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Google Image Search #Fail
Look: We all make mistakes, but that doesn't make them any less amusing. This time, someone in the BBC's research department must have been running pretty fast and loose with the Google image search b...
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That comedy right there. What low level intern just lost their job?
This had to have been done intentionally by someone as a joke.
Jajaja, todos cometemos errores, pero algunos son transmitidos por TV..
I'd love to see the look on the Syrian's face when they saw space ships & Master Chief coming!
I would be sadened if they shunt anyone off this team! we don't know under what circumstances this happened is he someone at lower end of food chain {depends how you define food chain} ordered by the boss at the very last moment in a scheduled program to put up some background to the the show? Well i wouldn't agree with any witch hunting!

Also can google image search be blamed? O and how about region filters, ip resolving, isp information or even machine id access do they understand your intentions? Well there's lot out there which aspect is not involving such filters, do we as humans do? Do any other 'laws' do? I see myself in there and i am not in happy mood gibberish? Maybe
Blaming a search engine for this kind of folly is just silly. That would be like blaming Stanley when I smash my thumb with their hammer.
+Kevin Hamacek Knowing the litigious nature the world is heading down, you could probably make a case that they didn't provide sufficient and specific warning telling you that hitting your thumb would cause pain. How could you be expected to know otherwise? ;)

But no, blaming the instrument when the fault is clearly with the person using it is just silly.

Mistakes happen, though, enjoy the lol and carry on. Nobody should be fired over it.
No wonder Sofie's got such a moody looking face. I bet she went ass-kicking right afterwards
+shane lawrence i don't think there is anything clear! there are one doesn't know how many factors affect and result any outcome probability is one thing certainty another and there is doubt in the doubt! your lol message made my day! Thanks
Thats awesome! Haha he deserves a thumbs up along with a severance package lol. 
Lol! Master Chief wasnt unavailable for comment!
Would this thread get lots of comments and likes? Could we see it in the hot on google+? Every now and then brain is doing thinking! Silence and noise can be acute as well as chronic whatever field it is!
Casualidad? No, nada es casual. Como muchos saben el juego Halo fue creado por la empresa Microsoft. Esta empresa tuvo lasos con la NSA, Microsoft muchas veces le dio el codigo fuente de Windows a la NSA bajo el pretexto de que esta agencia inspeccionara el codigo fuente para encontrar posibles huecos de seguridad. Tambien Microsoft colaboro en varias ocaciones con la UNSC en operaciones especificas, como por ejemplo el soporte tecnico en sus servidores para el intercambio de datos. El juego Halo es una simple propaganda creada por Microsoft para reclutar personas para la UNSC. Quien haya puesto el logotipo de la UNSC del juego Halo de Microsoft conoce estos lazos.
I think this is an argument of why it is SO IMPORTANT for ALL organizations to make their logos publicly available for use.
I did a quick image search on Google for the same thing and could see how the mistake could have been made (in a fast a loose situation).
Tony M
Not suprised
It's not as unreasonable as this post makes it seem. The broadcast was about the UNSC, i.e. the UN security council. Considering the real UNSC logo is actually very similar to the general UN logo, it's likely the Halo one stood out more in the search results and someone mistakenly used that instead. A quick google seems to suggest this error was made further upstream than the BBC, but they should have still been more careful. The Halo logo really doesn't look much like the other UN logos.
Tony M
It shows how much research they are putting in the news. Major news stations are a joke.
+David D. Lumsden No, no seria mejor un mundo donde solamente existiera un solo jefe. Seria anti ético, anti democrático y se convertiria en una dictadura internacional. Bueno no seria mucha diferencia porque actualmente es una dictadura internacional, pero liderada por varios presidentes genocidas. Jajaja.
We made that kind of mistake in one of the stations I was National Flag Day, there was a typo and the letter "L" was left out. Most of the jocks caught the error...just sayin'....
Dudo que sea buena periodista. Antes de poner esta nota deberia haber investigado un poco mas sobre el creador del juego y los lazos con la UNSC. No tiene capacidad de investigación por lo que observo. Ademas, por las notas que observo en su perfil, solamente pareciera ser una simple comentarista.
Do a Google image search.
Select first image.
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
+Adam Lucifer You forgot steps 3 and 4.

1. Do a Google image search.
2. Select first image.
3. ???
4. Profit!

#ThereIFixedItForYou :)
Props to the video game designer... Cuz thts legit
That's gonna happen when you forget to have coffee in the morning!!
I wonder how long it took them to realise the mistake?
LOL! Damn, that made my day.

Makes you wonder if the person who did this really knew what they were doing and just played stupid when they got called on it, right?
So no one at the Beeb played Halo? Doubt it.
An understandable mistake, I doubt a middle aged woman like her has ever played Halo.
It's damn funny though.
When art imitates life. Sort of.
I don't know if i have peers but for those who read comments too, it's a win win for piratebay, freaks like me, most of the gamers use 'illeagle' copies and well tables are turned here okay hey you sopa/pipa so on and on lets give your 'law' trial run! recent google transparency report had listed sites for piracy and complaints registered! 
No really, she is what 45? Most likely with kids, respectable job, do you honestly think when she comes home she slips into something more comfortable grabs some potato chips and starts playing halo!?!
halo reach is my second favorite game my first is black ops
it's not that fun when you read the whole story
I hope the UNSC start working on the spartan project soon, we need some badly here in Mexico!!
+Andrew cool it's not halo's main logo but logo of united nations space command in halo +Steve Sampson overpaid talking heads really? And %bbc% ? Like things have been perfect and you think you earn every part of your livlihood fairly?
Can Bungie issue a takedown notice of BBC for unsolicited use of its copyrighted material :)
who even cares about peoples
mistakes so what
well they could use this footage in the upcoming Halo 4 ! :)
Is like watching a Robocop film ! :P
I think RIM should sue simbody on this deal!
Jorge: like see what press has to say about us? And testimonials see this thread on google+
Seriously, a slow news day. My question is, what exactly does the UN need in space. Syria and other earthly places are too much for them anyway.
I see lots of News FAILs. This doesn't surprise me so much.
Wow ! Those people are CRAZY!!!!!
Of the Belmont Klan? Of course but...
What next a picture of super Mario as the Italian pm
Only at the BBC.
Still cool though
Well done, BBC. Well done indeed.
+Sam Jones not only on BBC. almost exacty one year ago some german TV station used a fan made Star Trek insignia instead the one of the unit that killed Bin Laden.
OMG! ROFL! How did they manage to make THAT mistake?
lol - now that is funny
haha dont take things too seriously... take a chill pill bro.
The state of BBC, summed up in one picture
XDDDDDDDDD this made my day, but ti be fair it's the same
Doc Jay
Fail 😜👎
This is what passes for journalism nowadays.
An improvement if you ask me!
Halo just... got... real! lol
A mistake was made, so what! Laugh and move on.
I don't know, I kind of think it's an improvement.
Then again, a few years ago the BBC had asked people submit possible logos for the 2012 Summer Olympics and they showed one that was inspired by goatse.
LOL the UN should change their logo to that, SPARTANS anybody?
How do you know it's wrong?.....Maybe the BBC knows exactly whats going on.....
This is AWESOME!!!
LOL....wait when does halo exist hmmmmm...sherlock i need help
You'd think that people would just know what the logo looks like? That's more sad than it is pitiful.
Well it is also a good reason to hire gamers into these organizations... so they won't look silly making mistakes like this, if in fact this was a mistake and not a gamer making a joke.
Omfg that is hilarious. You ma'am have brightened my day.
Lol, that's hilarious
damn we all will b the new spartans.
what its true we are the next in line for a world/galatic war.
what is favourite food. and colors send message .with naturals locations
Copy and paste without read or game interruptus before the news?
Sophie Rayworth is furious! Look at the mood on her face! Hahaha!
It was awesome to meet you at BayCon this weekend. Thanks for taking time to chat. one of the fan girls from the lobby
Omg this is so so funny! Love it when the BBC make mistakes like this. 
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