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Thank you +Kyle Wagner!
Google+ just got a total overhaul to its already-pretty-pretty design. The layout, navigation, and features have all been updated and beautified. It actually looks pretty good. First, navigation.
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I don't have it yet. Is it rolling out to people or am I just not refreshed?
Let me rearrange the Google Bar just like I can this side bar now, and ill be set!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Only reason why I am back is because of the new design. :)
I've recentered the main column (div is contentPane) to how I like it :)
I like a lot of the new look, but I don't like how my stream is off to the left instead of in the center of my screen.
+Vic Gundotra i wonder why the regular users gets those updates via tech news sites rather than seeing it or getting introduced to it by google+ itself while we are using it. User should be the first to know. Its strange while we are using google+ in one tab and in another tab the news breaks out that g+ has got a revamped design!!
I would like to know what happened to the ios tablet app? Google's ipad app gets a major redesign, and the is left in the dust! Most of the links to the apps fro the Google search app are either other apps, or phone versions. You really need to fix that.
When can I change to the new design?
I am trying to put my head to understand this. Little confusing but i know we all will accommodate with this soon.. :). I want my saved searches should be on Home page not in explore only.
Greg M
Bet this breaks all of the G+ extensions yet again. Sigh
I already got it, and its just awesome. Glad to receive it so early this time
Ivan X
La verdad esta de Lujo !!
Honestly, not crazy about the new interface. Too many boxes, not clean enough. Bummer.
Read about this first on my Linkedin acct... looks good, but haven't really checked it out yet since I've been on G+ mobile app more than on browser..
Guys! Just Keep pressing F5 or just refresh the page! it will just change! got mine with just 3 refresh!
The bigger photos and video are going to rock! Well done G+ team!!
+Samuel Levy What's this? It's called white-space and it's a good thing. It stops everything being bunched up together and messy.
I like the new hoverbadges. Very nice touch. Now I have to actually put pictures in there.
Should we expect for a few changes on the mobile app as well???
Looks nice but seems like it will take a longer time to see less content in the future. Scrolling my stream takes already too much time compared to the value I get.
Hay trabajo de mas en el rediseño, me encanta!
+Jon Hobbs-Smith Yeah, I get the point of whitespace, but it's in the wrong spot... so it makes everything look bunched up and messy.
I think it's a pretty nice improvement, but I do agree with the others about the white space. It could be better utilized. Why not just make the column that shows posts a relative width? Still, I like it.

Now, if more of my facebook friends would just use google+....
+Steve Skinner Well, i have the same problem as you, all my friends are on Facebook, or, sould i say, they only know Facebook...
Ik heb dit bericht met 1 persoon besproken in een hangout.
The functionality, ease and good looks confirm the success of the G + Congratulations to all the team!
Greetings from Brazil
The trending area eats up far too much space for my stream.
Beautiful UI and amazing cool features... The whole products r dancing dynamically around each other! Everybody likes this new design... Gr8 job!
Really need to find out how to force my page to the new design... someone figure it out! there was a way with the old "dropdown" bar, there has to be a way for this
/disappointed in Google+ pulling a Facebook. Thanks for the advance warning /not.
Looks good. I actually like the fact that Google just rolled it out. Crazy pre-announcements are just that, crazy.
Im having a hard time w/ Google + on chrome, it seems slower than firefox for some reason..
Chan Li
+Vic Gundotra What is the center space for ? it looks like waste a lot of space . ADs?
It scared me when at first sight, but I started liking it 30 seconds after that =P
This is slightly worse then the infamous Dilbert redesign from some years ago.

Light gray letters on a white background in post comments make me squint, and I have to go through hoops to access and look at circles I'm most interested in.

I'd strongly suggest this redesign to be redesigned.
i can not see the number of people who have me in their circles,,therefore need to count them. for those in my circles is fine
Indeed, on 19:10 display at least, a lot of space seems to be unpleasantly void, with narrow column of posts on the left and nothing on the right. On the overall, new design does look neat though.
I don't like the fact that my feed is on the left. I want it to be in the center! It looks bad on the big screen
I use three buttons on Google+: Circles, my Following circle, and my Incoming circle (since you took away the default one). All three are now buried behind uncustomizeable drop-downs. Thank you for assuming what I want easy access to.
This design is better than the previous one. However, I wish the chat window opened up below the friends list rather than to the left - It eats up a lot of real estate. Also, a google docs/calendar/bookmarks/blog integration would beat all competition. I would love to switch my professional profile to g+ if g+ had all of Linkedin's features.
Not at all keen, but maybe it will grow on me...
i pretty much like all the new changes seen on the video. keep it up...
suck on my screen!! if you have high resolution you will hate! it's all stuck right! center plz developer fix it!!!! resolution 1929x1080 I have an incredibly huge empty space right!!! fortunately has not passed yet in my profile, but only in my page ...
+Vic Gundotra Had to leave a comment and say that the new G+ is so so slick. I absolutely love it and the more I'm looking at it, the more clever little touches I see. It's starting to look and work exactly how I always wanted it to... so damn good.

The rate of change and innovation has been absolutely phenomenal and if anything, it seems to be accelerating all the time. I know G+ is going to have a big say in the future of remote working for me as well... so just a big thanks for making everything better!

P.S. I know I'm being a creep, but I really mean it.
What's up with the big white space between the "trending on google+" and the contact list ?
Vic, my only complaint about the new interface is the huge amount of wasted space on the stream. Notice that about half of the page is totally wasted once you scroll down past the initial part of the stream.
Loved it! Kudos to the Google+ Team.. defo a great move in the right direction.
Thanks dude, but you have a lot more to do
It's fascinating. I have to get used to it. I like the possibility of the large photo in the profile. I dislike that the saved searches are hidden in the Explore section next to the useless "what's hot" stream. I'd love to be able to add the searches to the left in a drop down menu.

I had to search for the feedback button. Is it only for the main page?
Too off center. Right columns too large.
I don't like it. All the important stuff is now much less accessible (I have more than just two circles!), while the rest of the screen is cluttered with unimportant stuff I do not care for at all (twitter-style "worldwide trends" and useless twitter-style "recommendations," the whole hangout and chat stuff at the right side).

Please add some option to disable such useless boxes and allow us to place a box there that lists all circles and most important/ relevant contacts.

Also the new "simple" layout eats much more screen space than before. I have to scroll much further now. Please add an option to disable the comment boxes by default at least (I don't care about random comments of everything, if I do I always can unfold a hidden comment box).

Also there's now the share section above each stream, while there's a big share button just a little bit further above at the right side. Why do we need the same function two times on the screen? What a waste!

This overhaul is definitely a step backwards. In fact it looks to me like you try to copy-clone Twitter's overhaul that also hid important stuff into hard to access areas while wasting the the screen estate with useless stuff one rarely (if ever) needs.

Please reconsider some of your "design" decisions! Thanks!
Looks like hell. Basically a way to double add space and crush the content we actually come here for.
Two thumbs way down.
It looks queer when viewed in widescreen. The message stream stick to the left.
The right hand side needs to be fixed to take less space put Chat/Hangouts under/over the Trending/You May Know section and let the stream have an even bigger size picture and videos
As it is now the right hand side feels like a waste of space that detracts from actual content
+Ivan Ng Thats my only problem with the interface too. Lots of whitespace to the right of the message stream.
First impressions: It seems cluttered. I would prefer a minimalist interface or the ability to switch features off. For example, I am not interested in trending, you might like and hangout .... big waste of space for me on the right hand column.
+Hassan Al Shouli
You can do that. It appears you are able to move icons in and out of the "others" section, allowing for customization. I would've liked the drag down menu more if it had that feature.
Stream content still too small
I like the design but the right hand side takes up too much space T
There should be an option to merge the 2 sections so that Content is better displayed
Awful design... Posts on the left, too many white space on the right. A la Android 2.0 Share Dialog. Unusable
Ok, so there's some white space, but come on, this is a massive, massive improvement! Not only in how it looks but also in how everything works now. Google will address the white space or fill it soon enough.

To dismiss all the brilliant new design features because of some white space is a joke. It's almost perfect.
Right space is supposed to be taken up by Ads eventually
It's FACEBOOK, JR. Just what we came here to get away from. I hope you're reading the Stream because there a LOT of angry, pissed off, now FORMER G+, users out there.
This is great. Now, an iPad app please!
I hope people know they will be heard more from leaving feedback in the proper channels than spouting off about it in the comment section of a post...
Too much whitespace on the right of the stream.
Not to my liking I'm afraid. Would like the option to switch styles back.
Loving it~ make me feel so good~ but better can set the stream in the middle~ it looks so strange with too much white space.
It's only beautiful if you don't have a wide browser window; otherwise half the screen is white space, and you have to turn your head left to view the stream.
+Barbara Nelsen Well the content and the features of the site haven't changed, just a simpler, better designed experience which brings those brilliant features to the fore and makes them easier to locate and use. Who are all these angry FORMER G+ users exactly?! If people really get angry over this, they need counselling and good riddance.
Really nice update. Now, can we get some work done on Reader?
Kyrie 5
Get rid of the whitespace on the right and it would be fantastic.
+Tony Escobales the reason it looks akward is because you dont have any chat windows open. if you open a couple chats its starts to look more reasonable.
It's hard to find saved searches.
And can you fix Chrome? It freeze G+ pages, Facebook and others with no responding... So annoying bug
I liked the old layout much better. Had its own flavor. Very much opposite from Facebook.
Can't say that now.
admit the mistake and put it back
i feel like im going to fall out of my chair to the left
+Steve Thornton Exactly! Or if you click on your notifications... it looks good. It's as clean as a whistle compared with the Facebook ticker etc.
Don't dislike the new layout, but the empty space on the right side brakes it for me. Really awful.
whitespace. too much whitespace. please fix it. i know you do this ;-)

but it is really nice.
i have to agree new profile page or other pages are good,but only one thing...the new homepage is crap...
+Vic Gundotra It's crazy that I am just like so many others, just waiting for the update to hit our computers... I thought I had patience, but it seems to the contrary. What is it about Google products that make us all anxious about using the next great "Update?" The unrelenting pursuit of THE BEST...
It is hard to find the "What's hot" stream, that's my favorite.
Great to see menubars and sandbars that are vertically oriented on the right and left of the screen, especially since monitors are now 16:9 aspect ratio instead of 4:3.
It's just terrible: the posts are too small and all that white space is really bothering me.
I use g+ to read the posts, I'd really appreciate if the size of the various areas could be adjustable. I don't give a damn about "what's hot" and how many people have put my friend of those I follow in their circles
Also the greyed out text is hurting my eyes.
Just please tell me you're not going to give the same horrible look to the mobile app...
Nice job. It's pretty good except for the greyed out comments.
Looks good, but when will we see it live?
Why is there so much empty white over to the right???
Agree with Luis. Will give it some time to grow on me...
I thought I could close the right parts ,but I can't
White space is good for the content that's there. No stupid ads like FB
hi how are you doing now
my dear my name is mustafa
The content needs to be centered, equal whitespace on the left and right, otherwise it forces to shift focus of sight when you switch back and forth between different tabs.
grey font and that link which pops up on the pics. both are setbacks of the new design.
What's with the grayed out comments? Is Google trying to chase us all away to F***book? Low contrast promotes eyestrain.....
They HAVE to make a way to minimize the contact list on the right.It is annoying me and it isn't necessary to have up all the time. I hate to say it...but it reminds me (unpleasantly) of AOL. Plus I have snow blindness. splash some color around. this is too much white and grey. wow...this is BLAND!
How about making the page flexible instead? Let ME decide what I want to allocate screen real estate to. I'd stretch this column to almost double for instance. I'd make all navigation options visible at all times but small and unobtrusive.
the user should have way more control of what goes where otherwise you just moving a few icons from one pre designated place to another
..having said that, how do I get?
The only thing that is not visually appealing is the gigantic amount of white space next to these posts.
I love using the new design of Google+. Good improvement.
+Vic Gundotra nice update !! but whats plan for this biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig white space ? why content is not centered ?
+Vic Gundotra A nice change but the color palette used is too white and boring. Please add more color and mix it up a little.
Wasteful. Only 25% of the screen has info that I am interested in. The worst part is that I can do nothing to hide the useless areas.
This is amazing, how did you manage to make it feel busier, while leaving most of it blank?
It is like a perfect storm of bad design.
Do not like. Pretty, but less functional. Inefficient use of space means too much scrolling to see posts and comments.
Game: Facebook vs Google +
Match Result : Google + win...............
They are nice and dark, you are just snow-blind from the arctic waste on the right : )
I like the new look Vic! This makes more sense to me and I think I can get more people to move to Google+ now.
Fantastic work all around! This is great to see.
comments too light and too much dead space on the screen.....
Best Google video ever specially at around 1:00 into it :)
They said its intentional and will be something cool soon.
+Jon Hobbs-Smith this is not white-space. This is what happens when an idiot reads that "whitespace is good" so they bunch everything into a heap on one side so that they can burn your eyes out with a vast empty waste of window on the other. Why the hell would I want half my window to be empty? This is very poor design.
S'ok, but don't like the half screen of white space I have to the right of my stream, soon as I scroll a partial page down. Otherwise, doesn't seem particularly better or worse yet, just different, so will withhold judgement.
Bigger issue to me - still don't have that migration tool so I can manage the transition to/from personal and app accounts.
love this new G+ design. a good break from the geeky interface and nice layout for future developments.
LOVE all the new features and the look! Great work!
+Vic Gundotra Terrible design,you guys screwed up a good thing. Having the narrow little stream on the left is silly and the black bars around pics is awful. The waste of screen space is inexcusable. Please hire some web designers that have some degree of talent.
Lisa Ramos needs to learn how to spell.
I love the redesign, just wish the whitespace was less.
When will designers take the time to study what apple has done with their UI? If you look at a screenshot of Mac OS 1.0 (System Software) and the newest iteration, Mac OS Lion X, you will see a lot of consistentcy. How can you just revamp everything all at once without adding any new real funtionality? If anything, you just look more like the old FB. Maybe you should have looked at the newest trend with Pinterest. People want to see More shared content on their screens, not a huge column of white. People hate the new "timeline" on FB, so you could've capitalized on this. Right now, people are trying to migrate to google+, but very few people from their social circle are available, so they are relying on the content of strangers, and you just stepped on this, hence the backlash you see.
I liked that Google is trying to make it look organized and clean, but positioning of things and space wastage is terrible. I like to see more things on my screen without scrolling too much.

I think you are trying to keep that space on right for ads - and if that's the case please take away the chat from right and put ads there. I do not want to see the whole list, especially when I can just search the one whom I want to talk with.
Great re-vamp. I LOVE the new look. Everything is so much easier to access. Very clean design. Great job Googlers!
Oh god, G+ has become hideous! It is neither simpler nor more beautiful. It now has a massive white section (over half my screen!) to the right and everything is over-padded. This is not an improvement, it is confusing, a poor use of space and worryingly Facebook-like :(

I like being able to rearrange icons, but why oh why only the G+ ones on the left (most of which I don't use) and not the stupid black bar along the top?

Do not like #newgoogleplus (if that is "trending" then I feel I should tell them it is nasty).
Cluttered and wastes space...

...also what happened to the photos section from my circles?
I love it, congratulations, although I have mixed feelings about the white space. In a way it allows for a much cleaner experience, which I endorse, but it also makes me think if the images and videos wouldn't be better shared even in bigger resolutions. Anyway, it looks gorgeous! And this has almost NOTHING to do with Facebook dirt, horrible layout, besides the fact that the chat on the right side is now fixed.
Something is totally missing to the right. Need some data to flow with me as I scroll down these posts.

One more vote for less whitespace here. At 1440 wide it's almost half the screen.
comments' color (gray) is bad.. hard to read.
Just seems strange you'd choose to put the least useful elements (who's online, saved searches, etc.) across such a large portion of the right, where the eye is naturally drawn (at least, mine are?).

Also odd to keep turning my neck to read the stream on the left half, where "all the action is."

That's just my opinion, but the gray text on gray background for the comments seems like a truly misguided design move (REALLY tough to read, except on my calibrated monitor, which I'm sure your designers use, but which most "average users" don't).
I like it, but I liked the easy access buttons: games, circles, photos, stream
Google+ now only uses less than half of my screen... I have a huge empty space on between the content and the friends list.
i dislike the new layout, it takes lots of screen space and there is no button to hide those annoying bars so atleast make it possible to hide if we dont wana use it!
My monitor is good to have two feeds next to each other.
Gray fonts on gray background on comments = major eye strain, this is a poor style choice. Also the top panel seems to be wasted, why circle choices not moved to left panel so that everything is unified?

I imagine this unwanted "white space" on the right is going to be an infamous internet meme...
you will go to hell google management and designers for forcing this new look on us....and you will be burnt there for all eternity......
I like it being white, its simple, if people likes to costumise everything then go to Hi5 :D
I like the new update. It's nicer to look at & cleaner! Nice work Google.
Just let the space between the stream and the chat to be resizable to reduce the white space on wider screens
It's time to release an update to android app. It takes too much drilling down to get anything done on Android app.
Not beautiful on an old monitor! All crammed together because they didn't consider visually handicapped people. I can't read their teeny tiny font size, so by the time I enlarge the type to where I can read it, the left column takes up a third of the viewing area.
The android app also needs to ability to edit and post to pages...
The only thing i dislike is the grey text in posts. A darker black would be nicer.
Yeah, weehaw! Lot's of white, empty space on my widescreen monitor! Best update ever! Really awesome 2012 style design!
(Yes, I was being sarcastic)
Exactly what +Laura W said. Having to look to the left to see the stream (= content) is just retarded.
Guys, Trends & You might like are in wrong place!
Please let gite to posts to extend on full screen. It's so weird to scroll down and see all posts in the narrow column and empty white screen on the right side.
hmmm, seems like its doing a similar design for the profile to what facebook has as a "cover photo". regardless, i like the new Google+ better. It's still simple unlike facebook's Timeline lol
+Vic Gundotra Can you let us know why huge white space unused on the right? Don't tell me for ads in future :)
Mary T
Not able to get the +1 button to work. Any suggestions?
I am really not liking the middle column with huge white space on the side. The rest of it looks great, but that huge white space not so great :/
Shit I would rather use google+ on my phone anyways it's faster to keep up with the thread of comments, ulike my pc!
cool, prefer to swing to the left so enjoying left alignment !
So much white space! Buggy chat interface. Name more prominent than the comment(worse in one line comments). So many boxes! UI looks cramped overall.
the power of truth vic...believe...

your friend and dedicated developer
love the design just fix the widescreen bug and its perfect
Yes, there is a big gaping part of the screen with nothing, yet, the last 5th of the screen is taken up with a chat service I have tuned off.
Wow. Didn't think Google had it in them to create a layout that's worse than Facebook's
well, with the fix above, I begin to like it ...
Neat details. Have you noticed, you can drag the icons in the left bar?
way to rip off fb and twitter.............I might stop using g+ if this shyte continues
Yea, I've got 1920x1200 also. The screenshot from +Victor Moroz was exactly what I'm thinking as well. Such a massive gaping white area that gives me this weird squished on the left feeling. Besides that, it's beautiful.
sorry this is pants and will never catch on, it looks like a 5 year old has designed it.
I hope the huge white space unused will be used for other parallel streams.
Wow. Didn't think Google had it in them to create a layout that's worse than Facebook's
+Vic Gundotra , just thought I'd say one thing (besides that I like this new Google+ very much and was excited my entire work shift to get home and use it): in a search, where results are flowing in regularly, if you have a "Share this post" box open, it moves every time a new result flows in
Is there gonna be an updated G+ android app to go along with this?
"trending on google+" bar is horrible.. so much whitespace! come one..
+Vic Gundotra All I can say is well done. The redesign is beautiful... I don't think there's more white space than before (would love to see the percentage of screen before and after), and to be honest, I like that my whole screen isn't full of content... leave that to Facebook and their ads.
Are we going to be getting Calendar integration anytime soon?
Useless, useless #whitespace staring me in the face.
Oh, yeah... come for the content; leave for the color. Why not make the interface skin-able so I don't have to put up with your poor color-sense, if you know what I mean.
Oh what rubbish! Is this the HDR version of G+? Did you have your buddy Trey Ratcliff run it thru Photomatix and this is the puke that he spit out. Oh and I just love the way the profile info and taglines under user profile picture is now completely nonsensical.
Ooooh, look. a SHARK!
I like the icons on the left - much neater, but I really dislike the left-aligned stream and white space on the right. The stream needs to be centered and made wider, and the 'trending' etc. on the right needs to be optional; I'm not that interested in who's trending.
Vic what is with the white space lol. Ask someone to fix that!
As a print deigner whose successful projects have been measured by material goals met as well as design - What I dislike is the use of masses of arbitrary lines, boxes & even grey sub-legible comment text to compensate for the lack of design-control in typefaces, vertical leading & page layout in this complex G+project. Instead of getting help with ergonomic reading of dense content, THE READER is getting multiple fragmented, competing visual distractions. And the more the reading-presentation departs from evolved publishing standards, the less appealing it is as a forum for ideas & the more it descends into the waste-basket of passing-trendiness.

Instead of FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION from Google engineering - we're getting LET THEM EAT new look CAKE ...

This is a great place to note again that all of the 1s on G+ are useless! For example, as a busy reader, I would love to 1 some of Derya Unutmaz posts on a busy day to read later in the 1s section on my Profile. But when you 1 a comment on G+ NOTHING OF ANY SIGNIFICANCE HAPPENS beyond the number on the fleeting comment that's quickly Streaming out of sight. So I should go to Derya's Blog on the Internet, 1 the Posts I want to read later ...

Message to Google : Google employees with 20% TIME benefits are the only people on the planet with TIME to indulge in workarounds.
The whitespace is hideous! Don't launch half an update if the rest isn't ready!
^ I like the new G+ plus lmfao. nuff said
Vic, please add the group chat feature on web. lets kick the blackberry messenger out there
lmfao rock,s the would sexy and i kown it
i love lamfao that is a good song
Very nice. But why not make the width of the stream dynamic, so that it runs down the middle if the stuff on the right is not being used, or if we click on an icon to suppress it (if there was one, as for comments etc)? Or make it configurable in Settings. Shoving the all-important stream to the left is not ergonomic.

Or is Google+ telling us that with the advent of Mitt R it has moved to the left?

And why put the Circles icon on a sub-menu? That does not fit the way we think of G+. Circles are important, not sub-important.

Ditto other pages. Not as easy to get at as before.

And there is still no way of deleting the rubbish that accumulates in the Chat list, when you chat with people only once via GMail or even G+, but they are not in your Circles. They hang about in the list for ever. Select and Delete button???

But very nice. Except too left-brained and left-eyed.
One of my fave things with the new layout is the ability to click the Google+ logo to go back to home. It has been painful since this ability was removed from most Google sites...
+Erick Ovando It's not a minor thing. It's bad design. The primary content of a page should always be at or near the center of the user's view. Currently, on my laptop or television, the stream is all the way to the left of the screen minus about 100px, meaning I have to actually turn my head to see what is supposed to be the most important content.

Making the text of comments gray is also a problem. Again, this is primary content. Reducing contrast not only makes content harder to read, it's an indication that the content is disabled or unimportant. All content text, including comments, should be standard black-on-white. To distinguish names, which are currently black, from the content, they should be made either bold or blue (as they are when you move the cursor over the comment).

These are very basic and common-sense design considerations. The rest of the new layout is fine. But these two things need to be addressed.
"Simple and beautiful?" Hardly. It is awful, just awful. I consider myself a Google+ evangelist no more!

Boo! BOO!!!!
i like it pretty damn much !!
again one step ahead of FB :)
Please add an option to hide the chat bar!
Very nice!

But the Circles icon should be on the top level, not in a sub-menu. They are important, no sub-important.

There is still no way of deleting rubbish out of the Chat list--people you have chatted with once through a GMail address, or a profile address you do not have in a Circle. Select plus the Delete key would be nice.

There needs to be a slider on the More sub-menu on the Home page, because the ones at the bottom are not accessible.

The sub-menu for your Pages can only handle three. There is plenty of room to make it bigger.

And if the white space is not being used, why not dynamically expand the stream. Or have a way of removing the white space with the same icon that can toggle comments on and off. If off, the Stream takes up all the space.

But the new look is very, very nice.
The new ui is faster and some tools are great, but the white space in the center is just stupid. ... and i don't want to use g+ chat why i have to look at it all the time !?!$@?
Hi Vic, I love the new layout. One problem though, it makes the iPad browsers crash (when using Desktop view), so the iPad App is now even more needed. Please push on that one.
I think you can add Translate by default instead of extension.
Also you need to make an formal announcement about the white space.
While this may be resolution dependent, ~40% of the new google+ interface is empty space (between the stream and contacts).
Add a comment...