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You just killed me. I'm dead of cute, hope you are happy.
+Jen F look, red velvet cupcakes... but healthy ones!
The Little Rascals called. They want Petey to become a member and bring his cupcakes.
Now I just feel bad that the last time I used my kitchen was to reheat Dominos
Adam L

As in, no meat?

Who wants a cake without meat?
the little boy is soooo cute. those cupcakes look delicious!!!!!  ;P
Is he the cutest chef or what? Oh yes, I will be your Valentine. :-) 
Thank goodness for vegan cupcakes! Imma eat it. Yeah. Petey rules!
When he said "granulated sugar" my head exploded from all the adorableness!
If it was some boring adult I probably would have not watched this video all the way through. But since he was so adorable I just had to finish it! :)
He's got a tiny little pot! Now I can never have kids because I'd just be too disappointed in them.
How many takes were required to get this! lol! So cute. :) He looks so much like Peter when he smiles.
Wouldn't be a true vegan unless they told you... they were vegan.
That cook sickened me, and I use the term cook loosely.  Ever heard of properly stirring the batter,?.  Note ( i own the legal rights to " ,?. " )  Back to what we all saw and need to hear or say; not only was that abomination a horrible representation of culinary delights, his general on screen performance was despicable and made me glade to be labeled a child thief.  & not allowed to deal with low quality existences such as that slaughterer of my visual intake.   FOR EVERY VEGAN MORE THAN ONE COW DOES NOT DIE, ---  & THEREFORE DOES NOT GET TO LIVE.      VEGANS-- > abortionists 
WHAT Nice recipe, crazy comments. I am not vegan but my family has dairy intolerence so non dairy recipes are always useful. :)
Kinda lost me at vegan, but I came around again at velvet.
he is so cute!
"If you eat too much salt you can die, right?"
Vegan deserts?  Sounds like child abuse.
Reincarnation of Homestar Runner...
I'm hoping to try these someday...when I get off my duff!
He's so cute, and quite possibly a better baker than the adults in my family.
Oh my god I was captivated through the whole video. He is adorable.
SQUEEEEEEEE!  He's soooo cuuuuteeee!
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