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Friday fun time....
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can you put it another website?
Star Trek just died.... and came back as a Hipsters Douche Zombie.
Actually laughed out loud at this. Funniest parody I've seen all week.
Just kind of the stupid fun affirmation of geekdom I needed after a bad day. Thank you.
10 seconds of my life I'll never see again.
yey trek stuff 4 this treki
Well, that was different - and now the 'beam me up, Scotty' jingle is stuck in my head.....
This is hilarious!! U guys r so funny!! :)
I kept waiting for the guy in the red shirt to die.
Cool. I'm a trekkie too and got a kick out of this.
I placed my right hand over my heart and with the left I gave the Vulcan salute.
Tribble Tribble Tribble Tribble Tribble, yeah!
um, Spock is his name, not his species, he's a vulcan... amature
The red shirt is quite sexy, in my opinion. I'm surprised that he survived to the end of the song!
Great parody, guys!

Live Long and Prosper -\\//
I will never regret watching this video! haha
Totally just made my last night in our house even more EPIC!!
That vid iz funny
"don't beam me I'm Scotty"
"AHHHH" ha that cracked me up :)
This is video really good!!!!
lol live long and prosperous !!
i love weekend
Production qualities are failing, but I have to give them an 'A' for effort.
Worth the time even if the singing was sub-par.
this is awesome , how can i get one of those backdrops for my room
lol funny wow love it got to get it do more of this Friday fun time
I wanna get the star trek uniform
Whoa .... I watched this video, then swapped over to Minecraft to close it and it was at the title screen, and what does the little yellow random text say..? :


I prefer the term Treker.. "Trekie" is a very derogatory term...
This is cool I love the Khan part. I usually yell Khan after I go out on a date with an ugly woman LOL
pretty funny stuff ^ haha
Jenn H
this is funny, thanks for sharing
That was pretty FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They're nerdies as we know it. The Big Bang Theory also knows how to party.
Tribble Tribble Tribble Tribble Tribble Tribble Tribble Tribble!
Well played Veronica. LMFAO indeed. yes we are Trekkies and are aware of this 
Lady 2th flool se banana wale ko dekh kar pochti hai kele kesy dega? Banana wala-mem sahab 8 me 12 Lady-7(sath)me 13(Tera)longi deta hai to upar aaja (
Sweet beat good club sound. That's 4 SURE !
very nice and fuuny ,,,,,,,,,,,beautiful pic and look
Quality. Always enjoy a good parody.
I liked the trible trible trible, yeah bit.
So.....thnx God its friday!!!!!!!!
Thoi Ta
And yet we use a catchphrase which never actually appeared in any episode or film and doesn't actually make any sense.... Apparently I'm more of a trekkie
We prefer "Trekkers." Or Trekologists. Who are we kidding? We're Trekkies, and we know it.
LoL the guy with the tribble in his hand kills me.
love it... omg, I have tribbles in the shower!
Excellent! Creative and funny! :)
Fantastic! I bust up out loud with the Tribbles so hard, I got funny looks from others. I just know that tune is now stuck in my head for a while.
Gotta admit.... that was pretty funny.
Made me laugh! They must be from Iowa haha
We Trekkies and we know it. WHAT?!?!?!?! THE END IS SO FUNNY!
I thought it was Trekkers? Hmmm... I'll update The Republic.
I don't know how to feel right now...
Lmao! Thank you Veronica. From the bottom of my heart I thank you. 
I am embarrassed for them. What mental institution are they with?
Unlike LMFAO, this is funny.
It makes me want to hump tribbles!!!
OMG! Like they say "you can't un-see something" I am scarred for life.
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