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#Contest via our +BizSugar friends ...+Anita Campbell ... and tech giants Brother Creative.  Cool prizes and a chance to showcase your design skills.  Thanks +Gail Gardner & +Alex H Yong for sharing!
Design your best brochure, mailer, poster, calendar or business card using the Brother CreativeCenter online design tool. Then submit your entry  at BizSugar. Three (3) winners will receive a Brother prize suite with an approximate value of $500+ each!
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Got HubSpot?

Social media maven +Mary Green makes a deep comparison between blogging platform +WordPress and +HubSpot -- sharing the skinny on ease of use, handling images, social sharing, and more.

Worth a read if you've been hearing about but don't have an account over at HubSpot (or if you're using HS blogging platform and wondering how WordPress stacks up).
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+CoSchedule Powerful #contentmarketingstrategy in The 26 Surprising Rules Of Great Content Creation

#13 Blame no one. You wrote a blog post that bombed, started a flame war, was grossly inaccurate, was hilariously bad, caused people to unsubscribe from your email list, or was pistol-whipped by search engines? Your fault. You wrote it. Not a big deal. Move on and keep writing.

Good tweetable stuff!
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The goal of this article is to introduce you to Piwik analytics software, remove the high-level myths and misinformation that would cause you to hesitate to use it as a serious contender for your site and blog analytics, and give you a glimpse into how it works in case you have never had the time nor opportunity to check it out for yourself. #analytics #stats #Piwik #opensource  
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yes, sure :)
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Vernessa Taylor

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*Have you noticed . . . * The guest posting landscape has changed over the last few years.

Where's the safe space for blog owners and professional bloggers to get together?

This infographic from Guest Crew developer +uttoran sen shows how to plug up the gap and get on with guest posting the right way. =>
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Have them in circles
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Power Duo at it again, interviewing heavyweights in the space YOU want to dominate!  +Alex H Yong interviewed by +Deborah Anderson 

Listen ... and share! 
Great podcast with writer and MBG expert +Alex H Yong and +Internet Marketing Ninjas Senior Account Manager & +Social Web Cafe Founder +Deborah Anderson 

Take a listen, you will enjoy it. 
19 MyBlogGuest Interview of Alex Yong
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+Alex H Yong My pleasure and have yourself a warm, productive (well, I wanted to say "relaxing" but who relaxes?) weekend, too!
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Need content for your blog or business website? Get the skinny on Viral Content: How You Can Have Influencers Create it For You from #contentstrategist +Gail Gardner #contentmarketing #socialmediainfluencer  
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Vernessa Taylor

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On +Gail Gardner's recommendation, I've added +Trello to my tools set, using it for some client projects. It's been likened to a set of index cards; apt description. I like index cards! 
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How are you keeping up?

We collect this myriad of industry statistics as PDFs, docs, audio files and PowerPoint presentations, dropping them in folders never to be seen (or heard) again.

Do bloggers and writers need a digital document management strategy?  New guest post on +PostJoint fr +Vernessa Taylor  covers 3 tools bloggers, writers (and readers) can use for #documentmanagement  
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Hey Yogendra thanks for your comment over on +PostJoint 

+Domain | Hosting | Coupons 
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*The FASTER the Better ... * Is iPad checkout (and other mobile checkout options) making your life easier during the holidays?

Checkout Speed Up Holiday Shopping With Mobile Point of Sale

Discussion featuring retailers, consultants to small biz shops, and customers over at +Sherryl Perry 's Keep Up With The Web

#retail   #pointofsalesystems   #mobilepos   #holidayshopping  
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No, not so crazy +Mitch Mitchell - I'll confess that I don't get out as much as I used to with respect to shopping, unless I'm hanging out with my daughters and the grandkids. Those guys like to shop ... even the hubbys! I'm content to do the bulk of it online (except for shoes and clothes).  

One thing I'm keenly interested in is using mobile point of sale iPads for service businesses, esp. consulting, artists, handyman ... carrying around the ability to get paid wherever the service is delivered.
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Technology Consultant and Small Business Advisor . Editing the CoachNotes Blog.
Welcome to my Google+ Profile.

As a Technology Consultant, Vernessa Taylor works with both online and offline business owners. She writes about small business systems such as project management and customer referral systems at CoachNotes Blog.

Stop by and share your experiences!

You can find and engage her on Twitter => @CoachNotesBlog

Guest Posting at . . .

  • Appalachian State University
    Geography, Urban Planning
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Get Organized: 3 Document Management Tools For Bloggers

We collect this myriad of industry statistics as PDFs, docs, audio files and PowerPoint presentations, dropping them in folders never to be

Vernessa Taylor

Blog post at Keep Up With The Web - Sherryl Perry : Showroom Shoppers Whip Out Mobile Devices to Complete Sales The holiday season is here a

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