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Woo! Episode 2 is up in case you missed it live last night!

cc: +Felicia Day +Bonnie Burton +kiala kazebee
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I like the topic of womans and videogames, so clever girls
+Veronica Belmont It was very funny and quite... revealing. :) Hey one thing though, on your goodreads post, you can change it for the IRC to use instead of people having to get a client. Even though you guys were on niven, the webchat server also hosted your channel. I used it, and it worked great!
Agreed. +Veronica Belmont had the best camera and has established herself as the alpha geek of this group. :) Also her calling out +Felicia Day on her not drinking was badass! Sword & Laser Rules!
The video length says 1 hr 27, yet it only plays to 1 hr 17. I know the meaning of life is in that last ten minutes. I just know it!
I so need to be a part of this. When is it live? and how do I join?
+Veronica Belmont Thanks. Felicia's was good, but too soft. I'm talking about her camera. And when you guys start, are you starting the Hangout or is Felicia? Because if you're hosting, that might explain the difference in quality of the finished video.
Darn, I watched the whole thing again and I still didn't see the knife. OK, here I go, third time lucky.
Ah ha... There it is. You get a glimpse at 0:10:30! Dang! you folks are eagle eyed to have seen that the first time around.
I forgot to check before I ordered it. Veronica, does that C910 have a decent mechanism for sitting on top of the monitor? I can't quite make it out in the pic on the Logitech web site.
Me and some dudes are SO gonna start a penis hangout. Oh wait. On second thought, forget that idea.
Boneshaker would be a fantastic book for this.
Loved watching it! Can't wait for the next one when you discuss Nalini Singh's book!
I love the VFH. and episode #3 will give plus 10 to smut lol
the banter between all of them, is hilarious..felicia and her mini bottle of wine...looks like water but thats beside the point. haha
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