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That's funny... Love the poem on the back of the tee shirt.
That's awesome thanks!
+Veronica Belmont Be careful with that comic. It's like a White Knight attractant. It makes for migraine inducing streams. :)

Nevermind, it's a lame version, you're good.
+Judd Karlman I found that offensive as well, so I posted the revised version here. The older version is still on their website.
Oh shit, let us chalk that up to my shitty skimming when I should be reading. My bad. Sorry about that.
After seeing your chicken dance, your position as real gamer girl is quite secure...
i usually need to stay hydrated with a beer or two- but that's all i need.
The general response to this has been outraged, "I play games and I'm a sexy girl who showers! Damn you and your cretin stereotypes".

+Judd Karlman Maybe the original was just a satirical commentary on Rush Limbaugh...?
The girl in the first panel, she's holding it wrong. That's how we know she's not a real gamer. Not because she's attractive. Lots of people clean up good. And failing that, there's photoshop and lens flare.
+Veronica Belmont ooh.. somebody got burned.. LOL
I think they modeled the real Gamer girl after you V. I guess playing that game where an elf wearing a green suit to save a princess paid off. :P
rudy s
I'm so tired of the "sexy gamer girl" thing. How attractive you are has nothing to do with how good you can frag.

Oh course would we even be paying attention to +Veronica Belmont if she weren't cute? ah, the irony.
+rodolfo sanchez I don't think that is a "girl" only thing. If how well I can frag made me popular, I should have a lot more friends on G+. I also don't think it is limited to "gaming". Look at any women's sport (tennis is my favorite example). Good looks with a combination of skill is what makes them incredibly popular.
I didn't like the use of the word slut in the original either, but this one is much cuter. Thanks for sharing.
nice... now instead of suggesting that some girls are predominatly preoccupied with being seductive... it suggests that gamer girls are never given to such behavior...
Slut is a word whose time has passed. Suggesting that any woman who is sexual or pretty is a slut is a negative message in any context.
One does not simply walk into Mordor with their hair styled and their makeup freshly applied...
ditto +Nathan Andrews if you think I missed something with my commentary, you may have missed something in my commentary.
rudy s
+Cole Brodine I agree, women not only have to be good in their field, but if they want recognition they have to be attractive as well.

We can blame men for this, but the truth is women exploit this to their advantage as well. So it's really a complex issue. Like I said before, I ignore the physical when it's not relevant.
30 comments in and nobody said "Hey, Zelda games don't come out on Xbox?" Internet, I am disappoint.
"Hey, Zelda games don't come out on Xbox?"
Every time I click on a tumblr post notes it's like going on Wikipedia, except instead of walking away a more enlightened and educated person, I end up naked in the middle of a field, with a newfound interest in gender and LGBTQ activism. Not even once. (lol I should've read the post, thanks)
lol i know jess is a gamer, its just the licking of the psp and the pic of this girl with brown hair i might add licking a controller.. just reminds me of what jessica did way back in the day
+Matthew Kemppa sad to say, that's how I found out about ms. chobot. She does not what she's talking about so at least she's legit. I guess the comic is more of a commentary for those booth babes.. :P
it was very funny the other night, playing mass effect 3 and going down to where the reporter jess stays on my ship and she said something about it being nice not having to put make up on.. lol
Cool post, although I find the cartoon 'dirty comfort gamer' much sexier than the plastic loving one. and in TFA there are 3 gamer girls. :/
+Patrick Sheets That is addressed in the text below the photo on the blog. In short: She's playing Ocarina on the Wii using a GameCube controller, but can't draw very well.
hmm i prefer the real gamer girl, she mite not be perfect but the fantasy girl is in real life as plastic as the controller. Give me real women any day.
Adam L
+Bryan Shu +William Brine not only that, but an XBox controller will plug into any windows PC, and work for just about any game, including an NES emulator.
Lotsa love to all the ladies in the various digital worlds.
noa jae
haha funnnnnnnyy
That, is me and Skyward Sword.
...even though I've already beaten it...
How is she playing Zelda on an X-Box.. isn't that a Nintendo thing? The fact I became aware of this proves that, if I were a girl, I would be the bottom one.
She's clearly using the 360 controller for Windows, and using an emulator.
Hey guys! She is clearly taking a Gear of War break. There's only so much standard definition your eyes can take.
Well... I'm a hardcore gamer. So they are both attractive to me :D
Im in the middle. I stay away from games but once my ex got me playing one on his xbox, i think i broke the controller, he says im a button masher? Something.
if any girl had realized that she's playing Zelda on the 360, then she is a real gamer girl ... BYW the picture is so funny! LOL
Hard to save Hyrule with an xbox.
I need a picture of Chobot licking a Vita. Lol
haha I love zelda and gamer girls are down lol
i like it, quit funny actually
Oh, awesome, they cut out the slut bit! Now I can fully enjoy this gag without feeling all righteous and angry!
Is there really such a thing?
Go take a dip in Lake Hylia, sweetheart, I'll make sure Hyrule is safe while you're gone! ;)
I loved this! Reminds me of all the girls that would say yeah I play video games and its either their brother who actually plays or they played once with their boyfriend.
Is it sad that I would still bang the stinky one?
Nice one (and good that it's the sanitised version).
The chicks that cover their ugly-ass naked bodies with gaming paraphernalia and subsequently think that they're hot shit are so nasty. Thank you for posting this comic.
An endangered species...I gotta get me one
>.> Been there before lol Also been at the 'I have time for one more level up.' 5 levels later.. 'Oh shit was that test today??!'
YES! That IS a gamer girl! Not just someone who looks "cute/sexy" with some hardware/software.
Lies. Neither are gamer girls! They aren't overweight and don't have nasty pimples.
girls girls.....why is it always a fuss over girls?
So, the difference is the smell, I take it?
The original version was slightly more accurate.
I have to take a picture of my girlfriend playing minecraft... I think it would be funny :)
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