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I bring you... cat with cat pattern. via +Logan Decker by way of
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had too look twice at that cooll kitty
Leo D
I hope they get along well. Guess it's better than having a monkey on your back.
You've started an infinite loop!
He looks pretty self-conscious about his cat-shaped birthmark in thos top two pictures.
alright that is pretty intersting
boo Jay
Are we in the Matrix?
Its mom was thinking a cat when this one was born. Or it's just a cat tattoo.
thats awesome and my cat is almost identical patern to him haha never notice until now hes same colors as well
No cat! Never recreate cats from your memory. Always imagine new cats! You will be lost in your dream fur forever!
Picture made me paws and think it was fake. But on closer inspection it looks purrfect!
Is this for real? What are the odds?
Confused just a bit!!!???????????????????????????
You just made "What's hot on G+" with this btw.
Photoshopped or not. It's awesome..
And the prophecy is come to fruition!
i think we should expect a show for cats with pattern
no! the cat deserves a high five.... in the face....WITH MY HAND..... and then i give u a cupcake :)

I'll refrain from making the obvious remark in a manner made famous by a certain rapper...
Oh, you know... that thing about the cat on the cat and the petting your cat while you pet your cat 9-9...
Let's just say that this famous rapper person "pimped" this cat, it is to be known henceforth as pimped cat.
Double cat all the waaayyy!!!
o.o ... sorry i ment to put a "new friend" XD i honestly have no idea what your talking about! jk :P
We heard you like cats, so we put a cat on your cat so you can pet a cat while you pet your cat.
If that's real, then it's amazing
That is so cool,if it's real.
cat's cat, what a lovely cat!
sooooooo AWSOME!!!
for realy? i want that cat. lovely way to capture exactly how cats really are... :D
seriously is that a painted one LOL
it's a cat on a cat :3 (meow)
Fractal cat! If you zoom in on the dark area you see a white cat with a dark cat shaped spot, if you zoom in on That dark area....
dag zok
Crazy !! Wow... that so weird.
it's a cat within a cat- inception
Hi just got on google , and i need more friends , everyone add me please ?
Its a cat within a cat inside a taco inside another cat!!!! #inseption
so adorable and awesome is it real or did u do that
creepy wonder if that cat has 18 lives??? ( 9*2 ) lol
interesting ..we had a dog we call Mimi that had The Mouse ear shape black spot on her side and one Dog name Joy that heart shape spot.. Never see a cat on cat
so cute....i love such cute cats..........................
It's that for real? I'm pretty sure the cat it's wondering what's the commotion :)
Sof K
cat on a cat!!
looks more like a black cat humping a white cat.....
Wow, this "Dexter kitten" has its own dark passenger.
Neto Vg
hahaha nice, catception
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmuuuuuuuuuahhhhhhhhhh to these pets.i love them all...
what ?
Did you do that yourself?
the cat's shadow is in the cat!!
eka ps
That is Obviously Painted on the picture isnt fooling anyone and if it is sam caselman will punch you and dislocate your sholder!!!!
Yo, Dawg! I herd u like cats so we put a cat on the cat so u can look at the cat while looking at the cat!
its nice 1............................
LOL :3 is that for real... so cute.. amazing kitty... ☺
Photoshop 'catastrophe'!
I like that whose care Cat's. means i like you
its nice cat my too i have cat shes name koki
woah!!!!,O_o cool wished my cat had that
reallllyyyyyyyyyy Its amazing.........:)
So amazingly cool~
I like cat's mine was killed when it run outside,and was killed by a bigger male.i was heart broken,so love your kitty all you can i sure miss mine.
That's just inpawsible!
Yo dawg, I heard you like cats...
Cat on a cat? For more amazing animal stories, check out the dog in Japan that won't leave the owner's grave...
yo dawg, we heard you like cats etc.
A video would help settle the "shopped" comments ..
Oh noes, it's the feline antichrist! Where did I leave that dagger of Megiddo?
very nice :) wonder if there's a black with white pattern ;)
Jd Dunk
whats a good program to add effects to your photos
Is this the cat version of people seeing Jesus in their birthmarks and/or moles? Is this the second (or 9th) coming of Catus?
its realy sad if someone colours cathair, otherwise its ps.
Our cat is about 10 times cuter. Hahahaha
I want that cat put a hat on him that'll b funny
thats mint... unless its hair dye..
Absolutly fake. notice the hook on the cats tail? On the 3rd and 4th picture. On the inside of the cats tail.
Wow, thats a first! Cats usually have heart patterns...
is that real
It is the best Cattoo I have seen
eM Oh
i call BS #photoshop
i've seen this before it looks cool
Are these naturally occurring cat patterns? They are amazing!
I am a doubting Thomas, and I say black shoe polish :-)
it face looks lazy.. huhu..
coool......the chosen cat..:3
finally the yin overpowers the yang!
cat has over 600 shares and still prolly has that.... really? lol annoyed look that make cats sooo special.
cool by nature so it wouldn't forget what it
Yo dawg i heard you like cats, so i put a cat in your cat so you can... um.. pet your pussy while you pet your pussy.. or something
Looks like his shadow's caught up with him!
Yo Dog, I heard you like cats
I love love love your kitties. We help feral cats. Have 4 inside. I wan't to come back and live the life My cats do.
Yo, Dog! I heard you like cats, so I put a cat on your cat so you can pet your cat while petting your cat!
So, what did Mr. Littlejeans do that he ended up getting stuck to the cat's back? :p
I have a stout cat like you have just come home if I want a special love for you
I love cats, I love every kind of cat.
Ja Lal
So virally shared and commented and plussed cat on a cat
Two cats, AWESOME O_O
its really so cute
Clearly a descendant of M.C.Escher's cat.
إن في خلق الله شوؤن !!
la génétique quant elle est mise en evidance" d'une manière aussi forte
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