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I've seen this game in action, and I'm already a fan. A lot of people are saying it's a crazy Assassin's Creed / BioShock mashup (and while I don't disagree with that assessment) I think it brings a lot of interesting elements you won't find in those games too.
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Bio shock was great :-)
Sorry to hear about game on, I'm not a big gamer, but you are a valued addition to the twit presenter gang, I do hope the game on thing doesn't lead to you appearing less on twit.
You can see the ties to Assassin/Bio but it looks like it has a very interesting story!
Very cool! You had me at Assasin's Creed / BioShock haha. Having seen the game in action, would you say there's a little Elder Scrolls/Fallout as well, or it is more of a pure FPS?
Looks very COOL! Sorry about Game On :(
+Alex Murphy I wouldn't say it reminds me of Elder Scrolls or Fallout from what I've seen so far. Definitely more of a stealth-based action game with some small RPG elements.
Nice. Looks awesome! Looks really awesome!
Looks like it'll solve my Assassin's Creed withdrawl...haven't touched it since Ubisoft started with the DRM crap. Never got into Bioshock (though I own 1 and 2, thanks a lot Steam sales)...but it certainly looks interesting.
I LOVED Bioshock, some of the trailer reminds me of Bioshock.
half life 2 city 17 inspired. designed by same dude. such goodness.
Wow. Stunning production design.
Wow, brutal steampunk Splinter Cell? I haven't played Assassin's Creed yet, more of an MMO guy these days. Looks cool though. Reminds me I'm still waiting on a good steampunk MMO... anyone? :)
can see lots of influences from other games, but it also looks like it's its own. complete with its own mythos that i'm dying to learn more about.
My reaction was "Cool! It's 'Thief' meets 'Deus Ex!'"
Makes me think of chapter 1 of "The Way of Kings"
I hope the game will be as good as the trailer.
Steampunk + Mirror's Edge + Assassin's Creed. I feel almost morally obligated to support this just because they're trying something that feels new and interesting.
Please... Please!!! Do a videogame podcast!!! Qore was great with you in....
yeah, how you do that??? Awesome intro.....need more.
It certainly looks interesting. My kids get to play while I watch the story unfold is usually how this works out. :-D
well it's a Thief like steam/electo-punk setting with parkour elements. So I understand the comparisons. But it could be interesting, the time play is kinda neat.
I adore the thief like atmosphere. I need an mmo in this space.
Screw the game, I WANT THE MASK! That thing looks amazing! lol, the game doesn't look to bad though. I'll have to keep my eye on this one.
I completely understand the comparisons. Definitely telling my husband about this one!!!
i think it could be kinda cool,.i don t like either of them games. this i would play.......give it a chance n see:)
Im still playing call of duty MW3 and i,ve seen the new hitman game
Great trailer, would have been good to see some actual gameplay though!
looks a bit like old game from id software "wolfenstein", if you remember it.. : )
You guys mentionned a lot of titles, but why did you forget a big name in this category such as The Witcher 2: Official Launch Trailer, anyway you gotta love the face gesture animation of the prisonner in this trailer, it's a little bit close to a (movie quality video game), the sad thing is that todays Hardware is able to produce such a quality in realtime, but still the developers are lazy to put it to work, not because they refuse to do it, but because the consoles are still holding us back,because as you know games are developped for consoles (PS3 & XBOX360 is based on DX9) then ported to PC to cover a wide range of users.
This game is going to be great. I just know it.
This is my first hearing of it. Looks good! Reminds me of BioShock/AC and the old Thief Series pc games.
So... Springheel Jack the FPS. Looking forward to this.
There was ZERO actual gameplay in that movie. As a concept video, it was interesting. But I'd like to see the actual game running first before I have to wade through comments like " it's 40% Bioshock, 40% Assassin's Creed, 12% Mirror's edge and 6% Pokemon" wtf.
Ghastly. And why do people insist that the future is like the middle ages?
Instead of comparing it to releases in recent memory, I think that this is pretty much the game Arkane Studios always wanted to make. This is the studio that gave us Thief and Dark Messiah, and was working on The Crossing for a little while; the art direction is also reminiscent of Half-Life 2, which is no coincidence as the art director is the same person. Antonov always goes back to his winning formula in every piece of work that he does: European city, plus the past, times the future.
Looks cool, but I hate trailers that don't show actual gameplay.
Ra. M.
steampunk assassin's creed, really
this game looks absolutely solid - I hope it doesn't turn into some over hyped Skyrim, Betheseda makes some really good games, but the dumbing down of Skyrim was not cool
feels ALOT like "Theif" with ramped up graphics. Should prove to be interesting.
Certainly reminds me of the Thief franchise. That is not a bad thing...
Looks's going on my want list :)
#Bethesda creating another awesome title for us to enjoy!!!!
I saw an odd similarity to the doomsday steampunk from Half Life 2, but maybe that's just me.
Bethesda teased a screenshot yesterday - seemed like everyone thought it would be new Skyrim content (me included). This game looks pretty crazy though - it seemed to be set in Dark Ages first, then 1900s, and suddenly it's a bit of Steampunk. Really liking the Assassin's Creed-esque fighting though. Taking from their book is not a bad thing at all.

All-in-all, I'm looking forward to seeing more show up about this game.
This really looks amazing. I'm definitely buying this when it comes out.
Hey, look who's trending on G+ after bashing it.
ZOMG... I LOVE when developers keep coming up with new games for me to get excited about!! O_o Looks fantastic. Revenge Solves Everything... love it.
First line: "I've seen this GAME in action." GAME.

The clue is in the word GAME.
This looks epic!!!!!!!!!!!
yeah im getting this. kinda reminds me of fable too. not sure why tho
Aside from the steampunk genre, I don't see the connection with BioShock. This looks like a cool game! It appears to have influence from Tale of Two Cities as well (plot).
This game is very satanic and antichrist themed. Mark of the beast. Dishonoured, Killing the Lord. Wake up people!! Don't buy this game. p.s. Veronica is hot.
Theif, one of my all time favorite games. The Crossing, one of my all time favorite games TBA. Arkane studios is talented, and I think they went the right direction with this one. It should appeal to majority of gamers, and will rake in plenty of profit(to finish The Crossing!!!!)

It has a Bioshock'ish feel, but only visually. Gameplay wise, looks like Thief. Definitely has a dark theme to it as well, reminds me of Half-Life2. Looking forward to this one, even though its no "The Crossing".

Great share!
wait. whut? The mark of the beast is on the head, you silly person, not the hand. Also, you're not killing THE're killing a lord. I really hope you're trolling..cause if you aren't..the dumb is staggering. #thestupiditburns
Steampunk (or retrofuturism if you want) becomes mainstream in 3 2 1...
Certainly agree with the familiar sense of mystery you get with the Bioshock games, well the first one anyway. That's not a negative either, loved the first Bioshock game "w ould you kindly". I'm assuming that this is a button basher?? Overall cool trailer. Now to shop for some fingerless gloves.
I hope this turns out to be as fun to play as it looks in the trailer.
The mark of the beast is place on the right hand or on the forward.
i am agree with you, i am fan of that games tooo. we should try to plays games that, bay the ways, nice writing
yo i love assasins creed no joke
I'll be a soldier. I don't want to be an assassin.
WOW - Assassin's Creed on steriods. Looks stunning.
I always tend to enjoy games when superhuman abilities are combined actual weaponry.. makes for good gaming.
I'm hooked. Can't wait to play it!
Check out my water Color Paintings!
I sense a good Thief vibe as well.. The idea of each level being nonlinear, especially.
An extraordinary looking game and I really like the design and futuristic/past combo.
He is a killer on the future... mark with a curse... force to kill there targets with deadly force... ... * but then he took a arrow on the knee .....
looks good but have to see gameplay to be sure. If this IS gameplay instead of a setpiece or cutscene, this will be AMAZING.
This game looks like a major win so far,good looking out Veronica
dishonored wicked cool...the mark on hand truly makes the player invincible !!
Plus Bethesda has a great track record...even if some of their games are lacking qualities that everyone else may want, their games are fun and entertaining as hell. Still waiting for the final Fallout installment though
lets hope the bugs are removed before the release
I see it is by Bethesda and Skyrim is my all time favorite game so if this plays anything like Skyrim I will have to have it..
thar looks pretty dam cool i mite just get that game
when are you people going to start playing real games...
there are interesting problems to solve, missions to win...
we are going through an important social transformation and you'll miss all that fun playing virtual games?
it sounds more like a movie then a game
Alright trailer... shut up and take my money!
As a soldier social transformations are the least of my concerns. Everyone has a hobby, some people just prowl around on google+ and look down on people who play video games while concerning themselves with the unfolding of a social transformation. As for me, I'll take a video game over a social transformation any day.
Its awesome, originally I thought it was assasins creed 3 but its fu*kin awesome anyways. I LUV IT
oopps wrong comment, on this one whats up with the glowing hand device ?
Don't be fooled by the trailer, the in-game graphics take after the concept of Brink and/or Badlands. see for yourself at
it still looks really cool though
its such a AWESOME game i have to play it & Thanks for sharing this video .........Luv this Game
Agreed. Looks slick - also reminds me of Thief...which I miss.
Hey! It's interesting :D
I am really excited for this game. I can't find much to be excited about this year in the release schedule, so for this to stand out makes me think its something special
Look really good, but why an one-personn shooter ? I will wait the in-game trailer.
ok this game at least this trailer trully amazing, cant wait.
Revenge solves everything. If only I had known that when I was taking calculus.
yup...its easy to think its a cocktail but it looks very much original to me.
Can't wait for the experience! There is more information about how the game will be for the player every day.
don don
Nice graphics but i doubt how good d gameplay will be. Lukin forward to Hitman best stealth game ever.
awesome!! i cant wait to see some in game action
ئېسىل ئۇيۇن ئىكەن !
waaw this game........ seems to be satisfying
Aye, this is on the list of future entertainment sources "D
yea i saw a review about this game on x-play it looks awesome!
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