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I know +Roger Chang is excited about this phone, but are you?
You remember that Galaxy S II? A phone so good they launched it, well, a whole load of times. But after seeing phablet
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Too many new Android phones being put out each month. Can't keep track of them all.
HTC One X kinda beats it...just cause it's an HTC phone.
Everything but the skin. I'll stick with Nexus.
Gotta catch 'em all...

(Seriously, I totally still have my MyTouch 3g, Nexus One, and G2x...they live in a box in my closet! My current phone's the Sensation.)
EVO LTE or SG3...decisions decisions...
Impressive hardware, but still not the killerdesign that I'm waiting for in Android Space.
Some metal mounted to the side but really crappy compared to iPhone.
If it's $200 unlocked, everyone should buy it at launch. But if it's $599 unlocked or $1500+ on 2-year contract, then take it easy and choose it only instead of anything else as expensive.
If i didn't have a G2 i would definitely have gotten this! Not a big enough upgrade for me, at least with my disposable income.
IMHO the battery is very interesting, the rest is really MEH :/
Was hoping for a display better than pentile. HTC One X has a screen that's better than apple's retina...but I'm still waiting to see the changes sprint will make when it announces the S3
PenTile screen is a bit of a disappointment. And it appears it will have different processors in Europe and US. Which could cause some trouble for custom ROM developers (essential for those who don't like Samsung's UI). Otherwise it looks great.
The important thing is that this make at least 5 phones that are better than the iPhone. The question is whether the iPhone can surpass these phones with the iPhone 5 or whether it can merely catch up. Or maybe not even that? Android is now the more mature OS, and the hardware is equal or better. On the design front, where Apple has been king, there are enough cool designs and builds that any user can find an Android phone that meets his or her needs better than the iPhone. So, my guess is that what Apple will be relying on is a rabidly loyal fanbase willing to buy it anyway, or those who don't know and still think iPhones must be the best.
I was streaming the launch event. The new features look amazing. I love the pop up player, zero lag picture taking and ability to take still pics while recording video.
Personally no Samsung keeping physical buttons and including features which are better left for Google in an attempt to compete with Apple but again coming off as nothing more than a cheap try to copy them which isn't really helping their case
Until Samsung starts doing a better job at getting new software to the phones that are already in the wild, I would have a hard time recommending their hardware.
I'm going to have to hold it side by side with a One S, and then decide which looks and feels better. ETA: So, Yes. It is a candidate.
Apple being the rotten apple it is is going to most likely going to Court to stop sells!!!!
Alex D
Meh... big and flashy and all...but just another one of the same.
I want a G3 with physical keyboard and mini track pad. That would be the only reason I would abandon my G2.
+Vance McAlister The selling point, in my mind, for the iPhone is the simplicity: "it just works." Between that, and their "rabidly loyal fanbase," iOS is definitely not going anywhere. For the rest of the population that don't like to have a cookie-cutter phone, though, I'm glad Android is out there and doing it up as good as ever, with strong manufacturers like Samsung behind the hardware.
+Vance McAlister I think what the iPhone 5 needs is a revamp of the iOS. The UI almost hasn't changed at all since the first iPhone and is starting to look old. More than catching up on hardware, Apple needs to catchup on OS.
I have a Galaxy Nexus, but looking at this for my wife on verizon
+Nelson Cruz My thoughts exactly. I have an iPad and an iPod Touch around the house and the OS seems like an older aunt and ICS like a hot girlfriend. :0)
My friend and close neaber has galaxy sII really really nice phone like Iphone this one should be much better!
Yes, because it has a barometer, large screen and big battery. I can probably learn to do without a physical keyboard but like +Alexandre Dammous I do love my G2 and have never owned a smart phone without a keyboard (T-Mobile Windows MDA, G1 and now G2). But I don't think there is anything like this from HTC with a keyboard.
Yup imma cop this S3 when my contract expires, but by November, there should be a new GalNex released with Jellybean.
Alex D
+Simon Waddington , isn't it sad? I mean, the physical keyboard is so incredibly useful when you're using your phone as a tool and not as a toy. Touchscreen keyboards are desperately trying to work as well as physical, but keep failing. Anyway, won't let go of my G2 anytime soon.
+Kyle Jensen Agreed on all your points. There will be enough Apple fans and new users who need an entry-level smartphone to keep Apple in the game for a long while.
I am! I have a Captivate (which is a Galaxy S phone) and I love it so I cant wait for this one! The mod community behind these Galaxy S phones are unreal too so I cant wait to see whats all out when I do pick it up as my next phone.
here's the thing. ZERO innovation. photo sharing (boring), burst photo(..on a phone...seriously? what am i going to do with an 8 MPx camera? wildlife photography?), quad core processor (cool stuff, agreed, but to be honest this is subjective, depends on the OS and its needs), siri counterpart (we still dont know if this actually works, will have to wait for reviews), third party dlna (can already be achieved via upnp or even some remote server softwares). which of these is awe inspiring? no wow factor at all. also, not really a fan of the 4.8" size. i think samsung has seriously taken the phablet success to heart. are we seriously going to have to wait for another apple product launch to see something innovative?
+Alexandre Dammous i stuck with a blackberry for almost 4 years bcus of the keyboard, now i use a MT4G and i must say u get used to the get used to it man, querty keyboards are becoming obselete, they cost more to manufacture and compramises the demensions of a phone.
+Arnab Das You are right in that this does not add anything that the other Android phones have already added over the last year or so. The problem is that Apple will have a hard time even catching up to these phones, much less passing them with something truly innovative. I expect the iPhone 5 to be another "resolutionary" product.
'Nother S2 owner here. The next one would have to be an edgeless display design with longer battery life and a 720p non-pentile display. Maybe a 21:9 aspect ratio would create a slim design that would prove attractive? Like LG's BL40, but with an edge on top and bottom that only just manages to accept the mike, speaker and camera. Oh, and longer battery life. Maybe Motorola will have a model like the one I dream of and then the Maxx version. :)
Alex D
+Linh Nguyen i guess it's a matter of personal preferences, but when typing emails or filling xl sheets day in and day out, I'd rather have the whole screen real estate dedicated to content and a reliable "two thumbable" keyboard. But I guess I will have to get used to the touchscreen keyboard.
+Vance McAlister thats the worry as well. apple has to completely redesign the iphone to even make potential users bat an eyelid. after all, a rehash with a resolutionary tag doesnt really work all the time. genuine innovation is hard to come by isnt it?

also, i wish they'd make phones around the 4" size though. i still love my good old galaxy s, just because of the size.
I am very excited about this phone. My hope is that the CDMA version will trickle down to Cspire Wireless.
Why do they keep making them bigger? GRRRRR!!!! I miss the days of my little Nokia 8260. It was small, and it worked flawlessly. Unlike my GNex, which is a giant, buggy, quirky witch. Yeah, yeah, I know... the Nokia wasn't a smartphone. I get it. You've got too much stuff going on. Bigger processes, crazy power consumption, hardware to fit the needs. So tell me... If Apple is able to get everything they need into a small form factor, why can't everyone else do the same? Or is it because so many people want bigger screens to watch movies and crap? What happened to using a cellphone to make a call? Frustrated with the sea of choices...
+Arnab Das I try to never count Apple out when it comes to design, but there are is a lot more competition now and more bright minds trying to push the envelope and great great products.
+Karree Boyle Yes, it is people wanting the bigger phones for all the other, non-phone uses. Remember, these are not phones, they are small tablet computers that happen to make calls. :0)
Fruustrated with choices? That's a weird comment. I think we can all agree that it really uis our fault if we are to be frsutrated by choices.

No one is forcing anyone to MAKE these choices. It's up to the individual to do so and to live with said choices.

The fact that we even have them is brilliant.

And yes, other handset makers can fit everything in a small form factor (see Xperia Ray). it's possible, but it really is down to individual taste.
+Karree Boyle cant agree with you more! the bigger is better thing has to stop. bigger phones take a toll on battery life, are difficult to carry around and to be honest looks weird to hold against the ear when making a call. and seriously, who watches movies on a phone? and even if one does, i bet a 1 inch gain or loss wont mean anything to that user.
+Vance McAlister so true mate. i would love to see someone come up with something genuinely original though. like changeable resolution, to save battery life and things like that.
You'd think the fact that there ARE smaller smartphones shouldn't really have people geting angry at bigger ones.

There ARE smaller phones out there people. I don't understand the problem. It's not like Apple where you HAVE to HAVE these bigger phones.

Freedom of choice is exactly why no one should be complaining...

head scratcher
+Arvin de la Cruz erm really? i dont see a 4" phone with icecream sandwich and a dual core processor. the closest to that was the galaxy s2, which to be fair, is a bit outdated now. thats the thing, it "seems" that we have choices, but we really dont.
+Arnab Das exactly, exactly, exactly... no, we don't have choices. I want power, I want it to function as a small tablet much like +Vance McAlister mentions, but I also want it small enough to be useful. I'll admit it, I have small, girly hands (uh, maybe because I am a female) but I want a phone that fits in my hand and is useful with one handed use. Having to shift my phone in my hand to be able to get to everything is annoying. I can see just fine on a 3.5 inch screen. I've watched movies on less screen space than that and it didn't kill me.

I guess I want too much. I want my phone to do everything, do it well, and do it in a small form factor.
+Arnab Das lol drop the snarky mate. no need for that.
The xperia Ray is sub-4inch (does it ahve to be bigger? otherwise it's just being picky :p) and has ICS.

So what if it is "outdated"? Still fits the bill. ;) It's unfair to put a criteria as you just ahve, and then call something outdated. It fits, then there you go!

There are choices. Let's all stop being self-entitled for once. :)

+Linh Nguyen Yes more often than not it is true. But there are some out there which do not.

It really up to consumers to push the demand though.
First there was a sea of choices. Now there are no choices. This thread has officially surpassed my level of comprehension.
+Bryan Pillow lol too true.

In an ideal world, there will be phone 'kitchens' much like there are ROM kitchens.

i.e. make your own phone!
+Arvin de la Cruz no snarky intended. i must've worded the comment wrong.

anyway, thats the thing though, nothing fits the bill perfectly. probably one of the reasons why I still use the original galaxy s. that was one perfect phone. well, for me that is, quite clearly :)
+Bryan Pillow as far as choices and non choices go... iOS and Apple, simple one really, one manufacturer one operating system.

Then Windows Phone and... Nokia is their primary now. They both hedging their bets that this is going to pan out. I doubt it (even though I'm a Nokia fangirl), but we'll see. Windows can also be found on Acer, Fujitsu, and a few others... mostly non players in the market. As far as the American market is concerned, Nokia has lost all credibility. They may have been able to pull one out had they gone with Android, a far more popular operating system. The fact that they are keeping this relationship this tight could make them or break them. Make them, in that they have vast knowledge with limited interference from outside sources. They can work closely together and churn out some good products if they put their minds to it. Break them because it is so limited and not marketable enough.

And Android... who EVERYONE is using, but no one is using well. You've got problems with updates, hardware problems, reception problems, and a host of other things. You've got a ton of manufacturers who are all using different components manufactured by different companies... and what you're going to see more of is the same thing you see with Windows computers... inconsistencies and incompatibilities. Android has become the smartphone whore... with everyone taking a turn, quick, cheap, easy, and never done well.

Samsung had an opportunity to go big with the GNES, yet they chose to go with middle of the road components and a subpar camera. They didn't go big, they went half a$$ed. An opportunity squandered.

It's a sea of choices as far as too many manufactures playing with one operating system. But limited choices in that they keep trying to foist off middle of the road work as the absolute godsend of smartphones. That's BS. I understand that there have to be all price points, and all needs and necessities offered and met, that's not my complaint. My complaint is that the manufacturers are trying to tell us, "This is the most BA smartphone you can get." Uh, no... it's BA in this area of performance, but not in this one. In the end they all end up being about even. I don't mind paying $700 street, if it's worth it... but not much has been worth it.
+Arnab Das no worries bro.

+Karree Boyle wait, first it was there no smaller phones that do everything, now there are too many phones? Now I'm confused...

Either you're Apple-trolling or not quite sure what you want. :)
Looks veyr promising for a new Phone for Samsung.
+Arvin de la Cruz I think I'm pretty sure of what I want, but you missed the point. I'll clarify.

There are no choices of small phones that do everything, have exceptional hardware, and an excellent operating system that allows me to tweak a phone in ways I choose. I favor Android because if was most similar (to me) to the environment I'd come to love, Symbian.

There are too many choices of large, cumbersome, average phones, that don't do what they say they're going to. Too many choices that seem to be reincarnations of each other, and the same crap.

My ideal phone would be Nokia (because for as long as I used them they always had excellent hardware quality), Android (because it feels like home... Symbian), and small enough to be useful for me (about 3.5 to 4 inches).
I think I am? I still running a generation HTC Droid Incredible and still love it. I've been waiting for something to excite me; maybe this one is the it. I'm guessing no "Gorilla" glass since it wasn't featured.
+Karree Boyle
Fair enough. Thanks for clarifying. :)

I do agree that these manufacturers need to 'streamline' their releases. I don't know what would be needed to be successful, but something along the lines of a high end and a low end from each of them (still would be at least 10 phones) and once per year.

I think that way, we still get choice (high end and low end) whilst still being far enough between releases for people to actually want a new phone.

This will theoretically make it easier for updates as well as OEMs will/should ahve a set plan for product support as there will be an easier time of tracking of who's using what.

I dunno though, I'm just a consumer...
This is for sure a phone that I will have to check out when it becomes available here in Canada.
it has two things that i want in a phone, and that are getting more and more rare: a physical home button and a microSD slot, so yes.
+Arvin de la Cruz yes you're just a consumer, but isn't that where all the power lies? If we don't tell them what we really want, aren't they just going to keep handing us what they want to give us rather than what we want?

I think we might be on the same wave length now. lol.

One problem I think they run into is... when they first start developing, then some of the hardware IS the top of the line. By the time they get done with development, it's all obsolete. I'm not an engineer, but certainly there has to be a better way to get things done. Right? Is that inherent obsolescence?
+Karree Boyle I don't know if there's a way for anyone to release cutting edge tech whilst still being profitable and whilst still being 'cutting edge'.

Though I don't think many of the new and recent phones have 'obsolete' tech. At least that I am aware of.

I still don't know how we can convey this to them though. The only way to do it that I can think of is to reach a general consensus amongst Android users, and then find a way to project that into one, common and coherent voice that will hopefully be heard.
Not really. I still can't get over the "S Voice" which is so obviously and clearly a direct copy of Siri! It's almost like Samsung is begging to be sued and embroiled in constant litigation. They don't even make an attempt to be discreet.
HTC One X appears to have a superior display and superior design aesthetic and materials.
+Curtis Pavlovec don't think they copied Siri. Seeing as samsung and Android have always had voice control.

They're just expanding on what they already had. Which you can't really copy something of someone else's if you already had it in the first place. :)
Not interested in the wiz. If it was vanilla though...
I think phones need to stop releasing so fast
Looks amazing. Hope American carriers get it sooner rather than later and they don't mess it up.
Just got the Galaxy Nexus from Google. So I'm good for a while. And I thing the Nexus is a better deal at $399.
I'm still going for the HTC One X or Galaxy Nexus... it's just overall a more beautiful phone to me. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has some nice specs but the design is horrible... and mind you this is just my opinion so don't kill me over it lol.

But I don't understand why they made three keys. You have two softkeys and one physical... that's just dumb, that's inconsistent design. The physical button is ugly and I thought that we were over that a while ago whenever we moved onto softkeys... then the softkeys they have have obsolete functions in the modern Android OS... so why have them there...?

They should've either have gone with all softkeys with the 3 primary Android 4.0 functions, or had gone with virtual keys.

In sum it just seems as though it's inconsistent, impractical, and just strange. Touchwiz looks like it was designed by a deranged metrosexual clown so I really don't dig that... but I know I'm not the only person that thinks that way when it comes to Touchwiz.

That's just my 2 cents though.
i hope galaxySIII will release on philippines soon
doubt that design will be the same when it reaches our side of the pond, but i digress. Physical button AND capactive? I want the virtual keys. btw i LOST MY EPIC 4G TOUCH today....grrrrrr
Not a fan of pentile, but at over 300ppi I doubt it matters. For me the resolution is the most important update. The iPhone and all the high-end Androids are pretty great phones, but Androids do need to move past the old-fashioned displays with visible pixellation. Hopefully desktop displays will follow before too long.
Cellphones advance too fast for a release like this to be impressive.
Big yawn. Pentile screen? Really? On your flagship device? Right there you can sum this device up with the ever-popular word "fail". 4.8 inches is too large too, this has even been verified via user polls - around 4.2 is what people consider the sweet spot.

Apple devices still have the better OS, the better user experience and the crushing app store superiority... and even a superior screen at least if you look just at DPI and it being not-that-disgusting-pentile.

I was expecting some real world beater in the S III and instead it's... just another me-too Android device. But this is good news for Nokia, the Windows Phone machines they make are still more attractive than this except to super nerds who go "ooh quad core" without reflecting on that the important part about a phone is the user experience.
the HTC one X blow this phone.
+Jeremie Orth I get better battery life on a dual core phone because some disparate processes are dependent on each other and others are not. If there is no critical path across multiple threads to a specific event, a multi-core processor can run the socket at max speed for a reduced length of time. That coupled with a reduced TDP per core vs a single core socket can, in most use cases, improve battery life.

It's like running a turbo-charged car and keeping it out of boost. When you don't need the "go" it's just a low compression 4 or 6 cylinder,

This is especially true for periodic jobs.
one x has a much better design
Holy crap that's fast. I feel like my phone is outdated already and I just upgraded to a Nexus couple of months ago.
I laugh at people saying Android phones copied Siri with voice command apps, yet it was Android that had it first (Google Voice Commands). In the end, I think it's up to the user about which phone to get. If you like something that just works out of the box and you'll be satisfied with just that, get the iPhone. If you like customization and better hardware, get an Android, and not a cheap one.
I just got the Note phablet to replace my iPhone 3gs and LOVE it. Perfect for me, and what I do. One point with the iPhone 4 though is that with the glass to the edge design everyone I know that got one has dropped and broken it . . . And as for physical or virtual keyboards, I have Swype on this and am finding that super super quick and tactile!
One day in future, i will own one. But it needs to be cheaper.
I don't read Engadget anymore, so biased.
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