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And I will be making this tomorrow for breakfast as part of the #4HB diet... minus the cheese. I think I'll add some refried beans instead!
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315 comments will be doing this as well. Wonder how well they reheat? Like, make a bunch of these, refrigerate, and pop a couple of them in for a quick breakfast?
made something like this the other day. delish...
+Andy Martin well, a quiche lasts a pretty decent amount of time... i would think this would be the same! the yolks might be a little funky, maybe it would be better to scramble them before if you were intending to refrigerate?
scramble the eggs with some peppers and onions (and cheese for those of us not dieting) - Quiche!
My wife and I just made those last weekend... Our eggs turned out to be a bit too big so we ended up scrambling them and putting cheese and other stuff in... They came out pretty well but next time we will bake the bacon a wee bit longer for crispiness...
Anything with bacon is a must-try.
recommend baking bacon for taste allown
I made these and they were Delish!
Looks like I am having breakfast for dinner tonight. Going to make a crepe with it.
How does yoke cook , Hard or some runny ?
I've seen this recipe using pancake batter in the bottom of the cups and letting that firm up prior to putting in the bacon and eggs on top of the pancake. Then you get all the breakfast foods together.
it's actually great with turkey sandwich slices instead of bacon...
My wife has been making these as part of our southbeach diet
I use flounder filet, and fill them with bread crumbs, apple, celery, cilantro, lime & salt
I might go make some of those right now... only sans the cheese and all that jazz. Refried beans sound amazing though.
These look delicious... we've done some with croissants.
Looks amazing! (Thanks for ruining a perfectly good recipe video with that music though...muted it after about 10 seconds.)
Jerry d
wow sounds good hungry....
Nyc one there sweet hrt
I think my husband made these once. In fact, I know he did. So tasty!! :D
@ Greg G do you mean steak sauce?
all i am making for bfast is i am havign spagetti
oh my! that look awesome and easy to make. thanks :-)
+Veronica Belmont I've been making something very similar but with bread then cheese then egg. once you start making them you never want to stop. (side trick - cook the bacon in the oven - won't smell up the place)
That looks awesome but a little small, I throwin' no tea party. I'm gonna try it with a pie pan.
#EpicMealTime called. They said to bring it over as appetizers for their next meal. :D
i'm going to try this immediately! i didn't think breakfast could get any better...
Thanks Veronica, this looks easy and great when you've got company for breakfast.
These are AMAZING. I've made them about 4 times. It's yum wrapped in bacon, with more yum and cheese.
I like to try new things but I think I am going to have to pass on this one:)
That looks amazing can't wait to try it :)
i really really lyk this, grt idea!! :)
I made them a couple weeks ago, very yummy.
I use ham. Salt is absorbed by egg. ///great on english muffin.
I think I should try some fried beans instead of refried beans. Because maybe they are just as good, and we're just wasting time.
What doesn't go well with bacon?
There must be an easier way to make eggs and bacon...
if i don't no y'all people don't comment on my page i understand that y'all like wat i have on my page but don't comment on it
Bacon...we want to be the bacon!
Pancakes with Bacon and maple syrup are just the perfect breakfast... however not in any kind of healthy diet!
that looks amazing! gotta try it out this weekend with the kids. Thanks for sharing!
This complements my see food diet.
i think i'll try to make these... and probably fail!
they look really good but also super unhealthy
I know what I am going to make tomorrow! Thanks for the share!
Shana D
I'm on the Paleo Plan - But love this recipe!! Yum Yum
Bacon disturbs me. Butt good luck with your #poo
That's a pretty neat dish. I normally prefer reading recipes but this video was nice & simple & quick (to view). I may make this with turkey bacon sometime. Thanks for sharing!
my heart hates you, my mouth loves you.

.... I'm talking about that bacon not in some creepy stalker way...
I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure I'm in love with you
That looks really good but I'd probably substitute the bacon with prosciutto and I'd use only the egg whites then place that on top of bed of quinoa (or spinach) placed on a thin crisped egg crepe. Yummm!
Kalvin, your name says otherwise.
This is one of the BEST reciepes i hav ever seen (aside from bacon and asparagus). Defnintely got to try to make this.
Aaron L
Hells Yeah I love both EGGS AND BACON :D
oh dear, tht's make me hungry....
it look good have a good time make it .
thats nothing watch epic meal time.
I might try those during the weekend.
Did this all the time in the 90s. Tastes real good.
I do like ham and eggs too although there is more water in some processed ham
You should try the keto diet. I found it much more easier to follow than Tim Ferriss' slow carb diet. And it yielded much better results.
I'm going to make my girlfriend make me these
I freakin love these, make them all the time, quick, easy, simple to grab
How about you keep the cheese and cut out the bacon--that way you'll save one pig from having its throat slit and from being boiled alive.
yes, and then we can give the pig a buttermilk bath, and he can make friends with a spider.
is that a charlette's web referance? nice... way 2 remember ur 90's childrens movies
For those who can't eat Bacon, try these with Beef Rashers...yum
substituting ham for bacon is also really good :)
refried beans instead of cheese??? oO
Love these. I have done these with roast beef and deli corned beef. They are wonderful.
Greg B
It looks wonderful but I wouldn't leave out the cheese, just use less maybe?
Nice. I will have to try that! It will be hard to get past step one, cook the bacon.
By Odin's beard, that looks mighty delicious...
- cheese, then I won't eat it... never on diet
Yummy! I am making it for tomorrow's breakfast.
Squirt something sweet like jelly & line bottom with pre-baked potato skins
Now the bacon wrap with bar b que sauce, I will try
that looks good! ... im going to try this
Yeah there are tons of diets popping up that basically all share the central tenet of "cut it out with the carbs already". Anything from Atkins to LCHF, I personally believe that low or high fat etc doesn't really matter as much, the primary ingredient seems to be avoiding carbs like the plague; it's easy for the human body to convert carbs to energy and much harder to do it with proteins and fiber-rich vegetables.

It's probably no coincidence that people started getting ginormous when the mega-corps started pushing out ready-made foods to the masses that were almost entirely made up out of cheap carbs and sugars - protein is harder to make a massive profit off...
I made something similar for my gf on Valentine's day...
b Vo
hell yesssssss
Think how much better would it be with Turkey beacon and goat cheese and fried yellow sweet potatoes.Yum and Island girl healthier spin.Lemongrass tea kicksass in the mornings noon or night.
now that is the perfect combination!!
Looks like quite a creation. Makes me hungry.
I have to make that, so simple and I can only imagine it tastes wonderful !
add chicken and fries to that and you've got a masterpiece.
interesting.. might have to try that myself
Breakfast of champions here! There is a "salsa" used in Costa Rica called Lizano that would be AMAZING on this...this is now on my food to-make list!
My wife and I do these when we have company. It is a lot of work for just 2-3 eggs, but doing a dozen is no effort and the presentation is fantastic! For those who don't like hard boiled eggs, just scramble them before pouring them into the pan.
Wow!! I will absolutely be trying that out!
Going on a beach retreat with the girls this weekend, and now we have breakfast!
There is such a thing as free range bacon, assumption fail.
Milá Veronika, rád by som sa naučil variť. Čo Vy na to ?
This is the bomb must try it on the weekend .
OMG looks good... I had eggy in the basket this morning.
I'm on the #4hb diet, as well and have lost almost 50lbs, yet I've not done this, I like it. Not sure if I should add beans to the mix before baking it or just set the egg\bacon in some re-fried beans after.
the best meal - if it's for free.
OMG!!! The boys & I have got to try that! Tonight!
can't wait to try this myself! thanks for sharing!!
This is going to happen. 
Looks great - will impress family this morning - thanks 😃
+Veronica Belmont So, you are looking to lose weight (really?!), have incredible sex (harlot! :)) , and becoming superhuman (how Nietzschean!)?! Weird.
that looks amazing!!! I can't wait to impress all my culinary friends!!!
Must try these this weekend - they look great. Thanks for sharing Veronica.
Yummo! Looks delicious!
I was wondering what to have for dinner's now decided! =p
Thanx for sharing +Veronica Belmont
I think I will make these at the weekend for my wife and daughter - may even get some brownie points.... Thanks for the idea, Hartley
i'll have to try that looks good
Gotta try with Turkey Bacon and Pepperoncini!
Tried this today and it was delicious! Used turkey bacon which stays flexible after you cook it. careful not to over cook the eggs. I did 18 min and it was too long. 15 min is more than enough time. Def try this if you get a chance!
Yep, I'm going to give it a go on the weekend. Thanks.
Wait a sec! Cheese? I thought that's not allowed except cottage cheese.
all its missing is the tortillas and picante and dont forget the refried beans ummmmmm
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