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Gasp! John Locke! Well, kind of.
The new Fall TV shows have been announced, and, of course, we have a discriminating eye for those filled with sci-fi and fantasy elements. From alien comedies to comic-book heroes, there's a show for ...
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From the sounds of the show he's more the man-in-black version than 'real' Locke, though.
well, only time we saw him in a full suit like that he was in a coffin so maybe he's dead in this show as well.
Definitely interested in Revolution. After The Event, Alcatraz, Terra Nova and Flash Forward - I need a decent Lost replacement that lasts for more than one season.
I'm not sold on that show at all. Sounds like O'Quinn is the devil and runs an evil apartment complex. No thank you.
I'm going to wait for these to get past 13 episodes or at least a second season. I'm really getting sick of investing time in a show and it gets cancelled mid season.
+Eric Cheng I am with you, no need for modern day Sherlock while BBC one is still so good.
Is there a reason they didn't carry over the Green Arrow Actor from Smallville?
Revolution sounds okay though how long will any of these last given the recent spat of sci-fi early terminations
Yeah, the one I'm most interested in (Revolution) is the one the least likely to stick around. I just don't see network television being able to pull off a post-apocalyptic society for too long.
When is Josh Holloway going to get a chance again? I was excited to see him in Ghost Protocol only to be promptly disappointed he was killed off so early.
I'm planning my zero-wait policy featuring uTorrent already. Oh to live in the Third World that is Europe.....
Not sure if I'm down with Revolution - it looks like a ripoff of S.M. Stirling's The Change series. Also, while Lucy Lu is attractive, she's not an entire show by herself. However, if they have more episodes and more regularity than the BBC version, I might just watch it. Arrow would be interesting except that it's a CW show, so I'll probably watch one or two episodes and then get turned off by how angsty it is.
rudy s
Firefox is not rendering that page nicely :\
I should have learned my lesson when they cancelled Awake, (Monsters!!) But I'm most probably going to watch them immediately, knowing that a couple won't survive.
Meh, other than maybe the Sherlock show (which looks like it may have an interesting twist by setting it in more modern-day America, perhaps), none of these catch my interest.
"but we feel like we also have to give this one a shot"... nope...
Neighbors was already done: 3rd rock. Meh...

Revolution and Arrow look interesting.
666 Park Avenue looks like Rosemary's Mortgage.
I think Sherlock peaked at this season's first episode and has since been going downhill very fast.
Uninspiring. I think money would have been better spent giving Sanctuary another season!
Can you really say that a show that has two three episode series is really going down hill?
Sherlock seems like Monk with a british guy.Instead of being a mentally ill former cop who consults with the police and has a femal assistant he's recovering addict who works with the police and has a female recovery partner(whatever that is)
Not sure on this line-up, nothing grabs me and says Must watch! The closest I get is with Revolution but being a J. J. Abrams show I'm not expecting much interest beyond episode 3 or 4. I think Arrow has the best potential to run for more than two seasons.
Wait, do we really need an American version of Sherlock? Aside from needing MORE of it, the British version is nearly flawless.
Why do the say Revolution is for Firefly fans and then immediately compare it to Lost? I don't think they understood the draw of Firefly.
A female Watson? Are they not aware of Holmes view on women?
Revolution: For firefly fans? Really? Only if Joss Whedon is writing, directing and creating it...
Rey F
Thanks for the recommends! I was worried Id have noting left to watch since all my shows just ended.
Definitely following you!
Elementary could be good !
Those look to be sucky as all get out.
Thanks for the heads up. The only show I'm interested in is Revolution. The others were meh. And Elementary made me want to cry.
Haven't seen Johnny Lee Miller in anything since... well, probably since Trainspotting.
He was the villain a couple seasons ago on Dexter.
Rey F
Man, that's not John Locke, look at how evil he looks! Its clearly the smoke monster! d:
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