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rudy s
" had to drop a load of cash to buy into software like Photoshop"

hmmm, yes, that's exactly what we all did.
If you use google chrome, Picnik and BeFunky Photo Editor are also good photo editors you can add at the chrom web store, others are Aviary, ipiccy and Pixlr-o-matic
I tried out pixlr just the other day, when I needed to create myself cover pic for Facebook. It's pretty good at first use.
Aviary is working well for me; also, I use the Aviary plug-in for Android, so that I can do all sorts of cool edits on my phone and tablet, within the photo or gallery app.
+Michael Francois A friend introduced me to Aviary a couple months back he always seems to find new applications before I do.
Gus K
I've tried them all multiple times... I have Pixlr on my menu bar. I like it because it has all the basic options and doesn't take forever to load.
hello veronica
I am looking for new friends.
I hope you're open to it!
I am Brazilian and I need to exercise my English
Mas key
hai ... feronika .... I should get acquainted.
But it's annoying when I have a photoshop file or an Adobe flash file and I can't edit them unless I have photoshop or flash programs. Is that true?
O.o I'll have to indeed are an asshole. What's with the useless spam on legitimate posts? Go back to myspace child.
+Jeff Zander I know this, I said you can "add" these at the Chrome store. Sorry for the confusion, I should be more specific next time thanks for the correction
вероника а у меня рыбки и криветки.аквариум.
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