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Ugggh so much truth! I've felt like crap every morning this week. via +Ryan Block
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Never bothered me either way, but I guess haters got to hate. =O
Oh how I love living in a state where we don't practice daylight savings.
me too, i always feel a bit jetlagged..
Dude... DST AND a hour time difference going from TX to FL hit me in the same night. Still not recovered. If I had a real job I'd be so fucked.
Speak for yourselves, I work midnight shift, so its so much nicer for my shift to be an hour shorter rather than an hour longer.
You know, you got an extra day last month, so you're still 23 hours ahead. ;-)
Glad I'm in Singapore right now haha
frodo in the lord of the rings
Never has bothered me much I guess.
Actually, in both cases it feels like jet lag.
I prefer traveling without jet lag, not vice versa.
maybe you shud try somthin nu
me too. don't you ever feel like killing yourself sometimes?
Its a bit november regularly you'd wake up in the dark while now at 6am there is sunshine already

Wake up to the sun :D
Actually the lower one fits every other morning in the year.
Lord of the Rings was very confusing and sad movie of showing how you can only count on the trees.
One of the reasons I like living in Arizona. 
Yeh, gotta watch out for those morgul-blades and shelob-spiders on the subway to work. :-)
Really I feel the same every other day you know
luks like The lord of d rings...
Mark, come on. Do you really need to use the word "retarded", or wtf? Please, use a little intelligence, this isn't Facebook or Twitter, use your words, not your ignorance.
Lol.. True!! It sucks, but sure is nice in the afternoons! :)
Hey Stephanie I appreciate your concern with my intelligence. If you don't want to be offended by others lack of, then don't read anything public and stick to your private circles. That's why u have them. You make it seen like you have to be superior to FB users to be it's just easier so the retarded older people like it better. Don't worry it will be gone soon like all other attempts by Google to create a social network.
this Daylight savings time is really not necessary to use anymore in the modern world
+Veronica Belmont I would suggest going to bed an hour earlier to make up for the time shift. And I suppose your condition has nothing to do with staying up all night playing Mass Effect 3?!
it's an hour. one. hour. and on a sunday morning. go to sleep an hour earlier or sleep in on sunday. #firstworldproblems
Live in AZ and you can avoid this. ;)
Daylight Savings Time (I refuse to call it by the official name) is an execration. (Oh, and it's not "waking up on November Daylight Savings", because when you wake up then it's no longer Daylight Savings (Summer) Time but Standard Time, a.k.a. the proper time.)
Hey im knew in texsas are you people in texas
This is, of course, true. Still, I MUCH prefer being on this time than the other. Nothing worse than leaving work...when its dark outside.
How about we just get rid of stupid DST.
When you have a toddler, daylight savings makes no damn difference. They always wake up earlier than you want to.
I'd vote for eliminating the time switch twice a year. What time should we stick with? Daylight Saving Time or Standard Time? I love the extra hour of sunlight on Summer nights!
Wasn't he on Little House on the Prairie?
i think its soooooooooo true too dude hahahaha
DLS in a nutshell - so aptly described
it is crazy how people feal....!
some mornings i just want to just forget about everthing and just stay sleep.....!
<sarcasm> AAARGH!! Heeeelp!!! Those bastards stole an hour from me on a Sunday morning!!! How will I ever survive?! </sarcasm>
Suggestion: If it's really a problem, immigrate to the southern hemisphere. Problem switched. :P
Is there an Anti-DST League or something? You and Felicia Day are ready to dig your heels in and stop the world turning forward that hour. I applaud the effort.
And soon you will be experiencing the top half of the picture :)
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