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Advanced professional simulators for gamers, proffesional racing and training
Advanced professional simulators for gamers, proffesional racing and training


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Vesaro is proud to announce another groundbreaking product and yet another world's first, always pushing the boundaries of what's possible by integrating the latest cutting edge tech into our simulators.  This new model will be shown in a flight setup at this years World Skills show and have its first TV appearance in a racing setup with the 195 Pro on channel 5's gadget show this christmas.  We will be posting videos of the product in action soon, in the mean time check out this very quick teaser(shot on an iphone)  The Vesaro 195 - Worlds first 195 inch curved display setup"

More about "The Vesaro 195"

The ultimate setup for professional training, your games room or commercial entertainment centre, with racing in various styles of motorsport, from F1 to GT, Rally Cross to Gymkhana, the Vesaro 195 takes simulation and gaming to a whole new level.

The Vesaro 195 includes the worlds first 65 inch Triple Curved display setup offering a massive 195 inches of screen curving around your seating position for an immersive experience that will leave you breathless. This setup provides 1:1 scale cars and cockpit without the need to scale up or zoom in the field of view, this results in the full car or dashboard being shown without cutting off the sides.  Sitting in a full size car also enables more accurate on track driving with an accurately scaled track width in relation to the car and cockpit scale.  Small monitors might have a slightly faster response time but this is overshadowed by the training benefits offered by 1:1 scale visuals without the normal comprises.  Tested by professional racing drivers from the swedish Motorsport team the benefits of this 1:1 scale view promoted the response of "This is the best simulation experience we have tested to date"

The Vesaro 195 pushes the envelope with optional DBOX motion technology, a choice of 1.5, 3 or 6 inches of motion travel taking the range of movement to a new level of extreme realism.

Powered by our range of custom built Vesaro PC's, leading the pack and at the heart of the 195 Pro extreme setup is our Level 4 Extreme PC ensuring the visuals sent to the three Curved displays are performing at their best, powered by the latest AMD Radeon 295 X2 Dual GPU Water cooled graphics card and packed with powerful industry leading components.

The 195 features versatile force feedback controls with the 195 Pro featuring a commercial grade control system offering military grade ultra realistic racing wheel and a heavy duty pedal system giving an authentic race pedal feel.  Both wheel and pedals are fully adjustable for perfect positioning and to compliment the wheel and pedal the system includes a combined Sequential and H Pattern shifter which can be switched between the two modes at the flick of a switch. This combined with the paddle shifters enables the system to suit all car types. To further enhance the versatility of the system we have included a quick release system allowing you switch between two momo racing wheels, GT and Formula style.

A 5.1 THX audio system provides unbelievable acoustics and a cutting edge tactile feedback system provides the feeling of the engine, road and impacts through your body for an authentic and immersive feeling.

Vesaro I industrial strength racing chassis
Static rig or a Two to Four actuator 1.5 to 6 inch DBOX motion setup
Advanced Tactile feedback system
Cobra Vesaro Signature Evolution Pro GT seat or choice of 3 other seats.
High end force feedback racing controls with GT and Formula Rim
Professional racing pedals giving an authentic racing pedal feel
5.1 THX certified surround sound audio
Triple Curved 65 inch surround visuals
Custom built ultra high end Water Cooled Vesaro PC system or choice from our range of high end PC's
Price starts at - £21,762.00
Model shown below - The Vesaro 195 - £41,853
The Vesaro 195 Pro - £45,181
The Vesaro 195 Pro Extreme  - £49,278
Part of our modular system allowing complete versatility on the options to make up the system

Prices exclude VAT/Tax and shipping.  Systems are Self Assembly, TurnKey options available
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Vesaro setup a training session with partner Laurens Vanthoor, 2014 Blancpain endurance Series Champion, at this year's Nurburgring 1000 race. We took along Laurens main training simulator as well as a second simulator for some R & D training development. Laurens discussed his position racing for Audi, the benefits of the integrated DBOX motion technology and how simulation training helps him to be a better race driver. The two systems used where our Stage 9 and the Vesaro I Evolve Extreme which is a Special Edition extreme version of our Stage 10 system featured the world's first triple 55 inch Curved OLED wrap around displays offering 165 inches of OLED screen space. The stage 9 features the latest 3 inch motion tech and the special edition rig features the latest 6 inch motion technology. For more information about both these systems visit our site.
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The Vesaro Pro Control V-Spec range offers commercial grade professional controls aimed at Simulation Centres, Commercial Entertainment, Racing teams and race driver training and not to mention the home user who simply wants the ultimate in realism. 
Featuring realistic traction loss feel and an ultra realistic force feedback sensation, when combined with the DBOX motion physics system the result is truly ground-breaking. 
We plan to take this system to as many events as possible so that you can experience this technology first hand.
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Does simulation training make a difference? Audi WRT driver Laurens Vanthoor's first time on the full circuit at Brands Hatch for the Blancpain GT Series race, after spending only 1 hour training on a Vesaro motion simulator setup in the pit garage, resulted in him setting the fastest time in qualifying... P1 

We work hard to create machines that can make a difference to racing drivers and to see such positive and direct results is truly inspiring.

Lauren trains using a 4 actuator Vesaro motion system using Lazer scanned tracks recreated by the motion system to within 4mm accuracy.

Watch the video from the day below
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Vesaro is very exciting to start working with Laurens with whom we will be working closely in fine tuning the Vesaro racing simulator range. Vesaro will be sponsoring Laurens in his career where he will be training on a Full motion Vesaro simulator. Using Lazer scanned tracks re-creating the surface detail to within 4mm accuracy will enable Laurens to learn circuits in advance giving him the edge when it comes to race day.

Professional Race Driver for Audi.
2014 FIA GT Champion
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A short video showing the Triple Curved OLED Display setup in use Vesaro Launch the Worlds First Curved OLED 55 Inch Triple display Full motion racing simulator
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We are proud to be at the cutting edge of technology once again with the another worlds first. In the form of a new Special Edition setup, the "Vesaro I Evolve Special Edition Extreme" we have created a triple formation of the stunning LG 55 inch Curved OLED display offering 165 inches of curved display. Partnering with LG to bring this groundbreaking product to market we have created The displays float above the Vesaro simulator wrapping around the seating position giving a level of immersion just not possible with three flat screens.

Although alternative methods such as triple projectors onto a curved screen offer a greater curve in the screen, nothing can compare to the practicality of using an LED or OLED style display, a single remote key press to instantly switch the three screens on or off and no issues with lighting conditions that can be found with projection style setups. In addition the deep rich blacks that OLED technology offers makes the visuals of the simulation that much more immersive, it really has to be seen and experienced to be believed and we hope to be showcasing this technology at future events.

The displays feature a stunning carbon fiber back making them as stunning to look at from the rear as from the front, with a 4mm thick screen this is cutting edge screen technology taken to the extreme. Combining three of these stunning displays creates the ultimate visual solution for your Sim Racing, Flight Sim or First person shooter games.

We have created two packages, a Single 55 Curved OLED package and a Triple 55 Curved OLED package, to be found in the Evolve Special Edition setups or configured as part of our Core range and Commercial range of simulators.
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Be sure to check out Vesaro on Discovery Velocity in the US on Saturday, Feb. 8 at 8:30 PM.
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Vesaro just aired on the UK's biggest Technology TV show, the Gadget Show on channel 5.  We took our new V-Spec motion racing simulator up to the Gadget Show TV studios where TV presenter Rachel Riley took an HPD ARX 01c for a few laps around Watkins Glenn in Iracing.  Our new V-Spec motion uses the latest motion tech from DBOX offering 6 inches of travel.  This was a worlds first for the implementation of this new technology and to top it of we combined this with the new Cobra Curved display which we are now offering with our simulators.  Watch here - Starts 28 Minutes in
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