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Student Veterans are often getting off to a rocky start to civilian life. The VA has routinely been 6 weeks to 3 month late on paying for school and living expenses through the GI program.
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The VA is a joke. They don't care.

Why does it take up to four years for medical appeals? All my records are intact. Let them try to survive on 1021 a month. I bet they would hurry up the process then.

The whole system needs fixed. Sad we (veterans) struggle after our service.
This is perfect timing for the Radius Ruler!  We are trying to get all school systems as close as possible  in the way we teach and what they learn through out our country.  Now a mathematic learning tool has been invented, the first physical learning tool in in almost two hundred years.   This will help them understand the concept of radii a lot easier.  I am asking all 4th grade teachers and up, go to the facebook page “Radius Ruler“ and print out, laminate and make your own Radius Ruler.  Instructions are with the picture “Build Your Own”.  Teachers can make it a grate project or even build a whole coarse around it.  It’s  FREE to all teachers and students.  There is even a how to video on the page. 
      All grade schools teach students how to measure length and angles, but they do not even start on circles or curves until much later.  I have been talking with 7th grade teachers, and they all said they wish they had the Radius Ruler to pass out to their class, for student to have something physical in their hands.  They would also pass out cans and bottles for student to measure, it would help them understand measuring the radius of a curve and the area of a circle.  If we introduce symbols and letters to  students in math at an earlier age, we can build their confidents to go further in math and science.  Building their own Radius Ruler would help them with their critical thinking and they will learn about radii while they play with what they built their selves. 
Please check it out on facebook, give it a like and some feedback would be appreciated.  After you print out, laminate with boxing tape, (because it’s cheaper and works well) then start using it yourself.   I’m not sure anyone realizes the historical significant of the ruler.  We now have a fast and easy way to measure the lost measurement  of radii.              
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