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Vic Desotelle
"Mythic Dragons appear at the Earth’s Horizon as the Sun inflects the dawn of an emerging new Culture - A global civilization ignited by Humanity’s Inner Solar Rays."
"Mythic Dragons appear at the Earth’s Horizon as the Sun inflects the dawn of an emerging new Culture - A global civilization ignited by Humanity’s Inner Solar Rays."

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This 'game' is for those of you who have money. I'm sure you will use the excuse that you are too busy to play this all the way through. And yet the game demonstrates how a non-livable wage, which is what over half the population makes, does not make ends meet. ....Hey ... Don't play this game ... You will feel too guilty for what you have decided is the right thing, making yourself okay for being more acceptable in god's eyes. But guess what? How many of you are on the verge of having to play this game for real? How many are on god's list of rejection? ... .... Denial is what keeps humanity from evolving, starting with you. Play the game, learn, and pray some more.

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Trump’s name, in this time of accelerated chaos and change, is metaphorically is profound. When the 'stupid' FOOL - or Joker - (which he is) becomes the 'smart' FOOL (which he is becoming), it is because We-the-People shaped him, and not the other way around. This begins a critical social change shift, where our ever-pervasive 'savior' mentality dies unto itself to birth a new individual's responsibility. Where the many become dependent upon, not the collective, but each one of us. You (not the group) now becomes responsible. This transformation only happens when the TRUMP CARD is played. Once this card is activated, the game goes beyond its traditional rules and a different unplanned future is realized. Once played, it is not the trump card that has control anymore - but YOU. The old game is over. The new is game on. Are you ready to accept your responsibility?

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This is my prayer for today. It has your name on it. 

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Occupy Movement’s Underlying Purpose
Seeds that were planted years ago have been germinating, and now breaking ground.

The reason no one could get their arms around the Occupy movement is because it was of principle, not of policy, and not yet a way of practice. Principle is highly intentional and not always tangible in its early stages. When principle moves into action, it looks like an early practicing community.

If we look at systems that are fixed inherently within human(e) discourse, there are those that act in PRACTICE (communities), others by defining POLICY and rules (government), and others guided by PRINCIPLE (emergent organizing structures like the Occupy Movement).

*Principle groups are a bit futuristic, presenting what needs to happen (intentional vision, where we are headed).
*Policy is of the past, it keeps culture in place based on what has happened (lessons learned; where we come from).
*Practice is the activity that we monitor between the two – A feedback that signals when it’s time to realign our principles with practice.

Government will try to rule over principle making groups, attempting to rein them back into the order it oversees. This is it’s job and purpose. However, when the policy making part of this system goes rogue, and thinks it leads over principle, and no longer recognizes its purpose to regulate between principle and practice, it then fails to serve its purpose. At this time, it signals the overall system that it’s time to change our governing body.

The outcome of Occupy is what the signaled us to this occurring. Flagging a time for not just realignment, but systemic change. Including a replacement of the existing governing body.

Read more on a framework for comprehending applied change.

* Collaborative Design, * Cultural Mythology, * Leadership Ecology, * Organizational Learning, * Social Innovation

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