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Here is the updated women photographers circle...
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Thanks for including me! :)
Thanks so much for the inclusion!! I am honored to be in here amongst some amazing women!!
It would be an honor if you considered adding me to your circle.
Thank you for including me with all these fabulous women!
Thank you so much for including me with so many female photographers that I admire! :)
+Vesna Krnjic Thank you for including me with these cool ladies, many of whom are in my own circles.
Thanks for including me. I already have many of these great ladies, but will be looking to add many more that you've captured.
Thank you for including me. I am honored.
Thanks for including me too!
Just now found this :)
Liz C
+Vesna Krnjic I just found this. Thank you for including me, much appreciated! Your work is beautiful, I look forward to seeing more :-)
Thank you very much for including me!
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