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I always enjoy these guys.

Lots of criticism for Google+. We are listening and working to address. Stay tuned for changes this week.

+MG Siegler +Jason Kincaid
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"OMG/JK: Yes, Of Course You’re In My ‘Friends’ Circle. Swear." haha... :P
Vic would you check out my resume and pass it around google i am great with social media !
Lots of criticism, maybe, but I see a lot more love in the outside world, everyone here is so excited we're drining people nuts on every other platform :)
Thanks to all of you for this amazing new toy, tool and plane of existence!
And Google+ makes my wife angry...and i can't work seriously...
I only have one complaint. I want a circle that doesn't show up in my stream.
I'm glad we're able to be a part of the formative stages of google+
I must just have all the worshippers in my circles. We love G+, we even have a gang sign. You guys are doing great. +Vic Gundotra
Two things I would love to see is improvements on the Android app such as reading sparks and being able to +1 comments.
FB is still the prettiest girl at the dance for the masses, G+ is more thinking man's crumpet.
I'm with +Robert Scoble. My girlfriend keeps bombing my posts on "that other site" to tell me to shut up. :\
Always good to know one is listening :) Doesn't take much to hear the public speak of the issues and go to work on them. Cheers!
Ole Rønberg
It would be nice to be able to work with overlapping circles. For example, two circles could be meat lovers and Danish people, overlapping would then let you share with Danish meat lovers, but not Swedish meat lovers unless they by accident have been added to the Danish people circle :-)
I hope the "tech pundits" don't have undue influence over the direction of things Plus.. (hopefully that goes without saying..)
Trace H.
Vic, thank you so much. Is there/will there be any sort of weblog/changelog that tells of the changes made to Google+ (on a very high level) as it matures?
+Vic Gundotra can u be my friend please? :)
"everyone is posting to public"... yeah right :-) .... and how exactly would they know how much people are posting to non-public circles if they aren't in them????
Google plus is not in the ios Google search app, not really handy...
At this point criticisms are only bound to make Google+ a better product when it's made available to everyone. My friends and I love this, keep up the good work! :)
Would be great if the left hand menu followed you down while the stream scrolled .. anyway.. I know what I mean lol
We should act on criticism's which make sense - it can improve the experience
It would such nice to see the "Enable Transliteration - type using phonetic English " which is there in gmail. in google+ too.
+Vic Gundotra Thanks! Surely I will stay tuned. I skipped FB, so it is all new to me. The major criticism of my Dutch and Twitter friends is the poor search function (like hashtag on Twitter) -hope that ameliorates quickly!
+Vic Gundotra Great to see you guys are listening and taking the constructive feedback, and making required changes! Awesome!
There should be a private messaging option in G+. :)
It's not perfect, yet, but thank you +Vic Gundotra and the G+ teams for such an awesome platform. I'm in love with this and I'm looking forward to the future. :D
Don't waste your time watching this IMO. Too much has changed already so their opinions aren't even relevant any more and to say that circles don't make sense, or that their too confusing tells me I'm listening to someone not qualified to give ME their opinion on the service (maybe a different story for others) :)
+Vikrant Negi There is a PM option. Just post and instead of a circle, post to the individual you want. Same for chat.
Howard, afraid of your privacy, don't post it then, not here or elsewhere. Remember buzz? That was a privacy hell.
+Vikrant Negi You can, only share you post with the person you are wanting to share with. Not really PM but same concept
app for WP7, there should be a Feature Request page or use uservoice for it ?
Vic, I have a top 10 wish list I made posted. 
+Vic Gundotra The service is amazing and I was never willing to use FB for a number of reasons. Not the case with G+. Thank you so much. My only request is to get Blocking working 100% (no comments visible from blocked people).
Really? I can't stomach MG myself... If he isn't getting kick backs from apple then he's getting ripped off
I take anything MG says and ignore at least half of it as a rule as garbage. The metric increases to 80% when he talks about Google, and 95% when he talks about Apple.
Sometimes you just want to merge circles. No easy way to do that :(
+Vic Gundotra can we have more integration of google chat with google+ - on Facebook if anyone has a profile they are automatically on the chat list whereas on google+ we have to invite them to chat - also, can the stream box be available across all google profiles as a separate box and not just in the bar on the top right corner - one of the complaints i have got from my friends is they can't figure out how to do "wall posts" on their friends' profiles
G+ is great, I love this without all the publicity... but when u post a video or a image is a litlle messy how this looks like, I would like to have the options to select the large of the photo or the proportions from a video..
+Vic Gundotra by any chance we will have a private or one-on-one messaging system in Google+ ? and thanks for providing this GREAT tool !
Greg M
Really would like to be able to block the posting of pictures either entirely or at least on a per user basis, at least until people get their hundreds of photos uploaded.
No merging circles please. +Vic Gundotra and team, you can, as a matter of fact, add an option to see stream of multiple circles in the home page. Also, its getting very dirty out here with fake names... And yes, with people like +Samer Serhan.
instant upload is a great feature but I can;t use it - I'm mostly roaming and it could get costly! If there was an AUTO-UPLOAD ONLY ON WIFI option I would use it. < Ah that feature exists already! Thanks +Ben Clapp :)
Don't listen to TC too much... they're way beyond their peak as far as quality! ;)
In his last Stilbruch blog posts of June, +Florian Rohrweck has already found that google has already an answer to both guys concern ("...inunderstandable following mechanism..."): Shared circles (circles you can "give away"). The Techcrunch guys surely know about this, and just want to display themselves, as they know Google will introduce shared circles ... That's all! ( I only skimmed TC video discussion)
+Howard Ogden There is, have a look in G+ settings, Instant Upload settings, Mobile Uploads.
Good to see you guys looking through this feedback and actually listening. Keep up the good work!
Howard, there is. Check the settings. Photos and videos via wifi only
Is there any way to collapse the long list of comments on any post ? I have to keep scrolling to see other posts below...
So, Don't know if you've noticed, but who is invited language has nothing to do with the one of who invites, its rather complicated to Russian to understand Portuguese.. so... base the language in the normal manner (browser, geoip) and not in some other rather ridiculous way.
constructive criticism is always good...
Eddie N
+Vic Gundotra and the rest of the G+ team, so far so good. As long as you keep user's privacy needs paramount, and remember Not To Be Evil, (i.e. do everything that That Other Site did wrong, correctly), you should do fine.
Does instant upload work for u guys, my photos never show up
I would like to send my comment on the g+ mobile app...but using the built in 'send feedback' is quite there a webform I can use? :)
If I 'share' this article it recreates it on my profile (with a credit to you as the original poster), I'd just like to link to here, is that possible?
+Roy Watts Yes, get your point, but really - overlapping circles could be implemented in a neat way to make the feature easily accessible to as many people as possible. My mom on the other hand would never dream of even looking for that feature - she would just choose to disturb all of the "meat lovers" completely disregarding their nationality :-)
It would be great to share a post with "All my Circles EXCEPT (x)".
+Ehab Bandar +Jason Gudmundson Not sure exactly what you mean by 'merge circles'. Off-hand, I can think of three variations. I can't say the solutions are 'easy' and there's always the matter of keeping score in your head (much as in the RW !), but each type of merge can be handled in less than 1 minute and with just a few clicks:

A. If you want to take all members of one circle and add them to another, navigate to the appropriate ("source") circle and use the "View All"'s in the "More Options" menu, at right. Then, it's a simple matter to drag and drop them into the second ("destination") circle. The result is that all members of the source circle will now also be members of the destination circle.

B. If, instead, you want to end up with only a single (destination) circle, simply delete the source circle after completing the drag-&-drop operation.

C. To get the same results as in case A, but only temporarily -- ie: you'd like to undo the merge, at some later time -- then I'd suggest creating a third circle. In two operations, drag all members of circles #1 and #2 then drop them into circle #3. When you wish to undo this merge, you can delete that circle...or simply ignore it until you need it again.

Hope this helps.
Just Integrate FB chat also in G+ it will rock :-)
Ya add Chat, just use the Gtalk thats already in G plus (left side) but let it connect to ne gmail in ur circles +Vic Gundotra
+vicgundotra Please, I beg you and the team to compile the Google Talk plugin as a universal binary so us PowerPC users can enjoy Hangouts. My Dual G5 is perfectly capable and if someone with a 12 year old OS (WinXP) can be supported we should be able to do it on a machine that is barley 5 years old. Thanks
Show the +1 button on iOS devices!
You have far more patience for MG Siegler than I do, then
Any chance of getting sparks on the Android app please I'm enjoying having all the stuff I read online all in one place keep up the good work 
Maybe it has been in questions, sorry, but how i can send message public but except only one circle(one user)?
+samer serhan photos that are uploaded will not show up until you share them with someone. the automatically uploaded pictures are by default for your eyes only until you decide to share. Thankfully. feature integration is must..common stream for community is a must feature for success of google+... all revolution started with communities in fb...
2.edit feature for a post should be limited as that can lead to kill of discussions
3.owner of post should have control over deletion of unwanted comments
I expected more criticism than I heard. Overall, considering Techcrunch has been so irrationally hesitant in offering anything in the way of a solid approval for G+, MG and Jason didn't disparriage Google Plus too much--or I should say, they found themselves unable to--to me, it seemed as soon as they began down a path of criticism, they would usually be forced to backpedal a bit by saying that actually, Google was doing a very commendable job.

One point mentioned about this apparent Wave-hangover so-called "complexity" issue: I feel it is just fodder for soundbites such this discussion...I do not think it has any merit or substance. For instance, MG made this point about how circles differs from FB groups--in that if you have someone in a circle in G+, you share with them, but they are not necessarily sharing with you. He stated this as if it were a detraction. WTF??? Then MG, why don't we just go back to having no privacy considerations at all?? The intersection of (i) respect for privacy and, (ii) minimal complexity to attain same has been met in near-perfect form. A user cannot have something which affords protection of his/her privacy and then also not expect to put some thought into how (s)he wants to define that privacy--and the defining of your circles and how they function is the manifestation of such a thought process. Again, I felt as though this "complexity" problem they chose to malign G+ with is an "issue" that wouldn't even be mentioned if it weren't for Wave and its story. MG and Jason are just discussing it to hear themselves discuss it. There is is nothing of common-sense substance embodied within this complaint.
What is wrong with you? FB chat rarely works properly. Why would you want it on here? And do you really Think Mark Zuckerberg would allow that??
I believe what needs to happen is for all the contacts that have google+ and are in each others circles to automatically be able to chat in google talk without needing to invite... if you are already in each others circles you are already saying that you have a mutual relationship... there should be no need to ask for permission of have each other on the chat list in google talk
I really don't care about what they said , what really matters is that Google made something that should be proud of ...
Thank you Google
Me gustaría poder modificar los circulos con los que comparto una entrada después de haberla publicado. / Would like to be able to modify which circles a post is shared with, after it's posted. Thanks, good job.
+Paul Lukitsch Your comments in para2 echo something I've noticed in lots of tech reportage...and not just recently, or limited to those 'sites where +MG Siegler is involved, nor even solely in regard to G+. I think we're seeing the symptoms of a kind of snow-blindness that affects most people in that field. It's a full-blown pundit pandemic.

Specifically, sufferers begin to equate only products or services they've used & enjoyed -- or have merely grown accustomed to -- with generically positive attributes. The result is a series of can't-see-the-forest-for-the-trees remarks, where the victim might call Google+ "confusing", yet refer to Gmail's original page-layout as "intuitive".

BTW: that's not a made-up example.
Congratulations, Vic! I have some minor wishes: I would love to integrate upcoming calendar entries, RSS feeds and unread mails directly in the Google+ view (like I have on iGoogle). It would also be great if I could put circles within circles. I like the clear design and the straightforwardness of Google+. I still don't get the Sparks, as their results seem a little random.
The google plus app for Android still can't be installed on devices in certain countries/IP addresses
And, of course, TechCrunch is perfect.
Integrate sparks and google reader, or revamp reader to make sharing easier. 
I second the integration of Google Reader into Sparks. I've started to share interesting stuff from Reader to Plus, because, say, not all of my friends are interested in the fine points of anti-zombie warfare. At the moment, this involves copy-and-paste. Being able to do that from Reader would be great.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I can't seem to get the hang of Sparks. It has a bolted-on feel. My suggestion would be to keep Reader and Plus separate, and move Sparks over to Reader. Putting Reader in Plus would mean that the line get shortened too much.

Anyway, great work. Just in case somebody hasn't said that yet.
There's no ability to share one or few photos from some photo albums. You always have to share all album only.
Ability to share by photo presents at `Photos from your mobile` (instant upload album) only.
To share just one phone I have to put it into my phone, then it'll uploads into the `Photos from your mobile` album and then It'll be possible to share.
Please add this feature to all albums too.
+Vic Gundotra Sir, If you play a video(say from youtube) and simultaneously view a photo the video gets reloaded once we exit the photo viewer.
I think Google+ guys should work on this little thing.
+1 for your efforts on G+
One thing I'm missing at Google+ is: Filesharing. It would be awesome if g+ team could add this functionality (e.g a service like dropbox: share a file to a certain circle).

+1 this if you share my opinion : )
I think it would be great to not lose your chat window, when going to to perform a search. I'd like to keep my conversation without having to open a new window
90% of criticism I hear is by Facebook-Fanbois who obviously don't understand what the word 'beta' means.
+Vic Gundotra I don't hear much criticism. Just the regular people who want be critic for the sake of it. One area that I think you guys have to work on, is explaining photos. Right now the integration is with Picasa and its hard for non-tech users how you change names in albums or notify of new photo uploads in an existing album. I do not like the automatic notification. :) I would rather have the option to notify my groups personally.
+1 alone is lonely and asymmetrical. It yearns for a -1 to offer company and balance. A ying to its yang.
Just noticed that when you expand the "comment" in a stream, you can not reverse this action...which is a quite annoying when there are many comments. I think this action should be available without scrolling up or down to the end or start of the stream...or did I miss it ?
No, I have the same problem but these are minimal issues - no missing parts in the basic concept.
How about:
1. Ability to exclude circles from the main Stream. Or event better exclude a person or two by name or email (in case, if he/she is in multiple circle) [I still want to see posts from those circles, but just not in the main Stream.]
2. Attach a photo or video in comment of a post.

I find Google+ extremely simple and easy to use with a clean interface. And, I just love the control it gives me on what content I want to share with who. Keep up the excellent work!
I agree with +Renaux Christian, collapsing comments in steam would be very useful (and preferably without having to scroll up)
+Christoph M. mentioned filesharing with circles; I think this would be a useful feature with hangouts - want to quickly show the people your hanging out with a picture or document that's relevant to the flow of the conversation then just drop it in to the conversation, or something like that.
I think a few people have mentioned they would like more control over choosing which circles to show in the stream and to make available to; basically allowing Boolean combinations of 'all but this circle', 'all people in both circle A or circle B', 'all people in circle C and not in circle D' etc.

This product has, already fewer bugs / issues than Facebook where "Something went wrong" seems to only ever be a few clicks away!
One feature that would make G+ even better is an ability to either post to G+ from Twitter and/or Facebook, or to update Twitter/Facebook from G+. As great as it is, G+ cannot really exist in isolation as users have established groups of friends and colleagues on existing networks.
Requiring users to post content multiple times just to update G+ may limit its adoption as there are already many established methods of posting content once and automatically publishing it on whichever social networks a user desires.
That integration in other social network services is not as good as it should be is not Google's fault - Facebook does nearly everything to avoid any interaction with Google Services.
Many features are needer for our convenience, but remember, what is the problem with facebook ? it is crowded with too many options, applications, games, quiz, fan pages, bla bla bla... That's why people get messed up there.
One thing should be strictly maintained in G+ : Keep the UI cleen and simple.
there should be an option to collapse comments, it is quite necessary.
the options button is rarely noticeable. It does not attract user's attention to be used.
Agreed re integration, but until G+ is out of limited trial (& therefore needing invites for new users to connect) , the majority of users are probably going to stay with the tried & tested Twitter/FB. Many apps/tools exist to post content once & auto-publish across whichever social networks someone wants to use; G+ needs ideally to allow this degree of integration... or turn it around, and use G+ as the source of all content with an auto-publish capability to Twitter,FB, LinkedIn etc etc...
yes, please do not stop listen to the crowd. also, I posted some question to the outer space on my public profile.... it need to work out for the normal users like my grand ma....
Like twitter, an option to enable/disable the ability for anyone to "follow" you without your approval needs to be added ()
@Kjell: Why? Anybody can follow you, if you want everybody to be able to read you, just make your statements "public". As parts of your profile are always visible, you can't hide and say "I don't even exist" for somebody in particular.
It is a great start and will only get better
+Vic Gundotra What are the plans regarding use of multiple languages? My mother tongue is Danish, and English is my secondary language. If someone adds me to their circle based on my English ramblings then they might rush to the mute button if they suddenly see me rambling on in Danish. I have someone in on of my circles who writes in English and Chinese (I think) and it would be nice to be able to mute the Chinese posts.
+Vic Gundotra perfect wish from +Ole Rønberg - necessary today in a world of global communications - to have multilingual choise. when I post comment in slovakian language - all my dutch friends try to understand - but not possible...dearest ghost from the bottle, hear to Aladins like +Ole Rønberg and +marta rawgal We have there a little wish in common. Otherwise, we need to create language circles - what I already did, but not practical
+Ole Rønberg , perhaps some integration of Google Translate?
I'd be great to have a way to hide all the "Just follow" Cirlce posts from the main stream.
facebook's small fonts and everything in compact manner looks very beautiful, google + also must iincorporate these all.
Adding videos to out profile straight from youtube would be nice, at least reup and more space wouldn't be necessary.
Vic, you should check out this insightful discussion on g+ features & how regular users are viewing Circles.
Some of the best & most in-depth analysis i have seen from non-Googlers so far.
I hope Googlers are "hanging out" @ HN too :)
Keep up the great work

- self proclaimed Google fanboy :)
This could have just been a podcast ... No need for the video ...
+Rajeev Kumar You can't collapse the comments, but if you use the keyboard shortcut J, it will skip over all the comments and bring you to the next post. That's my main way of browsing the stream.
I would love to be able to share .kmz/.gpx files on g+, and let my friends -- if they come here -- to see my latest adventures.
I thought it was all constructive criticism. G+ already is something very well thought and worked out, you are just going to need to keep the pace and iterate things as the user base grows.
Definitely there is a good chance of success for Google+. This should be called the Edison Project... :) You guys have learned by all the failed project and still have the capital and vision to continue towards success.
Really interesting video to watch. A valid point they made about the instant upload uploading ANY photo taken by the phone by default and not just photos taken by the google+ app. I was kind of put off for a moment when I realized that a few images uploaded that I had no intention of over leaving my phone.
Can anyone tell me if there is a feed available for Google + posts?
Let's ask for Showing just selected Circles at Stream!
I agree, it would be nice to be able to hide specific circles from the main "stream".
+1 for hiding circles from the main stream. Can't follow any high noise people because of it. Also a 'no longer bubble to the top' button to prevent the same high noise content always being right at the top whenever you visit.
+Vic Gundotra +Dave Besbris : Btw, Great work on G+. Am a fan and you guys are onto something here.

Additionally, I was wondering if we could have hashtags(label)-cloud. (Like people have on blogs?) The ability of using has tags, will also help add searchability to content on G+, and eliminate the need for the now defunct google realtime. You get your own trends from within, G+, plus a link back to the posts you were most interested in at a particular time. There are several benefits to having this feature withing G+, and many beneficial embodiments. The realtime data from within G+ (hashtag based) could also at some stage supplement content for sparks which is for now not 'sparking' anything. So if I have a popular hashtag like "photography" instead of getting canned google news content, if i see public user content in sparks, now you are really bringing people together based on their interests. Thoughts?
Agreed on hiding selected circles from the main stream. That'd be awesome for all the reasons already mentioned.
A suggestion box somewhere, or if there is one point mew in the right direction, google plus is great, but it'd be great to have easy ways to contribute
+Simon Bromfield the send feedback button is on the bottom right hand side you can either show what you are talking about by highliting the page or sections of the page or just send them a message directly
+Mark Bienvenu and +Rajeev Kumar - if you refresh the page load any comments you've expanded will re-collapse.
+Vic Gundotra One thing that I'd love to see is a priority level for Circles, lets call it Close. If some circles could be differentiated in the circles overview then it would be possible to select them as a group for specific items such as phone numbers when editing visibility in profile options without having to delve into the custom menu. The problem right now is that for privacy settings Circles Only is not the same as Friends+Family Only and there is no easy option to get to Friends+Family Only. With priority levels for circles the interface for privacy settings in editing individual items on a profile would be more user friendly and more familiar to those who are coming over from FB.
this teaser will def make ppl sit up: "Stay tuned for changes this week." ;^}
Google + actually got me to watch this video...or at least listen in the background.
How great would it be, what a magnificent dream,
if I'd just open a new google doc and publish it to my stream!

How fabulous my stream would steadily flow,
if I could integrate reader, iGoogle widgets and so...How magnificent, if I could invite all my team
with a new calendar entry button in my stream!
How amazing if Google Scholar would talk to my Sparks
and I could distinguish publications on kittens and quarks
So many options still to make Google+ grow
the team at Google will fix it, so much I do know.
One issue, I agree that your Google+ profile pic should be public , but there should be a way for disabling comments on them, any body comes and comments on anyone's profile pic.
Secondly, There should be a way to see photos from individual circles like we can see stream from them.
Allowing Google docs to be shared with circles like the person above said.
That article could use some grammatical changes.
The only thing that bugs me so far is that I can't make circles out of my Google contacts groups. I have already segregated everyone I know for google voice and email and android contact lists. I don't want to do it again
As quite a few people already mentioned, the ability to hide circles from the stream would be awesome. Being able to put some high noise people in a separate circle to mute them all at once would be a killer feature. Sure, you could ask them to put you in a separate circle and mute you but I have a feeling this high noise crowd is the same crowd that just wouldn't care.
What a ROCKING start! Keep up the good work!
A lot of people have asked for "Blocked" circle. I think G+ automatically creates a red circle and puts the blocked people in that. Is that what you are looking for?
It's a running IRL joke with my friends and I, when they do or say something particularly egregious we tell them: "That's it, you get put in the jerk circle!"
+Vic Gundotra I always wanted a feature (in Outlook at work), where I can move seamlessly between various communication media, like IM, email, SMS, social networks, phone, calendar, etc.
Are you guys looking to integrate the various Google services into G+? That would be a great+.
Everything G+ devs share is commented with hundreds of suggestions which are good but often not new. Maybe someone or Google itself is interested in launching a small moderated service where suggestions are summarized and structured - so good ideas don't get lost in a mess of comments.
Listening? To these guys? Do you need a recorded program to get ideas on the table? "Send Feedback" seems to assume there is a problem with the experience when you fire it. It'd be great to have a circle that everyone knows the Google+ team is watching. Ideas, suggestions, criticism and as +Fabian Reinartz points out "good ideas don't get lost in a mess of comments".
I agree with people asking for a way to put people "out" of the stream so they don't clog it up. I would also like to see an easy way to transfer facebook friends. While I realize that one can set up a yahoo account and import them here, I think that should be apart of gmail/google+. But I also realize that this is still in beta somewhat as well and that many invites can't be rolled out yet. Oh, and an iOS app would be fantastic.
What are the main concerns/criticisms that you're hearing? And what changes are coming this week?
@manitobaboy you always logon to google server not on some feature instead.. so close gmail window if you dont wana use it it just ok
I love G+, however the check-ins are awful in southern california.
We are waiting for these changes.
Greg M
Be very careful with editing Google Contacts. Deleting an entry in contacts for someone who is someone in your #Google+ circle also deletes the person in your circle! Thank god that a friend mentioned it otherwise I would deleted a good wack of my circles.

A good portion of the people in my circles have not supplied an email address in G+ and that is understandable but why the hell does my contact list have to be used to G+ circle members? I use my contact list for emailing people and do not want this list full of information that I do not want from Google+ Circles!
I have to routinely exit out and back in before check ins will find my location. The search feature is awful in checkins also, hardly pulls up all items in my location
Let us include/exclude specific circles from Stream and add #hashtags support -- these will make G+ much more usable.
I'm pretty happy with g+ at this point. There's is a LOT of potential, but great start. My only worry is that from a product launch perspective Google chose not to launch with an API and suite of apps. Connectivity and channels with other social streams (Flickr, Facebook, Twitter) is crucial to adoption and without them right out of the gate I think it might be hard to keep momentum.
TWO ideas.

1. It would be great if we could leave out some persons out of a circle for particular posts. Ex. Friends Circle - John Doe....this would post to all my friends except to John Doe who is in the friends circle.

2. Sparks are a little bit useless in my point of view. As I see it, it is just a bookmark in G+. It would be great if it could be a Bookmark and work as an we could be up to date to our favorite pages and info...

GOOOOD work by the way
TechCrunch are pissed off cause their posters are using only facebook profile logins :)
+Will Merydith , there will be an API - and it's good that it wasn't there from the beginning. This is a beta - who want's apps which use an API for a product that's not finished (has bugs). Once the key product works fine most of the apps probably wouldn't work anymore.
I can do Huddle public ...but I can't find public Huddles?or Huddle in my area?...on pc or mobile device!!!!!
Sorry Vic, major fail. All 3 of my accounts are GAFYD. Somehow I managed to receive a G+ invite just as I was finishing the GAFYD transition, and ended up with G+ attached to a fake/temporary/orphaned account I'll never use which I setup for all the services I couldn't transfer. So much for G+....
+Fabian Reinartz , "who want's apps which use an API for a product that's not finished", um, I do. I mean what's the difference between a buggy/beta API and a buggy/beta UI? Beta isn't an excuse not to have an API (there may be other valid excuses). You can test an API as well as the UI and everything else.
Could anybody tell me, why my google profile is still visible in search? How long does it take to vanish from the results?
Does anyone know how to speak English in these comments?? :)
Lots of astroturfing by Facebook and Microsoft as well lately.
Who is MG Siegler, and why should I care what he thinks about things?
How about the ability to +1 comments?
TechCrunch lives on negatism!
+Vic Gundotra , my only suggestion at this point is to make the +1 button have a drop down menu that allows us to share on Google+ with circles built in. Make it just like what happens when you hover over someone's name within Google+. This is a MUST for Google News, Reader, Buzz (replace "like" with +1 in Buzz), and YouTube. I'm sure this idea is already in the works, but my contribution to the idea is that you should not make a separate button (the way Facebook has "like," "share," AND "recommend" buttons). Just make one button capable of both liking and sharing: clicking the button publicly +1's it, hovering over the button brings down a "share with circles" drop down menu.

Another idea for Google News is to make news articles capable of drag and drop, so we can drag a news article into the "share box" at the top right of the new black bar. That could be cool.

One last idea, and this is totally random, but Google should buy Steam. Those of us who play Portal, TF2, Half-Life...yeah, we're Googlers, too.
Its irritating to see unknown people adding me in their circles without my permission. It may be a twitter like functionality but this confuses the purpose of G+ as using it like twitter or fb?!
+Mridul Bansal you don't have to add them back, and you don't have to share anything with them.
Chris Ruhs- but then what is the purpose of them adding me in their circles if I am neither interested in their posts nor do I want to share with them
+Mridul Bansal, they may want to share things with you...or they may not understand how it all works yet. But if they share things with whatever circle they put you in, their content will show up in the "incoming" section of your stream. You can completely ignore that section.
you can do this, just hover about the comment with your mouse and you'll see the +1 button
+Mridul Bansal G+ incorporates the ideas behind FB and twitter into one service. People adding you to their circles does nothing to you. If u are private posting (limited) they can't see anything and if you are public posting why the heck would you even care? I find it funny that people complain about having too much control and too many features.
Mridul, when people add you to their circles are not in yours that just means they can follow your public posts like in Twitter. 
hmm...that does make sense if they are unable to view my updates! This is like a "reverse Twitter" wherein they want to show their updates to me in their circles...although I won't be interested, but this is worth giving a shot...thanks for explaining...btw how did you tag me? I can't tag you by writing @Chris ruhs :)
+Vic Gundotra i would like to see a invite-based public circle so you'd have to approve being added to it - so we could have id's we know from other common venues (like IRC) in a common circle instead of having to locate them one-by-one
Public circles have to be in the future. It may be more similar to public lists on Twitter, but I already see people trying to work around this missing feature.
+Chris Ruhs still couldn't tag you :(
but I'd be glad to know the technical details, esp because am in the tech industry! :)
Can't wait to hear more about it
would like to see something like the communities and forums like the ones in could search for information on those communities......especially useful if one is looking for info on university admissions etc ...... it was an useful stuff in orkut that facebook lacked...
+Kit Keigwin You can edit your G+ profile items using the custom option to exclude the visibility of individual items from some circles. Its one way to keep things like CV information limited to business/academic circles and things like your home phone number limited to just friends and family.

The down side would be that anything that gets restricted to particular circles wouldn't be public, there isn't a way to leave your professional info available to everyone except for just some people in your circles.

An ALT text option would be cool, but I don't see something like that being put into place while there's more substantive work that needs to be done.
Will Google ever open up to adult preferred businesses? I created profiles for my businesses and google suspended all of them. That's one good thing about Facebook they do not restrict the type of business profile.
+Telly Myles As far as I understand it there is no such thing as a business profile for google+ yet. They will release this feature later ... this is why every "business" profile that has been created up until now will be suspended (Source:
It would be nice if your face tags from Picasa transferred up to Google+ when you upload your photos from Picasa to Google+, instead of having to retag everyone all over again. Basically, more integration with the Picasa desktop interface and Google+ would be great!
add "Do Not Share" field that allow you to exclude certain users and circles while sharing a specific post/photo/link/etc
Anyone else have a problem with the nearby feature in the mobile app? My doesn't work. Droid X
It would be nice an option to make some circles public, so any one can follow us by a circle.
Would be cool to be able to start an "anyone can join" Hangout based on your interests. Would instantly make G+ a place to MEET new friends. Speed dating done right.
If Google needs to be on top, it needs to add flavor and color to Google +. Social networking is more of a lifestyle and it needs to have an identity.
oh, yes -- a list of changes would be great.
The contacts i have in gmail should be synced with the suggestion list if i erase a contact in the suggestion list don't bring him back again (maybe ask if it should be removed completely)
i love google plus. Good work done by u guys. I think profile id should be user define instead of 1xxxxxxxxxxxxx. . . !
Love G+, trying to bring all my friends over. Would be great if my invitation emails would be in English even though I'm in Germany right now! The rest of Google is in English as I'm used to use it. Here some tutorials to get people started
Greg M
When I ignore a user I want to ignore all of the posts made by that user in other threads as well.
Sorry just a random question, do you have to still use a gmail account for g+ or can i invite my other friends with other emails?
+Vic Gundotra I believe when you friend somebody, he/she should be able to acknowledge you as friend back for us to follow their feeds (even with the circle concept) . Thats how friends share even in the normal world. Else, that would be called stalking. Pls help bring that feature of acknowledgement to G+.
How can I moderate a stream from one of my friends who just floods my home page? There should be a way to deal with the stream without "blocking" the person.
Great job a huge fan of Google sure its gonna be big.. :)
One extremely good & useful feature >> The drop-down piece from the little notifications [button?] allows us to review and edit comments -- without having to leave the dialogue box. So it can be done with gmail. Seems quite convenient.

Would be glad to have this expanded -- for instance, to edit circles from the little profile [button?] without having to open up the whole G+ circles page.

My want list would include: messaging and something like FB-Groups. Sparks needs work.

Circles are basically tags for persons. I like them. So: allow us to work with circles as sets, e.g., combine two circles. So: allow us to use many circles by making the UI tighter, maybe a list-view.

Another idea to consider -- Maybe allow people to recommend tags (i.e., circle names) that would appropriate for themselves.
Interesting Terms of Services for all Google products:
By submitting, posting or displaying the content you give Google a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to reproduce, adapt, modify, translate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute any Content which you submit, post or display on or through, the Services.

I will not be satisfied until Google reverses course!
+Mridul Bansal Don't publish public and then no one can see you to link you to their interesting people circle. Other option is don't use G+!!!
I am so happy I got on board at the start. Google+ looks very promising. Please, please keep it add free and spam free. We do not need an influx of Farmvilles and Mafia Wars either. Google has always maintained a perfect balance of professionalism, functionality, and fun. Interfaces are always crisps and easy to navigate. Just like with Marvel Studios, I will stick to anything with the Google name attached. I love you guys. p.s. Can I get a job over there? lol
So far none of my friends have discovered the Hang Out feature(the sole reason why + has a chance of surviving)
Before its too late you need to make a button right next to circle. People will not give it more than a week's time. So I hope someone is working on it. I really want + to work but i'm very pessimistic. The profile page look is the same old lame google look. I would recommend using orange & yellow color. Right now it looks so boring. Why cannot google get design right? It drives me crazy. Every day. PLEASE!!!!!!
I love how you can edit posts, but there should be a way to edit the circles and people the posts are shared with as well. Also, there's no way to see what circles your post is shared with, it only shows the list of people the post is shared with.
Wondering Why is it that G+ is now(last 8 hours)comparatively slow.. is it running into mysql issues..hope its just a temporary on-boarding issue.
+Shreekar Ranade why do you think those are faillures? buzz and wave attributed a lot of knowledge, I still quite heavily use buzz, wave is in the process of being opensourced and orkut was just an early player in the field: it was neither bought by google nor planned to get huge; a google employee made it in his free time and Google took care of it in the line of other products only when they saw it took on. It's still huge here in Brazil, alive and kicking. With your reasoning Google Voice would be a faillure as wel, as I cannot even use it...
Know what the difference between Google and Facebook is? Google actually listen to it's people, and gives them things that are even better than what they expected!
Baa Baa
Loving this curated crowd-sourcing. Thanks for setting up such a great platform, letting us be part of the trial, and listening to users.
Badly need a way to +1 an individual photo in an album (like the Picasa like button)..
What I would love to see is searchable tag links when users type a '+' after a word in a public post, similar to how other social networking sites use hash-tags (*cough* Twitter+ *cough*). Plus-tags! Fun!
Here's another just from @neilhimself- "Amazing. I deleted my Google+ profile so now get an email everytime someone adds me to a circle or mentions me in a post. I hate this."
Need Huddle management via the web and a way to end Huddles. The one I started just to test it out is there permanently. +1 for Google Reader in Google+. Why not use that technology where Sparks is? Sparks is just a keyword search, really.
Integrating with google reader would be awesome. Would love to be able to directly +1 or share storys from my google reader RSS feeds.
w g
One thing that I do not like at all is the requirement to couple my Picassa Web albums to my name and ID in circles. I am considering dropping and cancelling my participation because of it. I understand that my private albums remain private for my family only but that does not mean I want to share all of my pictures where I go and my photos with anyone on Circles. This includes my public albums which previously were not directly coupled to my email address or Google ID in Picassa. I would like an option to completely uncouple my Google Circle ID from my Picassa web albums. Thanks.
I would like to be able to block certain friends who upload pictures regularly. This way when I load Google+, I don't constant new posts of photos. Customizeable filtering is always a + in my books.
here's an idea: what if you could do a Google search on Google+, (say, for instance, "harry potter"), then the results would show you the posts that your people in your circles that have mentioned "harry potter" in their posts. is this already possible?
Please give me the ability to filter my stream!!!!

I don't want to see posts about people updating their profile picture and other crap like that. My cousin tagged a person (someone not in my circles) and that post showed up in my stream. WTF!? Can you get rid of the crap please? Otherwise, beside the fancy new toys (hangouts, huddle) I might as well stay on Facebook.

All I want is a social network without the BS! Is that too much to ask?
Regarding Photo Sharing, would be great to keep/bring back the "Anyone with the link" sharing option! "Public" is sometimes too much, as it would automatically show in your public profile.
Can we have email aliases for circles, please? Would make the integration with gmail a lot easier. something like
Not sure if this was mentioned, but i'd like to be able to view multiple circles in my stream but not all or one. This could possibly be done with embedded circles or just allowing me to select as many as I want at a time.
I removed your from my circle because you're majorly dominating my feed here. But yet your things are still here. I feel so noobish.
I'm seeing duplicate entries for people I know in Google Contacts and G+ because the email address they're using for G+ is different than the one I have for them in Contacts. It would be helpful to have a tool that automatically requests email addresses from people when you have duplicate entries and merges in both Contacts and G+ if they approve the request.
I woiuld like to see some better integration with Picasa Web Albums, something along the lines of associating face tags of a person with someone in your Circles. Also, there should be some better privacy options for Picasa. I don't like that tagging someone in a photo gives them access to the whole album or that resharing of those photos is automatically enabled. There should, at the very least, be some more clear and obvious options to allow for more privacy control.
It may be too complex for users, but one thing I would like is some kind of hierarchization of circles - "metacircles" where I can add other circles/metacircles. It would allow to build fine-grained privacy policies.
I think what Google+ needs is the ability to have Latitude checkins be posted to Circles of your choosing. On my phone, Latitude is what I use to checkin with.
a simple how to guide would be a good thing...though the inimitable Mr Scoble has done that.

another suggestion would be circles within circles...which I am sure has already been mentioned.
Just a suggestion can you allow modification on what is shown in streams... ie. keep i want to keep following out of my main stream so that for ex. you don't show up more than my friends back to TC's whole Scoble effect piece... pretty easy solution there
I didn't see this, but it's probably up there somewhere: I really want the ability to exclude specific circles from my stream. I want to just see their content if I click on them.
Integration of the google + gmail... Saludos desde Perú.
I'd really like to see support for google wave gadgets in hangouts (e.g. sharing a whiteboard during a group video chat) and maybe even inline in a stream (e.g. drop in a quick poll gadget to see where your friends want to meet for dinner).
On the android app we cannot tap on someones name to view their profile and/or add them to a circle. it is a great way to add interesting people to your "interesting people to follow" circle.
+Vic Gundotra Make sure to add celebrity identification, this is like twitter ppl can follow, so its something you can benefit from if the big guns jump ship (kanye etc..) sign him :P
I am very surprised that Google could not come up with something better than "+1" . I hear people say "like" and you kinda connect with the the Like, but "+1" just sounds boring.. just my $0.02
For those asking for private messaging, the ability already exists. Sharing a post with just one person is basically the same thing. They can either respond with a comment or a direct post of their own. It's as easy as typing their name in the share with box, or +name someone.
I'm really enjoying Google +. The only things I miss from that other site are events and birthday listings. I assume you are working on a way to tie Google + Events with Google Calendar. It would also be nice for the profile to have a section for religion. Thanks for what is already shaping up to be a great social hub!
Yes, i'd like to have events integrated with calendar too!
I have a Google + idea. Vic, maybe you can make it happen. Let us categorize what we post and let other people see the categories we choose. So, for example, if people want to see your updates on "social media" they can add your "social media" circle to their feed and leave out your "painting tips" updates. I think that'd be cool and allow our friends to dictate what they want to see from us. They could see everything from us or just certain things we post. It'd be on us to categorize but if we do, people would find even more value.
Looking forward to Apps integration, but would like to see much deeper integration with other Google products in general, Calendar, Voice, Reader, even Music! Beyond that I'd like to see direct two-way integration of Twitter and Facebook "streams" but I understand that could pose "unique" challenges.
For those who have videos on You Tube and/or blogs on blogger it would be perfect if we could integrate these services on Google+. Are you considering syndication for blogger?.
Maybe include the option to view multiple streams at once? Ive been wanting this since day one of Google+'s launch.
in my address book I merged contacts with more than one email. can you use this information in G+ and stop suggesting me to add 4 time the same person just because he has 4 email address?
Hi Vic, I'd really like to get some kind of response from Google about the matter of kids getting locked out of their existing Gmail accounts as a result of entering their date of birth when they sign up for Google+. With the poor support channels Google has, it's really hard to know if you're working on this, or just ignoring the issue. Please help.
Also a -1 button would be great, just like the dislike button everybody wants on facebook
My wife keeps asking me why I'm sending her these invites when she is on Facebook and so is everyone else she cars about. I told her just wait and see how many people start to move over here once they get some fun apps and the bugs worked out. C'mon guys, get some Mobsters and Farmville and everyone will be happy. That is pretty much what keeps people on Facebook all day. It's certainly not the quality content and posts of kid pictures.
"C'mon guys, get some Mobsters and Farmville and everyone will be happy"
please god no
Please no farmville. This should not try to be Facebook. I have never had a Facebook account, but jumped at the chance for a Google+ account.
I understand this is all brand new, but I was wondering if yall were going to add a brief tutorial on this system? I really like how "lite" this system is.
The icon of the circles-button already looks like a Venn diagram. Wouldn't it be cool to visualize all your circles as one big Venn diagram and see all the intersections which connect your circles to each other ;)
Hey Mari thats funny....and they didn't even ask. I should bill..;-)
I would like to see a way to control who adds me to his/her circle. I was recently added to some circles, and I do not wish to be affliated with these people. My only option is to block that person.
@c norris as long as you dont put them in your circle it shouldn't matter.
I would like to be able to change a post from limited to public after it is posted.
When will you add Google Analytics and Adwords/Adsense? How is the patent for PersonRank (TM) Going? =)

Seriously, I'd like to know my influence among my social circles. Who among them actually clicked on +1 on my posts, clicked on my photos or how long did they spend reading my google docs and blog posts. We're talking about serious stuff here. Demographics? Mobile users? How many reshares do I generate. For advertisers I'd like to target instead of 1M people, I'll just target the most influential and reward them with something. This will motivate people to 1) increase their cred/karma 2) be active in "quality" sharing/posts.

Blogger integration for Content Generation. We used to rely heavily on keywords in Google searches. I want to be able to broadcast to my circles immediately notifying them of new posts.

Sparks is a good way of filtering or looking for information but I like to see it implemented as a real time filter (ala Twitter hashtags/TT)

Status updates/posts should have moods. I want to be able to filter "boredom" and "cheesy" out of my timeline without blocking that person. I think sparks could work in this manner too. When you post something, you can tag it with a spark to "contribute" to that train of "spark"

How a bout an in-picture product recommendation. Yes recommendations instead of Ads. Snapped a picture of a gadget you want to recommend? Upload, tag circles and let google "search" where the best deals you can buy that gadget. Google has a new picture recognition search. Group buying could be easy by using circles to generate interest in a product

And what about organizing an event and event sponsorship. You can link up with a local chef, a PR agent who can help. etc. Do paperwork via google docs, discuss planning in huddle etc. Endless possibilities.

I'd like to see a return of the Google Wave as G+ version of "the wall"

BTW do something about circle memberships, I'd like to be able to type-in(filter) the circles rather than just selecting from a dropdown because your circles can grow in numbers too.
I'm having issues on my droidx showing the same profiles (duplicate) after I back out of viewing one.
I only have one gripe about this.
On Facebook, you get a notification amount (i.e. (1) ) in the page name at the top. Is there any way that something along those lines would be do-able? I always have G+ open, but I constantly have to check it to see if I have any notifications. Not a bad thing, by any means, but a little inconvenient at times.
Good that you are communicating your intent and action in your backyard.
When will it be possible to hangout from Xoom?
+Amar Rajvanshi I'd like a separate toggle for each Circle: "Show in stream?" y/n
Is there a way to submit suggestions that doesn't involve the 'Send feedback'? I want to send suggestions like G+ needs something like 'Events' on Facebook, it's the only real thing holding back my friends from switching over as they use it so much. However 'send feedback' is for when something on a page is wrong...
Would be great to see all of my Sparks in 1 feed (when I click on Sparks) instead of having to go through each one separately... Keep up the great work! :)
I hope shared circles and/or groups comes soon
Now posts from all circles are displayed under stream . Instead, allow the users to select the posts from circles they want to be displayed in stream.
Really enjoying G+ and hope you will fix the glitch in the "in circles" count: The count on my profile does not reflect the number of circles for which I've received email notification of inclusion.
You need to make better use of the "Share" box in the G+ bar. Specifically, drag-and-drop capability for any piece of content on any Google site (news headlines, stock quotes, images, videos, map locations, etc.) without the need to go through the cumbersome steps of copy-pasting or clicking-through multiple steps to add content to the "Share" box. I should only have to select which circle I share the content with. To add another twist, you could create intelligent default circles based on the kind of content I drag-drop so that, on average, I would have to do even less work from the decision to share something to the conclusion of the sharing mechanics.
Surely, G+ needs to be deeply integrated with Android!
I hope you guys are working on this, but it would be cool to integrate google calendars with google+, like a way more useful version of events in facebook
Hi Vic,

I would like to see an option that enables me to post an article directly to my profile page without having to include everyone in my circles.

Many thanks to you and the G+ team
Vic, you've helped start a frenzy. Friends & strangers alike are begging for invites. Furthermore, after tasting the two, they're loving, i'll say again, LOVING Google+. if they're taxing the network, plz lemme know so i can tell them to leave me alone. seriously, you & Marissa did a great job. pats on the back.
I'd love to see some further tools and tweaks to help with privacy.

Currently "Public" does not stand out much from "Limited", which leaves some of my friends uneasy that they might miss spotting an over-share.

The green colour for "Public" when posting matches semantically from a "free access" perspective, but from the privacy-conscious angle, some (myself included) would have preferred red.

Also, it would be really cool if some Google "magic" could be added at some point to spot messages that appear to be about private topics that are shared with more than just specific groups. Maybe some kind of bayesian matching of topics to circles? I'd love to get an alert similar to the "You may have forgotten an attachment" in GMail that tells me when it looks like I'm talking about my last doctors visit with the world, etc.

Regardless though, loving how intuitive privacy is through Circles! Keep up the good work!
wow..looking for more add ups..:) keep it up google+! ftw!
1. For your own posts, show circles a post went to instead of just the word "Limited" I want to be able to see at a glance at my Stream where my posts went. Obviously, we'd still see "Limited" on other people's posts.

2. Ability to select which circles show up in your stream by default. A simple check list in preferences would be enough. I only want to see what my High School classmates are saying occasionally.
I am waiting for Google+ to add default circle for services and a category for places so that i can put all my contacts for painter, insurance agent, gardener.. etc in services circle and my favorite restaurant, shops, parks ..etc in places category.This data can be mined by Google for creating recommendations.
+Vic Gundotra I think Circles are a great thing, but there's something not so good when it comes to sharing with them: if I share with different Circles (let's say Friends, Family and *Colleagues*), the system saves these 3 groups, so that in future I can choose them again.

Great, but what if I want to share with Family only now? I must manually remove all of the other Circles; if the number of Circles increases, this operation requires quite a long time and it's boring: why don't you allow to either remove all the circles with a click or allow something like double click on a circle would add it and remove all the others?
Let us edit link titles and descriptions please.
And let us hide already-read notifications from the number counter on the status bar. {{-_-}}
With all the little flaws: I really like what you are doing! It's cleaner and better than most of the other Social Media approaches. Keep up the spirit and good work.
I wonder if I can file share with a circle. It would be a terrific feature. Also, I want to embed circles within circles. I want people to be in 2 or 3 different circles.
Are you planning to have a dedicated blog for 'Google+' like the other products?
1) it would be cool to be able to switch between seeing all the comments on your posts vs. only comments made by people in your circles (in this case Vic could not have to see a post from some random person like me) :D

2) Public sharing circles: for example, I like cooking and mountain biking and I want to publish (publicly) my lastest recipes and cool mountain biking videos. If I have some followers, they usually want to see only ONE of these 2 posts. So i would be great if I could make some kind of "Cook book" and "Mountain bike" Circles that people who want to follow me could "join".

Good luck +Vic Gundotra and all you Google people ironing out all the quirks of this possibly great network!

P.S. If I post here is it spam or not? ahhh, gotta get used to G+...
SUGGESTION: Can we have Gmail notifications on google+, or like, can you put it to display: Gmail (number of unread mails) in the black tool bar instead of only gmail.
I work for I understand there are benefits to participating in the Google+ initial phase to the future growth of our presence in this exciting space. Can I get more information for
for the love of God please don't bring Zynga here.
I would hope that all third-party products stay external sites, and that they just be given access to the Plus-Bar to integrate. So we can all stay blissfully social-only if we have no interest in games or apps.
It'd be great if I could tab between IM boxes using my keyboard like I did in gmail chat.
Loving G+ so far. Here are my biggest suggestions/irks:

1. EXCEPTIONS: When posting, there needs to be an easy way of exempting specific circles from what you're sharing. This can be done directly by having an additional sharing option called "Not" (or something like that) and any circles/people added to that display in red and are specifically excluded from the shared item.

The default sharing option is "Your Circles" but this would include circles like "Following", which doesn't make much sense, and if you have a large number of circles specifically adding each one just to exclude one or two is a hassle.

2. INCOMING: There needs to be some way of managing your 'Incoming' feed. Frankly, I don't want to know or care about what people have decided to share with me unless I add them to my feeds myself. The incoming feed is a perfect opportunity for spam, and I have already blocked a number of users who have added me.

3. CHAT: There needs to be some integration between Huddle (which ATM is mobile only) and Google Talk/Chat (which is available on pretty much every platform (either as a mobile app or built into Gmail and G+). Why have two distinct services that do exactly the same thing?

4. MOBILE APP: Sparks need to be included in the mobile app, as should some form of integration with Hangouts. You should also be able to modify your notification settings directly from within the mobile app, rather than having to log onto the Google+ website to do so. Additionally, the Android widget should include an option or version that displays updates from your streams (similar to how the Facebook app widget does). A black/dark app theme would be helpful as well.

edit 1

5. EVENTS: Where's the event functionality? That's an big feature on Facebook, and with Google calendar should be something that was part of the initial rollout of G+.

edit 2

6. COMMENTING ON PUBLIC POSTS: There needs to be some way of displaying to a potential commentor who can see the post and comments they are about to make. It's far to easy to see a post from someone in your circles, and comment, without knowing whether or not it's a public post.
Being able to separate the Photos by Circle, like in the Stream would be nice.
It would be nice to search people by location. But I'm sure you have that already in mind :))
I want to develop on top of Google+ API! I want it to be usable in any programming language so I can have the flexibility to work on Ajax, GWT or server-side Java, maybe PHP! Suggestion: REST API
That will be cool if there is any birthday notification.
Would like the ability to have a 'wave' chat on my stream and then save it in a 'favourites' box/sidebar or something.
Private messaging can be accomplished a couple of different ways: (1) Post to that person specifically (and no one else) on your Stream. (2) Email them. Isn't that all PMs are?
I'm definitely loving G+ so far. Can't wait to see it take off and evolve. There are some great ideas buzzing around so far, and I know the Google team has what it takes to make G+ a great service that everyone else will be trying to keep up with down the road.
Is there any option to extract/export the comments..?
Flirting? What about flirting Vic. There’s no doubt that one of THE killer apps across all of the social networks from the beginning of time has been 'to flirt'. And we’ve all done it. It could have been with someone we know a lot, know a little or don’tknow at all. But those social network neural pathways have carried a lot of heat. No doubts. And by this measure Facebook has no equal. It allows us (well you, not me) pursue the mechanisms of flirting like no one else. By contrast flirting is really hard to do on G+. It’s clearly a use case the left brain centric logical mathematical engineers on your team didn’t design for. On G+ it isn’t possible to do the digital equivalent of holding that stare for a little longer than is absolutely necessary. Or express any visual cues at all. And this is a big missing. Flirting is good Vic, it’s uplifting and harmless. C’mon. Live a little.
If the permissions actually worked right, a person could lead a double life on Google+ using just one profile. Just have two circles, hide your network visibility for both, and always post to either one or the other.
kinda off topic but about adding +1/share into the url bar in the Chrome browser. Lots of sites that I want to +1 that don't have the widget added to their pages. Should be an easy update for your amazing developers!
+Chris Brown there is a plugin for that.
One fix that would be nice: when a post has hundreds of comments (like this one), viewing the comments expands all of them, making the page difficult to scroll. Revealing 20 or even 50 comments at a time would be much more user friendly.
When I skim through the comments, a lot of what I am getting is:

- Changes to circles
- A desire for integration with other social services
- Tie-ins between Google calendar and G+ to create events, and send invitations.
- Clearer ways to send a private messages.

Here is what I would like to see:

- Under the feedback button, an area where we can type a feature wishlist. Probably would make it easier to sort through the comments and ideas.
- If major integration between Gmail and G+ is to take place, I would like it to be a feature that can be either turned on or off.

Overall, I'm liking Google+, and I am really eager to see where it goes.
really like G+, but would love to see some Google Reader integration. not sure why there isn't "+1" and "Share with Circles" buttons in Google Reader???
P. Hill
Thanks for listening...LOVING it so far!!
loving google plus, just wondering if you guys are planning on adding search filters so we can get more accurate results to people we are looking for on google+ like age, location, sex and so. Thanks!
I think a public hangout channel or a directory of public hangouts would be great.
Select which circles by default show in your main stream? Sometimes I don't care what a particular circle is up to...
I have a few "please do this better than FB" requests. First (and this is the biggest one) any time you institute a new method for sharing information, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE set the privacy to default to completely private! I'd be happy to receive a message from G+ telling me there is a new feature that I need to set the privacy for, and I don't want it sharing my private information with everyone until/unless I specifically set it that way. I REALLY don't want to find out from an online article that you've instituted a new feature which exposes my information and is set to completely public by default, which is what happens with FB on a consistent basis. FB is simply horrible this way, and this is a huge, huge opportunity for Google to get it right and set the industry standard where it ought to be. Alternately, you could enable accounts to have a default privacy setting, set by the user, for all new features as they're added. It would require more coding, of course, but it strikes me as something that Google would probably be able to do pretty well.

I should note that, from everything I've observed, if you instituted this as part of your privacy policy, you'd have literally millions of people migrating from FB to Google+ pretty much immediately, and you'd win the Don't Be Evil award hands down.

Second, I'm sure you've heard requests for nested circles and the ability to do "venn diagram" and "circle minus" posting. It would be even more helpful if the "circle minus" posting could exclude the indicated person or person not only from the post, but also from the comment thread.

Third, PLEASE enable tag filtering. I've already set up a "Not At Work" circle, but I'd rather be able to put someone's NSFW tag into the circle for reading at home, than to put the entire person there. This would also help make G+ a much more kid-friendly place, which I'm entirely in favor of.

Thank you all so very much for all your hard work!
upon reading this article > < and being redirected by it back here, i just want to leave my two cents pushing for a removal of the 5,000 cap on circles as well. this website's question of "really?" next to it leads me to believe that whoever wrote this article clearly isn't much into promotion. as an entrepreneur, artist, DJ, and ceo of my own start-up, i see so much limitless potential in being able to use google+ to further my business' and my own following, and removing caps such as this would greatly aid in that. i remember in the heyday of myspace when bands were buidling a fanbase on their own just through the use of a social network - google+ is vastly superior to myspace in every way in terms of design and because it's connected to google i see even more potential for empowering self-employed artists and entrepreneurs such as myself in aiding in our ability to promote and spread what we're doing far and wide. so i definitely vote for removing the 5,000 circle count cap, just simply in the interest of freedom and not stifling one's ability to grow or utilize google+'s amazing potential for aiding in building a business. cheers!
If they don't remove the 5000 per circle, you can always create another circle and name it for example Friends (2).
Vic Google+ need ability to block (hide) certain groups from the stream, for example i have a family, friends, google news, and general circle and i'd like to follow the general group but not from the stream but by only see it them when i click on the circle, so it could be really nice if i could hide certain circles from the stream. People +1 this is you agree
hi. are you a Google employer?
My only issue is that I don't get much tablet love for my Android GTablet (Honeycomb flavored). I would love either app optmization or web optimization, I'm not picky.
I want to be able to categorically mute certain kinds of posts in Settings. E.g., I want to permanently mute all "XYZ hung out with such-and-such" posts.
Suggestion: i find it hard to +1 a comment on a picture by opening the picture straight from the album, but when the pic comes in my stream it's really easy to +1 the comment.
Suggestion: A easier way to group photos among albums is missing,, hope you will come with it soon and Deleting photos from the album can also be made easier...
first of all great job with google+... i will just like to mention a few observations and hope someone is listening... (don't know whether someone mentioned this before or not... )

i think you guys need to treat the "following" circle differently... the intent is definitely good to bring twitter like characteristics to the same platform and i really like that but the treatment needs to be different... e.g. i am following you... so that means u r in my circles... however i am only following you so that i can view your public posts... i don't know you personally, have never met you or even talked to you... however because you r in my circles you can in turn see all the private info about me which i made available to ppl in my circles... the only way to avoid this currently is that for every item in my profile i will have to make the visibility custom and add all the 6-7 circles manually excluding the "following" circle...

similarly i don't quite understand that when i have not added someone who is following me, why should i see their public posts in my "incoming" feed... can't really figure out the use of this incoming feed... just confuses new users...

one more comment... if i click on someone's photo... a light box opens up where i can cycle through all the pics and even leave comments... however i can't locate the "+1" button here... why can't i like a photo from the light box?
Vic, If another user shares my post, can that fact be simply added below mine to inform me that it was shared by one of my friends, instead of it being posted in it's entirety on my feed? It just seems repetitive. Similarly, if I share someone else's post, their post (below mine) should then be hidden and add to the top of my post as "Original shared by". Finally, the same should be done when two of my friends share each other's posts. Group posts together on the homepage feed!
My two main criticisms/wishlist items are 1) The ability to search old posts (your own, and others'). I mean, you are Google, right? Why can't I search old posts/comments/etc? This is my biggest pet peeve with facebook and one of the reasons I was so excited about Google+. 2) Text formatting in posts/comments. Just the basics will do for now, bold, italics, hyperlinks, etc.
+Kai Hendrik Behrends I saw that they are not letter people make business profiles. Do a search at the top with the word "adult" there are plenty of them. But it seems like mine are the only ones that they suspend. I made mine before and after those.
I discovered that the email sent to friends that are not (yet) members of Google+ had a link to the Photo albums that I was attempting to share that did not work. The link brings up a permission denied message (I believe that it reads "You do not have permission to access...".

I see a few ways of fixing this:

1) Have the link sent to email only clients be to the Picassa Web Album instead of the G+ web album. I had set the Picassa Web Album to allow anyone with the link to access it. I tested the Picassa link, and it did work.

2) Have anyone that attempts to access a web album by URL supply their name or email address (clearly labeled as such) or login to their G+ account. If the name or email address exists in one of the circles for which the web album was shared, they are allowed in.

3) Have a different link to the G+ album supplied that includes some token that allows the holder to access the web album. This link would be sent only to email only users.
Is there a way to mute comments so just a post shows?
A way to restrict Phone message notifications based on time of day...
I have gmail and google plus, and I would love to only have 1 tab open instead of 2. how about the ability to have your inbox/composing message function on the left or right rail in Google+, convenience (for me) and synergy (for you guys).
Please fix it so a Mac running Leopard can use Hangout. I've got the "wrong chip."

It's like getting to the prom and being told you have to stay with the chaperones...
If you are taking feedback, I would like to have more control over which circles show up in my feed by default. Allow multi-select, and remember what I picked last.
i would like to upload pictures from my non-internet phone.
+Vic Gundotra 1. Being able to sort circles manually if we want (rather than alphabetically). 2. Ability to set a "home" stream.
Filter out circles in the stream rather than just choosing one at a time
Google Knol Problem resolved. Images are appearing once again in all knols. Thank you Google Execs.
for the sparks, mark as read/unread feature could be useful. I've added a few topics which are related to each other and can contain same posts. It would be easy to figure out which ones I've read.
newly commented old posts coming up to top in stream, reading the same posts and scrolling through makes it difficult to find new content.
How do you share just one photo already uploaded to an album in Photos (Picassa) to a circle? I can see how you share a whole album but only want to share specific photos from the album....possible?
Just for local viewing, right? The last thing we need is MySpace layouts.
Please provide ability to mute the stream of an individual without blocking them. There are folks who are prolific posters and drown out everyone else in the stream but who still are our friends.
Just make "mute" more accesible. Not buried in a menu. I want to scan through the stream and easily mute topics I'm not interested in. It's doubly hard in the mobile web app. 
Please create a Google + application for the mobile platform Bada
I disagree about the Video chat not being used enough via mobile. I know a bunch of folks swear by it. It has been my default communication mode with family and parents when I am on the move (which is 80% of the time). My daughter loves it as she talks to her cousins and friends wherever they are phone-to-phone via 3G.
No complaints so far except that G+ is highly addictive.
Please fix the Open ID at our profile page. I was a fan of it and since Google Plus, I can't use it. A new service should not break the old one, and a very important one at that. TL;DR: does not work as an OpenID anymore
how about integrating google reader with sparks... sparks is good but its very basic... so if i am going to have to go to reader or feedly then y bother checking sparks...

also i miss apps and games... i think one of the strongest reasons for moving out of orkut to facebook was that there was so much more to do in terms of apps and games rather than just staring at profiles or news feed...
It would be nice if only the current profile picture is available to the whole public. Currently privacy settings of the whole album is public.
Would be nice to let the users decide what they want to make public and what not to. Also, currently anybody could comment on my profile picture
i think that google should restrict only comments on profile photos not the photos themselves...
I really like how you have provided a space that allows its users to help define it.
Request : ability to allow (or not) to be followed without prior authorization.
Request: ability to respond to comments via replying to the email notifications.
Sarah W
The following without prior auth isn't a big deal... so long as you don't add them to your circles they should only see items that you post as public.
Please, please add file sharing options and nested comments so that Google Wave may rise from the ashes like the phoenix!
Request : Tabs the comments to comments to highlight a discussion
I would love to see a new mail notification feature.
The little red notifications link on FB appear BEFORE the page even loads. On here it takes a good 3-4 seconds. Sounds small, but 3 - 4 seconds adds up over the years.
Please fix the bug with the photo uploader, because sometimes one photo fail with the uploader, and it's impossible upload the others. And I have to upload all the photographs again, due to just one photo that failed!!!

I'm sorry for my english, I speak spanish really
So far I think G+ works better via my phone than on my laptops, I can see the need to add the ability to post to friend's pages as long as you're in each others circles
No noise and pollution from Zynga-like-3rd-party-apps, please.
Like other social networks like FB, Tuenti, Teetius, ... there would be good a message system for users and a groups system for manage people with the same hobbies
Can we edit Google Plus Stream to whatever circles we want to be stream on our page?
You know what I don't like about G+ so far? That posts keep popping up to the top of my stream cause someone commented, so celebrity posts with lots of comments keep moving to the TOP! I think they should STAY in order by Time/Date or atleast have that option.
We should also be able to change circle(permissions) if we decide later we want it in another circle for whatever reason.
Just saying.
The functionality is good.. Was thinking. Y do Google only has management of frnds in the Circles page. Circles are only showing frnds in the circle...but should have additional functions the names directly giving us options such as chat,call, email, video ( for one on one). The circles should be able to rotate like an old telephone dial to show all frnds in the list. Arranging them in what ever order we like. ...They should bring in the "checkout" as well. As a page in G+. Deals can simply be dragged in the circles to help u share it with frnds. Also deals page automatically highlight deals from ur locations only unless otherwise.
can we have a function to hide certain photos in an album (like hiding a slide in a powerpoint presentation)?...I often take hundreds of pics, which i want to keep, but not all of them are "nice" enough to share...picasa does a good job uploading all your pictures, but i don't want to have to delete the ones i don't want to share or move them to another album...would be great to have a function to just click on pics you want to hide on the thumbnail view!
When I hit "Block", I really, really mean it. I don't want to see that person at all. Not their posts — you've got that part down pretty well — and not their comments on others' posts. Could you do that, d'you think? I don't regard it as a problem that occasionally I might see someone mentioning the blocked/erased/hidden person or responding specifically to his or her comment. I just really don't want to see him or her, at all.
Stijn: You may regard that as a problem. I do not, and it ought to be my choice. Withholding that choice from me for arbitrary reasons of what you or someone else decides I want is very…facebooklike. Wrong way to do it!
I would like to see +1 or something to share google reader on google+ :S
I don't know if you're still reading this but I would love a way to post to an everyone else circle instead of a public one. We could then use G+ as a blink blog without alienating our friends with multiple posts that don't relate to them. They could still see them if they visited the user's main page but wouldn't hammer their stream. I wrote more about the idea here - ... fingers crossed.
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