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So excited for this game :) I will wait in line!
With your last name, you just need to embrace an entire Castlevania themed lifestyle. Maybe Konami will sponsor you.
Oh my. I might have to actually give a crap about this.
Seems cool. Too bad Ubisoft still makes the AC games. When the first one came out, I stopped buying Ubisoft because of their retarded DRM scheme on that game. Haven't given them a cent since.

They still requiring you to have a consistent connection to their server for single player games?
Never been excited about Assassin's Creed, until now
Her Majesty the Queen is nodding in disapproval right now, she will not be playing Assassin's Creed 3. :P
Me too! As a student of colonial American history, I'm eager to dive into that game.
I wonder if the Konami code will turn you into Mel Gibson
The Vita version actually looks pretty fun.
I'm disappointed you have to be on the side of the US... I'm not American. Though I realize that modern game designers can't produce a fluid game and maintain profitability. I'm sure my one unpurchased copy isn't going to hurt them too much :) 
I wouldn't normally use this term, but that was the very definition of YOLO! My apologies. 
This is a really great game series. The storyline skipping ahead but still being tied firmly back in the present is really some awesome storytelling in my opinion. Definitely looking forward to this one.
That game looks bad-ass but all the sneeking around takes forever.  I'm more of a get in, bust it, and get out.  Just ask my wife I don't even effect her reading.
This is one of the good things of E3...unfortunately, everything else sorta sucked this year.
Mark J
With Pat spilling the beans about your recent engagement, nerd dudes around the world are searching for their crying towels.
I'm not a big "Gammer" but I think I just sported a bit of a Taint'er.. Soo Veronica "B" ... When is the next "Vag Fantasies" ?... The four of you together... Priceless...  By the way,. "you" completly rock.!
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