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My bacon wrapped eggs (inspired by yesterday's video find: came out great today!

The changes I made were to only use a tiny speck of grated parmesan on top, and I just flavored with some pepper and salt. Took about 25 minutes from start to finish, and I'm saving one for tomorrow (or a snack for later). #4HB #cooking
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This makes me sad that I don't down a cupcake tin...
hi Anna....would u pl add me as a friend..?
They look wonderful. I'll have to make them for my family some time.
Mark J
You are eeeevil, Ms Belmont! Dieters everywhere are in agony.
Your my new friend for today. I luuuuuv you.
Terry B
Mmmmm, bacon!
so delicious ..


I made mine and dropped in some onions, green peppers and pushed some red potatoes on the bottom instead of the bacon. What are we going to try next...
Rob Go
Just saved that original video. This is gonna happen.
I hate you! Hehe my mouth is watering so badly right now and I feel like friggen Pavlov's dog, no control..... must have bacon!!!
Damn you, I need to get some food asap now :/
I approve, even if it is Happiness In A Heart-Attack.
You just can't go wrong with bacon!
Had these as part of dinner last night. Fantastic! :D
looks delicious. Do you serve it on top of an English muffin?
Yours look so tasty, I believe I may have to give these a shot!
of course, these can make him sad. those made me sad too, i am h u n g r y and there's nothing but coffee for me now. it's 2 am local now.. :(
Mark J
Traveling bacon and eggs! JOY!
I'm a Vegan and I don't want to make you feel bad about what your eating. I use to eat that way. AT age 40 I realized that's not the way to eat. Sorry.
My brother uses sliced pancetta to make the perfect pockets. They turn out like egg-cupcakes.
Nice! I bet that'd kick ass with the thick peppered bacon I get from my local butcher shop.
In the spirit of the sword, I name you special 'Wench' of the day... Here here!

Oh, and Mmmmmmmmmm.......... More Ale please.
Wow, they look delicious, were they as good as they look?
They look absolutely delightful. 
i'll take the remaining 3
Eggs and bacon and cheese, oh my! They sound delicious. I can't wait to try them. Thanks.
<-- drooling, looks yummy. Everything tastes better with bacon!
Yours look better than the original. I am going to try this.
Yum! Gonna have to try this :)
my wife will cook, I will eat...
wonderful low carb breakfast idea, thank you!
kes magas minu voodis, kes sõi minu hommikueine?
there is a good idea for breakfast
Oh my goodness, thank you for the heartattack. ;)
Oh, I want breakfast. It's 3:30 in the afternoon.
we found a version of this in Rachel Ray's mag last summer and I lined the pan with thin ham, topped with parm like you. YUM and my kids request them every time we have a long weekend or company for breakfast.
Hah! I've been on 4HB for over a month now. Tips: Cauliflower "rice" is awesome, burrito bowls are an easy takeout option, unsweetened coconut milk beverage is a great dairy alternative, and keep a bag of frozen shrimp in the freezer for protein in a pinch. It's really not that hard to do, and I've lost about 8 lbs.

When looking for recipes online, I seek Paleo and Atkins options, but tweak 'em slightly to fit 4HB. They're not that different.
Nice. I might try that one day instead of all the frying. THANKS
They look very good. Thanks for sharing.
Your killing me Veronica! That looks so good that I want to make out with it!
Oh man those look good! Gonna have to make those this weekend...THANKS!
Add a sliced toasted English roll and a slice of cheese and you have a great breakfast burger.
As soon as I saw the picture I had three heart attacks.
listening to everyones comment of food is making me starving.. oh the torcher!!
Tell me, how does one save anything what has cheese, and or Bacon. I haven't been able to pull that off yet. ;)
great idea for everyday utensils and ingredients!
she is torturing those who are hungry right now... ohhhh she is cleaver X3
ooo, yummy, I wonder what scrambled eggs would come out like ^^
I don't understand people who say "ewww" unless they're vegetarians. does not compute
looks like something i would eat!
thanks veronica your right that i dont understand to.
Yum and I don't eat bacon! I think I will try this with seafood.
that looks good! lol.

Overall rating
hmm, interesting take on bacon and eggs for breakfast
if that tastes as good as it looks it must be amazing.
Eggs have not sounded good to me lately or looked good... until this photo! Bacon does change everything! ha! very hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyy
+Brendan Lucas, i didnt until Elsie Banks made it so clear, us epic people dont get rocket science...
Looks like they came out pretty good for your first try!
those look good. how did they taste?
ewwww but i love bacon and eggs but not together
Yummy!! I tried sushi with a huge piece of's the best.
I love it and hate it at the same time!! Ahh... but I am sure it tastes darn good! Circle me for science stuff +Anthony Loera
Seriously.. what does bacon NOT make better?
Congrats that looks fabulous!:P
Amazing....I shall be trying this in the very near future!
Just saw this and new to Google+, BUT... I LOVE YOU Veronica and want to Marry you!!! OK a little over the top, but wow!
oooooooo so hungry now! :P
my auny did that before and it was good
That looks deliciously awesome! Can't wait to try it.
Gosh I was hungry now looking at this I'm going into starvation mode looks delish...
UHHHHH.............. ( wipes drool from lips)
might have to run a marathon or two after one of those but that looks delicious
Just like Eggs Florentine only with bacon. I wonder why I never thought of that. Looks amazing.
oh my gosh it looks so good
Everything is better with bacon except the blood flow to my heart.
They look good. Wish I have eggs for lunch tomorrow now :-(
We make these all the time.... we've capped them off with chorizo and cheese too... omgnom!
Backpack from Dora: Nom nom nom nom nom... delicioso!
that looks good! can i come over for breakfast? ;)
Bacon and Eggs...... HEAVEN thats what makes my day
Can I have the recipe or something can you send it to my email?
Bet it won't last the night! :) yummy!
Looks Yummy Being a bacon lover here
excellent idea i'm go to do it yummy
Yum, I make these too but use sharp cheddar on top!
My father-in-law makes something like this but puts fresh tomato, basil, and crumbled feta cheese on top before serving. YUMMMY!
It's perfect =) ( bacon makes everything good)
Kai Six
save one for later???ewww
OMG... That makes me want to get try to make it right now!
wish i could eat dat DX STUPID WISDOM TEETH
....sadly i don't eat bacon i will make it for my brother though he loves bacon bacon bacon
that would be soooo good but way unheathy
I'd like to give it a try. Yummmmmy...
I think instead of just cracking an egg into the bacon, i would first make an omelet mix with milk and herbs, place cheese on top.
How do I make friends on here? In new.
those look like something I would take extreme advantage every and even morning I could
I don't think I've been living life correctly. These haven't been part of my life.
That looks real tasteful Veronica. I am a breakfast person and I would try that.
I make mine with garlic powder and maple syrup.
looks good, would go great with "fresh roasted" coffee
Three of my fav ingredients eggs bacon cheese
Sean Xu
it is a helpful idea...i will try later in my diet.
I will love to have his as an every day breakfast meal.! #yumm
I'm going to make these for my mom for mothers day
mmmmmmmmmm.. bacon wrapped eggs. (homer simpson voice)
did they stick to the pan at all? or were they easy to get out? Just not keen on stuffing up my pan with eggs stuck to it like last time i tried something witty and similar :)
ME LIKE BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you call that food my shit looks more eable then that
Wow, those look great! Why do some people have to be so mean?
thats a hart attack waiting to happen
but looks bomb
Boy, would I love to indulge in that. Looks like Canadian bacon was used.
chip r
Yummy.Can I come over? I'll bring the bagels
Lord that looks so GOOD! " I'M A FAT GIRL AT HEART" LOL
Oh my gosh these would be perfect.
Oh man. Looks so delic. Great heart attack food as well lol!.
damn that looks good, what u call it'
Thanks for the tip. I have 3 boys, and will prepare this for them in the near future.
Ck Fang
Yeah this is my favorite.
Wow this looks great! When will Google come up with 'Google Taste' with Google+ integration? :P
wow its look great hows the taste?is it good too?i want to try hehe how to do this?
They look awesome but in Japan I can't get "real" bacon, so it will be good, but not as good as US bacon.
Reminds me of the mac and cheese muffins I saw on the Today show! YUMMY!
I cannot A GREE any more !
Great idea ,I thing I will try that this moring.
I have never owned a cupcake tin now you have given me more than enough reason to buy one. :)
that looks yummy and unhealthy!!!! mmmmm Delicious!!!!
This look like an Instagram-photo. Am I the only one that DOESN'T like photos from Instagram?
Next week: recipes on how to lose weight from all that cholesterol LOL
hmmmm...............very nice of you babe.hw are u doing?......i was surfing the internet today so i got your profile and would likr to say nice to you babe
I rushed home and made this for dinner last night. I went extra unhealthy and used some of the hot bacon grease to grease the bottom of the cup cake pan. Then I combined your Parmesan cheese idea with the goat cheese. Freakin' delicious. I ate so much that my sweat smelled like bacon while running on the treadmill this morning. You're welcome for the visual.
Yours just dont look right. Stand out like bad counterfeits. Im just saying! Dont get your eggs all in a bunch...too late ;(
I will have to try that! They look delicious!
If I had bacon and eggs right now, I would make this. Yes at 10pm I would still do it.
Oh my god ... these look crazy good.
I made these for my mom for Mother's Day today when I went to see her. They were awesome! Thank you!!!!
I realize this is an old post, but i made these and squirted some Batter blaster pancake batter on top before putting it in the oven and it was the best thing i've ever eaten.
I made these & took them to work. I made a dozen; 6 with scrambled eggs & 6 poached as the recipe calls for. Everyone went crazy for the scrambled ones. Much better.
MMmmMMMmmmMmmmmmmm Saus....oh wait.
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