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No laptop, no camera

I'm trying an experiment. I'm traveling (for business) across the world over the next two weeks.

Arrived in London today. Heathrow's terminal 5 pictured below.

Here is the kicker: I don't have a laptop with me. I'm also doing a few photo walks and I didn't bring my DSLR.

I'm relying on my Nexus 7 tablet and two HTC ones, and iPhone 5 for everything else.

In other words an all mobile diet. Let's see how this goes....

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I hope you know all 3 mobile numbers :)

When will we have a smartphone lasting 1 week?
Why two HTC One's? Instead of just a spare battery.
Take another one with Nexus5, so we can compare! :)
Just curious: Why do you need two HTC Ones? Quadraphonic sound? ; ) 
Good luck with that. I need my keyboard. That said, I have found a Chromebook Pixel does everything I need where-ever I'm at.
I usually carry a Nokia 100 as backup
I bet there's another phone in Vic's pockets.
Vic Gundotra
+Dan Boabes I use Google Voice so I only need one number and all the phones ring :-)
I would use the iPhone that camera man, that camera..
Which will be your main camera and are you stopping in the big apple to grab lunch with me? ;)
By HTC stock you mean Sense right? Not proper stock.
Also, since the HTC One cannot accommodate an extra battery, a second entire phone is needed. Oh well!

Seriously though, I do this sometimes. Nothing but mobile for a week or two. I might have the laptop around but I don't open it. The last time was in Atlanta. 
As long as there is internet/data and a powerful mobile like you already got you won't miss that much, that's what already I felt during my trips.
Which is my main camera? Which ever has Snapseed on it :-)
A nice experiment would be traveling completely without any mobile device. Especially in this period! Of course, not in a business travel..! :)
What's next after London, +Vic Gundotra ? Any public access conference or only private business trips?
I found out about London only few hours ago... Unfortunately it was sold out
The tech paparazzi will be stalking you, hoping you accidentally reach for a secret unannounced phone when they all ring simultaneously.
Have a nice stay in Europe +Vic Gundotra! Maybe we will see us in the Google Hamburg office on your next trip :)!
Please. Post something about how was the use of it all when you come back. 
Maybe you should have brought a Pixel for a security blanket.....
Amith F
That's fantastic. I'm sure you will discover the many many things you will not be able to do using the Google+, Drive, Gmail and Youtube apps that would have been a piece of cake with a laptop, as I have. Good luck and  you'll have enough to keep your teams  busy for the next 6 months with your findings. :)
IPhone 5 for everything else? You lost me +Vic Gundotra you use it to show people what the iPhone can't and android can? Or do you use it to scratch your back on unreachable places :)
+Vic Gundotra I bet your back and shoulder muscles will thank you! Looking forward to hearing the pros and cons from your after action analysis going all mobile.
+Karim Kalschoven an iPhone is extremely useful when is a Gold iPhone. You can use it for mobile payment: scratch some gold and pay your hotel
+Michael Ellis , a couple of weeks ago I would have agreed that +Vic Gundotra was brave only using mobile, but not anymore. I recently went on a week long trip with nothing other than a Nexus 7 and iphone, I did take a bluetooth keyboard but the combination worked just fine. Kinda sold me on updating to the latest Nexus 7 though :)
Tell us about iOS7? LOL
I use N4 only when out and about. The camera is great as long as the light is decent. I use my N7 and 550 CB at home. N7 would also go on holiday with me though.
Wouldn't it be great to use Wallet while you're over here? Notice how widespread Wireless/nfc payment is. Enjoy your stay!
Andy L
I would die to see the reactions from people when all of Vic's phones ring.
"Nexus 7 tablet and two HTC ones and one iPhone 5" perhaps scale that down to 1 phone / 1 tablet first then cut out the laptop :p
Hmm, most of us do one phone, one tablet. Executives can usually get away with that. Me? One phone, one tablet, one notebook.
Psst - the real reason +Vic Gundotra has three phones on him: he gets a massage whenever someone calls!
Hmmm... that's still a lot of mobile devices, +Vic Gundotra! Maybe next time try it with just one phone?
Back in may I did a 7 week trip in England with my iPad mini and Nexus 4, however I did also have a Sony NEX camera as well. If only I had a phone with a great camera :)

With a Bluetooth keyboard, you can do most things with a tablet anyway. Its much easier to travel so light, especially since I was also travelling with my wife and two year old son.
I hope you don't rely on your iPhone 5 in terms of "direction". :)
+Vic Gundotra If you haven't already I recommend visiting mozillas London office. Some really friendly people to talk to there. 
I just did a month vacations trip across Europe and I brought with me nothing but my Nexus 4.
I bought the new Nexus 7 once I was in London but I only used my Nexus 4 for camera and pictures and the results were pretty great. Not disappointed at all. 
+Vic Gundotra I don't know how you survive with the Google voice app? It's so laggy and slow. I guess you must not do a lot of texting or listening to voice mail? Is Google voice going anywhere or is it going to meet the same faith as Google Reader (RIP)? 
I doubt the two HTC Ones. One of them must be some secret unannounced device :P
iPhone? Burn the heretic ;-)

Sorry... Had to say it haha
Oh I wanna play!

Of these four devices, which one should be used to throw at witches?
I ran the same mobile only diet for two weeks last month for a project here and it seriously opened up my eyes and mind to a category of photographer that I've mostly ignored. Great results from a great experiment. Hope you enjoy it too. 
Not sure if this is the kind of fountain I can run through, or...
I would love to read a write up of the pros and cons of going all mobile on your trip. 
+Vic Gundotra I have to ask- Google voice overseas? I thought it only forwarded calls to US numbers? I know for texting it is still useful overseas, I used it while in Japan...
Maybe you know/have something we don't know? (New build of hangouts with calling fully built in?)
I am also curious as to why no Google Glass. With the plethora of mobile devices to pair with it sounds like it would have been the perfect choice to answer that "phone that is on silent."
I am in mobile about 90% of time. It makes you realize how much of online experience is designed with the desk bound, wifi connected, user in mind. Also without camera you miss the telephoto. Phone photos break up badly under zoom.
+William Alvarez Why iPhone 5? Because with iOS7, it now runs Android. :-) 

All jokes aside, the iPhone is a great device. I choose to have my Nexus 4 with me at all times. :-)
"I use Google Voice..."  

i wiped my brow with that one.  i was sweating the service getting killed off, but hey, if you're using it, i figure it's got some breath left in it :)
This sounds cool looking foward to hearing how this works for you. :)
Hope you didn't up grade to IOS 7 on your iPhone if you did have good luck
+Vic Gundotra - Try using a device with a swappable battery. It's a little better than carrying around 3 phones and a tablet or resorting to external battery packs.

I hope more devices bring back swappable batteries.
He has a reason to carry all the phones. Maybe for testing purposes on all devices and platforms including iPhone
+Vic Gundotra please allow emoji on g+ comments.

I'll buy an iPhone too.. I laugh a lot when I see one.. so I guess it makes me happy!
Nexus 5 needs a camera that will compete with the 5S. 
I'm with the guys above, why the need for three phones? 
I've been on that diet for a while. I'm a fan. Lighter backpack lol.
Mobile diet! Love it! So I am thinking after two HTC Ones and an amazing Nexus 7, what's left for iPhone 5? :-) +Vic Gundotra 
Yeah, what +Gopi Palaniappan said, +Vic Gundotra - the MotoX easily is my favorite Android phone on the market. The new camera sw update took care of so many issues. Definitely give it a shot if you already haven't, Vic.
GE HTC one = daily driver, OEM HTC one = most used camera, iPhone= hi res outdoor pics, nexus 7= entertainment, surfing, productivity, and everything else.
+Vic Gundotra I'm very jealous of the tech and the travel. Can't wait when you unveil the next Nexus. My only debate is a Google edition Moto X or the Nexus 5. God bless and enjoy your travels. 
it's funny that laptops used to be what we considered "going mobile" and now they seem so cumbersome. Best wishes on your work and travel!
Welcome to London +Vic Gundotra. You should be fine with just mobile devices for what you plan to do. The biggest challenge may be finding wifi everywhere you go around the world. Cellular connectivity is readily available but the roaming charges get costly. Will be interested to read how you got on. 
Maybe a certain Nextus will get a run out during the, typically DSLR heavy, photo walk... In a false body.
Dude. +Snapseed. iOS and Android. Seriously. Get it. You will thank me later. 
After years of lugging my laptop around, I now leave it at home and only bring my galaxy nexus phone and my nexus 10. My back and shoulders are thanking me!
I was just thinking this morning that Microsoft and Apple ( excluding the amazing mr. Wozniak) executives must crave to use the competition but wouldn't to show support for their brand. Only a googler would demonstrate this type of openness to bring an iPhone 5 along for the ride. Respect. 
Nothing to worry about. This is a great start! I also leave the laptop at home, and rely on an all-mobile diet. Enjoy, +Vic Gundotra !
oh, i feel they are good enough. sometimes i go to business trip only with my GN and original iPad, and only use the GN. :)
Now you're just teasing us +Vic Gundotra .... you know he has it with him don't you... you do have it, yes? Are we going to see how it performs on these photowalks, as a camera? Glad to see this isn't it, it is far too noisy!
+Vic Gundotra We need Google Voice access in Australia Vic! It would improve competition and make life easier... Any dates please!?
I couldn't agree more wit +Stephen Perciballi . When companies can recognize the value that other (even competing) companies bring to the table, then the whole industry moves forward. 
L Brown
+Vic Gundotra Does connect the dots mean that we won't be seeing an amazing camera on the nexus after all?
Battery life will be a challenge too when you travel with all and only mobile devices :)
Doing that myself through Southeast Asia for the next 3-6 months (Except with my Nexus 4 + 7). Wish me luck! :-D
If this picture is a portent of things to come ... you've got a good start going for you +Vic Gundotra
Interesting! I'm curious to learn about your experiences with this experiment.
+Vic Gundotra I travel the world this way all the time. However I think you need to throw in an #iSound battery or 2. Those come in handy so you don't have to run to the nearest wall before your day ends.
Weird thing is that he is no carrying a Nexus 4 so that means that he might be using the new Nexus 5. Terminal 5, iPhone 5, business travel to check final touchs in the new phone, probably? 
You are brave sir! I am interested to see how it turns out! :-) 
Ahhhhr you should have brought a Nokia Lumia 1020 with you so you can experience what a great product might be missing.... and how one can be trapped... 
Is the new Nexus 5, which will be launched (or be sold in) where +Vic Gundotra is traveling now, the sum of all the three phones mentioned? ;) I connected some dots, drew some lines, added some color and this is what I got ;).
+Vic Gundotra I am Brazilian and traveling right now to mainland China with only my Samsung S4 and my Nexus 7. This is my first experience without laptop. I did everything. From tickets booking, hangouts,photos, videos, maps, family communication and all. For my surprise, Gmail and Maps are available in mainland China. My next travel will be to US. No laptop. ;-) 
That's a great experiment. I'm betting the simplification will outweigh the inconvenience and that the latter will fade quickly.
Ian May
International travel is much less expensive nowadays with extensive WiFi
You can do most things (obviously not all things) on a tablet and phone. There is no need for a laptop. Quick Office for productivity and you're good to go. Well enjoy your experiment. I've tried it numerous times and it worked decent. Frustrating at first but the limitations you can live with temporarily. With glass, 1 tablet, and 1 phone you should be able to accomplish midst of what you want to do. 
I'm really surprised to hear you're bringing the iP5 thing. Should that really be necessary for a Google SVP? Then something is really missing on Android. 
+Vic Gundotra when you wrote "iphone" 5, you really meant the Nexus 5, right? I connected the dots ;-)
Are you coming to Norway?
What do you need an iPhone for? Getting android on it? ;-)
Hope you'll share more London pics with us. +Vic Gundotra
And please bring Music All Access to Germany. (Don't mention Gema)
I sure hope the conclusion of the experiment will not be that you can easily replace a laptop with a tablet plus three phones and manage to pay just a little over twice the laptop value :).
Iphone, for everything else? like Beer Coaster, Door Stop, I heard there is a handwarmer app for the Apple, maxes out your processor to get it warm.. Maybe if you're lucky a TSA agent will steal it from your bag.have a safe trip :)
This picture should say enough to not choose the One for shooting. It's noisy even at ISO100! 

I'm a confident androider, but for fotos better use the iphone :-|
Have a great time. Looking forward to the results. 
If only we had Google Voice in UK....
+Achim Hilscher the nexus 4 has problems with the camera but that doesn't mean that all Android devices make no very good picture! 
 (¸.•´¸.•`*¨*May your Angels of Celebration, Tech, Relaxation  & Adventure surround,  & Love You on  your global sojourn!! ¨*•.¸¸ .
Wait. I didn't get the iPhone 5. You mean Apple iPhone ?? Lol
KL Tah
iPhone eh? Interesting...
Is the iPhone a cover name for the next actual big thing?
Did you bring an umbrella?
You never know in Sunny London 
Just let us know if you would visit Turkey..:)
ah! oookay fuiu! Google new Features! Are you Ready Guys?
that sound good! ok then i look for a Kitkat.
I love the "forgot to mention..." comment.... Glass has become an afterthought! BTW - I thought the correct terminology would be "I'm packing Glass."
+Vic Gundotra Hoping you will come over and visit us in +Ireland , you are just a short hop away now! We would love to see you and I promise you will get the best ever céad mile failte, I will put the kettle on now :-D
+Vic Gundotra don't have money for 2 but i managed to do both and for now i stay with the Google Pure Edition !
Nexus 7, 2 HTC One, Iphone 5 = 7 + 1 + 1 + 5 = 14.

Ending the post with 4 dots, connect them. Nexus is a connection or series of connections linking two or more things. Connect 4 dots = Nexus 4.

14th of October is the rumored release date of Nexus 4.
You must be travelling Ryanair:-) Since I moved my life to Google Drive, I've felt comfortable just with my Samsung S3. Only problem is the battery life. Thanks +Trevor Durity for recharging my phone battery on #PhotowalkWestCork on Sat... Don't think any fancy camera would have improved my photos!
Your phone bill is going to be a killer. ;)
it´s also a great relive to know that there is a complete backup of all data you store on a us based cloud service. in case of emergency just ask your local nsa representative for a roll back of your data.
I often survive on just a Chromebook and a S3. 
+Vic Gundotra  At least, with your all mobile diet experience, you will take goodness of each device to next Nexus :-)
dude is carrying!  I count four wireless mobile devices, and now he's worried that he doesn't have two additional?
Must be really tough to decide. :)
You could do with a Lumia 1020, for those photo walks.
+Vic Gundotra we really appreciate that for the best future experience, thank you! .....but why the God don't you have one of many the most important Google Nexus/Edition phones? :) That's the real Google's experience we need to improve, we don't need to improve HTC Sense or Samsung Touchwiz or icons in an iPhone, we need to improve the pure Android and remove the basic flaws like

- change the number of desktops
- keyboard is very very bad in compare to almost any in play store
- much much much better camera software
- security under control (much much much better permission manager)
- sharing object is a pain (I really use my SGS4 GE for everything= mark a word >> share with translator when learning Spanish and back = really a pain with many apps installed)
- painless screen mirroring (Chromecast is really useless in many cases, all share/Miracast is now the best solution)
- ext4 external SD support connected through micro USB
- IR remote support
- touchless display support
- etc etc etc

Samsung stock sgs4 has almost all of these but it's a complicated mess.....on the other hand the pure Android is too simple and boring. So thanks to Samsung Android has 80% in the world (the US is the exception just because of marketing, not will not be winning the war completely in the US even if Android would be the simplest OS in the world ...... trends in Germany show us the future trends)

If I had much much more money I wouldn't care about these problems, I would travel all the time with some DSLR, so please understand us, poors :)
( 7 + 1 + 1 + 5) = 14. October 14th?? I hope I am right! 
+Vic Gundotra I went to a couple of conferences over the last few months with "nothing" but a Nexus 4 and 7 (the longest was a week, though). Scary at first, but actually works very well ;)
thats how you discover deficiencies of mobile devices. and being in another country means you can be quite a while offline or searching for free wifi (if you dont buy a local sim card). sadly a bunch of apps dont work while you're offline. i'm good with my phone camera. i just love photospheres (is there a way to manually perfect them?) but if you have something to type and like to be productive, i still prefer laptops. btw one phone would be enough for me.
My 2 travel partners: DROID DNA- killer camera, phone & Nexus 7HD Wi-Fi for everything else. 
+Stephan Berndl Mr. VG probably doesn't care about roaming fees, I understand that....... so unfortunately our real experience with almost non existing offline Google maps will remain :)
so are you just using your phone? if so what phone takes such cool photos?
I believe he just listed nexus 5 camera specs
189 comments! I bet he just burned up one phone battery just keeping up with this thread and editing his first three photos. Or is that just my phone...
Put God first in your business
It's a great apps in your mobile 
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