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hauntjelly (Ana) on Deviant Art made this for me, and I kind of love it:

I definitely have "Dreamworks face" going here:
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Just like the Maltese falcon, The stuff dreams are made of :-)

A profile pic based on a profile pic....
Nice artwork, but you have to admit it looks a little "Disney".
Almost a cute as the original.
that is really cool. A really good likeness :)
it is nice even though it doesnt come close in comparison to your true beauty... & just for the record: You are beautiful!!!
Wow that girl has great talent, done very well
Can your own animated feature be far behind?
That pic is beggin for a caption: "I think that cheese went bad :(" or "Alright, who ate all the havarti?" Something with cheese.
Great likeness. It doesn't quite do your hair justice, though. The supernova shine isn't quite there.
Great art. And I had to click the link. They don't mention Calvin (of & Hobbes) fame that often made the Dreamworks face.
Notice it is only guys commenting...not a surprise. Kinda looks like you. The nose is a little bulbous. It is hard for arteeists to get my gigantous nasal right. Your nose is overly normal. Mine is gigantic and sensitive. I can sniff like a blind man. It reveals a whole new world which reinforces the value of showering. Freshen up Yogis!
Nope! Not even close.
+Veronica Belmont I'm not so much of a pretentious jerk that I would start a whole debate on Dreamworks vs. Disney, so I will just say it's a very nice picture. Still, reading the tvtropes article you linked to, I have to agree that Dreamworks face is a pretty clever comparison too. By the way, Sword & Laser on YouTube is awesome!!
draw me like one of your french girls..
ive been waiting sooo looooong to get my pictures painted got my wish
I like it too but it doesn't really capture you. I think the smile is a little too crooked (in the picture, not on you). Nice work though. I wish I had that kind of talent.
Nitin N
really realistic
It looks really good only I would have done it with your signature straight hair :D
not sure if its veronica belmont or cameron diaz
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