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More than 500M total upgrades
235M active across Google
135M active in the stream
A new communities feature
Snapseed for Android and iOS, for free

Not bad for a Thursday :-) Enjoy!
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More active users in the stream than twitter, fantastic! Finally SnapSeed for android!
Thanks for awesome stats :)
You guys rock!  Thanks for being so awesome and for your hard work!
Can these communities be made private? We have a private group for our various Streets where we live on another social network. Such as Friends of XYZ Avenue.
Ain't nothing wrong with that! Keep up the fantastic work!
I know, I was kidding +Mike Downes!  I was just messing around with my enthusiasm.  Are you excited?
Need to look at the Communities feature when it arrives for me, but I imagine this could be very useful. 
I just hope the Google Communities notifications stay appart, like they do in games. ;)
Thank You Google! You just changed my social networking life for ever...
As the host of a weekly Hangout On Air show (+Collectors Hangout) and the community manager I am really looking forward to using Communities!
snapseed:This app is incompatible with your Asus Nexus 7.
  all the cool apps are incompatible with Nexus7 why?
I love this platform! I had a pretty large and international grapevine before this, but now; it has expanded in ways I never thought it would.
Google+ has connected me with a whole new realm of contacts, both professional and friends! Thanks to Google+ the two are not mutually exclusive. I've gotten a lot of helpful (and free) advice from a myriad of professionals here and I thank you and your team(s) for this amazing vehicle!
Hello. Don't see anything yet. Looking forward to it!
I'm just now waiting for it to show up in the browser for G+.
Yoshi I
This is so exciting!
Awesome I can't wait to try this out especially in mobile! 
Snapseed on Android - great! And, speeking of numbers at the same time as you are mentioning a blogpost regarding a specific small project: communities will give your small project another big boost!
"Must be a Thursday. I could never get a hang of Thursdays."
I think they count Google Play reviewers as active G+ users too now)
Great numbers! Congratulations!
Google+ is the best thing that ever happened to the infrastructure of the web. Thank you, Google and +Vic Gundotra for making it happen.
It's a great Thursday! Happy to see the updates. Thank you so much!
Will Pages be able to join communities? Since pages are setting up communities I would assume so. Are there any differences between the way a Profile and a Page interact in a Google+ Community? +Vic Gundotra 
+Vic Gundotra I will reach out to you and Bradley soon with an idea to take communities even further.  Well timed.  :)
Wowza! So exciting! Thanks +Vic Gundotra for making my hometown on the Internet even more community-y :)
Scott L
Yeah yeah yeah, how's the Model M doing? Any long roadtrips? dusted any Porsches on Skyline?
This is great! Can see this  driving massive growth of G+  - as new public G+ communities form across thousands of interest areas   and private G+ communities start being used for sharing, collaboration and working together.....
Question: How is the 135M in the stream calculate? Anyone who actually visits the stream via and the mobile app?
+Vic Gundotra Wow Amazing feature to channelise feed and let  people share their interests freely, taking Google+ Stories to an different level.
Can't wait to see this here in India.
As long as we can't use our Ingress screen names instead of our real names in the group, I will not collaborate on G+.
Forgive my ignorance, but how are communities that much different than circles?
+Bryan Miller  Hey uncle Philip, when did you get the plastic surgery to be white uncle Philip. (Philip Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) lol. 
+Bryan Miller Circles are a person's own grouping of their friends, family, whatnot.  Community is a group of people based on an interested that you can join.  This is mostly made to discover new people with the same interest as you.
Happy to see progress. What's hot button is nice. 
can't see the difference between a community and a circle. 
Where do we get snapseed?
I'm seeing people accepting my invites last few weeks, but I sent those invites since google+ started. It's a good sign.
+Vic Gundotra One complaint about sharing process from all the eligible apps to G+ is that they do not support INDIVIDUAL sharing but encourages circle sharing. Doesn't that defeat the whole USP of G+ to selectively share things? 
Try sharing a video from +YouTube on ios to +Google+  OR +Snapseed picture to G+, they all pop up a custom sharing screen which does not allow individual sharing! 

Please solve that or I am missing something?
Neat job. Please make sure that this thing won't end up like orkut. 
Thankful Thursday applies here - Great job, Google!
+Vic Gundotra , nice to see the interest of Google for photography inside the new Communities platform but sad to see that the good product Picasa is deteriorating in service quality and functionality. Since months users are requesting informations about a "counter" issue in Picasa. Now photo count is only visible once the single picture achieves 250 hits. Before, the counter reflected hits starting with 1. For Picasa users the counter was good information to see the acceptance of a picture and a good argument to store photosets in Picasa, in many cases also paying for it.
So far, the only information users received was that this new rule was taken "deliberately" by Google. At first sight a illogical decision since counter must work starting with 1.
Vic, if your interest is to provide a good service to (many paying) loyal clients and if your commitment to photography is true and not just "Gooblabla" let us understand this "deliberate" decision or - much better - let us enjoy our counters starting from 1 again. Thank you for your time. Fernando
+Rajesh Handa +Vic Gundotra will only respond if you are a journalist, celebrity,producer, and other, and he doesn't have time to respond to ever one, unless you are famous.  
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