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Welcome Nik Software!

Today I’m excited to welcome +Nik Software to the Google family! We want to help our users create photos they absolutely love, and in our experience Nik does this better than anyone. Check out the examples from some of the world’s greatest photographers, and you’ll see what I mean.

This week we also hit an important milestone--over 400,000,000 people have upgraded to Google+. It was only a year ago that we opened public sign-up, and we couldn’t have imagined that so many people would join in just 12 months. While Google+ is all about creating a better experience across Google, it’s also a destination. And here too, I’m happy to report that we have just crossed 100,000,000 monthly active users on Google+ ( and mobile app).

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400 million Google+ users! I thought it was a dead platform?? Brilliant - so pleased to hear that the world's first intelligent social platform continues to grow so quickly.
so is the app coming to Android finally too then?
Great purchase +Vic Gundotra .  It definitely shows a commitment to the value of photo as Google moves forward.  It will be fun to see the technology roll into Google's family of products.
Interesting that facebook is now only roughly twice the size of G+ based on user numbers... It's getting smaller every day ;o)

Well done to G+, too, of course!
I use +Nik Software on almost all of my architectural renderings.  I love it!
how can we use.....give us URL in user instruction....can we convert our old photo to new stylist photo with this software?
Mike Zhou
I used Google+ before it is cool!
+Vic Gundotra  I got the Snapseed app when it was  free! LOVE that app! But there is no share with Google+ integration.
great news with the 400,000,000
Hmmm +Vic Gundotra are you sure about those numbers? Cause you announced 150 Mio. monthly users during I/O this year, so if the number now is 100 Mio. this would signal some significant usage loss ;) 
+Vic Gundotra since you work for Google+ or at least so says your profile, it wouldn't be a surprise if you would know this before anyone, but has there been any official press on crossing the 400 million mark?  I see lots of predictions but no press release.  Are we getting the inside scoop here?
I think Google+ is a great platform for networking, and meeting new people with smilar intrest. I can't wait to see what other upgrades come  to Google+ in the future. Keep up the good work.. also I do have one suggestion have the Google+ developers ever thought about adding close captioning to hangouts? Or is there an option for this that I am not aware of?  
400 million ghosts?  Seems like there should be a movie deal in there somewhere?
Your doing a good thing Vic.  Keep it up
+Andreas Proschofsky the numbers at I/O were google+ users all across Google. So gmail users who used circles, or Android users who plus oned an app etc were included. Today's number of 100m is just on our destination site and the mobile app. Pretty amazing.
Great going... G+ is soooo addictive
Keep up the great work, and welcome +NikSoftware
Google+ is what's up. Keep it going, guys! Glad to hear about the Nik acquisition. :-]
You're happy to report that we have just crossed 100,000,000 monthly active users on Google+ ( and mobile app). And I'm so glad that I'm one among those One hundred million happy users. Congrats to you, me and everyone! :-)
+Vic Gundotra I love Google+, the kind of engagement that I am seeing is much better then most other platforms.
Great News for us Photographers +Vic Gundotra and also the 4 Hundred Million mark, wow that is awesome news too. 
Congratulations! Especially impressed by the number of people visiting the site and mobile apps.
can you sort out the way we can upload photos using the G+ app to specific album first..  which makes G+ photographers lives much easier...
Why bought Nik? Do you guys want to provide online photo editing service?
Congratulations! I'm excited to see how you integrate Nik's photography editing prowess into Google. A browser-based, collaborative alternative to Photoshop with Drive integration would be awesome, and a native Android Snapseed app as well =)
The pictures are beautiful.  I'd like to see a before/after comparison of the shots.
Please make snapseed on ios a free app!
Thanks for the update and news. 
+Branko Tancheski You are still annoyed by it?
I no longer care about it,and if you also use Google Talk alot,Then that white space will at least be halved as Google Talk will fill it(when a conversation is open)
+arc anghel well if they eventually integrate it into Plus they probably will make it free
+Vic Gundotra i know we dont so much, you being busy with G+, me being busy with being me.. But holy crap.. this is awesome.. i am looking forward to whatever you come up with with Nik's software..
Google is an amazing service. Other than the super strict policing of public posts it is an amazing site. 
+Vic Gundotra  400,000,000 people and only two of my friends are using it...sparingly. I love the platform, but I can't get any of my family and friends to use it. Any suggestions?
+Vic Gundotra hope that you will continue to support for Aperture and Lightroom versions of Nik apps 
könnte ich auch mal gestailt werden
+Vic Gundotra google plus is easy to use compared to facebook and its more organized. ive had my FB for 2 weeks and im still trying to figure it out. G+ took me about 10 minutes to get used to and ive had it for 2 years.
There is only one problem with Google+: Most people don't realise just how brilliant it is. In fact, if more people understood all the things they could do across Google, the world (at least my world) would be a better place!
Loving G+. Use it every day in my teaching. Many of my Twitter-using colleagues are finding it difficult to make the switch as it were.
Welcome, Nik Software. And congrats, Vic! Glad to be a part of this milestone. Thanks for sharing some of the latest numbers :)
Fingers crossed that Google doesn't do to Nik what they did with Dodgeball, Picnik, etc. 
+Marius Milea 2 years is a long time in the tech world. G+ could change a lot by then. Hopefully it's even better. Look at all the great things that have happened in just a single year.
I'm a photographer and user of almost all NIK Suites. So sorry to hear that NIK will follow all the other "great" Google acquisitions. Acquire - and cut off their air supply.... So sad. Hope that I am wrong.
i am one of those 100mil users.....congrats +Vic Gundotra !! great achievement. Glad to be part of G+'s journey to the TOP!! 
Remember when it was beta version only and needed a invite to use G+ and now we are 400 million strong. Keep up the great work!
ive been using Nik for years. great acquisition 
The Google+ community just keeps getting better.
interesting, I hope this not will result in a one-sided focus on further development of Snapseed at the expense of the "pro versions" of Nik products like Silver Effex.  I'm a hardcore Silver Effex users and would love to see the great minds of google and Nik join forces to make it even bettter over time.  
+Vic Gundotra 'Plus' has still long road to go. Looking for more exciting and innovative features from 'Plus' Team ;-)
+Vic Gundotra You guys have 40 billion in the bank. Maybe take a hefty chunk of that and buy Adobe, what do yo think? ;-)
the exact quotation from Vic " the numbers at I/O were google+ users all across Google. So gmail users who used circles, or Android users who plus oned an app etc were included. Today's number of 100m is just on our destination site and the mobile app. Pretty amazing."
Hey +Vic Gundotra I would love to see their product rolled into #Picasa and more importantly Google+ Photos. The Google+ Photo platform is one of the best in terms of social networking. But I would love to see more improvements before rolling any of Nik's products into it. Of importance to me are better album management including Collections and Sub-Albums (much like Photobucket). I recently added our entire digital photo collection to Google+ via Picasa. And managing large numbers of albums becomes incredibly unwieldy with the current system, especial with the 1000 pic per album limit which I've already hit on a couple albums.
Please please please don't kill off the Nik plugin suite in favor of rolling it into your own software or making it "cloud only." You will be destroying what makes Nik great and limiting users' choice. Does Google still have the motto "do no evil"?
there is only one god and that is god himself. the rest is just a myth
whoa ... this is HUGE ... hopefully Picase will benefit from this acquisition ...
Dear +Vic Gundotra ,
It is good to hear that Google has acquired nik software, as it has years of experience and prowess in making photography software. I hope this ensures snapseed for android, both phones and tablets, see the light of the day.
However, as we see with various acquisitions, I hope their real merits of the apps nik software produces are not lost in the race to integrate them with the existing services -- like what Facebook did to Lightbox. There are suggestions that this is essentially Google's attempt to confront Facebook-Instagram combination. I hope this is not the case and this is Google shoring up android from the perspective of a photographic community and an attempt at bridging the "app-gap" that exists between android and iOS. I would welcome the latter and hope developers of apps like these and many more -- looking at day one journal app -- are actively encouraged to develop for android
P.S. this is what I referred to
Hopefully Picasa will see a bit of love from the newly supercharged Google+ Photos team. 
This is good news for the mobile ecosystem. I just hope you let Nik keep on thriving in the professional photo editing realm. All the best.

www.HeavyTheory. com
I am big fan for Google BUT not Google+. 
When too many people questioning on the number of "active users" on Google+ , is time to be humble and honest on those "magnify" numbers.
also, upgrade to Google+, is it Google is old and Google+ is upgrade? no evil
Please don't kill the plugins... I love +Nik Software and would really be disappointed if you killed it off.
Can't wait to see what the technology adds to our beloved devices/services, but please don't let this become another black hole purchase - what ever happened to bumptop?!
What is somewhat difficult with the new activity user numbers from you +Vic Gundotra, is that we don´t have anything to compare with. So how about it: Could you give us the August/September Monthly and Daily active numbers, based on the same definition as in June? And/or: How is the new 100 million "site visitor" number compared to June? Still amazed about the total growth from 250 to 400 million accounts!
+Vic Gundotra Look at +Familiar. I said it over a year ago to your feedback team and I am saying it again; it's what G+ Photos should have been and it's what the whole Google social aspect should have focussed on from the start.

PS Please enable photozoom and free higher resolution pictures (say, 5MP?) in G+ by default like Picasaweb.
please don't tweak the software package to much. it's a great and valuable working tool for myself. But, good purchase. Can't wait to see what you guys do with this and sparrow. 
I love Snapseed!! Thank goodness it's in Google's hands. I trust you guys with Nik Software. 
Google+ is far superior to any other social network offering out there. Wooo!
that's nice. now you just need to add +Rdio to the Google family and we're all good to go.
Please do not destroy the excellent products this company makes.
Please be kind to the Nik software suite, they are too valuable to us photographers!
There is a increasing trend in past few acquisitions, buying houses that have presence in all Mac, iOS & Android. Snapseed, Sparrow, Quick Office. Keep it up.
Great acquisition of an excellent software/plug in developer! From a professional point of view a way better choice than Facebook's Instagram deal.

Hope the rest of this wonderful software won't get down the drain just because of Snapseed!
I hope this is about more than Snapseed.  As an Android user, I have no idea how good that app is . . . but I have used Nik software suite with Adobe Lightroom for my photo workflow.  All the press so far on this deal focus on this being a counter to Instagram/Facebook.  I would be sad to see the suite go away.  
But I would like to see the suite grow and more photo tools built into G+
400 million and 100 million active members, nice stats, congrats.
Oh wow, please don't kill the photoshop plugin products...
It´s just sad, that people still do not see the possibilities, that Google+ gives to all of us. Possibilities and for private and for bussiness opportunity!
Nik Sofrware looks realy intersting to me, a little photo freek :)
Bad news for users of Nik Software I fear as Google takes the technology and let's the superb software that Nik has created whither and die :(
Interesting...  400mm registered users but only 25% are active...  Pretty clear that Google+ numbers are the result of 'forced' registration, which Google imposes on its users in exchange for access to other Google services - YouTube, Docs, etc.  Forcing people sign up for an account is different than people choosing to actually use the service...

My view is that both Facebook and Google+ will be social media ghost towns (relative to their registered user counts today) within 3-5 years...  People young and old are tiring of posts about barking bogs, sports and other life trivia, as well as the increasingly invasive presence of advertising...  The typical user response - including my own - is to reduce the number of 'friends' or people within their circles...  That is happening as we speak and it's not a good sign for the business model... 

What Vic doesn't reveal is the average number of connections between Google+ users - I'll bet you it is not growing by much, if at all...

Reality: 90% of social media today is about sharing pictures - you don't actually need either Facebook or Google+ to do that well...  Hence FB's acquisition of Instagram, and Google's acquisition of Nik...  However, other standalone competitors will emerge after Instagram and Nik...

Oops!  I'm an active user now!  :)  I'll be back in a few months...
Very sad news. I doubt that Google has much interest in professional photography software. Bye Bye Color Efex, Silver Efex, HDR Efex, ... Hello fancy vintage filters for webpages and mobile devices.
So +Ken Sanders doesn't use Facebook or Google+ very much, so he assumes no one else does either. Haha.
If drop of NIk Software business for "efx"  applications/plug-ins wasn't a partial motivator for the sale of the company then perhaps Google can follow a path were it doesn't strangle off the apps just to weave the features into "Cloud"/Google+  and Android.   The "efx" apps could work out the new technologies that require high computational horsepower and as that technology matures (faster hosted servers and bigger pipes for larger photos)  it gets weaved into mainstream usage. There is room for both and both long term would be a healthier technology platform. 
Keep the software intact, and a big thumbs up from my side.
400 million ghosts - even the ghostbusters can´t stop us now!
Brian A
While I do very much enjoy Google+, much more than Facebook, discovering that each of my alternate gmail addresses has been 'upgraded' to Google+ makes me very much wonder about those 400,000,000 and even 100,000,000 numbers.
Being a photographer, I also hope that Nik software, seeming to me to be one of the 2 main companies for pro photo plugins, the other being OnOne, and being that way before SnapSpeed ever existed, does not just go 'poof'.
Google's track record on preserving "ancillary" products after an acquisition is spotty at best. Hopefully they'll keep updating and supporting the photo tools that I and many other photographers use (Color EFX, Silver EFX, etc.). We've all got a lot of money invested in them. If not, sell us the software, we'll put a company together to support and enhance them.
Just don't break our hearts +Vic Gundotra and do something bad with boys from +Nik Software ... We'll be watching you ...:) Seriously, I adding you to my circle ..."To be nagged" :)))
Nice, now make Snapseed into Android, PLEASE :) 
Don't screw up my Nik!!! Best postprocessing products around - CEP, SEP, Viveza. Don't put them in the Cloud. (It's not really in the clouds.) Keep up support with future PhotoShop versions. Don't Don't Mess with NIK, +Vic Gundotra !!!!
I am a big fan of G+ / Google - so congrats on the growth.  I am also a fan of Snapseed (on iOS) and the Picasa application.  In fact, perhaps Picasa most of all.  It would be fantastic to implement NIK's image editing capabilities into Picasa because frankly a lot of Picasa's image editing is appalling (just look at the saturation tool for one the worst offenders).  I think image editing in the cloud is only part of the story so PLEASE don't throw out the baby with the bathwater just to create something for G+!
This is fantastic news. One of the things I really love about Google+ is the amazing photography, and talent here. Congratulations, on your continued growth. 
Congratulations +Vic Gundotra - You know how many of us "get it" about what's going on with Google+, and hence your confidence in its future. It's been so exciting to be a part of this revolution in the way we use the web from its first days.
Please don't discontinue Capture NX and Color Efex.
"An adopted child will be as beloved as the one generated in the womb, because of affection" (These are the words of my mother).
-- Excellent 'adoption' - congratulations Google team!
Google+ is an evolutionary platform for social networking. It just keeps getting better each day. I cant wait for them to incorporate all functions of Wave into its framework. I thought Google Wave was way ahead of its time and Google+ took a few leaps back just to get market share. Now that its being adopted by not only  the savvy who just get it Great things are to come for the Platform. I'm happy for the addition of +Nik Software  to the Google family. Congratulations Google team!!!!
Google once again proved that it is synonymous with innovation
I wonder why comments were deleted and closed at nik's website.... Maybe the user's reaction wasn't what Google expected. I hope all fears expressed here wont be realized. 
Hopefully Nik Software will keep building the plugins.
I love +Nik Software , I hope you guys at Google nail this right. This is so much more than Snapseed... think about the ability to edit RAW files on our Android tablets... integration with Picasa... this would mean the world for amateur and enthusiast photographers (not just people taking pictures with their phones) and hopefully you will continue to provide the plug-ins for Lr and Ps... good luck and I am looking forward to whatever you whip up :-)
If you want to help users help me in this... My Gmail account has been dissabled from one day to another and nobody from Gmail team after 2 months and 7 emails reply. How can be possible???? It is really sad this situation I didn't expect this from Google...
great to hear that Google+ is stronger than ever! :)
Great News, also good to hear the new stats. Go forward google+
100 million active users? And it ain't that too noisy like facebook? It must being doing some thing right!
+Vic Gundotra. It is good that you reported  actual active monthly user numbers. Maybe it is time to leave gigantomania and join substantial business growth perspectives? Would love to hear something about that at our 12th European Software Conference. 
100 million active ghosts. scary!
I sure hope that Nik's non-Snapseed products continue. I was disappointed to read today's NYT article that said Google declined to say "whether or when" those products would be discontinued. How about giving some reassurance to Nik customers - please.
google+'s awesome~ but in china,few people can use it. ╮(╯_╰)╭
I think G+ should add "Forum" or "Web board" alike function.
I sure hope that Nik’s non-Snapseed products continue. I was disappointed to read today’s NYT article that said Google declined to say “whether or when” those products would be discontinued. How about giving some reassurance to Nik customers – please.
I hope the future direction for NIK as a part of Google will continue to support the applications loved by photographers.  It would show incredible short sightedness to discontinue NIK's application development for amateur and professional photographers.
As a professional photographer, I have relied quite heavily on NIK software for my personal and client work and would hate to see this very capeable product line discontinued or receive minor development support. Google+ is great...please allow NIK to also remain at the top!
I love Snapseed, so can't wait to see integration with Google+
four hundred million users, congratulations!. The world still does not know, all we can do, google plus and  hangouts together.
Congtats, if you want to keep any new members Google image filing needs a major workover!!!  It is the worst of what is out there, no tagging (not people) can not load to a specific album or event when putting a new picture on a post etc. These are standard functions folks are used to seeing and are currently missing!
For the love of God, please don't get rid of Silver Efex, there is nothing on the market that comes close to creating black and white conversions for Lightroom, Photoshop, or Aperture.  
I sure hope that Nik’s non-Snapseed products continue. I was disappointed to read today’s NYT article that said Google declined to say “whether or when” those products would be discontinued. How about giving some reassurance to Nik customers – please.
+Vic Gundotra "We want to help our users create photos they absolutely love, and in our experience Nik does this better than anyone."  When are you going to buy Adobe?  :-)
Try to avoid the normal path in acquisitions - destroying value. If you bought Nik for Snapseed and you don't value the rest of the suite, then you overpaid; we don't even need to know the terms of the deal to be sure of this. Since serious photography is completely outside the expertise of Google, it's hard to imagine the scenario in which the Nik plug-ins will maintain their value. Maybe there are hobbyist photographers within Google but that's different than the fanatic photo people at Nik. Like most acquisitions, I predict that shareholder value will actually be lost and quality products will vaporize. At the very least, pull what you have to from the Snapseed development team, pull in the patents covering that technology and then find a quality buyer for the plug-in products/patents/brand loyalty. 
I sure hope you're going to keep Nik products for professional photographers.  Those of us who use it really use them extensively.
Thanks for the update +Vic Gundotra! It's good to see that while growth has been fast you guys have still kept it reasonably paced. It would be so incredibly easy for G+ to hit the #1 spot for total users across social networking sites if you follow the strategy I've been expecting to see come about.
Would appreciate knowing if Google will support the non-Snapseed software. 
+Josh Haftel You are right ! I take it back. I was looking at the front page post not the blog. Still, I hope there is a future to the Efex Pro line of products.
Excellent keep all the good work up Google.Go Google.
Whatever you do, leave NIK Efex Pro software alone, those of us who are real photographers love using the plug ins. Get rid of NIK and you've got rid of me too. Snapseed is great but the rest of NIK is better. 
Nik not only great products but the have excellent telephone support. Even if +Vic Gundotra and company lets Nik survive I can't imagine we will be able to call Google and get quality live phone support for Nik products.
Very interesting turn of events.  Definitely combines some of my favorite tools.  Can't wait to see what turns up!
I say Nik has the best set of photographic filters around. I use them all the time. Hope it stays on top. And yeah, looking forward to what Google is going to do with it.
Please continue to develop the NIK software plug-ins for PS & LR ... these are some of the finer filters on the market for professional use; please don't waste them.
With so much emphasis on photography in G+, why was the "Photos from your Circles" feature removed? Any way this could come back?
What a few others have said - please continue to develop the non-mobile software NIK produces.
I'm curious to see the dichotomy here between G+ flag waving/burning and concerned photographers... I may like using G+, but it does b* all to help me process my images ;-)

Read any discussion group with working photographers in it and you'll see a deep and widespread concern that some of the great Nik software tools will eventually wither on the vine - they have little to do with G+, social media or fancy mobile telephones, just great functionality  that a lot of us like ;-)

I use some of the Nik tools almost every day in my work, and I can't say the announcement gives me any confidence whatsoever.
Very interesting development. Heard about it after the Jewish New Year ended and phoned some of my friends who are principles over at Nik to congratulate them. 

No idea how it will play out but it gets more interesting as a one-time collaborator during my time at Nikon and now as a competitor with Tiffen Dfx software.

Knowing far more of their inside history than most, all I can say is I will watch what is happening over the next few weeks and months.
Hopefully you'll keep Nik's Photoshop Plug In's running.
The pics are beautiful. I think it's just a learning curve and will take time for folks to appreciate what Google has to offer.
Catching up on my reading, and I noticed Google's Nik buy! Just wanted to come over and say, while I'm excited Snapseed may be coming to Android, I'd be even more excited if the editing capabilities were ported to the +Google+ app!
Please don't do anything to 'hurt' NIK's ability to continue to deliver great photo processing software.  Their products are magic, and unequalled.
Fantastic new all around. I am a fan of Nik Software and Google alike... Please keep photo quality on Google+ sharp and beautiful. Can you make facebook go away while you're at it? Haha
Congrats +Vic Gundotra in the smart acquisition.  As +Peter Houston mentioned, I hope there will be no degradation or adjustments to the Nik Complete Collection of products. It will be interesting to see how it's "magic" will be integrated within Google Plus.  Please do not take away from or start watering down the fine Nik products being used as plug-ins by Nik's loyal photographers.  While I did enjoy using Adobe Photoshop, I love having the power of the U-point technology at my fingertips without being concerned about layers, masks and outrageous software prices. 
Wedding mad' photo is damn perfect man see her eyes can't be more perfect
Nm Pl
Ultimate photos. Thanks
Google is IMPOSSIBLE to reach. My Nik software was working fine until mac OS 10.6.8 and then to find out today Google bought Nik and now I cant get anyone on the phone. Nik used to have awesome customer service. Not happy about this.
Its dead, but for hookers and prostitutes,and unnecessary wasted interest kept it alive Mr. Gandotra. Look around see for yourself you will understand sir
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