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"I never hear that one is dead
Without the chance of Life
Afresh annihilating me
That mightiest Belief,

Too mighty for the Daily mind
That tilling its abyss,
Had Madness, had it once or, Twice
The yawning Consciousness,

Beliefs are Bandaged, like the Tongue
When Terror were it told
In any Tone commensurate
Would strike us instant Dead

I do not know the man so bold
He dare in lonely Place
That awful stranger; Consciousness
Deliberately face "
—Emily Dickinson
The more that I know the less I'm sure I know anything at all. If I was to revise this particular point of view which I expressed on video; it would be simply to state that ego is one dogma, in truth the technique is used for every kind of dogma; theory, and sales pitch, which I had but one pursuit, and that is truth at the time. Even truth is not established by narratives, but rather sense experiences. What philosophy is still; it is the consideration by intellect applied to the improvement of the human condition, no two philosophers agree completely on every issue raised regarding the conditions of life. That's obviously related to the fact life on this planet is fatal, and only a power greater than that of man can ultimately; both resolve & reconcile the condition. To imagine a better future rather than to live more fully in the present may be of value to others, but like many other thinkers; I won't be around at least on this planet to see any of this work flower. Though I am enlightened on some level. I'd make better use of my time while I still have time; to create works of art, and enjoy life. It's that feeling that some of us are blessed with "To find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough." Most moments are that for me. So long as I avoid political views & dogmas which are none mine to consider. I'm not ahead of the curve like Kerli, Zero Gravity is a state of mind, to be unshackled from ideas that don't fit your ideals as far as living is concerned, and we all have our chains to break when it comes to that sorta way of life. It can be said of Me, that I neither pursuit the evils; nor good of religion, in that sense I'd rather consider myself Nobody, and I plan not on joining in any religion; I'm not convinced by the doctrines of religion, and must remain true to that fact. The reliance of language is only as good as those you trust; your friends and family; the novel dialectic is employed as expressions in everyday living having no roots in anything deeper than a passing moment. 

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"These things might appear strange, had it not been a general practice in all ages not only to extend the concern of ourselves beyond this life, but, moreover, to fancy that the favor of Heaven does not only very often accompany us to the grave, but has also, even after life, a concern for our ashes. Of which there are so many ancient examples (to say nothing of those of our own observation), that it is not necessary I should longer insist upon it. "
—Michel de Montaigne
"To fight aloud, is very brave
But gallanter, I know
Who charge within the bosom
The Calvalry of Wo

Who win, and nations do not see
Who fall and none observe
Whose dying eyes, no Country
Regards with patriot love

We trust, in plumed procession
For such, the Angels go
Rank after Rank, with even feet
And Uniforms of snow."
—Emily Dickinson 

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"My Life had stood; a Loaded Gun
In Corners; till a Day
The Owner passed identified
And carried Me away

And now We roam in Sovereign Woods
And now We hunt the Doe
And every time I speak for Him
The Mountains straight reply

And do I smile, such cordial light
Upon the Valley glow
It is as a Vesuvian face
Had let it’s pleasure through

And when at Night; Our good Day done
I guard My Master’s Head
’Tis better than the Eider Duck’s
Deep Pillow; to have shared

To foe of His; I’m deadly foe
None stir the second time
On whom I lay a Yellow Eye
Or an emphatic Thumb

Though I than He; may longer live
He longer must; than I
For I have but the power to kill,
Without; the power to die. "
—Emily Dickinson

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Google, & most corporations that use algorithms, are dead horses
preying up the living moving mind, they have no other power
and know it. They can neither modify or influence someone of strong will
and mind, it's obvious that their values are primarily economic.
Based on my own research into psychic phenomenon, I've concluded that all Human beings have a degree of immortality, but there is little more I can say about that, though I am absolutely sure that in the structure and organization of life from Deity. It is not only that the Deity governs the spheres or cycles of creation into the material world that we experience and share our lives socially & independent (as individuals), the social structure is by necessity ( a natural human condition which has its nucleus in the family); However the economic is not; and yet it is therefore that different sets of artificial values are introduced including chance through economics, people like to play that game, yet it is where all perceptions of either fairness and/or injustice arise, both from individual and social classes. If it is a problem I would venture to believe from experience it's not one carried into sphere's of the absolute, by virtue of being artificial, and not wholly or partial to the health of species of mankind. Yet I believe the artificial still serves the greater in any event. That emphasis is made on the assumption that humanity at its core is instinctually moved by its Natural origins, distinction and disposition. The artificial values which arise from economics can never undermine the real lively institutions of Nature itself,
and in the end only serve the interest of the real.
"Midwinter spring is its own season
Sempiternal though sodden towards sundown,
Suspended in time, between pole and tropic.
When the short day is brightest, with frost and fire,
The brief sun flames the ice, on pond and ditches,
In windless cold that is the heart's heat,
Reflecting in a watery mirror
A glare that is blindness in the early afternoon.
And glow more intense than blaze of branch, or brazier,
Stirs the dumb spirit: no wind, but pentecostal fire
In the dark time of the year. Between melting and freezing
The soul's sap quivers. There is no earth smell
Or smell of living thing. This is the spring time
But not in time's covenant. Now the hedgerow
Is blanched for an hour with transitory blossom
Of snow, a bloom more sudden
Than that of summer, neither budding nor fading,
Not in the scheme of generation.
Where is the summer, the unimaginable Zero summer?"
—T.S Eliot 

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Karmuffin Recipe!
"The laws of moral nature answer to those of matter as face to face in a glass." —Ralph Waldo Emerson
"Can the reader of himself ascertain that this intelligence is omnipotent, that is to say, infinitely powerful? Has he the slightest notion of infinity, to enable him to comprehend the meaning and extent of almighty power?

The celebrated philosophic historian, David Hume, says, "A weight of ten ounces is raised in a balance by another weight; this other weight therefore is more than ten ounces; but no one can rationally infer that it must necessarily be a hundred weight."

We may fairly and judiciously apply here the same argument. You acknowledge a supreme intelligence sufficiently powerful to form yourself, to preserve you for a limited time in life, to reward you and to punish you. Are you sufficiently acquainted with it to be able to demonstrate that it can do more than this? How can you prove by your reason that a being can do more than it has actually done?

The life of all animals is short. Could he make it longer? All animals are food for one another without exception; everything is born to be devoured. Could he form without destroying? You know not what his nature is. It is impossible, therefore, that you should know whether his nature may not have compelled him to do only the very things which he has done.

The globe on which we live is one vast field of destruction and carnage. Either the Supreme Being was able to make of it an eternal mode of enjoyment for all beings possessed of sensation, or He was not. If He was able and yet did not do it, you will undoubtedly tremble to pronounce or consider Him a maleficent being; but if He was unable to do so, do not tremble to regard Him as a power of very great extent indeed, but nevertheless circumscribed by His nature within certain limits.

Whether it be infinite or not, is not of any consequence to you. It is perfectly indifferent to a subject whether his sovereign possesses five hundred leagues of territory or five thousand; he is in either case neither more nor less a subject. Which would reflect most strongly on this great and ineffable Being: to say He made miserable beings because it was indispensable to do so; or that He made them merely because it was His will and pleasure?

Many sects represent Him as cruel; others, through fear of admitting the existence of a wicked Deity, are daring enough to deny His existence at all. Would it not be far preferable to say that probably the necessity of His own nature and that of things have determined everything?

The world is the theatre of moral and natural evil; this is too decidedly found and felt to be the case; and the "all is for the best" of Shaftesbury, Bolingbroke, and Pope, is nothing but the effusion of a mind devoted to eccentricity and paradox; in short, nothing but a dull jest.."—Voltaire

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"Next to the originator of a good sentence is the first quoter of it. Many will read the book before one thinks of quoting a passage. As soon as he has done this, that line will be quoted east and west. Then there are great ways of borrowing. Genius borrows nobly. When Shakespeare is charged with debts to his authors, Landor replies "Yet he was more original than his originals. He breathed upon dead bodies and brought them into life." —Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Abjuration, renunciation, subjugation, oaths theological
doctrines philosophies & laws are neither endorsed or protected
by Gods or Deities having Universal & Cosmic Dominion.
Furthermore, Neither Governments, Religious institutions,
third parties & Corporate entities have the right to use
or detain any bodily material properties of any individuals under
any circumstances, without a legal consent obtained by
those individuals; in addition to such legal consent which
must be in writing;
written & legal consent expires when they are
deceased, a death certificate is a finality of any legal consent including
organ donations; while those individuals were living. 

The recent writing, followed some phenomenon that I still can't explain
how it occurred, I can only explain what I recall of what befell Me, it's within what I have imaged possible, yet the theme was rather dark in its initial format, perhaps at some later time when I've gotten actual footage of the phenomenon in the skies should it happen again, and I'm prepared with a camera; I'll explain the initial experience I had. Until then, I've written enough of the spiritual & related topics. 

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"A man should be a guest in his own house, and a guest in his own thought. He is there to speak for truth; but who is he ? Some clod the truth has snatched from the ground, and with fire has fashioned to a momentary man. Without the truth, he is a clod again. Let him find his superiority in not wishing superiority; find the riches of love which possesses that which it adores; the riches of poverty; the height of lowliness, the immensity of to-day; and, in the passing hour, the age of ages." —Ralph Waldo Emerson

Here is where I disagree with Emerson, I will fight to my very death, and trust upon the world governments and authority of religion with all the resistance with I can imagine possible and only in death shall any resistance from me end, when I should die or am settled justly will settle down. I was not a guest in my own house the city had no right to arrest me on the grounds of my constitutional right for saying I was God? Never; I should die forevermore, but I will fight and kill so long as nature allows it for the sovereignty and settlement and acknowledgement of wrong on the part of the police. I don't care how many die as I fight in economic poverty and deprived of satisfaction from government, I still find satisfaction in the glory of a world destroyed bit by bit. If am evil, my evil is tolerable to me what care you if tomorrow you should die, as to me it is not dying that disappoints it is having to share this earth with those who cause such injuries, and as so much and many of them die off the better the earth's future of it shall be, and if I should not wake tomorrow in dignity and self-respect I fought when betrayed by all systems which are accountable for justice in this world.

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"The whole circle of animal life, tooth against tooth, devouring war, war for food, a yelp of pain and a grunt of triumph, until, at last, the whole menagerie, the whole chemical mass is mellowed and refined for higher use, — pleases at a sufficient perspective.
But to see how fate slides into freedom, and freedom into fate, observe how far the roots of every creature run, or find, if you can, a point where there is no thread of connection. Our life is consentaneous and far-related. This knot of nature is so well tied, that nobody was ever cunning enough to find the two ends. Nature is intricate, overlapped, interweaved, and endless."
—Ralph Waldo Emerson
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