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New episode of #TheSyncUp  is out on +PopSugar Girls' Guide!

Sure, using your iPhone as a portable gym can't replace everything a real live trainer can offer, but it's a great and inexpensive way to get fit, pretty much any time and anywhere the mood strikes you. On Today's episode of The Sync Up, Veronica Belmont shares her favorite fitness & nutrition apps - stay tuned!
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i've been using a lot of the runtastic apps on android. they work pretty well.
I need more will power...but when I do this app. on the Android side works well..."Daily Workouts" + it was the freebe of the day!
How do you spell the apps mentioned? I'm having trouble finding the 'fujicate' one..
Thanks! I could not figure out how to spell it!
Veronica, you look super cute in your gym outfit. ; )
Good recommendations, I use a lot of fitness apps (on Android) too. MyFitnessPal, Endomondo, some of the Runtastic apps, and Sworkit (for randomised cardio workouts). Paired with a HRM and my Fitbit, I'm always ready to go :)
great info  thanks
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Hugo R
Please do not feed the trolls.
+Veronica Belmont please tell us where you got the ombre curtain in the video? Gorgeous gorgeous curtain!
+Kurtis Kelly sometimes. It isn't that they are tech oblivious. Some people just don't have time for that. I'm an Android fan, and not a big cheerleader for Apple, but blanket statements like that remind me of court side trash talk by people not playing the game. Aka trolling.
Oh man, have you guys ever tried any of Jillian Michaels videos? I'm totally out of shape but I've been trying the six-week sixpack... freaking hard as hell, or maybe its just me. (Grr I hate jillian michaels)
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