed is awesome !!
now this will make them think .. Vic please dont mind , I think people are only excited to see these live comments.
haha love how the scrolling comments invokes the spam.
Watching the comment count fly up makes me wanna go: multi-ball, multi-ball, multi-baaalll!!
The live streaming of comments is incredible. Gives an immediate measure of momentum of the topic.
Not a big surprise there. They are so closed. Sad.
Evil! Glad I put my invite link in the comments of a post.
Scroll, scroll, scrolll!!!!!1111!!
Well this is a truly global post...
Childish behavior. If you cant compete... silence the competition. *rolls eyes *
live scrolling is incredible ... love e g+
agree with earlier comment; they have always been live feed, just now they scroll 2x2 (which doesnt make it any less awesome)
Im loving the stream , not reading anything but like the counter and stream movements
Scrolling comments are cool and all, but it makes it hard to read other posts because they keep jumping up and down depending on the size of the comment flowing through. Keeping the comments at a fixed size while in scroll mode would fix it!
This stream is a not a good use case example for everyday users. I love it and think it will work great.
I really like this, you post a topic and you and your friends can have a live stream chat on it right there! sweetness!
That's why I did not see any comment on my link share on fb .. hmmm
Suggestion: +Vic Gundotra Make YouTube videos cease to show up on Facebook. Two can play this game.
This is just like One kid stealing toy from other kid.
+1 the 500th so that counter grows too!!!!
It shows on your wall for everyone to see but just not in their news feed. And how often does someone just go to your profile?
this was first noticed around 5 days a go when i tried to add a news story to facebook and i got that same problem that it does not show up at all... i thought at first there was a bug then i thought gee they finally got g+ blocked in someway... is facebook starting to get un-social? blocking or banning even us by posting something about g+? are they serious? or are they just trying their best to get rid of users?
All it needs is a pause function that will let you pause it on your ownor when you type...
but replies to individual comments are REALLY needed...
fb is not really deleting my invite links. but after logging in, its no longer in the most recent news.:(
this is going to be a new way of chatting ... now conversing on a post is more awesome.
the scrolling is strangely hypnotising
This live comment scrolling is awesome \m/
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