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Vic Gundotra

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From Napa Valley this past weekend.
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Up Up and Away, My Beautiful B A L L O O N!
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Vic Gundotra

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Beautiful 78 degree day in Los Gatos. Feels like spring.
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Vic Gundotra

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In another life, I used to post when I couldn't sleep. That usually meant my team was about to do something big the next day. It's been a long time since I've felt that way. Here's to sleepless nights and great teams!

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Vic Gundotra

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Teen Idol semifinals were tonight. Samantha made it and will be going on the finals. Top 10, here we come! 
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+Vic Gundotra​​ Gratulation to the talent from Samantha's voice - wow long time ago since I heard she to sing a song
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Vic Gundotra

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Storm approaching.
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me gusta
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Vic Gundotra

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Nothing like being goofy with your son over the holidays :-) 
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La belle vie
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Vic Gundotra

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Running around. Just thought I'd drop back by on G+ to say hello. Hi :-)
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+Vic Gundotra Good to see that you still remember Google+
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Vic Gundotra

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Beautiful day in San Franscico.
(Apologies for the previous post which didn't include picture!)
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NCBI kN hl kN le th kV hl
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Vic Gundotra

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AliveCor Introduces Apple Watch Heart Monitor Band, Hires Google Execs | Re/code
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Vic Gundotra

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It's incredible how fast they go from 4 to 14. Love you always Samantha.
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Lindíssima filha, o senhor tem! 
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Vic Gundotra

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I don't know why I like this picture, but I do! Taken in Napa, California right after a rainstorm.
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+Tamil Sangam That is Why I Love my House/Planet! :-)
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Vic Gundotra

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We just crossed 5,000,000 ECG reads in the past hour.

Our machine learning based algorithms will continue to get better. Hopefully our FDA cleared instant analysis provides peace of mind for many of you. Thank you for choosing AliveCor!

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This is great! Very exciting. This can help combat the #1 killer in the United States: Heart Disease.
Vic, How can I get in touch with the right people at Google about an exciting healthcare innovation idea?
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Wow I don't think I've ever had worse margaritas in my life. Even after politely complaining the next set were so bad we didn't even finish them. The staff didn't even notice. (We were 17 people). The food was mediocre at best. I would avoid this place. (We were with exclusive resorts and this was the first time I felt that the concierges might have been receiving kick backs to recommend a place this bad)
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reviewed 8 months ago
Everything was amazing. Service was excellent. Appetizers (Salome and Peppers) were outstanding. Steak was perfectly done. Pasta with mushrooms was to die for. Will be back again. Maybe the best Italian I've had in the city.
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Fantastic small town theater with the latest sound equipment. The upstairs theater is like a great home theater room with individual coach seats. But it only holds 30 so buy tickets online early.
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17 reviews
Insanely great.
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You have to try the Abalone here. They recently changed the recipe and now it's Panko crusted. This place is fantastic. Only complaint is that it is loud and difficult to talk at peak times.
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Fantastic Pizza. Great steak salad. Wine list is good if you like European wine, but a bit short on California Napa selection. My new favorite place in Los Gatos! Service is excellent as well.
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reviewed a year ago