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We're going down the rabbit hole, people! Facebook.... for Schools!
Facebook Introduces Revolutionary "Facebook" Feature: Déjà vu: Facebook today announced Facebook for Schools, ...
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Facebook, stick to what you're good at...wait...
FFS it's 2005 all over again. I give it 5 years before Facebook is joining the ranks of Myspace and Friendster.
But there's a huge difference here guys... they have ads now! Come on! Give The Zuck some credibility. And by some, I mean like 2 inches.... if that.
Hilarious. Google will soon announce their ability to index the web and make it searchable.
What's next? Scan your marriage certificate to update your Relationship Status!
So does this mean that schools can require students to hand over their FB passwords now?
i thought facebook gonna copy some feature from Google +...#DamnItnFacebook
I swear it feels like April Fool's Month...
Schools will never allow it. They would prefer to block Facebook access on school computers forcing the kids to access it on their phones in class
What's even more sad is that I really enjoyed being able to find out who was in my class, easily, by putting in my course and section number, and then setup study sessions outside of class. Then the feature gets yanked, people start making third-party apps to put it back in, but all of them sucked and failed over the years, and now they've decided they have enough money to reroll old code back into the mix.

Because we didn't already see that our society has gone belly up, we needed facebook to be the "face" of what's wrong with our country.
"They've got to go deeper."
"Yo dawg, we heard that you like Facebook so we put a facebook in your Facebook."
Hi veronica..nice to meet you..
Hi +Wan Ambok, you have an eye. That is all.

In all seriousness, though, I'm glad it's there and want to see how it works. But it is silly to me that they keep the ads inside the For Schools section, because schools cannot stand the ads.
So, we're back full circle at the beginning. It seems like its actually true that if you wonder around aimlessly, you find yourself back where you started.
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Point is, Facebook has our data. We gave it to them. Now they're trying to make money out of it. It all makes sense as they're about to go public. But then I guess Facebook has long since lost the most loved social network tag. They now probably brand themselves as "we're evil, deal with it".
So, Facebook has finally gone that far up its own ass, has it? My word, Zuckerberg, you really know how to make a loop de loop don't cha?
Perhaps what happened is Facebook was jealous of Google+'s circles, so they turned their timeline into a circle. Recursion.
hi peter?where do you live?
Yo dawg, we heard you like Facebook...
That's ironic considering we've been seeing a lot of schools trying to ban Facebook from being in schools or even when the kids are not, they want it forbidden. Good luck with that FB !
facebook is for fools anyway
thank god for google+
Can we stop talking about that blue mess already? Enough is enough!
I think students already use Facebook this anyways, at least we did!
There is nothing revolutionary about it, it's just a bunch of groups. Google+ is much better for these kind of things with its hangout possibilites.
Now that is mentioned, I miss the original Facebook.
ah,,,,,,,,facebook still kinda sucks
The circle is now complete. I snake who eats its own tail sometimes winds up ahead.
It's all cyclical, man...
Facebook recursion ..
desperation is funny stuff when the person suffering thought making other people suffer was perfectly ok....cough facebook cough
I wonder how many Facebook employees remember the college days before Facebook opened up for people without a .edu address?
i could imagine that it was a really great site back then
I bet this flavor of FB will give the school the keys to the kids' private bits, so schools are in favor. (It's for their own protection that they can't see us watch them..) Or it will have no privacy at all, conditioning the next generation that everything about them is public.
i get what you mean they really are trying to make it seem like private information is only a dream that nothing is private and desensitizing kids of the next generation but I do believe that it wont be that easy like for example we have tried everything we can to remove racist ideals through history but still more than half the population is still racist in some way so i think it wont be so easy.
or at least i can truly hope it wont.
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