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Okay, this is the strangest thing I've seen this year. (H/t to +Yonatan Zunger)
Betsy McCall originally shared:
During a surgery to remove an apparent brain tumor in a 26-year-old woman, doctors in Los Angeles were shocked to discover an embryonic twin instead.
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So the little head does the thinking in women, too.
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Still love my 2012 Tesla.
Sea Change

A few times in your life, you experience something that you know will forever change your perspective. 

Yesterday I took delivery of a Tesla S Sedan. I had that feeling - the car industry will never be the same again.

I've owned many 500 to 600 horsepower cars.  So I wasn't prepared to be impressed with the Tesla's performance. Yet I was. This car is scary fast and the torque feels completely linear even at high speeds. 

The internal 17 inch display changes how you will interact with your car. It's huge and incredibly intuitive. I kept thinking, why didn't someone else do this first?

Charging it up at home was just like plugging in my phone or laptop. It just seemed obvious. 

I also had the privilege of touring the factory - it was amazing to see the robots building these cars. I never believed we'd see manufacturing in the United States, let alone in the heart of Silicon Valley. 

More later, but I had to just congratulate the people of +Tesla Motors for attempting to change the world, and I believe, actually doing it.
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Vic Gundotra

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I'm just having fun playing with the new SnapSeed. These kinds of powerful photo editing tools have made mobile photography amazingly enjoyable. Combined with increasingly powerful mobile cameras sometimes I just leave the DSLR at home.
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Это цветое с пальчеками
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Vic Gundotra

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Maui Nights.
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Excellent picture.
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Went for a walk today with friends. Took some pictures. Google gave me this black and white autoawesome. I like it!
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Vic Gundotra

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Jack Rose Libation House is a high end bar in Silicon Valley. (Between Saratoga and Los Gatos)
I took this photograph tonight by just looking up. Strange sight indeed.
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You have good profile pic 
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Have him in circles
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Vic Gundotra

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Who says your workouts have to stop just because you are on vacation? I might look weird in the gym watching my +P90X videos, but I love it.
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Glad to hear you're still doing P90X +Vic Gundotra​!
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Vic Gundotra

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My favorite photo editing tool just got a major upgrade. And it's still free. You have to try this!
Perfect your photos in a snap with the new Snapseed

With billions of images being uploaded and shared on a daily basis, we want to make it fast and easy for people to perfect their photos. What once required a desktop computer, costly software and hours of editing work, can now be accomplished quickly in a powerful app --  +Snapseed  

The new #Snapseed app gives you the precision and control of professional photo editing software on your phone or tablet. We’ve updated the app in many ways while staying true to our mission of helping everyone easily create extraordinary images. Here are the highlights:

New tools including Lens Blur, Tonal Contrast, intelligent perspective Transform, and Spot Healing

Selectively apply filters and effects to parts of the image using the Brush tool

Non-destructive editing via Stacks allows you to re-edit or undo any change. You can also copy edits from one image to another

Snapseed works with your phone camera shots as well as images from DSLRs, compact cameras, and more.

Get it today as it rolls out on the Play Store and the App Store
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It reminds me of printing negatives in a darkroom with an enlarger...
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Vic Gundotra

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Walking to dinner. Clouds have come in this evening.

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Vic Gundotra

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It is amazing to see the richness of photo editing apps available on todays smartphones. I took a boring picture today on my phone, and then just went crazy (over)processing it just for fun.

The workflow was so enjoyable, especially when compared with the workflow involved with my Nikon or Canon or Sony cameras....

I've included the original and the edited photo for you to see.
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Interesting building!
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Vic Gundotra

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Springtime #pink

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#throwbackthursday (almost 10 years ago)
They are teenagers now but that look is still the same. It's like "really Dad? We are not sure we believe you."

Love them more than ever.

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Have him in circles
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You have to try the Abalone here. They recently changed the recipe and now it's Panko crusted. This place is fantastic. Only complaint is that it is loud and difficult to talk at peak times.
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Fantastic small town theater with the latest sound equipment. The upstairs theater is like a great home theater room with individual coach seats. But it only holds 30 so buy tickets online early.
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Fantastic hotel with great service and very fast Internet wifi.
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13 reviews
Fantastic Pizza. Great steak salad. Wine list is good if you like European wine, but a bit short on California Napa selection. My new favorite place in Los Gatos! Service is excellent as well.
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I rarely post restaurant reviews publicly, but sometimes you have an experience so good you have to tell everyone. Eating at +The Lexington House in Los Gatos, California is like that. You'll enjoy the meal so much that you'll want to tell everyone. Spectacular food, at reasonable prices (for this quality) with fantastic service. It's a bit difficult to get in (and they have only been open 7 weeks!) but once you get a table, you'll be very happy. Highly, highly recommended.
• • •
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Wonderful high end clothing store for women. It's a great place to find a gift that she will love. Excellent service.
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