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Better Marketing Through Science
Better Marketing Through Science

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"The craft of building a network of clients and colleagues isn’t about casting a wide net. It’s about seeding real relationships. It requires time and calculation. It can even seem a bit creepy at times. Here are five tradecraft techniques I’ve learned as a Private Investigator that, used in good faith, might just help you land the next big client…and maybe even gain a lifelong friend." #networkingtips   #networking  

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Ever wonder what other people find interesting about you? I took the "How to Fascinate" personality assessment last year. (I got "The Secret Weapon")

Since then Sally released the book "How the World Sees You" and it's already a bestseller. To promote the book she's giving away 100,000 assessments free. I've got 100 of them if you're interested in finding out what about you is fascinating to others.

Comment or message me and I'll send you the code to take the test free at Open until July 25th, and you'll get 100 assessments to give away if you want them. 

#howtofascinate   #personalitytest   #sallyhogshead  

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Not a scientific, and certainly biased "study" funded by a chewing gum company as an ad. I share because, 

a) It's deeply clever and enjoyable advertising, and, 

b) It highlights how the smallest things can change our deep and sweeping perceptions of others. This holds true for your business and your brand (your personal brand too). It can be the tiniest things that make or break the perception of your brand in the unconscious mind of a potential customer/client. 

Click through to watch the video.

#branding   #brandingstrategy   #brandingtips  

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Fear of embarrassment is what stops Facebook users from evangelizing most favorite brands/products. People still prefer face-to-face word-of-mouth. 

The difference being that in face-to-face interactions it is more likely to be with people we're more intimate and in-line with. We can pivot opinions on the fly as we get social feedback, and we're less at risk for negative feedback/comments in a public arena.

#facebookmarketing   #facebook   #socialmediatips   #socialmediamarketing   

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Mathematical model illustrates social media influence on purchasing behavior. The upshot, app purchases are influenced more by friends' activity than bestseller lists. #socialmedia #socialmediaROI

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A new social network with the the express intention of NOT being addictive? Sounds refreshing, and perhaps too idealistic. Thoughts? 

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Infographic on Social Customer Service and its benefits. 

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Wrote this piece for Scout Moderation a few months back.

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Some brands just need to stay away from hashtags and memes. Here's the when and the why. 
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