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I was all about to recommend this app on +Tekzilla, until I noticed they have a games category called "Girls."

Play all kinds of girly games! Would you like to go on a date, decorate your room or perhaps marry Justin Bieber?

If you're one of those gamers who simply love those old classics that they grew up with and wonder if you could travel back in ...
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remember, there's little girls who haven't been jaded by society who will see that as "games for me".  Like mine. 
Gee, wonder if the programmer/dev is a dude? Guess he doesn't know that some of us prefer to do a bit of killing in our games. Way to not know your target market...
I'm thinking that we need to let the girls (the sort who do fall into that demographic) keep the category and come up with something better for the rest of us...
+Veronica Belmont not you per-se.   By the way,  CONGRATULATIONS!  Couldn't be happier for you.  Marriage ROCKS! 
+Veronica Belmont I know a number of women who head right for the "girl" category, and seem to be happy with what they find there.  Maybe we need to create a new category for those of us who like to blow stuff up in our spare time rather than style Justin Beiber's hair.  Kill the "girl" category altogether...
So Jogobox not only lets you play the games from the past, it also lets you experience the past's dismissive and condescending attitude toward women gamers?  Wow - how retro of them.  The embedded sexism is about as unappealing as a built-in keylogger.  So, it's NO to Jogobox until they cut the crap.
Guess it could be that they know boys wouldn't be interested in those games, but not really saying that ALL girls would be interested in them. I'd say they are just playing it safe.
But what about all of the little boys who'd like to date Justin Bieber!?
I'm kind of curious what people would prefer that that category of games be called?
Hell 3
I was gonna try and make the case for the challenge of risking "dilution" inside more general categories, but Steam, which we could consider a "gold standard" of sorts, seems to be doing OK working that way. So yeah, on this day and age, those kind of things are silly, to say the least.
+Dan Giaimo why would "decorate your room" and "date Justin Bieber" be in the same category at all?
Gonna be honest here. I see where you're coming from, but I really think you're taking it the wrong way. Toys R Us has a girls section that has all the Barbie dolls and all that, but it isn't insinuating that those things are all girls would want to play with.

No, look, folks, the implication of having a "girls" section isn't "girls want to play these games", it's "no girls want to play the other games. Girls are a special and minuscule category of gamers who have totally different interests from the normal ones".
WHEN is the industry learn that there are no girl gamers, no boy gamers, only gamers? This is akin to Spotify having a music channel named "Just for girls!" Idiots.
+Tim Bailey: It doesn't say 'women gamers.' The category says 'girls.' As in little, young females...not every female on the planet. I doubt they had that section marketed towards grown women.
Agree with +DeAno Jackson , we're along the same idea. It all depends on your insecurities and reading too much into something that shouldn't have been read too much into. Can't be completely politically correct on all aspects if you want your advertising to appeal to who you think is a best fit for your product.
I like the web-date-game thingy... you have to "stare" at random strangers, and make them follow you to the end of the level... awesome.
japanese anime stalker girl web-game GO!
+Dan Giaimo Really?  Why?  Are we incapable of selecting games based on our interests from the pre-existing categories?
+Dan Giaimo because as society evolves, shouldn't so categories? Should we be ok with settling with Ford's initial model T for everybody that came in all varieties of black-painted chassis?
The argument that this is just "advertising" is ridiculous.  If so, it's obviously failing, unless it's intended to make the application more appealing to men who want an excuse to make gender-normative arguments.
Ass my daughter would point out, what if a boy wants to play the girl games.
+Dan Giaimo Wouldn't that be 'Ultra Casual' category?
I actually like games that let you decorate your room though... MH3 did a great job letting people decorate :)
Didn't FFXI let you decorate too? 
And hey, Natsume has games where can date... and HM/RF are two great series!
And... a JB marriage game... I got nothing and want nothing to do with that -_-
I frequently select based on the pre-existing category "Girl Games" because they are frequently very fun and fresh concepts.
BTW, I totally agree the category is offensive.  Of course, I find most of the games in the category offensive as well.  It's nice to have them segregated off into their own hole to be ignored.
+Nick Simmonds ... wait... you are saying I am a girl just because I don't want to play the other games O_O
+Dan Giaimo I find that sentiment offensive... I like my Girl Category Games thank you verry much!
+Dan Giaimo Because you couldn't ignore them if the dating sims were labeled "dating sims" and not "girls".
Yeah... you girls stay way from our boy games!!! Go dress some virtual dolls, or marry Justin Bieber or something! LOL
+Dan Giaimo I am even more offended that there is not more MLP:FiM based games segregated IN to the Girl-Games section!
Exactly +Nelson Cruz when I am looking for those games, where the heck else would I look for them?
I propose they change the category to:
For Gender Secure Men Who Like Girly Games... and then just shorten it back to Girl Games... that way I could be less offended knowing what it is really suposed to mean.
The scariest part is that insinuates that there's a game where the goal is to marry Justin Bieber.
Only because there is likely another insecurity issue involved +Nick Simmonds... but I will concede... still I am offended there are not more of them... >_<
also I support the MLPF (My Little Pony Fan) over Brony, but I have obviously been out-voted... so I am just a Uni-Bro :p
And why can't boys decorate their rooms? (I don't mean me specifically, I have issues with sound proofing materials, but maybe boys in general...)
What either sex would get out of that game is still up for debate.
I'm not sure what the business model is for free stuff like this.  It makes me think I'm the product.  Also, not listing the games available is really creepy.
I am moderately certain that several of those games aren't in the public domain.
Like girls don't play Skyrim or Diablo 3? That is sad.
Wait... Skyrim & Diablo are on that site?
Yeah, a closer look makes it pretty clear that it's not legit at all.  The mario games listed are flash ripoffs, and I'm finding no mention of Tomb Raider ever becoming free to play.  Moving on.
Come on Veronica; you know you played those games as soon as you saw them.
Maybe they're going for the Streisand effect. 
Ok I have decided that the modern world is trully just confused...
We have Girl Games that are rarely played by girls and appeal more to boys, and Boy Bands that are rarely played by boys and appeal more to girls... nuff said... XD
My Little Pony or get out.
So, i assume there's a "boys" section, too, right? Where you can play draw-that-facial-hair, and Tonka Monster Truck Crash-up.

What? No? You mean they're implying that all of the non-"girls" games are the boys games? And there are people posting comments here that are OK with that blatant sexism?
ehrm... draw-that-facial-hair is subsumed into the web-doll section... and Action games are not gender biased... [imho]
I don't see any blatent sexisim since the game types that have been sugested thus far, are not ones I have actually seen in a girl game section. Typically what sets them appart is that there is a Girl as the main character, and she is interested in dating boys and social acceptance in a girl's-eye-view...
as such the few Dating-Games that are given MC's immersed in goals with boy based interests (like dating girls and social acceptance from a boy's-eye-view...) could be considered Boy Games...oh wait... they are
Are Girly Games like what my grandpa called "girly magazines"?
Because those are NOT for girls.  Mostly.  Wait--maybe they are.
Let me start over.  
Boo Jogobox! 
The 'girls' category sticks out for two reasons, firstly because of the absence of a similar 'boys' category, and secondly because there is an oddly titled 'pc games' category that seems to be a general mish-mash of various hard to categorise games into which some of the games might have been filed. If the 'girls' category is targeted at young girls as people have suggested, why not simply call it 'children's'?
It seems like a decent way to play old games, but it's missing my all-time favorite game: A-Train.
Why don't more girls game?  In part because when they're little we tell them that the games they should play are this stack of horribad pink ones off to the side away from all the good stuff.
Hey some of us girl gamers like to play Halo and Battlefield....  :-)
Hey! some of us guys play this stack of pink games!
...and they aren't all horribad... thats just your preference giving opinions.
ii.) you are highly mistaken if you think girls don't play "better" games... Girl Video Gamers actually have a slight boost over guys in the VG-market.
do they have a guys section that includes shaving, peeing standing up and farting?
Maybe they introduce the term "Historically Feminine Games"  ;) 
Oh gag me with a spoon! It is almost as bad as baby sitter Barbie and Barbie the art teacher... uh what century are we in?
I don't mind the doll itself... its the forcefed stereotypes that are the issue. "better keep those girlfolk in their place" scold scold "Imagine some actually want to own a business or be an engineer"... best teach them from an early age that they cannot aspire to more than a minimum wage job outside of the care or service industry!
Barbie owns a business (several) and is an IT engineer...

but, I was talking about the VG where she spends time on the ranch... riding the horse is fun... XD
I think the scary part of this gender-thing is that if a game is marked "girl"... boys would be in trouble if they got caught playing them.

See there are always two sides to putting women in boxes, one is the obvious: "We (men) know what's best for you and what you 'should' be like." The other part is more sly... namely indirectly doing the exact same thing to boys. In defining one group you also define the other.

This matters, because honestly, almost everyone agrees that girls can do "boy stuff" if they want to.... no argument there... But it's not as given that boys should be "allowed" to do "girl stuff"... in fact, I think this is the area where humanity have a long, long way to go yet.
+Ulf Bengtsson have I been scared?

Only, the fact that no one has supported my claims is somewhat telling... so your point is valid.
+William Mims. Exactly.

Women can achieve recognition in any area. They sometimes have to battle against bigoted elderly male dinosaurs to get it, but once they are there, they (usually) get credit for making it. Respect even. Despite the smaller pay-check.

Men on the other hand have to stay in their "man-corner"... if they want to play with dolls, make-up and pretty flowers, they are devoured on the spot by the other males in the pack. And even if they win that battle there is no credit whatsoever to be gained from achieving those goals. Even if the pay is better... they are still ostracised.
It's true that if you have an adequately twisted sense of humor, Barbie Horse Adventures is an absolutely brilliant game.  But that said the majority of girls and women I've met who actually enjoy some videogames were playing Ocarina of Time instead.
XD credit from the "man-pack"? +Ulf Bengtsson?
I have more often been "torn appart" by the girls...
because I could name the childhood-dolls still in thier room... before they told me the names.
I enjoyed B:HA on it's own merit +Matthew Hatfield
and I felt TLZ:OoT was a let down...
I do enjoy the Silent Hill series, RE and L4D...
Several of the Cuthulu inspired games...
and WC:Privateer (the original version)
One of my all-time fav's old-retro-style-games is still Princess Maker... though I doubt it was ment to be a "Girl's Game" it should be in the same category, all things considered.
Well that must be the norm then since it happened once.
I do know others... what can happen once, can certainly expect to be repeatable.
never m,ind the girl section ... i think it s a great idea!
After installation, my home page and search engines were changed on every browser. Apparently, it comes with some bloatware.
Good call Veronica.  This thing is stupid...
Didn't you know that "Girls" don't play video games?  that's preposterous! 
Never underestimate the internet's capacity for indignant overreactions. Devil's advocate time: Jogobox isn't asserting that girl gamers don't exist. Females tend to have different tastes from males, and that's what Jogo is going after. Don't we make celebrities out of people like Felicia Day specifically because it is a guy gamer's greatest fantasy to find a cute girl that's into his guy interests?
+Tony Harding If they want to limit their market by targeting boys, thats fine, and really by having a "girls" section that is what they have done.  I personally think its stupid to limit your market like that, especially when female gamers are the fastest growing segment of gaming, and now outnumber male gamers both in numbers and purchasing power.  Yes there is some variation in the type of games that male and female gamers tend to prefer, but there is far more overlap in that venn diagram than lack of overlap, and having a sex based section is in the end self destructive to a product that should be inclusive rather than excluding a certain group of people.  Having a girls section is not all that different than having a "White" / "Black" section, or a "Gay" / "Straight" section.
I was just at a bookstore that had a GBLT section and an African-American section. That's discriminatory? While I don't think having a "girls" section for games is a great idea, I do think we're seeing a bit of an overreaction here. It's not inherently offensive to acknowledge that different demographics have specialized tastes. It may be a stereotype to say that girls like the color pink and are more likely to play with Barbie Dolls than G.I.Joes, it does happen to have an element of truth even if it's not universally true. Would it be discriminatory for a toy store to have a "boys" and "girls" section?
Women in general do tend to have different tastes than men in general, saying that is much less insulting than suggesting that instead of a story and complex and beautiful gameplay dynamics girls prefer to pretend to date a Canadian teenager or put pink things in an artificial room.
+Steve Gale Well thats a book store, and this isn't.  Imagine that there was this HUGE selection of books, and then there was a very small section, that said "Boys Books".  You'd be pretty upset.
It seems that the conclusion that some folks are arriving at is that by having a "girls" category, they are de facto walling off female gamers from all the other categories. I wouldn't mind there being a section for male interests in a book store. It would probably have books about cars and sports and. Even if I wasn't interested in those things, I get that many guys are. And it doesn't mean I'm not welcome to shop in the other sections.
<----------------------the point
             your head
You may well be perfect and such, but most people find condescension insulting, even if they are women or girls.
I'm not perfect, just being rational. Sufficiently so as to not to leap to conclusions about condescension. I see the point you guys are trying to make. IMO, you guys are reading a bit more into it than is actually there. That's all.

Anyone here watch "Community"? If so, think about the mascot they have and how the rationale behind it applies to the prevailing sentiment in this thread.
+Steve Gale It's hard to explain white male privilege to someone who doesn't want to understand it. is a reasonable metaphor for the issue.  Overall though, you probably don't mind things, because you haven't actually tried to put yourself in someone else's shoes.  As a white man, everything is assumed to be "For you".  You are considered the "normal" demographic.  Really the overall point, is that there is never a "Boy" category, and more specifically a "White Boy" category.  Everything that isn't specifically put into some other category is the "Boy" category.  Being the default / norm, is why everything seems ok, because for YOU it is.  For everyone else, not so much.
+Will Fife Wow, that's a rather smug sentiment (both yours and Scalzi's). I know people who have hand up professionally specifically because of the "gay mafia" or being an alum of a black fraternity. There are privileged non-whites, and unprivileged whites, so basically Scalzi's house is built on sand. But ah, he has a trump card for that, doesn't he?  In his own words, he's established (through the magic of glittering generalizations) that anyone who disagrees with him is in denial.

Coming back to Jogobox: I'm not missing the point. I"m not in the blissful throes of white-male denial. I'm being level-headed. You and others have jumped to a conclusion, and skipped the burden of proof part, which I guess is because inferring the worst intentions is just the way occam's razor slices in this corrupt white-male world.

I posted recently about how tasteless and off-putting the recent Hitman: Absolution trailer is. Refer to that for a much more cut-and-dried case of exploitation.
I just don't see what's so valuable about overbroad and derogatory stereotypes that it's worth putting effort into making excuses for them.  Perhaps I'm actually not reading enough into them.
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