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The #Apple  keynote for the #iPhone5  is about to start, what are you hoping to see?
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Possibly meeting you!  Oh wait, you mean the phone - not a thing.  Staying with my BlackBerry.
Something already available on Android :)
No more trend setting rip offs- can you even upgrade the memory in one of those things yet?
What are they doing to prevent the need for refreshing? That's pretty cool!
It'd be great to see people sky-diving from a blimp, while hosting a live Hangout. Then scaling down walls and riding into the conf center on BMX bikes. THAT would be awesome!
+Rubin Dhillon leaving a giant Jellybean doll. Tom cook also exclaims thety gave up and now are running Android

Oh, wait, no.  Nevermind.
It's going to be a non event.
The only changes are cosmetic. Apple has lost it's edge when it lost Steve Jobs.
Funny thing about the changes though, they are almost mimicing Samsung.
LTE is short for Long Term Evolution.
+Era Iris LTE = Long Term Evolution and is essentially anything faster than 3G speeds.  The Specification allows for downloads at peak rates of 300 Mbit/s, and uploads at peak rates of 75 Mbit/s.  Of course it is all dependent on the network you are on. 

In layman's terms it's like having WiFi access on your mobile device as long as you are in range of the "4G" network.
That they would have a true Enterprise phone and not just a personal phone that kinda work with the enterprise environment.
Is an announcement of them making an announcement hiatus too much to ask for?
I do not know what this IPhone 5 is, but it sounds disappointing.
Funny: "Mansfield: “I don’t think the level of invention has ever been matched by any other product we’ve done.” Yeah, but you guys always say that."  Too true. 
unsurprisingly lots of iSheep still praise this boring shit
Exciting changes in iTunes? Please tell me they're killing it off. 
Look at all of these smug, holier-than-thou replies! You'd think that I was in the break room at tech company that actually makes something. I'm reminded of the classic Jobs quote: "By the way, what have you done that's so great? Do you create anything, or just criticize others' work and belittle their motivations?"
We are the consumers for whom the product is made, so we have right to judge. Your argument is invalid.
You claim that you don't even know what the product is, yet you think I don't have an argument? You might want to re-read what you just posted, and figure out how to stretch that to apply, in any way, to what I said.
Oh I know what the product is, I was just making fun of Apple at first. In any case good job protecting Apple's honor in Google+, here have an... Apple?
And posting from my Android phone! Figure that one out.
software is what matters. the ability to run other browsers or alternative launchers would be great...
I'm hoping to see them show how to install Android 4.1 on it!
Apple is dead too.... Poor Stevey
Literally every thing the iPhone 5 does and/or can do, my galaxy nexus already does......smh so much for innovating
Surprisingly enough +Michael Vinson I was praying apple brought something to the I could give them a fair chance at criticism....they brought this "android is better" upon themselves... sorry to say but they aren't pushing anything, they are just showing up to the war when its over to get some credit
Apple's current war is being waged in the courtroom. Not their R&D department. 
The phone wasn't anything special IMO but gdgt had a great coverage, ty Veronica ^^
As always, iPhone looks great, and am glad to see the improved optics and camera features.  But other than the 'retina' display, this phone screms 'me too'.  Great upgrade if you have an iPhone 4, but not so much for BB or 'Droid users.

As an aside, new iTunes looks interesting, and the A6 should make for a nice handheld gaming platform for casual / occasional gamers.

Full disclosure: I have a BB Bold 9900 (work phone).
To this discussion thread, and it's pointless religious war by the devotees in both camps, to you I say booooooooooooo!
The nano does seem great, specially for runners... if there is anything android urgently needs is better music/podcast managing. 
I don't think Android really needs that, myself. Doggcatcher is a fantastic podcast client, and Google Music manages my music just fine. With only a tiny desktop client. The rest is done in the cloud. I set up some playlists to handily control what music is on my device. I have one for roadtrips, one for stargazing. 
I currently use doubleTwist pro for both but it has become a pain recently, I'll try your suggestions Gary.
Doggcatcher costs money, just so you don't walk into that. Well worth it, however. It keeps getting better and better. Works well with any media player on your device. 
Im hoping to see that there bankrupt and going out of business. 
They still need to finish their Arc Reactor headquarters. 

Seriously +Thomas Waldorf, you have an awesome salad recipe. 
I for one will be per-ordering the iPhone 5. I have an Android tablet that nobody but me touches if I need a Google fix but for a phone I'll pass on the plastic phones. 
Nerds are so cute when the latch on to their platform of choice and have to belittle anyone who chooses to hitch their wagon to a different mega corporation than they did. All these companies are laughing at you. #pawns
I have xperia s and is great phone see ya :)
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