- What soft skills does an interpreter need to have?
- What type of business models do interpreters have?
- Is there a future for English booths?
- Why should speakers use their mother tongue even if they know other languages?
- How do you deal with paperless meetings?

Welcome to interpreting.info!

An independent website that lets anyone who's interested in spoken language translation ask and answer questions.

interpreting.info is a radically new Q&A concept that integrates aspects of wikis, blogs, forums, social networks and Digg/Reddit in a way that we think will help produce and deliver better information.

It's a community-driven website at heart.

The target community is composed of professional or occasional interpreters, interpreting students, their trainers but also buyers and users of interpreting services and other stakeholders in the conference industry, such as event planners, convention centres, standardisers and equipment suppliers.

Together, they are invited to connect, exchange ideas and collaboratively answer each other's questions.

The site has a built-in reputation system that promotes the best questions and answers. The more reputation a user receives from the community, the more editing privileges he or she acquires.

Together, the community runs the site.

Interpreting.info is an initiative of AIIC, the International Association of Conference Interpreters. AIIC will host the site and cover its operating costs.

Interpreting.info has been in the works for about 6 months now. A few AIIC interpreters have come together to test the site during that period, and that's why a majority of the questions and answers relate to conference interpreting.

But we hope that business, community, court, escort or public service interpreters will chime in with their own questions and answers.

We all have something to teach as well as learn from one another.

If you have any question about how the site works, take a look at the FAQ at http://interpreting.info/faq/.

And let the questions and answers roll on!
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