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Are current events paving the way for a World War III? Breaking post cold-war peace pacts are taking us back to days like those which preceded several wars.
Are current events paving the way for a World War III? Breaking post cold-war peace pacts are taking us back to days like those which preceded several wars.
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And this is my super-talented cousin (who should have been on Google+ by now) --
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No! Don't mess up Cortana, +Windows Phone! That was the best thing to happen to games since Super Mario.
Now I'll probably just buy a Windows Phone for all my favourite Halo stuff inside it.
Onstage at Build 2014, Microsoft's Joe Belfiore demos the Halo-inspired personal assistant software meant both to tout Bing and push Siri and Google Now aside with its cool factor.
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Must buy a MacBook Air.
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Quite a nice read: it puts into perspective where we think we are and where we actually are. 
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Silent hotels after a flight: bliss. 
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Thoughts on Minimalism -- and minimalism as a lifestyle

Minimalism in design is great, but I think minimalism in life is quite meaningless. (This in no way dwindles my respect for Leo Babuta).

Read more on the link below:
What is minimalism as a lifestyle? Does such a thing even make sense? No, argues the author, himself a deep believer and proponent of minimalist web design.
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Say hello to my little friend new toy!

I remember a few days ago, I said this:

Time flies.

+Raghul Selvam, guess where we'll be making our next film, if it happens!
A longtime Windows user has only good things to say about his new MacBook Air after using it thoroughly for several days. Includes many photos and a video.
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Ok! I am busy with a couple of things and suddenly so much happens? Whoa! 
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Physics, fiddle, photos & inkpot

"Anyone who spends a significant amount of time with me finds me disagreeable."
-- Det. Lt. William Somerset

Read all about me on my website.

I am a national award nominated creative writer, satirist and story teller who blogs at and tells captivating stories on his flash-fiction blog, Off Season.
I also write essays, guides on blogging and creative writing in general; and maintain my own semi-personal journal on my blog.

I also write for Svbtle magazine.

I am an amateur photographer and I shoot landscapes, black & whites, nature, still lives, street & documentary fine art photographs. I have, on occasion, also shot people.
My photography is all aimed at my one, personal goal: to create my own surrealistic world with my works.
You can follow my work right here on Google+ or you can follow me on flickr or visit my portfolio.

My gear: Gear doesn't matter.

[ P.S. A word about my photography: all of my works are licensed under a Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license which means you can do absolutely anything you want with my photographs so long as you credit me for the original.]

I am an amateur violinist and a hobbyist composer of western classical music, often set for (but not limited to) the violin, piano, cello, guitar or a combination of these.
Composers I enjoy are Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Schubert, Liszt, Schumann, Grieg, Holst, Bach, Debussy, Offenbach, Handel, Hadyn, Mendelssohn, Chopin, Wagner, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Dvorak, Strauss and Rachmaninoff, to start with.
Listen to my compositions and read my sheet music on my Music website.

While everything you read so far was my hobby or passion, my first love (mostly) is physics. I'm currently majoring in physics and intend to become an astrophysicist.
I feel more at home with numbers than humans, and like to experiment or simply sit with a book and do maths/physics boundlessly.

I am also a hobbyist filmmaker and have completed three short films and have one in pre-production (see them here). I am also a big film buff, have been told am a good actor and I am mostly a nerd with a great love of action figures, comic books, technology by and large, Star Trek, Pi, novels, super heroes, cycling, swimming, learning languages, HALO, RoboCop, the Godfather, LOTR and MIB; I also have a deep dislike of Facebook and particularly like Google+, Android, Open Source-ware and Google in general.
I wear a gold replica of  The One Ring around my neck hung on a chain a la Frodo Baggins.

I am available to email via this very page (if you circle me here on Google+) or you can use the quick contact form on my website. I also tweet
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Étudiant en physique!
Creative writing, (Undergrad-level) Physics, (Undergrad-level) Maths, French, Violin, Web Design, random coding knowledge, ... (will add more when I think of them in my mind palace)
    Founder, present
  • Svbte magazine
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