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Food for thought.
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On the other hand, if you upload a personal karaoke version of a Michael Jackson song, you SHOULD get 5 years!
wow!!! i can't believe it.
Would that make you a "Smooth Criminal"???
I wonder what's more important. Sales tax on $12.60 or a human life.
The answer is .86 cents.
yes it is all about $$$$$ that is the $$$$ that artist have been getting robbed out of by thieves for too many years now. How about I just go to your house and upload your big screen or xbox and take it home with me for free. You would call the police and scream bloody murder. But stealing music or a video of content that does not belong to you is okay by most people, too bad pay up.
Thats just crazy talk. No logic at all.
Whoever recited MJ's lyrics in the above comments gets 8 months in the pen for every word. :P
I will gladly take the .99 for everytime someone stole one of my songs. I could retire very soon.
enough already. everybody following someone like you gets it. we need to figure out a way to reach the tech-unwashed.
They did`nt steal your song`s they heard them on the radio. recorded them and then uploaded them to I-tunes and they got paid!
+Darth Paul i tend to find 90% of human beings to be to stupid for there own good ill take the $12.50 thanks

I'm going to assume you wrote this in this manner to be humorous, right? RIGHT??
The big question here is why do USA citizen continue to elect bone-headed legislators?
+Ryan Chambers So it would be okay with you having 85% of the under 30 population in prison at taxpayer expense, learning how to become REAL criminals because they'll never be able to hold a decent job again after getting out? Nice......

You think it's a joke? The War On Drugs was once a joke. Imagine a generation from now if the War On Piracy ends up going the same way.
+Steve Remington We don't, the one with the most $ wins. Although i don't think any of them are not crooked. <---opinion
And this is how it's done. +Danny Sullivan's message to senator Dianne Feinstein who has no Twitter, Facebook or Google+ account. I bet she got this one.
I find it so ironic how the US boasts about having free speech.
Censorship is nothing but pure bullshit!
+Jeffrey Elzy Hate to break it to you, but election fraud notwithstanding, US Citizens DO elect those boneheads. That's kinda how elections work. Yes, the boneheads buy influence and votes, but ultimately the people are willing to be bought.
if 85% of the under 30 year olds are stealing then it's already in their nature. I do not believe that is true though. the real criminals are the companies that advertise and make money on the sites or those that sell programs making it easy to steal content, Back in the day if you think about it you could not just walk into a store and walk out with a cassette or album without paying for it. if you did it was a crime and if you got caught you were punished how is this any different?
+Sean Adams It's called having the punishment fit the fucking crime... You do not take a peaceful productive member of society, who happened to download something he wouldn't have bought anyway, and turn him into a hardened criminal by throwing him in prison for five years. Or even for 6 months. That is just fucked up.
+Sean Adams No one disagrees that creative people, content producers, should profit from their work. No one wants SOPA to die so that they can pirate things (it really doesn't change anything with regard to day-to-day piracy anyway). No one is saying that all the information should be free, and we should not practice intellectual property.

The problem with SOPA/PIPA is that it greatly reduces everyday users' freedoms on the internet, without adding any reasonable protection against real piracy that causes economic harm. SOPA/PIPA were written by massive companies and collections of companies (MPAA, RIAA...) with the goal of giving those companies what amounts to extra-judicial authority to take away users' freedoms and censor the internet. Examples are helpful here.

Google, or a smaller start-up search engine without so much budget, could be censored ( doesn't work anymore) for indexing websites that contain copyright violations. By copyright violations, I mean kids singing happy birthday, pictures of Mickey Mouse, and the MLK Jr. Dream speech. They could be censored without review by a court, without peer review of the violation detection process or software, and without recourse. could be censored for having videos with background music for >30 seconds or so (whatever 'fair use' means). Reddit would basically die, because there is no way for the site to moderate the user created content it hosts, and it would invariably end up hosting something copyrighted.

Anonymization software, Virtual Private Networks (like most companies use to secure traffic) and proxies (used for privacy, usually without the bandwidth to pirate things) would all be essentially outlawed under the Anti-Circumvention Provision. This would not only make us like China (the censoring I mentioned above) but would ban the tools needed for activists (or normal people) to circumvent censorship in places like Iran, China, and now the US.

Besides for all of this, there are already incredibly powerful mechanisms for rights owners to protect against piracy. Under the DMCA, rights owners just need to send a Cease and Desist notice to a site that is allegedly violating copyright (again, no judge involved, no standard of evidence, no peer-review of the data). If the site does not remove the content, they can be sued into oblivion ($150k per song, image, whatever). This happens all the time, and frequently (to no one's surprise) sites are harassed and shutdown for years at a time, only to win a many-millions of $ legal battle by proving that they never actually violated copyright (many times, the error was some C- programmer who made a simple mistake).
After discovering my senator, Dianne Feinstein, had no Twitter account, I sought a more low-tech to communicate my displeasure over her PIPA support. Wow, no Facebook or Google+ account, either.
+Gabriell Villanueva Beyond possible ludditeness of it all, imagine trying to use a Twitter account when everybody in California and many beyond wants to convince you to vote this way or that way. You think you have spam problems.
slaughter of the lambs , i guess , Is there anything else we can't do in a country that is free
I have an issue that I doubt many people have encountered. When using copyrighted material, for any reason, I have repeatedly sought to go through the proper licensing channels of many large distribution companies only to get NO RESPONSE from legal licensing departments.
I would gladly pay for the rights to use another individual's intellectual property. So, it is not fair in all cases to look at the end users as irresponsibly distributing another's work. Look at the way major distribution companies handle inquiries from small venues - as though they aren't worthwhile! Add it up, and watch the pennies fly out the window......:p
+Alvin Brinson Yes, the boneheads buy influence and votes, but ultimately the people are willing to be bought.

Fear and consumption. That's how their dollars buy the votes. Fear of job loss, crime, infringement of values, etc. And promises of change, job creation, pork barrel projects, etc. to fuel consumption.
+Gabriell Villanueva It's ironic that Senator Feinstein supports PIPA but has little firsthand experience with using the very thing it impacts - the Internet.
well the reason I said it is all about $$$$ is because I can't really understand why would a person that download a song can be in prison longer than a person who killed a person! why they don't do it as a if you download a song for free, then we will make you pay for it 100 times more, I can see that's fair for all the artists. for whoever who said if you walk out with a CD or tape from a store then the police get called and blah blah blah.... , but I don't think they got 5 years for stealing that CD/tape, also people use to share tapes and CD's and record them for free from each other it is the same way happening now it is just online, besides getting it from your neighbor or class mate in a hard copy, you do it online, so there is nothing new about this, and even this law passed people will still emailing somebody and ask him/her to borrow their CD and record these songs. but seeing how this law is set up, I want you to know Mr artist that this LAW it is not because lawmakers give a shit about you, it is more about what are they getting out of it.

We have to keep our eyes on Congress and not allow them to take away our constitutional rights. We do live in a Democracy, at least that's what we've been told.
who knew that in 2012 downloading music would be more of a crime than killing someone??
+Kurt Evans It's more a representative democracy. That's why we have a congress. We vote a person into office to make the decisions for us. In a true democracy we, the public, make the decisions.
If we got rid of the lobbyists, things in this country might run a little bit more smoothly...
Sounds about right, for the U.S. legal system.
At the end of the day the President can VITO both this and the other one they are trying to push though. When you have most of the tech heavy weights saying this is not cool then I think you will find that if Obama wants a good war chest for the race next year he will kill these off. And yes I am aware that this sounds very cynical of me but in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave campaign donations and power of the lobbyists win.
SO, did they start making new jails, plenty of, too?
That is very true, I would say if they do not pull them which I find highly unlikely it will be so watered down and I would say toothless when it gets to be signed it will be mostly to keep the MPPA and the RIAA happy. One of those laws that would be so hard to enforce that no one would bother. I have to say the fact that they had the balls to even create these bills just shows that the people talking in the ears of the people that are pushing these bills have no real understanding of the internet works. But I am going to be keeping my eye on this as I find it really interesting :)
hate! I always think S.O.P.A is just like fascist! FREE! WE NEED FREE!
If find the fascist comment quite odd as if you live in the US you have the Parrot Act. We are not free, if we were free then we could do what every we want with out the risk of any consequence, I am sure there will be many people that will jump on this but this is just my view. Be thankful you did not live in Franco's Spain or North Korea.
+Darren O'Rorke Maybe your view is right! I know this thing just bad for everyone live in US. I don't know what should we get in the future if pass the SOPA. Then u will know we do not have free that time.
+Sean Adams If you could just upload my personal possessions, I'd be fine w/ that. I release my stuff under Creative Commons anyhow.

Uploading is just another way to copy, it's not like transporters on Star Trek, where matter is destroyed on one side, then recreated on the other. It's left on your hard drive, and then sent through packets to be copied to the hard drive / SSD / flash memory of another.

So this isn't theft like stealing a loaf of bread, more like unlicensed duplication of copyrighted goods. IMO it shouldn't be considered Grand Theft or anywhere near it.
Wait, but Michael Jackson's doctor made the copyright holders and the record company gain a lot of money, after his death they sold more records and videos than ever. The doctor deserves a share of the profits, at least under the same criterion applied to grant copyrights, the pure economic benefit of those who monopolize the rights.
In contrast, if you upload one of his songs, perhaps someone else who didn't even know that the song even existed won't buy a copy of the song, probably because in his opinion it isn't worthy its price. So you may be contributing to make the big corporations 0.001% less wealthy while you're saving them 50% in advertising.
If we let this happen, we will only have ourselves to blame. This will be the first step down a long, steep, slippery slope. And then some day (hopefully) some "V" will come and say "...Well certainly there are those more responsible than others, and they will be held accountable, but again truth be told, if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror."
+Gunajit Haloi I agree, but I would say that the passing of the DMCA was the first real step, but evidently the RIAA/MPAA doom brigade thought that this was a little too lenient.
Why, why do they (politicians) speak out loud about human rights, democracy and freedom, WHY ?!! This is pure dictatorship !!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you doctor.
Jail? Really? Are the people really that ignorant about SOPA and PIPA? Please read the bill before you comment. SOPA has nothing to do with jailing people who pirate software or media.

You CAN be against software piracy and still be against SOPA/PIPA.

I'm against murder, and yet I would not support a bill that would allow me personally to subdue anyone I felt was a murderer without police or courts.
I find it funny that artists believe piracy is the only reason they are not making tons of money. Newsflash, you're not making money because the RIAA doesn't want you to make money. With SOPA they could take it even farther by deleting your twitter account, facebook page, website, and youtube page. You are their competition, they don't give a shit about you. Want to make a lot of money and be an artist? Put down your playthings and get a real job. No one makes money by making music, they make money by selling crap once the RIAA has told people they are "popular".
If some man rapes a woman he gets 7 years jail and if some one upload MJ song then he gets 5 years jail? What a stupid and barbaric law? Shame on the law makers.
It seems as if lives have become unimportant and money very important.
This is already true under the NET Act of 1997 and DMCA of 1998. SOPA really doesn't do anything about prison time.
Yeah, but downloading one song may unemploy him; if he's dead he is no linger unemployed, and do not contribute to the "jobs problem". (Sarcasm overload, sorry)
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Perfect way to put it. When did we make art and words property rather than just pleasure ?
+Steve Sampson Yeah you are completely correct... Google makes BILLIONS, if you divide that by the number of bootleg music uploads on youtube, you get millions... (*single digit* millions) Youtube don't even make one billion a year yet... Numbers don't lie but the words surrounding the numbers do lie.
drikus it is said in the bible that the time will come like a thief in the night yes. so there is know way you can predict this. as a matter a fact practiclaly almost every generation in human history has thought they were in the tribulation. peter did ,during the reformation they thought they were in the tribulation, people thought hitler was the antichrist. like what i said the lord will will come like a thief in the night. so, how can you predict when someones gonna rob your house. 1 thessalonians 5:2-10 says that. so all im saying drikus is that the bible clearly says you can never predict when its gonna happen
SOPA/PIPA will not stop piracy... All it will do is allow for the censoring of ideas... Only the big name companies will win by controlling what goes on the internet...
Always go against murder.........but swatting a fly is not murder;even thou the fly used to be alive is indeed dead afterwards.
Money talks, especially if you have a lot of it (already) :)
The best protest is not to buy any media for at least a whole year, nor go to the movies. Greed is the worst possible marketing policy and trying to get it backed by legislation doesn't make it any better.
+Sean Adams your knowledge of standard recording contracts sounds amateur at best. Generally an artist would receive mere pennies. They still wouldn't get it though. They still need to pay back the advance the record label gave them up front before they recieve royalties. Lets not forget to mention that these BS laws will do nothing to curb piracy. It will simply take another form is all.

Perhaps they should spend a lot of their lobbying money on innovating newer better platforms to serve their customers rather than trying to treat us all like crimminals.
All these big corporations supporting the SOPA & PIPA: How many of them got do adverizing on the Net, and have PPC accounts on Gooogle..would be interesting to see the stats.
That certainly is food for thought, quiet scary actually. Go figure...
I guess that's OK because the doc actually did a service to human kind whereas anyone responsible for others having to hear these songs ever again is definitely a criminal ... </sarkasm>
totally not a cool comment there sascha sarcasm or not...
We are the ones who made this www,billions of people will be pissed off and companies will fail.
Just upload personal video then
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Dr. Afia Siddiqui didnt even kill anyone in her whole life and got 86 years sentence from American Dark Justice
So in other words its better to kill Micheal than to kill a Micheal song.....interesting ...
saaale maarenge us wale..........pta nahi kisi khush dekh karke khush nahi hai ye...angrej...!!!!!! dis bluddy SOPA....!!!!!!!
SOPA/PIPA are just another way the government under the shield of law can suppress free speech(i.e first amendment) by saying its only to stop foreign countries from stealing american intellectual data.Well I say its not's the governments way of keeping you from your songs,or deprive musicians of their royalties ,it's a way to watch over what you listen to and what you say to your friends ,and to keep you under their control by fear. Just think who supports these bills.CBS,ABC.FOX NEWS,MSNBC,CNN,and most major talk radio stations, both conservative and liberal.Who do you think has your best interest at heart? The GOP candidates, or the current President? the only person with your best interest at heart is ......YOU! You must decide if this bill is what you want, or you want something that will not take away your freedom. tell Congress and the White house what you want .And remember It's your choice and don't change course for no one.
Holy shit!! What an eye opening analogy!!!
vitun huora, painu vittuun siitä minun seinältä saatanan lehmä
SOPA or no SOPA, no one on earth can banish liberty, freedom and equality form the Cyber World. The objective of the US Congress should be not to protect corporate interests but preserve cyber freedom and cyber Tranparency.
whoever agree with Sopa is an idiot
and five years more than Michael himself got for touching children, such an unjust world...
SOPA is not a piracy vs anti-piracy debate, since it would do nothing to stop the actual pirates. SOPA is a corporate media vs your right to free speech, right to a fair trial, and right to due process debate.
As here in America under the Bushes, once we relinquish Freedoms, it never stops, and the government keeps on trying to take it... We didn't fight communism and socialism to merely revert to these so called evils. I didn't serve my country as a U.S. Marine, to merely stand down and let our Freedoms dissipate... Americans stand up.... Men be Men...
what they should do is ban Lobbyists
What should happen is it gets past. All those crooked fucks who continued to make esperesso's at starbucks while the rest of the nation was protesting (OWS).

First they came for the poor (OWS)
I wasn't poor so I didn't speak up

Then they came for my liberty (NDAA)
I wasn't a terrorist so I didn't speak up

Then they came for my thoughts (SOPA)
and nobody was left to fight for me.

With as many idiots in this nation I guess it's time for it to go down the toilet.
so if the doctor video recorded himself killing Michael Jackson with the song playing in the background would he get 9 years?
Then... we all can STOP "SOPA", it's in our hands !!!
Let's do it !
Just another one of our freedoms going away !
why would i upload an MJ song? I have Spotify. I pay $10 a month and I have access to the largest music collection on Earth even when I don't have an internet connection. When I want to share the music I like, I can just email my spotify song to any of my friends or post it to Facebook where anyone can listen to it. So, again, why would I want to upload an MJ song?
The laws and justice system here in America are flawed and outdated.
totally agree with you sister!!!!!!!!!!!!
DEAR, SOPA.. WHAT THE HECK?????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!
While yeah, piracy is focus would be on world hunger or educating people or something less important than piracy obviously. You cant steal, what some one owns. Some one in the prior comments mention a someone downloading your xbox. Really dude? You can download an xbox, and then you have a copy and the owner has a copy? Nah, while their should be protection from the companies losing money, you cant call it stealing, because they still have their song.

This reminds me of marvels civil war series.... can i get in trouble for saying that?
SOPA/PIPA are a continued extension of the long term trend to deprive US citizens of their civil liberties. Additionally, each of these laws have granted corporations additional "rights", which in turn allows them to claim that "piracy" is increasing. They then use this misleading logic to then assert that they need additional draconian laws to protect them from increasing "piracy". Essentially, we will have a police state designed to protect corporate profits. Want to eliminate piracy? Restore copyright to its original intent.
anyway there are some people who might kill to have written at least one of these songs.
I agree that such a punishment would be excessive, but as a musician I also think that a lot of people have enjoyed a lot of music over the years without paying a cent for the pleasure. I don't agree that we have a civil liberty to steal artists' work. Probably the government, as usual, is being too heavy-handed and simultaneously also watching out for corporate America.
stop it google pleassseee ur the king of the internet and we can help you by signing whatever
if he knew that why did he give MJ the death drug i agree
As far as I see artists and content creators are living in their golden era, only thanks to the Internet. The amount of content created, distributed and consumed globally is huge compared to a few decades ago. The boundary between the creators and their audience is vanishing. Only problem is that the big companies are not making more money out of this increased consumption. This is only greed. We're in a new age and a new system. Just like Kodak is not in photography business today, the winners of the old and outdated system will fall in time. This is the most natural thing. Its pathetic to pass a law to protect outdated big companies.
@Randy: While one can say that you do NOT have the civil liberties to "steal" an artists work, the converse is also true. That is that the artistic community does NOT have the right to violate one's civil liberties to "protect" their fabricated so-called rights. Under our legal system, due process requires that evidence be legally collected then presented to a court. These new laws eliminate due process and allow the content industry to "wiretap" every one.

So lets offer this extreme example. As an artist, should you have the right to enter anyone's house (without a search warrant) at your will to inspect it for infringing content? That is what is being proposed. The answer should be NO!

Additionally, copyright was meant to be a privilege of limited duration. NOT a property right. However, the content industry has been claiming rights, that do not exist and labeling what the consumer does with that content as "piracy" and "stealing". Unfortunatley, few have ever truly questioned the validity of the content industries fabricated assertions of so-called "property rights". The fact is that it is the content industry that has been "stealing" from the public.
Unfortunately, our lawmakers are trying to force this same bullshit on the rest of the world. They've started trying to coerce Spain and Ireland to follow suit.
Hold does that mean we are better off killing the borad members of SOPA? Who's with me?
can you send me the friend request on facebook?
That says it all!
+Darth Paul "i tend to find 90% of human beings to be to stupid for there own good ill take the $12.50 thanks"

"too" stupid, not "to" stupid. You'll have to count yourself among that 90%.

Piracy = illegal

Shutting down a website for "facilitating access to pirated content" = dangerous
Requiring search engines to delete offending pages from their results = censorship
Forcing ISPs to block offending foreign websites at the DNS level = North Korea

Piracy needs to be addressed, but SOPA and PIPA are not (by a long shot) the answer.
When you throw in the willingness of congress to extend copyright protection back in time, so that items in the public domain are pulled back under copyright protection, the real evil in SOPA/PIPA is much worse than what most people are imagining at this time.
2011, One Year before the #SOPA
- We have seen, heard and read, how some arab governments have been thrown out by the fight of its people to get freedom, liberty and a decent democracy.
But the fight haven´t finished yet.
- We have seen the #Indignados and the #15M movement in Spain, how they manifested in the streets against corruption and felony of the political and economical casts that have caused an economical crisis on an unseen severity than any time before.
- Many US citizens have organized the #occupy movement against corruption, political power abuse, the economical monopoly of power, and the one minded mass media.
- China have censored all the search results of the above, to maintain its hegemonic control over its people.

2012 #SOPA Law was approved by the the US senate

Beware of who wants to control your information, for he aims for absolute power.
Don't you know that murder is not as bad as robbing a bank according to most countries
Michael Archer- can you send your email to me
SOPA isnt about piracy, piracy was already illegal and enforced on American soil. Its all about getting that foot in the door of media control under the guise of controlling international piracy.
is always about the $$$ if they don't make billions & billions of dollars they will not be happy is not like they are homeless..if music movies & everything else wasn't so expensive..than people wouldn't have to do what we do now in days..also I'm not saying that is not fair people don't get paid for their jobs but sopa is not the correct way to go!!
Support Independent Artists! Forget your corporate masters and let them reap what they sow. Go out and throw a couple bucks to street musicians and help put food on someone's table.
people are talking about how pirating is wrong. Noone is arguing against taht. The problem we have with SOPA is that it doesn't use due process and can shut down sites just for having a link to an ofending website. It is the unfair way it is written, not the goal. The people who argue against the goal of stopping pirating may deserve punishment, but website owners should not have to watch their websites that closely at risk of a lawsuit. It isn't like it will stop pirating anyway in the end :p
Well said, Alex the laws are written now it is all about control of the internet. The anti-piracy label is a sugar-coating meant to distract. Of course people are against piracy. It's like a contract where everything looks good until you get down to the fine print.
+Karras Bommer Absolutely right. These pharmaceutical companies are pouring money into this bill not to fight "online piracy", but to be able to shut down sites they don't want.
mmm... Killing Michael Jackson or uploading his album. Well, I'm not certain which of these options would have a wore outcome.
+Jason Abreu You said it sir. It is worth noting the surge in copyright brouhaha after the Arab spring. In fact, the G8 made a lot of noise about "civilizing" the internet, and every government is running scared and trying to emulate the chinese firewall in some way or the other. This includes France, Britain, the USA and even India.

We really need an independent internet as proposed by the chaos computer club.
la leySOPA ,viola uno de los principales derechos nacionales e internacionales el derecho a la libertad de expresion ,tambien el de mas importante todos somos iguales ante la ley y mas importamte la libertad de pensamiento ,ademas es una ley restrictiba y discriminatoria pues si se aprueba solo algunos podrian a acceder a la informacion y fomentaria la ignorancia pues si el acceso a la red es restringido mucha gente no tendra acceso a millones de contenidos.-
Sopa must be relegated to the nearest dustbin! Period. 
I agree with +Jason Abreu . The media companies are dinosaurs, who are desperately clutching to a time that started dying a long time ago. Their decision to fight change instead of embracing it is disconcerting when one considers how much "power" they have.
As an artist and producer that helps sell the music I help create, I find filling out endless forms, proving I own the music that I paid for, endlessly time consuming. Some people think pirating is good for getting their name out. Fine. Name one product that was free, manufactured at a loss, that eventually got so popular that people were willing to pay for it? There are none. That is insane.
Like other big businesses trying to protect their interests, they are trying to close the doors once opened to them, allowing them to begin and grow into what they are. I don't like that. So, I am torn.

On the flip side, I do not like some industry saying what others can and can not say and do on-line.
+Dan Bray it's not so much a free speech issue, it's an abuse of power issue. The detractors feel SOPA/PIPA gives groups like the MPAA too much power, in theory, nobody is arguing what is free speech or not. The law wouldn't remove the right to parody.
But there is no "right to parody"! Quite the opposite. If you don't have a major label behind you like Weird Al Yankovic, write a skit for SNL and have Lorne Michaels blessing, etc, good luck with your "right to parody". Can you find a single Literal Video on YouTube without the old school TV and the cat? The Michael Jackson factoid above is so fitting: try to find the Literal Video of Billie Jean on YouTube. I may be exaggerating, but wouldn't the smaller fish that dare to show a few uncensored Literal Videos (thank you, Funny Or Die) take them down for fear of retribution under these bills (if passed)? The record companies actually made money after the Take On Me and Total Eclipse of the Heart Literal Videos came out. No one had bought those songs in any format in years. Yet the record companies were more interested in shutting down a harmless, creative, and humorous form of entertainment. When the S hit the F, many of the artists themselves who were interviewed approved of the Literal Videos. But the record companies--not those artists (which the supporters argue these bills are supposed to protect)--had legal authority to make the decisions regarding their copyright infringement. Let's be honest: the record companies pretend that they act in their 'clients' best interest but will f*ck them over the first chance they get. Classic example: search the web for the legal battle over the rights to The Verve's (excuse me, Abkco's) song Bitter Sweet Symphony. But you better do it soon before Wikipedia gets shut down for copyright infringement.
The problem with these companies is that many people find it EASIER to digest their content when pirating it.

Get it online, make it cheap and easy to use, fast to watch/stream and people will buy it. I can have an American TV Show I'm watching download illegally MONTHS before Australian media outlets have it, Additionally with RSS I can have that TV Show download AUTOMATICALLY AS SOON AS IT IS RELEASED, So when I get home it is sitting their waiting, the only way this could be better would be if I was able to donate so more of the show is made, for now I will pirate, then buy eventually when it is reasonably priced. TV is on its way out, Streaming/Digital is on its way up -- GET WITH THE TIMES AND JOIN THE PARTY.
What do they need SOPA/PIPA for? Yesterday, during the Megupload raid, they arrested 8(?) people who, not only were non-citizens, but had never set foot in this country.
+Steve Kline It's required to cut out due process part that takes time and effort. That's what Kimble and co. had to go thru with the teardown of Megaupload.
They'd be doing the shutdowns at corporate level with like remote off buttons at every label, movie studio, magazine and web publishing house if they could. Sing the wrong song in the shower and you'd be turned off for good.
I've stopped singing in the rain as well.
kill sopa and bring back megaupload!!! free kim dotcom
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