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Tina B
Stylishly neurotic, neurotically stylish Now with added geekness!
Stylishly neurotic, neurotically stylish Now with added geekness!

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This weather is just daft.

If you want to make an apple pie from scratch...
a) first you need to invent the universe
b) that would make it a Scratch, not Apple pie
c) 3.14
d) 42
e) none of the above, I'll tell you my answer in the comments.

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Very Calvin & Hobbes indeed :)

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Dear Lego, you just broke my heart. I always saw you as a perfect toy, be it for boys or girls, and I had tons of fun with pirate Legos and city and hospitals and whatnot when I was a child (and as a sort-of a grownup too). But this is just... insulting.

What if hipsters are actually aliens disguised as humans, albeit not very efficiently?

“…[it] should make us shiver whenever we hear a man of sensibility dismiss science as someone else’s concern. The world today is made, it is powered by science; and for any man to abdicate an interest in science is to walk with open eyes towards slavery.”
-Jacob Bronowski

You know you're buggered when your G.P. says you're a case for House M.D.

Loved the new Parasole Protectorate book- Heartless. And now to O.S.Card and A. Johnston's Invasive Procedures!
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