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Have you ever been so excited you can't sleep?

It's both a blessing and a curse :-)

I've tried all known cures. I'm still awake.

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haha.. so something new will be launched very soon again :D
Google I/O getting over your sleep then?... I'm getting excited!
That is the best feeling Vic, I have had that happening a lot lately!
:) You are just getting us exciting as wel +Vic Gundotra! Let's hope it is something in which we can share but seeing that you posted it publicly it must be something with G+ ;)  
Do tell us more. Getting it of your chest will surely help!!
i also want to work in will be a privileged for any one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well I am glad it is morning already over here, or I'd be losing sleep too!
The picture alone !!! Briljant.. Can't sleep tonight for sure now.
Vic, waking up every morning to the smell of a fresh challenge is what gets me excited every dog down day. I love this world of digital and I want it to last forever - but I'll just make the most of it while we're both still here!
I'm looking forward to the rest of this week and next at Google IO to see what's coming up. Glad I've got next week off to watch the live streams.
i am waiting ............................... for each new from google
last time it was 'local' .... that page hasn't changed in a month, and I live in a city of nearly 4 million... 
Just in time to start work over here on the east coast -;0)
Last time +Vic Gundotra got excited an posted about that lead to the release of Google+ Local. So, should we get excited, too? =)
I know in the next 2 weeks there lots of big news about Google+ and Android. Very excited!
Can't wait for Google IO
I know this very well - haven't discovered any cure yet .. let me know if you find any :-)
Owow...i got the feeling someone has to remove the wet sheets......
haha, I love these secret-excitement posts... And +Vic Gundotra , have you tried counting "plus ones" against insomnia ? ;-)
If it's confidential stuff poundering through your head just call someone to leak the info who's under some sort of NDA. Get rid of the stuff inside your head and you'll sleep like a rose :D
I have commented on his message a couple of minutes ago and my phone hasn't stopped buzzing with notifications. I can only imagine how many notifications Vic gets every day.
It's find feeling yes I have been so excited
It's really not about one particular product or feature. It's how lucky I am to work with amazing creative and passionate people who come up with beautiful ideas. And how lucky we are to be living in an age of amazing advances - from wireless and mobile, to battery improvements, to massive data centers that make it possible for us to perform compute tasks that were beyond what I could have dreamed as a teenager.

God I'm lucky to be working at Google.
+Vic Gundotra just don't go to sleep until you are completely knackered - works like a charm; there's nothing worse than lying in bed and waiting to fall asleep :)
It is nice +Vic Gundotra. And things are only getting better . look at wind and solar energy for example, things are evolving quickly. Soon we'll get rid of the over amount of CO2
+Vic Gundotra that is very wonderful feeling, we get it rarely ...  sharing your excitement make us even more excited about what's coming ..
Your excitement is contagious, +Vic Gundotra :D
My day just got a little better :)
This Gundotra guy -- always with the teases. :-) 
I don't know why or how but Vic's post just made me a little excited.
+Vic Gundotra I often step back from all the critisisms of products and think about how much technology allows us to do. My wife is originally from england and her family is still there, video calls help so much with the distance and keeping in touch. Then there's the technical achievements that it allows the general public to experience. It really wasn't that long ago that live television was only available via OTA broadcasts, but yesterday on the train home from work I was able to watch the LeWeb live stream on my phone over a 3G connection.

I may not be able to work in a company like Google that pushes the boundaries of whats possible, but I'm glad I'm in a position to enjoy the fruits of its labour.
Milty C
Your killing us Vic. Thats the second time i recall you have left us in suspense !
I think we all feel a bit like the cute girl on the photo when it comes to new G+ or Google stuff in general..
Tried all cures and still awake? I am sure this will put you to a sound sleep: Lie down on your back, close your eyes and count backwards from 100 to 1. If you don't ping back within 10 minutes, then it worked for you!
yep, I know it +Vic Gundotra  - just two nights and i will (if all goes well) roaming Googleplex alleys with Maggie Shiels :)  Hope to meet you in person  next Thursday at the Big Bets round-table at Google I/O too
I get like that whenever I hack a particularly tough code. The best cure is to just lie in bed until sleep catches up. remember to switch off alarms and phones.
Sometimes that's the best time to gain a new insight into a complex problem.
now I am excited :) and night is still to come and will not sleep until +Vic Gundotra  tell us something to calm us down :) 
come on Vic do it man , we promise we won't tell anybody outside google+ :)
G+ will use the whole screen size?
Is that baby one of Google's engineer?
Looking forward to it. Vic, please, please, please, sell unlocked handsets for the Verizon network. In fact, go one better and sell unlocked handsets that run on any US cell network. Please. :)
Yes and it looks like I'm gonna be awake the whole week. MacBook coming in on Friday then Google I/O
Google Calendar integration for Google+ coming!! :D
Well Google I/O is almost here, I wouldn't be able to sleep either with all the surprises I know that are coming up from you guys.
Can not wait for the Google secret to be unleashed!! A tip - lavender oil on a cotton swab or vaporiser/burner or simply place a glass with boiled hot water and lavender oil in it in the bedroom, trust me this works, a deep sleep guaranteed absolutely;) 
Try to lay down and keep your eyes open for as long as blinking...

Also, podcasts work really well for me.  Even the really interesting ones will put me right to sleep if I am laying in bed listening.  
Thats funny , every time Vic cannot sleep there are thousands of persons who go crazy from all earth's countries! How does it feel +Vic Gundotra? 
Such night are usually very inspirational for me,with lots of energy and  drive to do more than I can.
If you can´t sleep, then try listening to the The Three Investigators (???) on an old tape deck. Works for me every time ;-)
I believe we should not spend half of our life in sleeping :) I sleep only 3 hrs a day!!
Will you announce something new about +Google+ or it's just #googleio2012  ?? :D
Coincidence Vic? I think I'm about to head back into the office.
How is this a 'What's hot on Google+?' I swear I just don't get G+. 
Frank M
I usually masturbate to relieve the excitement, and then I fall asleep.
she looks like an angel who ate a lemon and is still adorable!
Try not to try to fall asleep :) You don't have it under control anyway >]
Concentrate on breathing slowly and counting slowly to 8 during each intake and each exhale.  Old yoga trick has gotten me through the weird can't sleep 'cause I'm not comfortable phase after surgery too. 
CS Chua
You have been eating too much ice cream sandwich :) Jello might help you sleep .. lol
You should listen to my mother-in-law tell you about her day. I just about fell asleep thinking about it. lol
+Vic Gundotra looking forward to the next herd of rabbits that you all magicians at Google pull out of your hats ;)
Vic (+Vic Gundotra), I am thinking ... of a line ... muttered ... by Dogberry ... in a William Shakespeare play. Regards, Randy 
I hope your excitement transfers over to everyone else next week!
count stars...sleep automatically come
Bee Jae
AADD. Need I say more? :)
+Vic Gundotra , can't sleep? I have the exact same issue too. Lots of exciting stuff going on. 
It happens to me when only few steps are between me and a new success, I always can't stop thinking of the next day to finalize everything.
I have my xams cuming over , so its hard to sleep. hmm
Mmmh. been sick lately, so yeah.
When we purchased our first home, I did not sleep and went to work the next day so tired but to happy.
Please be a Nexus MAXX
you devil made me curious! :) What's going to happen? Any slight hints?
Been there, was diagnosed as bipolar shortly after :)
#driveforlinux  ? then ? google music going worldwide ? 
Google+ social network in the enterprise, with a more corporate-friendly version on the way
New study claims S.E.X can help you sleep!! Just saying :P
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
yeah... i mean, i'm often tired but the excitement just won't let me sleep & deep within me i know i'm sure i don't want to sleep
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
+Vic Gundotra are you suggesting you've got another release up your sleeve, like when you released Google+ Local?
No way! Nooo way! I am experiencing this right now. Working on this new 3D futuristic desktop got me all wired up. lol
Yes, I often face this face, over excitement !
Ikr when I'm going to do something the next day I feel like that pic at night 
Trader Joes chewable melatonin (peppermint flavor) Take two. within one hour you are able to sleep. There is melatonin in pill form but it doesn't work as well for me. I use to be up all night most of the time. 
I thought extreme excitement is a girls thing... 
A shot of Nyquil usually fixes that for me
dont take tension and start reading the most boring book.u will fall asleep
ok wake up Vic! Time to announce something awesome.
You bet, Vic. If I am too charged-up, I have a tough time winding down.
Is it really already ONE year? Wow
I think that should be the official image for "Squeee!"
Yap. Try forgeting for a time and start enjoying after u wake up.
you just have to get up and do something....
+Vic Gundotra Could it be anxiousness over the upcoming Google+ and Android announcements next week? Fingers crossed :)
I'd like to "Open Link in a New Tablet" but... where is IT?
everyday old friend...let's keep rocking!!!! See you soon!
Started my second internship at Google this week on Mobile Search and felt the same way - it's a very, very exciting place. A large dose of melatonin (10mg) at night is putting me back on track, though.
Children felt blessings always! Like this pic above.
Well, I guess now we know what you meant!
Ultimate cure: Run into a wall at full speed.
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