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The whole secret identity thing seems kinda old fashioned now.
Nice, that last one just says it all...
i think that's spider man
Where are the Fantastic Four in all this? They never had secret identities.
Peter Parker from the New Spiderman Movie
Eye Glasses and a new hair do is not a disguise!
+dennis nguyen that actually is a ploy so that as many of you as possible FEEL smarter NOT to truly hide him....its a common trick in horror movies that everyone splits up and everyone in audience then knows people are going to be harmed.....see your smart to know that...this one is more subtle ....its so that also real young kids can tell whom he is.....easily too.
I think the problem with a lot of DC heroes(of whom I'm a huge fan) were mostly created in the 1930s-1950s and not much thought was given into how unrealistic a lot of their disguises were. I can't really reconcile Superman "transforming" into Clark Kent by just putting on glasses. The guy is something like 6'2"-6'3" and 200+ pounds. He stands out. And Green Lantern? The mask covers the bridge of his nose. Not a great disguise. The problem is that if you alter these things you're altering certain key aspects of the characters. But, hell, they finally got rid of Supes' undies on the outside so anything is possible!
What a nice super heroes quotes.
BUT you feel smarter subconsciously because you KNOW that is really him, superman that is just like in a horror flick YOU may know something bad is gonna happen just not exactly when , because everyone starts splitting up. As to tony stark well using the f word would not go by anyone's good graces and isn't that just american propaganda at its finest , look at how the avengers panned out in old school comics to see how they broke up many times and then think how the justice league is a better world fit....IT at least would stand up to the us reason i suspect you do not see it being made into a movie....
I don't care what Tony Stark does, I will never reveal I'm truly...whoa - almost let the cat out of the bag there!
haha members of the justice leagie kick avenger butt and the hulk leaves as does thor and .....well you get the fact ive seen them ditch the hulk on some alien world
For Superman you wouldn't even need a disguise. You could just grab Lois Lane and pronounce to the world: "I'm Superman and this is my woman. Anyone lays a hand on her and I'll fuck your business up BIG TIME." and no one would even look at her sideways.
where's your class veronica?
there's kids on G+
There's kids here? Then don't worry, if they are here they already know how to Google.
Well lets admit it, Stark's ego is as big as the weapons in his Iron Man suit, that is why they call him a PMD (Person of Mass Destruction)
Iron tard identity reveals became from Marvel Civil War, in wich he sell all the Marvel Universe. So, that's my bigFatAssNerd comment.
Would be amusing if it wasn't on reddit long long ago.
This is great. I love that. Marvel heroes are like that. Still I love spidy and he's shown his face more often lately.
+chronoss chiron Good point, but this is all also a product of the time and how we relate to characters. In the 30s-80s, if someone was different they'd want to hide it and use their abilities in secret for fear of persecution. In the post reality TV age, post social networking, post fame worship for no reason other than someone is rich, NO ONE would hide that they were a superhero. They would be known and worshiped.
I like Iron Man but if you want Hide who you are what better way then be the Hulk? 
Then the civil war began to be allowed to hide their identities
da da da da daaaa.....  im lovin it!
I guess someone feeling lonely and need some attention.
You go iron man. iron man=awesomeness.
Superman is the best. Remember he had to become Clark Kent. He was born a superhero. All the other characters were born human and became superheroes.
The picked the right guy to play Iron Man. Who would guess after all the problem he had he would come out better than he already was as an actor.
robert d'niro is best actor among all of them. Fuck Yeah
i'm sorry John but i am entitled to my opinion. you should say I THINK superman is the best. 
You guys no. Its all about Mermaid man come on! 
thor=my little sisters fave. you diss him she may explode!! LOLZ
I've actually got powers.

I've got the best ass-kicking gadgets on earth.

A spider bit me :-(

I've got a Hulk.
go iron man... y do u need to protect ur identity!!!! lie id want people to now i saved their srry lives
avenger team was rock. Iron man is a great leader !
Jeremy, why do you feel the need to come onto the thread and call everyone dumb for not having read what you've read? It discourages people from doing further research into the topic.
Yes!!! RDJ FOREVER!!!! (the fact that he's iron man is also very attractive
I fricken love Robert Downey Jr.! lol
I can say LOL!  and actually did laugh out loud. Pure awesomeness.
Since he is mortal, and everyone knows who he is, he is extremely easy to kill. But with the magic of Hollywood, he lives on.
All heroes have their secrets except Iron Man.What a noob
Im more like "FUCK YOU, I'M IRON MAN."
Now we all know who the real super hero is :-)
You know what the difference is +Veronica Belmont 
Supes - Ma and Pa Kent, Louis - Secret Identity
Batman - Alfred, and the Family Legacy - Secret Identity
Spiderman - Gwen/Mary Jane, Aunt Mae - Secret Identity
Ironman - A Bottle of Scotch - Fuck it. I'm Ironman, line up ladies.
iron Man is not super hero....he's rich in got access to Gears just like Batman!!!
Spider-Man is simply a money grub if you ever read the comics. 
Robert Downey plays Tony Stark to a T
Tadow!!!  How ya like me now?!!!
Good one for Friday's funnies.
paint youself green and rip your clothes apart
HISHE over on Youtube already did this. Ages ago.

How It Should Have Ended.
F Aman
Me too :) 
Yo I must say that the ironman photo is OFF THE CHAIN.
notice how we go 0.0 and they go _.
If Superman thinks he needs a secret ID to protect loved ones with all his power, Iron man is an idiot.
1st: clark kent (superman) 2nd: bruce wayne (batman) and don't know the third
1st Superman
2nd Batman
3rd Spiderman
I love spiderman!! The new one anyway.. and that photo is hilarious!!
That's Riley spears from the twilight movie eclipse 
*lol. too funny. I  luv this posting.   
Wonder how they would be as politicians.
Clark maybe look like a geek but he would beat the crap out all of them while drinking his morning tee.
Can Somebody tell who are the real Heroes in the real World ?
Superman is still the best hero!
Not everyone can be batman nikka u cant take 5to7 plp down in da same time
Wow...I saw this posted by so many people prior to being posted by this profile, yet this is the one that gets "Hot on Google". Oh bias, bias monkey.
Superman, Batman and spiderman are my favorite character!! But it is a funny quote...iron man well his just bold and stright out forward!
If that's you, you are an angel but this is not interesting... how did you get 151 comments? Who are you? You have powers... ;)
bond was 7 modle s was a secrit justin Beal who s black s 7 space agents .the dirty doszon , hey
bond was 7 modle s was a secrit justin Beal who s black s 7 space agents .the dirty doszon , hey
Who is the 3rd guy?  And Ironman doesn't deal with vigilantism like Batman, Superman and possibly the 3rd guy who may be the second Spiderman.
wonder woman did more the Golden kiss you spane you around now majour trevoR tell me the trueth iv got the wip lash goldn lynda wagner ? stev ostin a man burley alive eye arm leg can he walk n run better n the eye hole proof .gear .s the six million doller pair .
Gotham never sleeps, concrete jungle where dreams are made of !!!
You are all wrong. Everyone knows the ultimate superhero would have the tasty berry flavour, a satisfying crunchiness & the refreshing nature of mint. It can only be Mintberry-Crunch.
Hey, who's the third picture?
Never saw him!!
yea buddy.....IRONMAN ROCKS
Iron Man III - with Black Widow of course!!!
That should read "Come on ladies, f*ck me. I'm Iron Man"...
Secret identities are a big staple of the DC universe. Spiderman is pretty much the only big character with a secret ID in Marvel.
Thor/Loki: Fuck you, I'm a god.
Captain America: Fuck you, I'm a hero.
Hulk: Don't piss me off you dick.
I've always loved Ironman, but out of all of the Avengers Captain America is the best looking.
If disguise really matters to you guys, Hulk definitely nailed it
Eveywhere you go, your not there!
Iron man fuck the world xD
Not like superman's disguise was that strong. glasses. Apparently anyone who has contacts is disguised.
I like how they put Christopher Reave Superman instead of the new one...cause it sucked.
one iron man rules them all
ironman is pretty much the alternate to batman..
The only super hero I know is the Dali Lama
Hilarious !!!
Hilarious !!!
they already have it was G-girl in my super ex-girlfriend
Juan D.
iron mans awesome
Really , it is a good idea for me find new wold .
Refreshing to see an unapologetic billionaire in this day and age.
this thing is epic. now we know why iron man is awesome
I love Robert Downey Jr and his F^%k Y%u attitude.
Jajaja Chapulín Colorado is better.
Oh my god. That is the funniest thing I have ever seen. Laughing for five minutes. Perfect!
No one must ever know my secret identity. Oh look, an attractive girl, guess I can make an exception. SUPER HERO LOGIC
Well, not so old fashion though. Everyones does wear a mask for many reason just few nowadays actually show their real colors...
LOL! have to say it myself cause none of you said it... cheeky little...
Oh wait someone did say lol aw fail...
Yup doesnt care to keep the secret 
Why you post 4things with the same message?

Iron man all the way can't get any realistic than that!
The best toys, and the right amount of attitude!
Yeah. 'Cause no one knows who batman is! Not!
just a little correction batman wears a mask to protect the ones he love not to protect his city
I love this! I'm going shopping tomorrow to buy my mask, cape, I already have the Tony Stark Stache! Hell, I'm ready for everything!
why some people love punks?
do they have psychological problems? I know that everybody loves MIT people, but...
LMAO!!! I love Tony Stark!! His Big Ego Works For Him!
In real life iron man would go to jail or so many lawsuits would be filed he'd be broke...... The mask are because all of these characters break the law...... Just saying
ss he
uh....whatever it doesnt even make any sense
Can't stand the whole clark kent/superman thing cuz it assumes ppl are stupid and stupider. How will Superman protect his woman if someone shoves a kryptonite rock in his face?
I've said thay before and will say it sgsin. The Hulk
And iron man has a mask why?
With today's technology it's easy to see who's behind the mask.
Where's scarface...iam Tony Montana... The world is mine..
Where's scarface...iam Tony Montana... The world is mine..
nice one...luv that scene in the movie
Hahaha im crakin up:D
Lol I just love Tony Stark's inflated ego!
Hey thanks am trying to develop a app.i need some help
no one will ever know my secret hahahahahahahahahhahahahha
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