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Episode 2 of +The Sword and Laser is live on +Geek and Sundry with me and +Tom Merritt!

This week, we're wrapping up "The Magicians" by Lev Grossman (but don't despair if you haven't finished yet!) and we also speak with author Saladin Ahmed, finalist for the Nebula and Campbell awards and author of "Throne fo the Crescent Moon."

Learn more about our guest and book pick!
Saladin Ahmed:
Saladin on Twitter:!/saladinahmed
The Magicians:

Show Notes:

Video Review from Charles!
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+Kristian Frisk You can create a circle named "Read Later" or something and only add yourself to it. When want to bookmark something for later viewing, share the post to that circle.
Anya B
+Kristian Frisk Marking for later suggestion: create a circle with zero members and share things to read later into that circle.
+1 from Me little complicated , but good will "Read later"
Just clicked back here from watching the show on my YouTube subscription. (helping out your view numbers) It was great, the vibe felt good. Enjoyed the book discussion and appreciate that you bring in comments from the Goodreads forum for that inclusive feeling.
The viewer book review segment is good, you really are creating a clubhouse here. I just expect the reviewer to finish of by saying "But you don't have to take my word for it!" ;)
jae rozumiec po englisz a le moge czytac
Just started reading 'Hyperion' in anticipation. Ooooooh, I'm not far into it yet, but I'm really liking it. :D
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