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Vic Gundotra

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Jack Rose Libation House is a high end bar in Silicon Valley. (Between Saratoga and Los Gatos)
I took this photograph tonight by just looking up. Strange sight indeed.
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Brian C
Cool, a high end bar in a barn.
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Vic Gundotra

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While walking down a street in San Francisco.
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Vic Gundotra

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55 degrees in Tahoe! Beautiful day.
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Staring down at Lake Tahoe. Doctor said I couldn't ski this soon after minor knee surgery. So I'm hiking instead! #beautifulCalifornia

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Vic Gundotra

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Technically it's still Thursday. Here is my throw back Thursday post.

Love you Dad!

Remember, parents get older. Say what you need to say. And say it now.
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to late now
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Vic Gundotra

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Here is another beautiful shot from today. Happy Spring!
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Vic Gundotra

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California sunset.
Taken on iPhone 6+, auto enhanced by Google+.

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Vic Gundotra

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Afternoon sun on the California coastline.
Taken at Nepenthe Restaurant in Big Sur, California. Autoawesome pano automatically generated from multiple shots by Google+

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My husband is from Carmel-- Nepenthe is one of our favorites!!  Such good vibes there.
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A Google+ autoawesome from my hike! Still love that feature.
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It's my favorite feature!
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I can't believe how great Outlook is for the iPhone. I gave up on Outlook in 2006. Crazy that as a gmail user I am impressed again.

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Why do i sense that +Vic Gundotra is foreshadowing an upcoming announcement that he is returning to Microsoft as Executive VP for MS-Social? I’m still waiting to read Vic’s book and the chapter on Google — especially about how Google+ seemed to be climbing and climbing, and then Vic parachuted out (for reasons we are waiting to learn), Robert Scoble returned to Facebook, and while Dave Besbris was playing with balloons, Bradley Horowitz claimed control of Photos and Streams.

I just re-read Isaacson’s book on Jobs, and Jobs did not hold back much (maybe because he knew that he was going to die). Vic is more diplomatic, but i’d still love to know what happened — +Leo Laporte would love to chat with Vic on Triangulation and i’d love to watch! Haha.
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Sugar. Brussel sprouts. Bacon.

Amazing place to eat. If you eat here, sit at the counter and watch the chef preform his magic.

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delicious ....
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I wasn't sure if I should laugh or cry during this interview. Not sure I've ever seen anyone this incompetent during an interview.
If you cringe easily, look away. New San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula had a chat with CSN Bay Area today, and it resulted in four minutes of muttering, huffing, and awkward silences.
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+حسن حسنی no youth here. You might want to start indocrinating at Mc Donalds, or sesame street, 
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You have to try the Abalone here. They recently changed the recipe and now it's Panko crusted. This place is fantastic. Only complaint is that it is loud and difficult to talk at peak times.
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Fantastic small town theater with the latest sound equipment. The upstairs theater is like a great home theater room with individual coach seats. But it only holds 30 so buy tickets online early.
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Fantastic hotel with great service and very fast Internet wifi.
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13 reviews
Fantastic Pizza. Great steak salad. Wine list is good if you like European wine, but a bit short on California Napa selection. My new favorite place in Los Gatos! Service is excellent as well.
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I rarely post restaurant reviews publicly, but sometimes you have an experience so good you have to tell everyone. Eating at +The Lexington House in Los Gatos, California is like that. You'll enjoy the meal so much that you'll want to tell everyone. Spectacular food, at reasonable prices (for this quality) with fantastic service. It's a bit difficult to get in (and they have only been open 7 weeks!) but once you get a table, you'll be very happy. Highly, highly recommended.
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Wonderful high end clothing store for women. It's a great place to find a gift that she will love. Excellent service.
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