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Vern Gill

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I wonder how many people watch a movie like Django Unchained, and completely miss the underlying message that if it were not for men like Dr. Schultz, free, white men, who had nothing to gain, and everything to lose, putting themselves, their own lives, on the line, for what is right, there might still be institutionalized slavery, on a mass scale.

I call out bigotry at every possible opportunity. I don't give a fuck who I alienate, I don't give a fuck who I anger, I don't give a fuck who hates me for it.

There is right, and there is wrong.

Every time I driver takes a pot shot at someone driving a Volvo, and acts like they must wear a turban, every time a driver takes a pot shot at a black man, and acts like he must be from the hood, every time a driver, takes a pot shot at anyone who is not a white male American, and acts like they are in any way less than, I will always fucking call them out on that bullshit.

And not just drivers, people in general.

I have zero tolerance for your bigotry. Go fuck yourself.
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Thanks for sharing this man Matt. 

+Vern Gill You have my admiration and friendship. 

I cleared out over 100 from my circles for the same last January. Some left on their own.
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Vern Gill

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Dude in the CB shop here just told me "I don't try to make radios do more than they already can, that's when you end up with a piece of crap radio".

LOL, k.
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Vern Gill

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Dude has "Eskimo" in his name but lives in Indiana. That's like claiming to be Satan, to someone who lives in Arizona, while you live in.... FUCKING INDIANA!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA! ‪#‎tool‬ ‪#‎dumbass‬ ‪#‎howsyourmotelmaintanencejob‬ ‪#‎howisonedirection‬ ‪#‎busdriver‬ ‪#‎washout‬ ‪#‎nobody‬
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Vern Gill

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This is a long read. It is worth it.

But for the tl/dr crowd, here's a few important parts;

"No society can sustain this kind of rising inequality. In fact, there is no example in human history where wealth accumulated like this and the pitchforks didn’t eventually come out. You show me a highly unequal society, and I will show you a police state. Or an uprising. There are no counterexamples. None. It’s not if, it’s when."

"During the past three decades, compensation for CEOs grew 127 times faster than it did for workers. Since 1950, the CEO-to-worker pay ratio has increased 1,000 percent, and that is not a typo. CEOs used to earn 30 times the median wage; now they rake in 500 times."

"We rich people have been falsely persuaded by our schooling and the affirmation of society, and have convinced ourselves, that we are the main job creators. It’s simply not true. There can never be enough super-rich Americans to power a great economy. I earn about 1,000 times the median American annually, but I don’t buy thousands of times more stuff. My family purchased three cars over the past few years, not 3,000. I buy a few pairs of pants and a few shirts a year, just like most American men. I bought two pairs of the fancy wool pants I am wearing as I write, what my partner Mike calls my “manager pants.” I guess I could have bought 1,000 pairs. But why would I? Instead, I sock my extra money away in savings, where it doesn’t do the country much good."

"Dear 1%ers, many of our fellow citizens are starting to believe that capitalism itself is the problem. I disagree, and I’m sure you do too. Capitalism, when well managed, is the greatest social technology ever invented to create prosperity in human societies. But capitalism left unchecked tends toward concentration and collapse. It can be managed either to benefit the few in the near term or the many in the long term. The work of democracies is to bend it to the latter. That is why investments in the middle class work. And tax breaks for rich people like us don’t. Balancing the power of workers and billionaires by raising the minimum wage isn’t bad for capitalism. It’s an indispensable tool smart capitalists use to make capitalism stable and sustainable. And no one has a bigger stake in that than zillionaires like us."
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Vern Gill

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"Here's the thing about this way of eating. With the exception of the wet almonds and the poo-shake, every recipe I tried was fucking great. But in order to cook two full meals from scratch every day, I had to take hours out of the middle of my workday to chop, essentially, one of every vegetable, and then clean my entire kitchen three times a day. If I didn't work from home, have a flexible, non-physically-exhausting job, have the money to afford kitchen gadgets like juicers and blenders, and have a supportive partner willing to run back-up, I would have been shit out of luck. Not to mention the disposable income needed for groceries alone. And with a full house, I couldn't even bank on leftovers. The workload is CONSTANT. This is a meal plan for people with a housekeeper and a chef"


These points are missed, or flat ignored by so many people who zealously preach about "eating better".

Sure, you can do it, but if you have, you know, a job but no car, for instance , and must ride the bus, don't plan on sleeping.

There are some other gems in the article.

Give it a read.
Turns out, I could spend a week only eating Gwyneth's gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, meat-free, ingredient-free food -- but I was kind of a disaster.
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+Gavin Wrigley my experience is different. Professional kitchen and cook and all...
Some things you don't get 7 days, others you do. It all depends on type and how it was prepped and stored.

Seriously though, cook entire meals ahead of time (lunches/dinners) and prep dinners to the point of putting in an oven (then freeze them). Breakfasts can be a mix, if you choose to eat them.

Fuck cooking everyday, especially if you are pulling massive hours.
This is how I have done it for years (over a decade). 
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Vern Gill

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"Let's just stop for a second and appreciate the fact that there is an entire database full of scientific studies, which are available to all consumers, proving the safety of genetically modified crops. There is no hiding here, folks. If you think you have a "right to know," then get reading."

Exactly. If you think you have a right to know, read. And don't play any bullshit games with pretending you can't access the data, or it's all bought-and-paid-for studies.

If you want to be an informed consumer, look at information, not propaganda.

#antiGMO #Monsanto #pseudoscience #morons #woo #GMO
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#5 people who feel righteous enough about their choices that they think they should make your choices also
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Vern Gill

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Vern Gill

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Maybe you could fuel that truck with your bitch tears!!


"I work at a corporate carrier, and I never get paid for fueling!!"

Jesus fucking christ, could you BE more of a fucking whiney bitch!??!
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Vern Gill

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A couple of observations about this;
it is wonderful that they included same-sex couples. A project like this could easily have alienated same-sex couples if it only featured heterosexual pairings.

The producers did seem to have "skinny" as the required body type. I think that was an unfortunate decision.

I would be very interested in a followup story, if any of the pairings ended up dating, or more.
Undressing someone for the first time can be a little awkward -- best case scenario, it's adorably so. Slipping a shirt over someone else's head is usually easier said than done, and belts never unclasp quite the way you want them to. You were all...
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Vern Gill

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Today in Geek History: TRON saw its theatrical release in 1982. Always remember arcade culture. Always.
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Vern Gill

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"Simply put, parents who choose not to immunize their children are ethically negligent. They contribute to the loss of innocent lives."










#antivax #vaccine #vaccination #thimerosal #pseudoscience #morons #woo
Children will die needlessly because of the growing number of people who refuse to immunize their families
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I love coffee on patios while people watching.

I also love, and actually prefer being at home with friends, playing card games or board games, and even the occasional pictionary or charades.

I love the outdoors; camping, boating, hiking. I love road trips to nowhere or anywhere.

I don't own a television. The only thing I make the time for is The Amazing Race, which I watch online, when I get around to it.

I have a very dry and extremely sarcastic sense of humor, and think puns are an art form.

I hate jealousy. Really. Don't even think about it.
Other than that just ask.
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Had the Sanchito Migas with pulled pork, and potatoes Great flavor! Some excessive moisture in the bottom of the bowl. Large diced potatoes are nice, onions could use a bit more sweating, and it could stand more pork. Would order again.
Public - 2 weeks ago
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The garlic bread loaf; too hard crust for my tastes, but delicious, with a soft center The onion rings; huge! Corn chowder; chunky, creamy, delicious Prime rib french dip; melt in your mouth delicious meat, with a perfectly seasoned au jus Key lime pie; SOOO tangy, so delicious! The graham cracker crust is soft, and the servings are generous!
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
Right off the bat, there was no host(ess). We stood at the entry nearly 10 minutes, and nobody came to seat us. We ended up sitting in the bar, and still had to flag someone down. A table adjacent to ours had not been bussed, and remained in that state for quite a while. We had to get our own place settings. We ordered the bacon-wrapped shrimp appetizer, which was delicious, with a generous amount of pepper crusting. When the salads arrived, the server ignored the empty appetizer plate. I ordered the New York strip, with the New Orleans potatoes. The steak was closer to medium rare, than the medium I ordered, but was still delicious. There was more tough tissue than I would expect for a $26 strip. The potatoes were amazing, very creamy. My companion ordered the baby back ribs, with the fried asparagus. The ribs were delicious, smoky, good flavor, tender. The asparagus was actually grilled, but delicious. Food is there, but overall mediocre experience.
• • •
Public - 8 months ago
reviewed 8 months ago
I spent 6 nights at this location, while my truck was being repaired. I would recommend this establishment to anyone. The quality of the rooms, the professionalism of the staff, the cleanliness, and comfort of the facility, is of the highest quality.
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reviewed 11 months ago
71 reviews
What an amazing experience! The revolving sushi belt is efficient and entertaining. The prices for the dishes range from $1.75 for the daily special, to $6.00 for the custom dishes. We enjoyed several different selections, including; Gyoza Pan fried pork dumpling Las Vegas roll BBQ eel, crabstick, masago & cream cheese, deep fried and topped w/eel sauce Santa Fe roll Spicy snow crab, cucumber, typed w/crab strips, avocado, masago, & tempura crunchies New Mexico roll Spicy tuna, cream cheese, jalapeño with spicy mayonnaise & eel sauce Grand Canyon roll Spicy tuna, cream cheese, jalapeño topped w/spicy crab, Tina, eel, &spicy mayonnaise Tiger roll Snow crab &avocado, topped w/ boiled shrimp Tatum roll Crawfish, crabstick, avocado topped w/snow crab & spicy mayonnaise Dragon Roll Snow crab & avocado, topped w/ BBQ eel & avocado w/eel sauce Sexy roll Shrimp tempura, crabstick topped w/spicy snow crab, w/eel sauce Explode roll Crawfish salad topped with spicy crabmeat and avocado w/eel sauce Literally everything was amazing, fresh, and delicious. This was one of the best sushi dining experiences I've had in the valley. I will definitely be back!
• • •
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
Okay, one full star lost for the foul aroma in the bathroom. That's a HUGE peeve of mine. Had the Cowgirl, the California Club, the Rainbow, and the Spider rolls, and also teriyaki, and Katzu bento boxes. The food was delicious! Based on that, alone, I'd recommend this place. The atmosphere is pleasant, and it's a very open, and welcoming feel. The prices are not exorbitant, but I think a bit on the high side. I'm not in this area a great deal, so I'm not likely to return, but if I were close by, and hungry, I'd come back.
• • •
Public - 9 months ago
reviewed 9 months ago
HIGHLY disappointed in the service in the deli today. I called in an order, at 3:55, was told it would be 10 minutes. Arrived to learn that my order was never placed. After placing my order, I watched 2 other orders come out prior to mine. One appeared to be a remake, but the other was the order placed AFTER mine. When I questioned the cook why the order placed after mine was delivered prior to mine even being started, I was told simply "That's just the order it was done in". This is unacceptable. I'm writing this over 30 minutes AFTER placing my order, and I'm still waiting on it. I am a fan of little America, especially this location. I stop here every single time I come through town. I have never had service this horrible. You stand to lose a regular customer, a loyal fan. Address the problem.
• • •
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago