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I applaud this teacher for not giving up her password, but it's also a good cautionary tale on how NOT to use Facebook. Nothing is truly private, no matter how safe you think you are when posting. Common sense is the first line of defense when it comes to the Internet.
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My default behavior is to block anyone whom I'm currently working with from FB.
If they can clearly explain why they need their employee's passwords I'll come to the discussion. Until then...not going to happen.

I hope the bill they are proposing is well written and not Facebook specific.
Thats Bulls**t She should sue the school for that ...Its none of the schools business what she does outside of work ..Im sick of seeing Companies/Schools/Goverment trying to control every freaking thing ...
No one has the right to ask you for your password regardless of what you post to the site. Unless it is an obvious violation of the law, such as defamation of character. Only a court order should force someone to give up such private information.
Do you really want to work at a place like that? They're doing you a favor by revealing their asshattery.
I know California has introduced legislation to ban the asking of passwords also. An employer shouldn't ask for them anyway, one it makes them libel in many ways for things they might see or do. Two it violates they 4th amendment rights also, this is un-reasonable search. Think about if they asked for a key to your house, would you give them one? It's the same thing. Now public comments are open season. Whats with the rats, "teacher I saw on Johnny's FB something", those two "adults" should be fired for being childish, since there wasn't anything illegal. This employer is dumb!
Having to hand over your password to someone at their request seems to defeat the idea of having a password.
Hand over your password? Might as well hand over the keys to your house too.
George, despite our desire to avoid working for sucky places, we have to eat. Schools tend to be among the suckiest places to work
i wouldnt give them my password.. if they really wanted to see what I had on my page screw it.. i'd log in for them in a "porn mode" tab.. and let them browse the stupid cat videos and links to funny pictures i post... that is if they really wanted to waste their / my time

all the reason why i dont take any of this social media stuff seriously.. i use it for fun things and that is it, ask me for my password to my email however and i'm liable to laugh at you and quit on my own
The real lesson here is teachers shouldn't friend parents of the children they teach...
Couldn't you just enable duel authentication and even if you give them the password they can't get in with out your cell phone
I'll give you my password if you give me yours.
Why not just have two FB accounts - a proper one, and a "reserve" one full of pictures of puppy dogs and daisies in meadows.

Just remember to give access to the correct one
And congrats to the school board / district for getting sued!
Another reason to use Google + for its Circles. I can post stuff I don't want certain people, like my family to see.
This whole business with employers asking for their employees facebook passwords is getting ridiculous now. On one hand I can kind of understand the thinking behind it but seriously, let the people have SOME privacy!
Okay, my password is "E-F-F-F-F-U -I-L-L-S-U-E" Read it back, so I know you got it....okay then.
Sorry, but the school should be sued.

There are questions you're not allowed to ask during interviews or during an employees period of employment, including personal religious/political views, health issue specifications, desires for having children, etc.

Companies asking for this information are bypassing laws in place to support the rights to privacy of their employees and to prevent discrimination.

Furthermore, Facebook is not 'public', otherwise they would not need a password in order to access the information. Can they start asking for the key to my safety deposit box? Access to my home so they can look at what I like and do in the privacy of my own home?

The fact that someone like you makes a comment of "Nothing is truly private on the Internet" astounds me. Would you also say the same for Big Government requesting direct access to any database information from an ISP or facebook in order to hunt down someone just by asking for it? No subpoena or reason, just give it to them?

This essentially was the school, as they said themselves, assuming the worst because they didn't have enough evidence to support their case.

Yup, that's the world I want to live in. Where they can just assume what they want and fire ya.
Agreed, it's a total invasion of privacy. Even if the pic had been of a student or the FB'ing being done on school time, I'd be leery of an employer firing someone over refusal to allow access to facebook. Have a court hearing and let a judge and/or jury decide. School boards should not be infringing on Constitutional Rights.
What's happening with our irght to Privacy!
Judging my own character against what little I know about this lady, I must be decidedly the most wicked of humans to walk the face of the earth or else the parents and school must be comprised entirely of saints. What blows my mind is that if her behavior had remained private, no one would have objected to her employment with the school as far as I can tell. So it's not so much her behavior that's the problem but rather that we KNOW about her behavior. How screwed up is that???
With so many arguing that it's none of an employer's business what they do outside of work I'm wondering if we would feel just as strongly about forcing people to do drug testing... (FYI, I'm against giving out passwords as well as drug testing)
I totally agree on the privacy issue! Even if you have nothing to hide on FB, they have no right to have your password. They can view your public posts just like anyone else can, without it. The private stuff is just that, private. (Yes, I know, nothing on the net is truly private, but generally speaking...)
There should be a law forbidding employers to demand passwords!
And why don't they ask for the right to open her mail and a set of keys to her place, while they're at it? Being an employer gives them the right to someone's effort while they are on your time. Being an employer does not give them the right to spy on people and more importantly their friends and family 24/7.
+Michael Vittiglio Drug testing is typically only done in positions where use of drugs could affect the safety of their work. I used to have them when I operated lifts. Soldiers, astronauts, and similar people have them as they greatly affect their jobs. Public teachers don't have drug tests unless there have been a long line of events that lead to such suspicion, not just at their whim, that directly affect their job. A picture on the Web without any identifiable persons in it doesn't affect one's job, especially not in this case.
that is stupid do you know what can be on her facebook? like all her personal life and u fire her omg that is stupid if u want to see her facebook make an acouont but i guess that is not enough for some people
Its kinda stupid to lose your job over FB. Everything on Facebook is public to anyone determined enough to get the information. Chances are that if a person uses FB heavily then their entire life is available electronically through the things they do online. FB is the most insecure form of social networking. Its what I consider the gateway drug for giving all your secrets to the great world wide web. Instead of losing a job over FB a person may consider just not having it or simply giving up a fake account... or any number of things that can be done instead of getting fired in order to protect ones online social life.
The best advice I've heard regarding employers that ask for your social media passwords is this: "It is against <insert social media site>'s policy to hand out my password to anyone for any reason. As I'm sure you would want me to uphold the policies and procedures of your company to the same ethical degree that I hold up my Internet terms of service, I must respectfully decline."
I hope she wins, but at the same time that's the childrens education money. It's a lose-lose situation, set fourth by the school board.
The only legitimate beef an employer can have with an individual's social network account is if they are identified as an employee of that organization. Once you are associated with an institution you are a representative. An employee can cause significant damage to public perception.

People need to get real and understand that the "Views and Commentary are the personal views..." apply to social network posts. If a post is potentially damaging and viewable to the public (by which I mean can be "overhead" by those other than the intended recpients) the employer has a right to step in. Circles are good for responsible use BUT ARE NOT SECURITY. Google kindly reminds you when reposting something with a limited audience...
C Oh
My daughter has two FB accounts, one she shares with her students and others and writes very little on, the other, under a pseudonym, which is private and only shared with family and friends
These employers asking for passwords are just begging for lawsuits.
that is soooo TRUE! i guess why thats why i dont have a facebook account
true when you post up a pic on facebook it becomes facebook property even if you delete it they still have it/forget spacebook,my face.and tweeker its all about +google
Ive thought about what I'd do if, for any reason, i became a public face for something. I'd have to say that privacy settings and audience management are key. Use your groups and post settings wisely folks!
It's a horrible act to want to pry into some ones private life. Though this is why I have a work facebook and a personal facebook.
That's assuming most people nowadays have common sense.
It's all about balance of power. The private sector (particularly in the role of employer) should be subject to checks and balances as if it were a fourth branch of government.
You have to be careful when holding companies responsible for their actions. Many people don't want the government to be an omnipotent watcher of private businesses. 
Give me your Password, and while you're at it hand over your diary I'd like to see everything your write in there too. Kudos to you, Kimberly!
"Currently there are no laws that prevent an employer from demanding your Facebook password."? How about identity theft, fraud, extortion, and blackmail to start.

Okay, there is no law that specifically states "Facebook", but if it needs to be that specific are there specific laws for "ATM machines", "PayPal Accounts", or ""?

Any employer that demands private information such as this needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Just to save you the "but" comments, Police agencies can and do subpoena private information and do so through legal channels called Search Warrants. Nothing needs to change, except that we need to enforce the law.

I think it's nearly criminal that a Politician is wasting tax money trying to write a specific law regarding these cases.
I say more power to her, to me, employers shouldn't be asking for that info
This might depend upon whether she is sharing facebook access with students.
This is like my boss asking to go through my underwear drawer. Nopw
"Currently there are no laws that prevent an employer from demanding your Facebook password." - Well it's a violation of Rule 4.8 of the Facebook regulations ("You will not share your password, (or in the case of developers, your secret key), let anyone else access your account, or do anything else that might jeopardize the security of your account.") and thus could potentially lead to federal prosecution. More details here -
lol teacher deseves it
i can't believe it can happen. the right way to resign in this case.
Ugh, employers who ask for your Facebook password just disgust me. Out of pure principle I would never work with any company who asks for that type of information.
Yes why don't they ask for your E-mail passwords?
Another reason why I DO NOT possess a facebook account!
From the story: "Hester says he put her on paid administrative leave and eventually suspended her. She chose unpaid leave, to collect workman’s compensation, and vowed to put up a fight." Doesn't sound like she was fired to me. Not saying this isn't an important issue, but let's not stretch the truth.
First off to John better tell the spam community this, because they are wasting big amounts of money spamming their adds.

Then about the employment wanting Facebook access of employees, most people never if ever read the fine print of the employment garbage papers they give you when you start working for them.

They need to make it a employment test on the comprehention of the legal fine when you start working for some company.
Granted, not a good idea posting anything on Facebook, especially as anyone working in or around a school. But, talk about a shake down. And this one's not even a condition prior to employment. I wonder what they hoped to prove with the credentials? Did they also ask for her online banking info to prove she was buying pens and paper from Staples instead of stealing them from the classroom? Hope I'm not giving anyone any ideas.
confusing i think ur suppose to see that it says password
Facebook has nothing to do with work. Good on her. It is not about what she is or isn't hiding. It is about protecting her private life. Employers have no right to ask for Facebook passwords. This is going to make some very interseting court cases for unfair dismissal.
She was probably protecting herself, even though opening your facebook and letting them look can also have benefits.
yea but they are her boss and i wouldn't want one of my teachers having my facebook account password or even the page
I agree, I am student teaching right now, but I need to get hired and if they ask me... odds are I am going to say yes to have a chance at the job.
+kamari rhone seriously. It's like leaving your workstation unlocked (opening yourself up to countless office pranks) times 100.
Sure, give them the password, then promptly change it.
Unless you're a public figure and your life is your work, your job should never be in jeopardy for something you said outside of work about a non-work-related situation.

Using common sense when posting is a good thing, and hiding things from people who would be offended by something you post is always a great idea, but it's not a requirement. Neither is giving your employer such high access to your personal life.
That's bullpoop, why would a teacher get fired for getting violated herself. Boo.
They ordered her to engage in breach of contract in violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1984 and fired her as punishment for not engaging in breach of contract. The arrogance.
You know, I think now I'm going to create a second barebones facebook account that clearly describes my ADHD and any other medical issue I can think of, and after that the profile explains that if they're reading this profile, it is because they required submission of a password in violation of facebook's TOS. And at the end of the profile, it'll explain that since they now have my medical history I'm prepared to sue them if they fail to make me an offer on the grounds that they insisted on asking for information that would reveal HIPPA protected information and are now discriminating against me based on that information.
Mi Yahh
i guess we should think more twice or more than that before clicking like uploading,posting,shouting our the end we are the one who will suffer from any circumstances if we will not be responsible.
An employer has no right to ask for a password, pin number, bank statement, medical documents or any other confidential information. If my boss, threatened to fire me if I didn't give up something confidential, I would remind my boss that threatening me is as good as a declaration of war, see you in court!

-Don't forget to air your bosses dirty laundry while you're at it. Especially since he is so interested in every one Else's.

What employers are trying to do on a daily basis is in my book, far more scandalous then the stuff they are trying to fire their employees for. I think they need to be reminded of this.

That being said, if your arrested, for something you did, I could hardly blame the company for filling the slot while your gone. Also, if you are publicly slandering a buisness you are employed by (public, not with your friends...) this is about as good as standing out front chucking bricks at the windows. Yup, terminated!
The data belongs to Facebook. (Read Facebook EULA if you doubt me). Facebook should sue them for attempting unauthorized access to their data.
Could she not just tell them she didn't have a Facebook account?
One can not display anything of anybody without his/her's consent on facebook or any other social websites. From the storylink it is clear that she did wrong thing at first place
Isn't handing over your password is a violation of the terms of use on Facebook? And, isn't violating the terms of service a federal crime? Even though that crime is not likely to be prosecuted, how can any employer in good faith ask an employee to commit a federal crime?
The NSA already has my password - get it from them.
it is actualy not legal but some try to claim its a grey area which is complete bs
Violates fb's terms of service to share ur password anyway.
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