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A new documentary seeks to put a face on the invisible wounds of war.
Give an Hour is a nonprofit group with a mission to develop national networks of volunteers capable of responding to acute and chronic conditions within communities.

We are hosting a Google+ Hangout to talk about Give an Hour’s “Indiegogo Campaign” to finance an important documentary. The documentary, written, directed and produced by Charlie Stuart, depicts the courage it takes to talk about the stigmas behind mental health.

The documentary features the stories of Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen and Marine Corps veteran Brendan O’Toole. The film reflects on O’Toole’s time in Afghanistan and the help he sought after returning home. Dr. Van Dahlen also shares about her own family’s history of mental illness.

To donate to Give an Hour’s Indiegogo Campaign visit:
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Veterans United

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Ok Glass, Show me the Battlefield
How do you think you could've benefited from using this technology in combat situations?
The military is testing the wearable’s use for combat situations, as well as building apps that could help soldiers on the battlefield.
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Bring on,4&mercy,
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Help! I Did My Taxes Wrong:
Take a moment, let yourself freak out and then head to the Internal Revenue Service website.

The next step depends on the mistake you made:
As irritating as it is to discover you've made a tax mistake, it's not as hard to fix as you might think.
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Did you know having kids can change your chance of approval?
While there are three major areas that come into play, there's one unique requirement that sets the VA home loan apart from others.

You leave no stone unturned when it comes to your children.
Your home loan is no exception:
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Sorry my dear friend,Imy pray to you
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Whether you're having bad luck or celebrating one of life's most precious moments, knowing how to manage your money from beginning to end will save you big time.
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Lawn Tip: Mow Tall
Set your lawn mower high to avoid cutting off more than the top third of the grass' height! Taller grass requires less watering.
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Letting you grass grow an extra inch equals Less watering and a thicker and possibly greener lawn. Cutting too short and over watering can ruin your lawn.
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If your home is making noises that mimic the best of what goes bump in the night, it may be a sign of a serious problem.

Think you're hearing things?
Check out these 7 noises you don't want your house to make!
Our houses groan, creak and pop on a regular basis. Here's how to tell whether that noise you're hearing could be a sign of something serious.
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Without a doubt, the increasing popularity of the VA loan stems from the program's signature benefits.
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Military children never ask for a "Thank you."
That's why it's your job to reach out and tell them yourself.

Share to show your support for the over 2 million children who have the privilege of calling those who fight for our freedom, Mom and Dad.

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Where I grew up, Ft. Benning, GA, everyone I grew up with were military Brats, as we were affectionately known by our own, dealt with the savage loss of our family members during Vietnam. I was 14 when I lost my dad. Every week another neighbor or friends dad came back draped under a flag, what was left of them, that is. Most were closed casket.
Ricardo nails it quite well. Nixon was still in when I joined, not drafted. I joined to serve my country, the same way my father and all our forefathers have done since the first came in tge early 1800s.
Life as a military brat is nothing like those who seldom stray past their home town for most if their life. Every two or three years were times of upheaval, packing everything and moving to a new base. New friends, faces, policies, schools, etc. There is something to growing up a rolling stone in order to support those we love. Our moms and dads putting their lives on the line, supporting their country, trying to raise a family, and hope to provide anything close to a normal life for their children.
My dad is forever a resident of Ft Benning. WWII, Korea, Vietnam. My brother, Vietnam, Jordan, and I served in Germany.
I did not see combat. Experiencing the trauma as a kid of my friends and neighbors not coming back was no less hard to deal with, than actually seeing your buddy turned into hamburger. I spent a lot of time at Martin Army Hospital, with my dad, and other friends recovering from horrific wounds suffered in Nam.
We watched the news every night, hoping it would not be a story of another one of our own not coming home.
Those were difficult days, while our military were being spit on and called baby killers. I was angry to hear and see those idiot protestors knowing so many people I loved were in harms way fighting for their right to be jerks.
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Spring has sprung!
Fill in the blank: Now that it's Spring, I can't wait to ___ .
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Virtual Hero Tours
if you know a veteran who  is took sick or unable to travel to see their WW2 or Korean Memorial, visit  and sign them up! 
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Contact Information
Contact info
(888) 212-1958
Veterans United Home Loans 1400 Veterans United Drive Columbia MO 65203 NMLS #1907
Proudly serving those who serve
Helping veterans get home loans is only part of our story. Veterans United is a group of innovators, 1,000 employees strong, using new technology to peel back the corporate curtain to give you a living, breathing look inside our company. 
VA approved lender. Veterans United Home Loans is not a government agency NMLS #1907

10 reasons to Circle Veterans United

1.  Veterans United is endorsed by top retired military leaders in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. We are one of the fastest growing private companies in the Nation. In 2011, we financed $1.6 billion dollars in loans for our nation's veterans. In 2012, Fortune Magazine listed us as the Top 25 Best Places to Work in the Nation and Inc. Magazine listed us one of the Top Job Creators in the Nation.

2. Veterans United was the first mortgage company in the world to develop a face to face “virtual front porch” for its customers. We are using Google Plus Hangouts to connect veterans and our nation’s military members in a way they’ve never been connected before. Join our Veterans Community! VA Loan Community  Military Spouse Community   Blue Star Families Community Veterans Benefits and Programs Community Check out our Hangouts Hub!

3.  Tell a World War II veteran about our Virtual Honor Flights to see their memorials.  The virtual tour program is for veterans not able to fly. Print off an application and take it to them. 

4. We don’t text our followers, we TALK to them in Hangouts. Our Hangout team includes a Marine veteran Jonathan Pharr , and a civilian  +Sarah Hill.  We want to meet you face to face in a Hangout. We want to hear about your projects, your stories...your dreams during our daily 5pm ET Hangouts. And if those dreams include a dream home, then you’ve got our number. 1 800-884-5600

5.  The Veterans United Network does video stories about veterans that touch your heart, informational shows for real estate professionals and home buyers and live remotes from the man-made geyser just outside our office building in Columbia, MO.

6.  Free books!  Have a question about your VA benefit?  Chris Birk wrote “The Book on VA Loans.” You can email him at or get a free digital copy of The VA Loan Book at .

7. We work with homebuyers in all 50 states to help them obtain financing through the VA's $0 down lending program. We help veterans get home loans with zero money down, competitive interest rates and no PMI.  

8. Veterans United Foundation supports nonprofit organizations that honor the sacrifices of those who served our country.  To date, this employee funded organization has provided more than a million dollars in donations including contributions to current and former military members in need.  

9. Veterans United hires the best of the best.  For information on how you can join our innovative team, please visit www.veteransunited/careers .  For extra credit, subscribe to our YouTube Channel

10.  Veterans United has a different corporate culture.  We wear flip flops and have nerf gun battles.  We’d be happy to show you our new Nerf Bow and Arrow weekdays at 5pm ET in a Hangout.  Our Virtual Front Porch is open at that time to talk about everything from VA Home Loans to why our IT guys all wear black fedoras.  +1 our page underneath our profile picture and click the “follow” button.  We can’t circle you unless you circle us back. (Google rules)

+1 more: Our veterans wrote out blank checks payable up to and including their lives. The least we can do is honorably tell their stories.