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Come on, you want to vote, don't you? :-)

Than you all for your support of Google+!!
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I voted earlier when Google+ was trailing. Am happy to see we've now taken the lead.
Pinterest is quite close though. 43% to our 44%
I have voted for G+, so what are you waiting for..
I definitely voted for G+. I don't care for Pinterest, and I don't want to see them win.
hate to do this mate, but this is the internet.... *thank
+Olav Folland Soon politicians will pass up Colbert completely as they start to understand the power of the #vicbump
You'll be happy to know that G+ is now in the lead. 10 hours ago G+ was behind by 13%. This just goes to show how passionate the community is about Google+, Vic!
voted...moreover doesn't matter if pinterest wins....sooner or later they will be acquired by Google :P
Voted for Google+. It was the obvious choice from that list tbh.
I voted and G+ is now 1st by a very small margin. Come on people, let your fingers do the talking!
Hey +Vic Gundotra I voted. Love the service, the quality and the continued development of great features. This team ROCKS and has done a great job.
Google+ got my vote. The others really don't stand a chance. :)
Done. Was quite tricky not to sign up for newsletter junk emails...
Wow, I voted and it's now at #1!
I voted for You. Your now in first place. Send my prize pak to me via Gmail for later download.
You voted for Google+
Site does not seem to like a Chromebook :-(
Had to use IE to vote, nightmare of a browser but one does what one must for the greater good.
I'd vote if there was calendar integration. I want the ability to invite people to an event and have it immediately scheduled on my Google Calendar!
Frank M
Google AdWords India Team sucks...A strategist from Google AdWords called me saying that she would help me in revamping our Google AdWords account. It wasn't that we needed her help our account was unused for entirely different reasons. However she persisted that she would work with us in implementing a strategy and together we would work around it for 2 weeks.

I thought this was a good opportunity as Google itself was calling...Alas! I think that was my biggest mistake..after regular follow-up of 2 days, she disappeared after playing with our account and making changes everywhere possible. I contacted Google by email and phone however there contact support team is equally pathetic- High on promises and Low on delivery.

Sorry if this is not the place for complaining however i thought that the powers that might be at Google may chance upon this and at least act!

Hey Google for a service that is presumably your biggest revenue getter, please don't provide such a pathetic support.

Surprised to see Pinterest doing so well!
Surprisingly if you sum up the current % of vote each of the 5 sites have got, it results in 101%!! I don't know how they do their math.
Currently it shows
G+51% + 38% Pinterest + 5 % cancer + 4% cnn ireport + 3% storify = 101% in total!
"webby" awards site that doesn't work in Chrome??....#majorfail #youvegottobekiddingme
+Vic Gundotra you should tell the people webbyawards to include the google+ widget .. for now we can't directly recommend the site on google+
+Patrick Rochon you can't tell each and every site to add widget but what you can do is add a browser add on of g+ with which you can share every site you visit directly to g+. But beware each and every site you share is also +1'd and visible in the +1 list of your profile bcoz of the nature of add on which on clicking first +1' s the site then shows the share box. For this you can revoke the +1 by clicking the g+ button again after sharing. Happy Sharing!
+Kartik Negi I know that thank you, it was just a sarcastic comment on my part. I already have the chrome extension but thanks for the tip
One more vote for Google+, gotta beat Pinterest. have you been
Once again I started voting this year, once again I was just pissed off with the amount of iphone/ipad crap they had there, not to mention US only crap. The webbyawards seem to be a very small world and it's getting smaller every year, although I noticed the swedish postal service there. Made me laugh even more.
Hosted by, no wonder the interface sucks. I voted but it was extremely frustrating to confirm my vote due to the interface. Then I was given the option to "tell my friends" but not on google+.
I would vote if the ballot wasn't completely blank for me.
I just voted. Now G+ is first and I think my vote tipped it :)
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