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The Ever Growing Market of Electronic Cigarettes

The electronic cigarettes have earned the reputation for being the best alternative for the traditional cigarettes. It is basically a battery-enabled device that simulates tobacco in order to produce something resembling smoke. The taste might not be exactly like the traditional cigarette, but it produces electronic nicotine, which is of course far less hazardous to human health.

The history of electronic cigarette dates back to 1963 when it first got patent by Mr. Gilbert. The first generation of e-cigarette was a mere replacement of the traditional cigar and cigarettes to simulate tobacco by producing vapour.  Few years later, the second generation of the e-cigarettes produced a lot more vapour than the first generation thus enhancing taste. The main reason for producing more vapour was due to the use of much stronger batteries.

The electronic cigarettes fall into two distinct categories. One is the manual and the other one is automatic. The manual e-cigarette uses a button-operated battery which you have to hold in order to charge the battery and smoke. On the other side, an automatic electronic cigarette has a built in mechanism which is automatically activated when you drag the cigarette. The automatic cigarette is the one that gives you the true traditional cigarette type of feeling. They are also the obvious choice especially for the smokers who have a history of smoking. They turn to these electronic cigarettes just to be on the safer side. So, it is not easy for them to go with the manual electronic cigarette option. The automatic one is the ultimate option for them.

The Dea e-liquid is the backbone of an electronic cigarette. The e-liquid is also alternately known as smoke juice or e-juice. It is of pivotal importance as it gives the taste to the smoker. Further, the health issues are also related to the e-liquid, which also makes it a lot more considerate to the smoker. After USA, China is the second largest producer of the e-liquid. The quality of the e-liquid produced by both countries is of a good standard as both of them adhere to the very strong hygiene laws set by the regulatory bodies of their respective country. The electronic cigarette became popular just recently so there isn’t any evident health concern that came into notice of anybody. The researchers are working in order to get the stats of the smokers being affected by taking nicotine vapour, both directly and indirectly.

Electronic Cigarettes made in USA are the most used and preferred cigarette all over the world. USA itself is the biggest market of the smokeless cigarettes with several thousands of people using it. The White Cloud is the most significant electronic cigarette brand of USA which is also used abroad. The electronic cigarettes that are made in USA have their e-liquid cartridge made from China. The filling of the US made e-liquid is also done in China. Therefore, the e-cigarette products are mostly not entirely made in the US only.
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Vertical Sensation

Science has clearly proven that smoking has numerous bad effects which can significantly harm the human body. More often than not, smoking is responsible for lung-cancer, heart attack and other chronic diseases. Recent studies even show that smoking may harm the health of non-smokers in some environments. Clearly, it is a habit that should be stopped. If you care about your life and the health of your loved ones, it is best to drop your smoking habit as soon as you can. 

Unfortunately, we all know how difficult it is to quit smoking. Perhaps you need a little push to help make quitting a bit easier. Have you tried smoking an electronic cigarette? An electronic cigarette could be the key to helping you kill your tobacco addiction. An electronic cigarette is a chemical-free alternative to your bad habit. Electronic cigarettes are actually vaporisers, which use a special mechanism to heat up liquid. After which, the liquid turns into vapour then inhaled by the user. 

E-cigarettes are designed to help consumers experience the sensation of smoking minus all the negative effects. Through vaporisation, an electronic cigarette may turn nicotine, flavourings, and other chemicals into an aerosol, which causes less damage to the users. It is designed to help smokers kill their bad habit. It can work for you too! Try Vertical products to help you quit.

Let Vertical Sensation Help You 

You can avail of our various Vertical products to help you quit smoking. You will easily enjoy our specialised vaporisation systems which are designed to give you pleasure depending on your personal preferences. If you want to start a tobacco-free life, then let Vertical products help you. We offer the best vaporising systems, and there is surely something that will fit your needs. 

If you purchase the wrong kind of electronic cigarette, the danger of going back to tobacco is always there. You need a product that is easy and convenient to use. Vertical revolutionised the world of e-cigarettes because we offer advanced technology and unique designs. Sensation Seekers can happily use our vaporisers to get the sensation of smoking without the dangers of nicotine. Buying one of our devices can help you significantly improve your life!

Improve your electronic cigarette experience with our advanced technology

Vertical models come in six various models: Penny, Victoria, Sam, Lucky, Devon and Matt. Each one is designed to meet the varying needs of sensation seekers out there. The Matt model is particularly favoured by many of our customers because it runs on special Provari batteries which allow users to create the perfect setting for their vaporisers.  With such a powerful technology, you can extend your Vertical experience.
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Certifications of Vertical Electronic Cigarette

Vertical Sensation Seekers Company ensures that your safety is of foremost importance to them through certifications of their products. E-cigs are meant to be safe and to be best alternatives of traditional cigarettes. They are deemed best alternatives because they do not have harmful effects as do conventional cigarettes. There are no carcinogens as in the smoking cigarettes. However, these cigarettes are also subject to safety and health regulations.

Manufacturers of e-cigs are bound to ensure adherence to safety standards in all their electronic cigarettes devices. The standards are imposed in the device itself that it should be safe to e-cigarette inhalers, and to the batteries that they have to be safe to users of these devices. Vertical Sensation Seekers Company cares for the environment and its customers. For this reason, it has acquired certifications electronic cigarette for its products. 

The company does inspections on its products to make sure that they are in line with safety and health regulations as required by certifications. Furthermore, the products adhere to environmental regulations with regard to emissions and immunity limits for industrial electronic devices. There are various electronic cigarette CE certifications which ensure conformance to EC requirements. This company’s products comply with those requirements. The safety of the consumer comes first.

Furthermore, Vertical Sensation Seekers Company has RoHS certification passed for its products. This certification enforces restrictions of hazardous substances into the environment. The batteries are tested to ensure that overcharge protection is functioning properly. All these efforts are made to ensure the safety of electronic cigarette users. The aim is to ensure that these electronic devices are much safer than the conventional cigarettes which have proven to be detrimental to health already. 

European community has standards in place that have to be adhered to by manufacturers of e-cigs. Vertical Sensation Seekers commit itself by adhering to the standards set. This adherence shows that the company is committed to safety and health risk eliminations in their devices. The devices must adhere to these standards as shown below;

Battery Charger: EN 60335-2-29:2004 +A2, EN 61000-6-1:2007, EN 61000-6-3:2007 +A1, EN 50581:2012 and EN 62233:2008. USB Charger: EN 61000-6-1:2007, EN 61000-6-3:2007 +A1. Certifications Electronic Cigarette: EN 61000-6-1:2007, EN 61000-6-3:2007 +A1 and EN 50581:2012. These are the standards codes that are adhered to by the company’s electronic devices. They all emphasise health and safety to consumers. The standards require compliance with manufacturing requirements to ensure safety to the environment, as well as the consumer.

Vertical Sensation seekers Company prides itself in the electronic cigarette CE certifications of its products. The company strives to sell safe e-cigarettes to its consumers. For any company that does not show certifications in its products, you should be doubtful of its safety.
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Where to Get the Best Electronic Cigarette

The electronic cigarette is a new rival in the market, which is increasingly becoming popular among smokers around the world. Those who have tried electronic cigarettes will tell you that they are superior to their traditional counterparts. Although they look a lot similar in shape, electronic cigarettes can be very different in construction and functionality. Just like traditional cigarettes, these unconventional cigarettes must adhere to certain health and safety requirements. 

Understanding the Electronic Cigarette 

The battery is very important in an electronic cigarette because it is what powers the system enabling it to vaporise. Batteries can be manual or automatic. An automatic battery activates the vaporisation when you make a puff, while the manual battery is operated through “on and off” button. They are usually rechargeable, with lithium polymers of 3.7 volts and power proportionate to the battery size.

Vertical Sensation Seekers have batteries with capacities ranging from 190 mah to 900 mah, which allows you sufficient vaporising time. 

Vertical Sensation Seekers provide 6 different vaporising systems and 5 batteries. The wide range of vaporising systems has been designed to give you different and unique vaporising experiences based on your specific needs. This allows you to determine what vaporising aroma you want in your personal vaporizer for a given time of the day. These experiences include Penny, Lucky, Devon, Victoria and Matt.
The vaporising system of the electronic cigarette has an inside resistance that uses the energy provided by the battery to vaporise the aroma in the tank. Some systems are completely covered while others allow you to see the liquid. 

Specific Features and Benefits of the Personal Vaporizer; Lucky 

Lucky is an electronic cigarette which has been designed for maximum enjoyment, comfort and memorable experiences. This is why it’s almost impossible to get it wrong with this cigarette.

The personal vaporizer has batteries that come with a unique control with three colours; green, yellow and red. These colours convey signals that inform you of your power status. When you are getting low, the red colour will warn you accordingly. This ensures that you never run out of power while having your vaporising experience.

Lucky comes with an atomiser system that is easy to feed and clean. It is also long lasting and cheaper compared to its peers. Should there be a need to extract the resistance for replacement, the base of the atomiser is very easy to unscrew.

Lucky comes with two different types of resistance to ensure that you get the best quality vaporisation with your flavour. A good resistance means a lot in a vertical sensation because it is what makes the difference. Distrust imitations are suitable for high voltage of up to 4.2 v and standard lithium normal batteries voltage.
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Electronic Cigarettes – Manual and Automatic Batteries 

Electronic cigarettes commonly referred to as e-cigarettes, are battery-powered tools that are built to look like ordinary cigarettes.  Similar to tobacco cigarettes, these cigarettes also contain nicotine but are structurally different. Electronic cigarettes come in a variety of designs and sizes and are uniquely fashioned for the user. Vertical electronic cigarette contains six diverse vaporising systems that are all designed to provide a unique vaporising experience, based on your needs by giving you satisfying feelings at various intervals in the day. Here you will discover how electronic cigarettes are built and the different types of batteries so that you can appreciate how they work. 

Electronic Cigarettes Batteries

Electronic cigarettes use batteries to provide energy to the system; these batteries enable the cigarettes to vaporise and light up.  Similar to your cell phones, the battery used in electronic cigarettes are rechargeable but with a 3.7v Lithium Polymer Battery. Vertical offers batteries ranging from 190mah to 900mah that facilitate adequate usage at any appointed time. 

Manual and Automatic Cigarette Batteries 

The two main types of electronic cigarette batteries are manual and automatic. Automatic batteries can only be activated by inhalation. Manual batteries are designed with a small button which starts the vapour production. Both manual and automatic batteries can be advantageous to the user in different ways. 

Automatic batteries are significantly popular among consumers because they are similar to traditional tobacco cigarettes. Unlike manual batteries, there is no button to press; the user can simply inhale and enjoy the cigarette. The E-liquid in automatic batteries have to be heated to generate exceptional vapour production. Most casual smokers and people who have recently quit smoking and are looking for a less harmful alternative similar to their old habits prefer to use automatic battery electronic cigarettes. One disadvantage of automatic batteries is the fact that the e-liquid can leak out easily and damage the battery.

In addition, automatic batteries require you to use primer puffs before inhaling in order to heat up the E-liquid. While the electronic cigarette will still work without the primer puff, if you are looking for full satisfaction, it is recommended. The main problem vapours experience using automatic batteries is the fact that it does not produce sufficient vapour on the first puff. It requires you to take several puffs before producing adequate amounts of vapour. 

Manual batteries are generally favoured by veterans because they produce a thicker vapour and offer more control. These batteries do not require heating and can operate with the press of a button. Many users gravitate towards manually electronic cigarette batteries because it allows you to regulate the amount of vapour produced.

Vertical offers quality and revolutionary vaporising systems such as Penny, Devon, Victoria and Matt, for individuals who were unsuccessful in finding an electronic cigarette that works for them. 
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E-liquid for Electronic Cigarettes

An important component of an electronic cigarette is e-liquid. The cigarette needs to heat the liquid in order to get that desired vapour for the user to inhale it. There are nicotine and non-nicotine solutions that are used in electronic cigarettes. The variety of e-liquids is huge with flavours and colours. However, not all the liquids may be user-friendly or high quality. The best e-liquids are the ones that minimise harmful chemicals.

The best electronic cigarettes are the ones with high quality e-liquids. The liquids will be comfortable when inhaling the tasty flavour through the mouthpiece. Only top companies that are specialising in these products can give the best e-cigarettes with high quality e-liquids. Vertical Company has the spot among the top companies that offer the best e-liquids.

Vertical has variety of e-liquids selected among a wide selection of liquids. These e-liquids have varying amounts of ingredients to be refilled in the liquid refill cartridge of electronic cigarettes. The e-liquids that are provided by Vertical Company for its e-cigarettes are LiquidRefill e-liquid, DKS e-liquids, and DEA flavour e-liquids. 

DKS e-liquid for electronic cigarettes

Vertical’s DKS e-liquid is 100% natural with no chemical agents in it. It is a safe liquid because of the absence of chemical compounds in it. The liquid has natural aromas, unmodified propylene glycol from corn, water, and vegetal glycerine. This patented formula has undergone tests for its efficacy in an electronic cigarette. The raw materials used in this formula are of high quality.

Furthermore, DKS e-liquid has a tasty flavour, and it has been produced under high quality standards (ISO 9001). The liquid is transparent and concentrated. 

DEA flavour e-liquid for e-cigarettes

This liquid has its roots in Trento country. It has been produced by entrepreneurs of electronic cigarettes. This shows that the liquid was produced by well-rounded individuals with experience in e-cigarettes. The liquid is of high quality with excellent raw materials used in its production.

LiquidRefill e-liquid 

The liquid belongs to an Italian brand by Auripen Srl. The brand produces high quality e-liquids.

The liquids come with different colours and flavours. The flavours of the liquids make the e-cigarettes more appealing. This could be one more reason to leave tobacco cigarettes. The tobacco cigarettes are only exposing you to hundreds of chemicals, not flavours. The electronic cigarette has a liquid refill component that is making it possible for the liquid to be replenished every time it is depleted.

For a range of best e-liquids and best electronic cigarettes do not hesitate to come to Vertical Company. We have the best in store to offer you. Our e-liquids are user-friendly. And have high quality. The e-cigs we offer are sought after because of the renowned e-liquids that are used. 
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Where to buy Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes are popular these days as best alternatives to conventional cigarettes. This is because of their perceived safety when compared to traditional cigarettes with major health risks because of a wide range of chemicals. However, electronic cigarettes are not completely safe too but are less harmful compared to traditional cigarettes. Now the cigarettes are in high demand. 

Where can I find electronic cigarettes?

There are major stores selling these innovative cigarettes. However, the designs of the devices are not being the same. It will, therefore, depend from which store you bought the e-cigarette. The vapour systems are also not the same, and so are vapour liquids. The batteries, too, are different. 

Vertical Company is one of the best suppliers of electronic cigarettes in Europe. The company provides Victoria electronic cigarettes. Its products are distinguished by exclusive components and liquids used in the cigarettes. These cigarettes have a good flavour that will make you comfortable, and can also help you leave traditional cigarettes altogether. The primary focus of e-cigarettes is to replace traditional cigarettes because of their known harm to the public. By using e-cigarettes, it is presumed that eventually you might stop smoking.

Victoria electronic cigarettes are characterised by the components and liquids used. These cigarettes can be filled with DKS e-liquids, DEA e-liquids, or LiquidRefill e-liquids. DKS e-liquids are made of natural aromatic products with no chemical agents in the formula. The formula is 100% natural and contains vegetal glycerine, propylene glycol and water. The liquid is transparent. DEA e-liquids are made in Trento. They contain raw materials with no chemical substances. LiquidRefill e-liquids are made from Italia. These electronic cigarettes also contain no chemical agents.

The Victoria electronic cigarettes come with automatic or manual rechargeable batteries that provide energy to the system. The batteries allow the e-cigarettes to vaporise. The batteries at Vertical Company come with different designs to make the device perfect.

Victoria electronic cigarettes products can come in three different versions, viz. Light sensation (for occasional use, Medium sensation (for intense use), and Heavy sensation (for regular use).

These electronic cigarettes come with a smart tank that is easy to be refilled with the liquids offered at Vertical Company. The devices are easy to hold thus replacing the portable conventional cigarettes. They are healthy and hygienic and made of polycarbonate. 

For suppliers of electronic cigarettes in Europe, Vertical Company is the supplier of Victoria electronic cigarettes that are portable. The cartridges can be refilled with different e-liquids of varying flavours. They will give more reason to abandon the conventional cigarettes which have huge risks of health. There is less harm associated with e-cigarettes because you only inhale the vapour. There is no smoke of tobacco as in traditional cigarettes.
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Sigaretta elettronica: il tar del Lazio sospende la tassazione.

Che la sigaretta elettronica sia stata presa di mira dalle lobbie del tabacco se ne sono accorti proprio tutti, ma fortunatamente la voce degli imprenditori Italiani che stanno mantenendo il primato mondiale, sia dal punto di vista tecnologico sia da quello innovativo, è stata ascoltata!
Il tar del Lazio ha dunque decretato l’illegittimità di questa tassazione al 58,5%, equiparando quindi la sigaretta elettronica alla sigaretta tradizionale, peraltro definita inconcepibile in quanto applicata anche sugli accessori che normalmente si trovano in vendita anche nei superstore (ad esempio il carica batterie usb utilizzato per ormai qualsiasi dispositivo elettronico).
Dunque una prima vittoria, comunque dal gusto estremamente amaro a causa delle continue attività denigratorie messe in atto dai media di bassa qualità, che apre il cielo nuvoloso ad uno spiraglio di sole che in qualche modo può dare un po’ più di fiducia al settore, ormai distrutto inutilmente da una politica assetata di soldi.
Se infatti andiamo ad analizzare il percorso della sigaretta elettronica in tutto il mondo scopriamo che l’unico paese che ha avuto il coraggio (o come si dice il pelo sullo stomaco) di distruggere un mercato fiorente, il quale peraltro offre enormi vantaggi di salute a chi purtroppo non riesce ad abbandonare il vizio del tabacco, è proprio l’Italia.
Ci si chiede quindi tutt’ora se questo mercato possa essere ancora una buona forma di investimento in innovazione e ricerca o se lo sviluppo di questo mercato porti solamente un enorme rischio imprenditoriale, lo deciderà la corte costituzionale.
Rimanete sintonizzati.
#sigarettaelettronica   #tardellazio  
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Smokers and Sensation 

The e-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes are today’s’ most popular alternative for tobacco users. E-cigarettes do not contain tobacco; instead, it has a built-in mechanism that turns heated liquid nicotine and turns it into vapour, which smokers inhale and exhale. E-cigarettes quickly gained acceptance among many tobacco users in their attempt to reduce their consumption of the traditional cigarettes. 

Sensation seekers found various reasons of why they should shift to e-cigarettes:

• It helps them in dissociating themselves from using the traditional cigarettes
• Smokers doesn’t have offensive odour that emanates in the body as a result of traditional smoking
• It can be taken anytime, anywhere
• E-cigarettes doesn’t produce ash residue
• It is cheaper because it is refillable. You can also buy discounted liquid nicotine

Vertical, the manufacturer of e-cigarettes specifically the electronic cigarette Matt, offers smokers a safe way of smoking with minimum risks to one’s health. They are the very first company to produce high quality electronic cigarettes in the market. Vertical offers best vaporising systems that are definitely revolutionary compare to others. They have a variety of vaporising system that will suit every type of smokers. 


- Details were designed to make it small yet elegant. It is ideal for any occasion, easy to load, and the easiest model to assemble. It allows full perception of the vapour aroma. 
- Has simplified tank system making it easier to refill. You also have the control over the battery as it contains led light signalling the status of your battery.


- Developed with a special system of battery control. The atomiser system will grant you long lasting use. Cheap, easy to feed and clean. It also contains dual resistance system
- Allows you to adapt the vaporising system of your e-cigarette. It also has unique double resistance system giving the user a warm, aromatic, and powerful experience. 


- Made of selected materials that guarantees unique e-cigarette experience
- Electronic cigarette Matt comes in two vaporiser system. The use of Provari System makes this e-cigarette a tough contender from Vertical. It also has led indicator giving you full control of its battery. Provari is the only battery that differs from all the others used by Vertical. It is an important part of Electronic Cigarette Matt model.

Vertical’s Characteristics

Vertical’s offer contains 6 various vaporising systems and 5 batteries that allow sensation seekers to experience different vaporising feel according to their exigencies. More than an electronic cigarette Matt, they prefer to introduce it as a personal vaporiser. 

The most important part of electronic cigarettes is its batteries as these supplies energy to the system allowing the e-cigarette system to vaporise. It has two types: automatic and manual. An automatic battery starts the vaporisation when you make a puff while the manual needs an appropriate button to work. 

Currently, Vertical has its collection of electronic cigarette that suits every sensation seekers: Victoria, Penny, Lucky, Sam, Devon and Matt. Everyone can enjoy the beauty and functionality of these devices while slowly eliminating the use of harmful tobacco in their systems. 
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Advantages of Being Lucky the Personal Vaporizer

There are various electronic cigarettes to choose from. Hundreds of new models are introduced in the market every day, and each one claims to be the best among the rest. Well, there are good ones and there are lemons. As a consumer, you need to be discerning in order to find the best value for your money.        
Vertical is one of the electronic cigarettes brands on the market today and one of its products is Lucky. You will also be fortunate when you buy one. While, on the outside, it looks just like any other personal vaporizer, it has its advantages over other e-cigs. Below are some of the features that make Lucky better than the rest.   
Lucky Battery Control System
Other electronic cigarettes make you guess when you need to recharge their batteries. Lucky is different because it is designed with a battery control system that warns you when you need to change the batteries. It has a LED light that changes its colour depending on the battery level. Green is good. Yellow is a warning that the battery is getting low. When the LED turns red, then it is time to replace the batteries.
Large Atomizer
The atomizer is the heating element of a personal vaporizer. It is responsible for producing the vapour. There are various types of atomizers, and they are designed to produce more vapour, have better hit, or have more flavour. Lucky has a large atomizer that allows you to use it for a long time. It is easy to clean as well. You can also unscrew the base of the atomizer to remove the resistance and replace it.    
Lucky’s Double Resistance System
Vertical has designed a special double resistance system that makes Lucky different from other electronic cigarettes on the market. The two resistances allow the personal vaporizer to vaporize the flavour better than other e-cigs. The resistance is compatible with standard lithium batteries voltage and high voltage up to a maximum of 4.2v.     
Lucky allows you to enjoy the smoking sensation without the hazards connected with traditional cigarettes. It also doesn’t emit bad odours. You can use nicotine-laced flavouring in order to get your daily fix. Lucky gives you the sensation of regular cigarettes, but it is not one.  
You don’t need to go out in order to use Lucky. Your friends will not mind you at all because it doesn’t have the offensive smell of cigarettes. A personal vaporizer can be used in no smoking places, such as restaurants, bars, coffee shops and airports.  
Lucky by Vertical is one of the best electronic cigarettes on the market today. Buy one and you will never leave your home without it. Your home and car will smell fresh, and your friends will feel lucky with you around.
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