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and Ed Bott? LOL, Jason looks like Ed. LOL
nice pic. Whoever made it is a great photographer.
+Veronica Belmont been wondering why BOL been canceled but maybe it's better to end while on still being on top and make something even better than end the show or anything else because it's not good anymore.
Frankly, I quit watching when they went weekly... The writing was on the wall.
Still kind of sad.
Frank S
You guys were the first Podcast I ever listened to.."Sniff" Though sad, its great to see all you guys doing such great new things!
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That's quite a height difference on that end of the photo :-D
What happened ? All I see is a picture of people
At least one of you is smart enough to be a Cardinals' fan.
I loved John Dvorak's 'impersonation' of Tom Merritt in episode 347 of TWIT.....what did Tom think?
Great photo of all of you guys. It' great to see the BOL team back together for a reunion episode.

It's weird to see Tom without the beard after so long on TWiT with it.
Please excuse me while I go back over to the corner and continue crying for the rest of the month.
+Veronica Belmont hmm just like Napoleon. Are we missing something?'re not planning to conquer any european countries right? Just remember then I have always liked you ;-)
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This is where I first learned of everyone. Buzz Out Loud was my first tech podcast. I started listening while +Molly Wood was out on maternity leave, when Veronica filled in.
I'm all for free speech, but there's a time and a place for criticism and snark. I'm of the opinion that this ain't one of them.
Listened on my walk this morning, I would be lying if I did not say I was tearing up at some points. Loved the Show!! +Tom Merritt +Molly Wood
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The best of BOL. Least I got the theme on my laptop.
You four should get together and do a podcast. Get Molly over there and start TWIT Buzz.
Now there is the team for TWIT that we all dream of!
no re haha
Ah the glory days of BOL. Molly should have gone to TWiT too.
Happily looking photos :-)
Yes, it looks as if the indeterminate length show has ended. I know they all have new projects, but it won't be the same.
James R
Thanks for everything, guys. I learned so much from that show. So awesome to see you guys reunited!
Loved the show and listened to it for a few years.
the original crew! i'll miss it, and miss sending you guys goofy phone messages/recordings. this was my go-to podcast for keeping me tech informed for lo these many years. best to all of you. even the united colors of +Brian Tong ;) (jez kiddin', bromance — lez hug it out)
Good-bye past and present Buzz crew! You were one remarkable dissemination of tech info! Best Wishes! Cheers! (By the way, awesome photo!)
It was a good show. Very rarely had time to watch it live. Looking forward to seeing what videos are coming. Life is change.
...because this shot screams 'vietnamese mango pickles'.
Very sorry to see Buzz Out Aloud end! I loved it as a daily video podcast! Boo on CNET pulling the plug on all its great shows!
Loved BOL and the unique blend of information and fun that the various hosts brought to tech heads world-wide. Can't wait to see what new ventures await Molly, Brian and Steven (sp?). Into It Not Into It could be a show on it's own!
5 mins into that episode and my co workers like "are you crying?"
Seriously sad about the demise of Bol. 
I've now listened and watched the show for the third time already. I'm really going to "Miss the Show."
good evening
Great pic guys! Really sad to see the show end. You've inspired a lot us. All the best on all ur endeavors!
BOL was definitely the place where I became a fan of Tom, Molly, Jason and Veronica. Even as BOL comes to a close after 7 (Wow!) years it occurred to me I'm still watching them share their passion for tech with audiences and will be as long as they all continue to do so. So thank you BOL for that and for your inspiration to all the things that have come after.
+Thomas Roughley i honestly hope so. the way cnet is going all out on video and banking everything on it, better times seems really unlikely. but anyway, we have twit for the time being. buzz out loud was just this massively popular show, guess this feels very much like the time when Friends ended its run. and back when this was a daily podcast, this used to be my commute companion.twit is awesome and i'm sure all of us audio podcast fans will migrate to it, but honestly,it lacks the emotion which gets attached to a show when it runs for more than half a decade.
You know that you've brought a lot of joy to people's lives.

It's those feelings that define you, not just as tech gurus but as people as well.

=[ "live long and prosper" ]=
I loved the show for many years and I will miss it very much. Thanks you for putting it together day after day and I cant wait to see what is next. 
It was a sad a fun show all at the same time. BOL will be missed.

Tom has on a great shirt though...Go Cardinals!
I love you guys, I'll miss Buzz out Loud and the number of laughs that came with watching your incredible show!!
BOL was my gateway drug into podcasting. <3
Thats an excellent picture! What kind of camera was used? Colors look real good imho.
From Andy in Colorado, old school listener, cheers!
love you guys, keep on keeping on.
I finally got to watch the last episode... and I must say, it's the end of an era. It's great that you guys all have other projects, but what you guys had together was something really special. Thank you.
I'll be honest, I hadn't been listening much in recent months, but that last episode got me to tear up a little. Thanks for all the memories.

Loved the show
BOL was educational and highly entertaining. It shall be missed.
I stopped listening some time ago. No offense to Molly but I hope she doesn't migrate to TNT.
Having only seen you on Vagina Fantasies, I was astonished to see you are short! I imagined you towering like a sci-fi Amazon. Of course, maybe you are friends with giants and I was right the first time.
And you have the biggest microphone ever. I went to Fry's to see if they really sold such a thing or if it was some super-geek mod.

I always enjoyed BOL and Molly Wood's humor reminded me of Bonnie Burton (in her @home days). It's sad to see shows go, but there are so many new things that take their place. More interactivity.

(P.S. Sorry for leaving the L off the V* Fantasies. Made me feel even pervier than writing it the first time. But I like the show and I will see What's-his-name above at Sword and Laser.)
Great photo of the old crew! Loved me some morning Buzz!
DJ Flux
Such a wonderful photo. 
Love to see the old team together.  I say you all just get back together and have your own PodCast.
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