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Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in.
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Resistance is... oh hey! New mail from Blizzard...
+Veronica Belmont you're a good lookin' girl, boy's must like you, you got better stuff to spend your life on! warcrack.. ugh.. tha hate, wasted a year and a half of my life.
DON'T DO's gonna be crappy anyways
don't tease him otherwise he gone wild like monkey
uh me thinks they stole this whole line of garbage from Kung Fu Panda on Nickeldeon terribad
I did Cata beta and it was fun but the patches just about killed me because I still had my old slow DL speed.
Is there any xbox kinect love users out there?
You had the exact opposite reaction than I did. I said, "I'm glad I broke my addiction and missed Pandamonium." :)
Gonna have to check my Battlenet account.
Who doesn't want to be a Kung Fu Panda??
I had to give up gaming and carry on with my real life. I hope all 20-somethings come to the same conclusion, sooner than I did!
Real life is an easy win. +Ansel Taft when you get to the winning part you can catch up. :) Real life is online... just like this. heh
Oh. Then you're good. Carry on.

(+Jac Thomas do you, by any chance, work for Valve and need a dedicated LFD2/3 game tester? * twitch *)
From what I hear that's the overall sentiment about WoW they've lost many subscribers in the past 1-2 years
This makes me more comfortable to be in Fallen Earth. Just think of the amount of Children that are going to be playing WoW and all that trade chat QQing... If you are going to play PandaWoW, get the correct gaming gear... Diapers cus it is for children.
ex wow-crack addict sober 1 year
Yup I thought I'd never quit and I've been out 2yrs now. Not gonna lie I loved that game the first til the third xpac came out
HA! The Brewmaster! ...I'm back too...
downloading now! What server will you be on Veronica?
+Rigoberto Guerra Ya, First expan started watering it down, 2nd one killed it. I played for 6 years only on HORDE PVP/RPPVP so I never knew what it was like to be the pansy alliance and be on PVE servers where the weak go.

I have only kept up my char for their resale value. $150/each :)
Do it and send me the link, I will beta test it.
I'm just hoping one of the Pandaran monk specs is drunken boxing. Imagine merging Legend of Drunken Master with Kung Fu Panda.
Don't do it!! It's like crack! You don't want to be addicted to crack again do you?!
Sam J
whereas after 7+ years, kungfu panda might be my swan song....
Some of us never left... I can't wait for mine
Wow is this a new expansion on wow?
Given how fast all the big media people get invites to this (almost always first wave), it's pretty obvious they play favorites on who's going to bring them the most press. :/
If it wasn't for WoW i wouldnt have any thing that even resembled a social life.. I work nightshifts and due to this all bar 2 of my RL friends have ditched me simply cos i cant visit/hang out with them .. how can i when their asleep when im awake? The game has its faults, its has its pro's too, I'm looking forward to Pandara.. I'm looking forward to having another hairy female toon, but this time one that cant be found on a farm.
definitely agree! It just sucks you back in! Welcome back to the dark side! hahaha
Don't do it! You might not comeback to civilization!
Looking at this i think i might fall for this trap as well...
Wow Devteam: Wow..Kung Fu..Panda most Amazing movie ever! Hey we should incorporate it into the game some how. I know...we INCORPORATE IT INTO WOW! Now we need to think of a name...Hmm..Steve your good at this...what would be a good name for this expansion? Steve: Well...China? is Mists!
Steve: Bamboosha? No..No..There panda's...Panda's...I'm hung up!
WowDevTeam: Come one can do this!
Steve: Panda's...Pandaria!
WowdevTeam: MY GOD THATS IT!
the last flag ,is it a Regional Flag?
So many years I have been waiting to be a panda :) Wonder what will happen to my decked out Tier 13 Rogue...
Quit when Cata came out. Worse.Expansion.Ever and Blizzard already lost 1.2 million subscriber base because of it. I dunno this will change my mind. The first two expansions was perfect, then most of the original have quit and moved on to other gaming companies and then a new set of people made Cata. :-/
I have a friend who recently sent me a Scroll of Resurrection to come back and play. I also left prior to Cataclysm, but for me, I left because of a case of burnout, one beyond redemption. I did enjoy the time I spend playing with my guildmates, but it was time for me to move on.
Do you miss playing point blank?
I miss playing Team Fortress Classic and tons of other games, then this (maybe).
World of Warcraft: Kung Fu Panda Edition

I'm waiting for the Jack Black commercial ...
Envy level increased by + 9000 !
lol Skyrim is a much better game than WoW. If they ever complete that Skyrim MMO mod, it'll be game over for WoW.
Is that really a panda? WOW. I mean WOW not, WoW.
Im waiting for GW2 > all other mmo's
Pe De
my teacher told me it will destroy my future....
Yeah i quit got bored now back at it from over a year quitting
I think the idea is awesome.
I mean come on, Pandas? It's so hilarious, it must be cult. Awesome.
Dom F
Sweet....bring it on :)
blizzard is evil, come back, dont turn to that panda!
Looking forward to it. Envy you much!
0k, it ruined for me i thing you are gorgeous, and nothing will replace.closing my account I knew I was crappy. big x! I managed to break free, as did my hubby we can't go back...
WoW is like The Valley yesterday...try and romance Garris some more ;) Great GameOn episode this week by the way!
I just started again here and there. I heard it's almost easy mode in the next expansion
I just got out 1 month back. This is hard
I successfully quit wow for fifth time couple of months ago :) so wow is like smoking you can quit it but you will always be a wower :P
wow you got it already, i swear blizzard has something against people in miami lol..
It looks great. I've been out since my gaming computer burnt out and I'm waiting for Windows 8 for the new one. Looking forward to playing Diablo as well.
I love you for quoting Michael Corleone alone
nice .its wall paper itself is awsome
Pandas were a Warcraft joke, I still can't believe they really did this. In my time, WoW used to be epic.
Just signed off. I hope it will last for while... real life got surprise surprise higher priority...
There are better mmorpgs. That is all I will say.
wouldn't do it--don't want to ruin the experience when it finally releases!
ahahha..i think its good.,i missed this game.^__^,
already AFK,but i will back
You never really left the holodeck.
I don't know what this game is about,please can you tell me
Played WoW since Vanilla. As with everything else, moderation. Only reason I still play is the expansions. They make you relearn your toon completely. But they seem to be taking a lot of shortcuts these days, and it shows.
saya pengen nonton film ini
"Welcome to the World-of-Waaaaaaaaaarcraft. You can check out any time, but you can never leave."
really... you were pulled in by kung fu panda.. a massive rip off sell out... enough to post it on google plus?
ကြ်န္ေတာ္ အၾကိဳက္ဆံုးဂိမ္း
Poco Yo
i'm more for d3 right now... but i might fall as well with new wow beta
I'm out as soon as this comes out. Moving on to Diablo III !!!
Kinda like the Hotel California
Wow, the Pandaren Brewmaster certainly looks like Poh in his best form.
O.o the craving is always there!!! I quit in 2006, and still it's there!
Me, I'm thankful for the pandas and all the other races... they all look so juvenile I never felt more than a slight tug in the MMO nerve to get into WoW. Then I tripped over SWTOR instead and got stuck there, in spite of the many flaws of it.
just play swtor trial is today
+Ansel Taft If gaming was keeping you from carrying on with your "real life", then the games weren't the problem, you were.
+Hans Huether Yes, yes, the thing you like is better than the thing other people like because you like it, we get it.
J rose
Welcome back <3
Gah! So Jealous! My co-worker has received one as well. I didn't sign up for the annual pass for about three weeks after it was announced, so I think I'm far down the line.
i havent played world of warcraft yet..........
i'll definately try that!!!!!!!!!1
+Matt Ellsworth They make these games to be addictive as crack. If I'm not able to just enjoy a little heroin on occasion does that mean there is a problem with me?
+Ken Peleshok I'm not sure upon what you're basing your assertion that "these games" are "addictive as crack", but I can say with a fair degree of certainty that "they" do not set out addictiveness as a design goal.

I'm also curious how you would define "fun" and what, if anything, you think makes it different from what you call addiction?

Oh, and to answer your question, yes, that does mean there's something wrong with you: you're prone to heroin addiction and shouldn't use it.
When Kung-Fu Panda meets WoW and has a baby. I think this is where they #jumptheshark :)
They kind of soured me with Cataclysm (I was expecting far more content patches than the usual 3 major) also it didn't help that the ending was just... annoyingly bad. (Seriously? Remove the Dragons Immortality? What about the Time-Drakes? Nozdormu? The constant hints with them?)

But congratulations.
Just wanted to add that only because Veronica is an attractive girl/woman that does not mean she is wasting her time when playing a video game. Does that mean that only ugly people are allowed to play games (because they cannot find anything else "valuable" to do with their life)? I find that sentiment pretty offensive. What you do with your life, what you consider important and how many friends you have - that all depends on what kind of person you are, not on the way you look. And, seriously, any pretty girl better stop being a geek and throw herself at any willing male out there? I wonder for what reason some people are actually following Veronica's posts..
ma favourite just wanna start
Wow! Almost forgotten about it... Was so hooked. Guess you've tempted me to take a new look now...
2003: Blizzard introduces martial-artist Pandarens in The Frozen Throne.
2008: Kung Fu Panda is released.
You idea-stealing bastards, Blizzard! -.-
what kinda name is dotun u fagg
Don't do it! It just gives Blizzard an excuse to not release Diablo 3
I don't practice Pandaria, I ain't got no crystal ball, I had a million hours, but I spent it all.
Female Pandas are kinna cute going by the screenshots on mmo champion.
I've been WoW free since 09 and the Pandaren are one epic trailer away from bringing me back...
You know you wanna. Besides... I will. and I'm the man.
I wish it was meeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! Have fun testing!
Its like Kung Fu Panda with Pokemon!!
Don't do it... not for freakin' pandas!
Jay Tee
Cool. Panda. LOL
lol "Mists of Pandaria" They're just running out of ideas now..
The Pandaren was an actual race in the original Warcraft games...They aren't copying Kung Fu Panda... So no, they aren't running out of ideas yet.
Wow is a shell of its former self ans this expansion further aims to transform the game into a casuals mmo for preteens. Thanks for the 5 years of greatness, but you can keep your gutless kiddie expansions
Yeah I'll take that off of your hands...
Which is why I never started. It would be just like cigarettes, booze and hookers, then.
Congrats! I'm still holding onto the hope of obtaining a Diablo 3 beta key, I don't care that we now know the release date I just want to play it NOW, lol. 
Don't see flag of Mainland of China...
DON'T DO IT! I spent 3 years of my life playing this game & over $600. I wish I could have that time back! It's a fun game for sure, but you can easily become addicted & years later wonder what happened to your life. Plus this new expansion Mists of Pandaria looks totally childish & stupid! (Monks are cool, pandas are not). I think Blizzard is trying to hook all the younger kids to play this game now. Stick to Skyrim or just get outside & enjoy real life! Love the Vaginal Fantasy hangouts Veronica & anything you do with Felicia Day! (hey, you should appear in the next season of The Guild!) ♥
Veronica your intelligent & hot. Are u married?!?
As I'm always saying. We can have jobs and personal life OR we can be 90 lvl heroes of Azeroth. For me decision was simple.
+Konrad Wisniewski Strange, I've worked at the same company for the last 6 years, been promoted twice, bought a house, gotten engaged, and, until very recently, raided 3+ nights a week in WoW. Maybe you were doing it wrong?

Or maybe it's just that the huge majority of people who play WoW (and other video games) are able to do so as part of a balanced life and don't find anything particularly remarkable about that?
+Brian Groven You addicted to WoW =! everyone addicted to WoW.

It sucks that your experience was a bad one, but as with so many things to which people can become addicted (alcohol, sex, gambling, watching TV, collecting knick knacks, etc.), the vast majority of MMO players are able to enjoy their games as part of a normal, healthy, productive life.
I just can't get into it. The graphics are just so out of date for me. I started with Guild Wars and I know people say thats not a real MMORPG but its beautiful and wow just isn't.
+Matt Ellsworth... or MEABY, but just MEABY... I was kidding. Can we make that assumption? But noooo it's better to take everything seriously :P. I stopped playing WoW two years ago but during my WoW activity I had friends, I had pretty good notes in school and I had social life. Veronica is playing (or were playing) WoW for a long time as I heard and I don't think this entry was 100% serious SO my comment wasn't either Simple as that.
u need to get a bf then ^^ one that wants u badly
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