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Epic action hero cat is... epic. via +Ryan Block
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"My Planet needs me......" Whoosh!
This is the best animated cat gif ever. No further applicants need apply.
nossa achei que ia me avançar kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
WannaB ceiling cat.
sooooooo cooool! haha, one hu made this is really ve3ry creative :D deliveraaaaaaance....k poww!!!
mola mucho el video, muy logrado te felicito.
Wow! That's like... normal... for a cat.
I want to see more like this immediately
Neo's cat wipes the smile off of Agent Smith's pit bull
ESE miso, tiene liga de matrix con superman
thanks- reminds me of my best friend
Bullet Time Cat is leaping in your face and smacking you... in bullet time.
Cat boxing=口=!!!!!!!
the cool thing is this: cats do that all the time. This gives us a nice perspective on how terribly athletic they are, compared to the average man.
The slow motion make is it very cool. Is that 8 to 9 feet?
Great slow-mo treatment on a fine specimen of Cattus Magnificus.
that is pretty epic. and I'm not even a cat person.
it has guts.... kind of action phenomenum
WOW now that's impressive !!
Well, this just puts a smile on my face.
Rob H
Avengers Assemble.!!!
someone buy this cat a cape!...or a volleyball jersey.
Awesome. I've seen my cat do something similar except it leapt out of the bushes trying to get the birds. Too bad I wasn't filming it.
Thundercats, hoooooooooooo!
What a slap!! Lets watch the replay. Watch how he sizes up the jump and what a leap! At least several feet of air. I don't think I've seen anything like it. And that slap, watch the focus and concentration, the left paw extended for balance. Purrfect execution. And to finish off with a four point landing!! This is definitely one for the highlight reals.
That's so EPIC. Much love for that cat.
Another Cool Cat. The answer is "no", David. The cat owns you.
I love cats. the acrobatics that they produce are simply amazing. I wish i could do what they do. Their night vision would also be awesome.
Cute cat but do u know that blackops 2 coming in november
Really a hero cat.
oh man the cat is epic for sure
¡¡Mama mía!!!! This video is unbelievable!!!! astounding!! it could be one of the best in all the world, in all times and ever forever!! The jump itself is extraordinary, but the take also shows us how animals (in this case: cats) can behave or react, allowing us to see their magnificent movements!!
i like it this is ful to fatak jump........
Great A Super Cat
you have a wonderful cat, you can carry to the olimpic games.
Amazing.. And they only feel one emotion: contempt.
Hey Lars, since the video appears to be regular speed for the fall, you can use s=ut+0.5at^2 to estimate. I reckon around 1.5-1.8 metres! Impressive...
The Tom & Jerry show :-) :-*
Well might as well go back to bed because I won't be seeing anything cooler than that.
Awesome! I'm assuming this is in a closet, so what... five and half feet straight up?!
I'm definitely not a cat person...but that cat just won me over!
I wonder if cats know they control us this much at this level. :-)
The internet was all alight with the guy that has the 5 foot standing vertical jump. How about a 5-times-your-own-height standing vertical
Not a big fan of cats, but gotta admit this is impressive!
Woah. Best action sequence by a tabby? Yes.
Holy vertical leap batman. So much for keeping the cat treats on the fridge!!
Amazing... eyes fixed on the "prey"... One of the most successful hunters
lmao thats exactly how one of my cats act/looks lol.. they have to jump up at anything hanging and bring it down if neccessary lol
I'm not a cat lover but this is cool. My dogs can't pull this off.
Look at the fierce determination of its face. The eyes never leave the target!
That cat is AWESOME!!! YEAH!! I'm cheering here!!
Cat is going to rule the earth
Egyptian Mau.. renowned for its amazing leap and ability to run over 36 mph. Unique leg skin flap enables greater stride/flex. Evolution rocks.
That is sweet. I especially like the slowdown at the cat's apex of its jump!
yeeaah 1301th +1 and this is the coolest Cat ever! now i no where the ninjas leaned Everything! thats right cats are Ninja!!!!!
Roby Kj
You have arts for route of master peace.
Well they say, white cats can't jump... or something to that effect :)
The intensity on its eyes. Focused.
That nice- doing practice for fighting
I want a cat so I do cool videos like this!
awesome, for a second I really thought that cat was flying straight forward.
That's why I love cats!!!!!!!!!
Hero cat! Save me from the ebil household thingies!!!
one awesome super cat 
Amazing!!! How he moves in the air after the attack to land exactly like he wants! How high is that?
this is asome wow:)
I is supercat!  what in the world made that cat jump so high!
That's a great video. Love cats and dogs!
I could watch this all day. And I'm not even a cat person. 
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